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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Celebrity AU

Sherlock Holmes - genius freelance journalist, famous to be able to see through anyone and find out their secrets in a matter of seconds (minutes if someone is truly mysterious) - decides he just had too much! Recently rising John Watson - army captain, famous doctor, army spokesman, politician, or anything you want him to be - is simply too good to be true. He too must have a secret because everyone always work for their own greater good and not simply for the public. He goes under cover and work himself close to John to discover his inner workings. Will he need to reinstall the word "hero" to his vocabulary or does John have a dark side only he can discover?

Re: Celebrity AU

Damn if I wasn't already working on two to three long prompts I would so do this so I can only second.

If I can finish up some stories I'll work on it.

Crossover fic with Lewis. non-graphic Slash. Or Pre-slash. Or flirting Gen, whichever

Sherlock and DS James Hathaway from Lewis meet when Sherlock ends up involved in a case.

And they hit it off!

MorMor Omegalock

Omega!Jim is pregnant. Alpha!Sebastian loves going out with him and showing him off - to rival criminals, Sherlock and John, Mycroft, whoever. Sebastian always makes a show of being extra protective and putting his hands over Jim's bump and generally coddling him a lot. Jim is grumpy about the entire thing (but tolerates it because he secretly quite enjoys the attention.)

Idk I'm just craving fluffy MorMor mpreg. Help me out, meme!

Not a spoiler at all.


This is the reunion scene between John and Sherlock. Sherlock grabs John's ass then walks off flipping the bird.

TW: Suicide

Somebody asks Moriarty to have them killed.

John's tattoo

John has an old tattoo on his shoulder. The scarring has obliterated half of it.

appeasing the bunnies

so i have this mental image of Sherlock(tired dishevelled frightened) standing with his back against a wall/in a corner of a room pressing a small child to his chest or shoulder with one hand and pointing a gun at multiple someones as they try to talk him down and convince him that they mean no harm to him or the kid

that's all folks, could you please give me a story about this? how did he get there? who is the kid?
are John/Lestrade/Mycroft/Victor/you get the idea there?

Thanks and RTMI's are most welcome

Re: appeasing the bunnies OP

the second line should have been
*...and pointing a gun at multiple someones with the other hand as they...
- sorry bout that

Re: appeasing the bunnies (Anonymous) Expand

PTSD, ageplay (nonsexual)

After the events of The Great Game (could be Baskerville or post-Reichenbach, any of those will do) John's PTSD comes back with a vengeance. He finds himself regressing to cope, but tries not to let it happen (especially if Sherlock is nearby). More and more often he's slipping though; he finds himself misspeaking, slight actions/behaviors start to occur despite doing his best not to regress. But he slowly loses control of himself as the problem persists, and Sherlock deduces what's happening to his blogger. John is terrified of how Sherlock will react, but to his surprise Sherlock is willing to help with his little problem.

((I would love if John has some sort of comfort item, maybe a pacifier?))

John/Sherlock (or another pairing, if you prefer), Omegaverse, Strippers

Something to do with visiting an Omega strip club, perhaps reluctantly on the part of the Alpha character ... who is then totally enchanted by the Omega stripper :3

John's a doctor, damnit. He knows a dead body when he sees one. Luckily, he also knows Sherlock.

I've been reading far too much angsty post-TRF fic lately, so I'm in the mood for something much happier and slightly cracky:

Being bowled over by the bike on his way to Sherlock's body might have resulted in John hitting his head quite forcefully and given him a concussion, but he's a doctor, damnit, and the next day, when he's somewhat recovered from the headache and the major disorientation and confusion brought on by said concussion, he realizes that faking his own death is just the kind of think Sherlock would do, that little shite.

A few days later, when Sigerson the Norwegian explorer opens the door to his hotel room in Florence, John Watson punches him in the face.

And then the game is on.

(Gen only, please!)

Re: John's a doctor, damnit. He knows a dead body when he sees one. Luckily, he also knows Sherlock.

Yes yes yes! Seconding a thousand times or how often it takes for this to get a fill.This would imho explain how a doctor (taking a pulse and all) could be fooled into believing Sherlock was dead. That and as his best friend he should have an idea what Sherlock's willing and able to do in certain situations.

Run Away Groom

Sherlock is arranged to be married to Irene. He isn't sure if this is what he wants until he meets John, the wedding photographer.

On his wedding day, Sherlock runs off with John.

An accident leaves John the ability to read minds. He sees what goes through Sherlock's mind and discovers about Sherlock's secret love for him.

Seconded (I always love psychic!John)

re: mind-reading John (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock never meets Mary

John meets Mary mere weeks after Sherlock's fall.

John loses Mary mere weeks before Sherlock's return.

I want something in which Sherlock rises from the dead three years after TRF and finds John newly widowed. Sherlock's never met Mary, but he knows she must have been interesting, because she made eternal bachelor John Watson settle down and commit and that alone makes her fascinating.

People keep on saying that she was a lovely woman and isn't it such a shame, but people are idiots and take everything at face value, and Sherlock wants to know who this Mary was, this person who crawled into John's heart and hollowed out a space for herself and settled there for a little while before she was torn from it.

He wants to deduce her, wants to analyze the way she walks, the way she breathes, the calluses of her fingers. He wants to talk to her and at her and observe the muscles of her face twitch and learn which words make her pupils contract and her fists clench.

But he can't, not unless he exhumes her body (which he knows wouldn't be appreciated), and for some reason it makes him angry. So he turns to the next best thing: John. And slowly, watching John piece his heart and his life together, Sherlock gets to know Mary Watson.

Re: Sherlock never meets Mary

Intriguing. I'd love to see this done.

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PRE-Reichenbach Sex

Sherlock knows he's going to "die". Molly notes that he's sad. If he and John are together, there must have been a last time they had sex and Sherlock probably would have known is was the last time. So I want to know what that last time was like.

Sherlock seems to be normally a bit selfish and distracted--was he especially generous and present the last time? Was John totally weirded out by the change? Did Sherlock do that thing he never does, or that thing John asked for a million years ago but he turned down? Does John put two and two together, later, and realize that Sherlock knew he was going to "die"?

Re: PRE-Reichenbach Sex

Seconding so hard!

Re: PRE-Reichenbach Sex (Anonymous) Expand

Sebastian/Jim, vanity

Jim takes a lot of pride in his appearance and spends a lot of time performing unnecessarily long and drawn out beauty routines which never fail to frustrate Sebastian. Seb doesn't care if Jim's eyebrows are even or not, he just wants to shag his infuriating boss. When he eventually manages to coax Jim into bed he gets a bit of a kick out of spoiling Jim's hard work by leaving marks on his neck and messing up his hair and generally ravishing his boss thoroughly.

Basically, Jim is vain and Sebastian is horny.


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