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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock next to John's hospital bed pleading with him all through the night to hang on.

Re: Please John


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John is a consulting detective. Sherlock is a army doctor who just returned for war.

John/Sherlock, Omegaverse, Prostitution, Non-Con, H/C

Some AU in which Omega!Sherlock is forced to work in an Omega brothel (I have this image of him chained by the ankle to a bed) - perhaps unclaimed Omegas are forced into this at a certain age and Alphas can pay to come and fuck them through their heats? Alpha!John as a reluctant client who ends up saving Sherlock.

Re: John/Sherlock, Omegaverse, Prostitution, Non-Con, H/C

Seconding and if someone's talented enough to draw this, please do so (at least the chained-to-the-bed part). Bulletproof kink there.

Inverse: Sherlock is the poor bloke who gets dragged around by John H Watson.

Not the same anon who posted:

Sherlock and company as inverse versions of each other.

Sherlock the detective inspector, clean from cocaine for about a year or so and living with his constable brother (or D.I. like Sherlock,) Mycroft Holmes.

One day both brothers run into Doctor John Watson one day at Bart's when they need help for the case of "A study in Pink."

Sherlock is surprised at how blunt the doctor is but interested and ends up joining with him. He gets kidnapped by the 'British government' Gregory Lestrade who happens to know John (and much to Sherlock's dismay is dating his brother.)

Bonus: Sebastian Moran is 'Moriarty' and the person behind the scenes while Jim Moriarty is the marksman Irish shooter who knew Sherlock back in the Uni days.

Anderson is a Sargent while Sally is forensics.

RYTIs are welcome but the only one I found close to that was "Dr. John H. Watson: Consulting Doctor by therunawaypen" I tried Delicious but I have no idea what tag it would be under?

Dark!John, Drugs, Dependency

Dark!John obviously has access to drugs. He gives Sherlock access in exchange for sex. They never voice that it's a transaction, in fact, on the surface they're lovers, but John pretends to be ambivalent about giving Sherlock a hit, saying how it's not good, his medical license, etc, and Sherlock must "convince" him he's trustworthy, will never tell, really needs in, etc. Dark!John always gives in and gives him a hit during/after sex so the two become so entwined for Sherlock it's nearly Pavlovian.

Thank you for reading.

Re: Dark!John, Drugs, Dependency

Seconded for dark John!

One dom, two subs slave breeding

Dom!John "forces" his two sub slaves to breed, by giving detailed commands and punishing misbehavior. I had Molly & Sherlock in mind but I'm willing to go with any two characters, including slash as long as it isn't incestuous.

Bonus: when his slaves are done he procedes to fuck them himself.

Fill (1/?)

Molly's been to the shops today. Bit of mud on her boot from crossing the park on the way home. Clothes a bit askew from removing her coat. Hair has been meticulously recombed but a bit of wetness remains in front of her ears. Sweat.

She was in a hurry.

Sherlock watches from beneath his eyelashes. They aren't allowed to speak unless spoken to, and that includes the time that John is away from the flat. He's on his way home from the surgery. He texted Lestrade to request Sherlock be sent home at 4:33. That means John should be walking in the door just about . . .

Sherlock glances over the flat quickly, making sure one last time nothing is amiss. John has strict expectations on cleanliness. Just because he hires out both his slaves--Molly to St. Bart's Hospital, Sherlock to the Metropolitan Police--doesn't mean they aren's expected to keep house properly. But Molly got back before him and she is nothing if not thorough. He thanks his lucky stars. He doesn't want to start the evening with a beating.

. . . now. The door creaks open and they both straighten their posture, coming to attention for their master. Molly reaches to take John's coat, hanging it on a hook. "Tea, Molly," John says without looking at her and she disappears into the kitchen. Molly has already started the tea. In fact, it's almost done. She's wise enough to anticipate her master's needs.

John sits down in chair with a sigh. Sherlock goes to remove his shoes. After a long day, John might bid him to rub them, but he gives no such order today. He looks no less tired than one would expect after a day of work, but there's a bit of a spark in his eye. Some restless energy. They're going to be told something. Something is about to happen. Sherlock knows it.

Molly returns with the tea, setting it gently beside him. They stand expectantly before him, awaiting their next orders. Often John will ask them to recount their day. He does it to make sure they've been productive, that they're pleasing their people he's hired them out to. But Sherlock knows he also finds it entertaining. John likes them, as far as slaves go. He'll tell Molly what he wants to supper. He'll read in front of the fire while she prepares it and serves it to him, Sherlock will work on things Lestrade sent home with him.

At eight the fire will be dying down, Molly will dinner cleaned up. John will be yawning. If he feels like it, he'll bring one or other of them up to his bedroom.

Today, he doesn't ask after either one of them. He sips his tea slowly, a pleased little smirk visible on his features when they aren't behind his cup.He looks them over, assessing.

"Sherlock, are you aware that Molly is ovulating?"

Sherlock tries to hide his surprise at the question. He keeps his eyes respectfully downcast as he answers.

"Yes," he says, truthfully.

John smiles at that. "Of course you did." He seems pleased as he returns his cup to his saucer to with a clink. "Molly, go fetch the things you bought at chemist."

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John/Sherlock Roleplay as Khan

John notices: Sherlock has a striking resemblance to Khan from Startrek into Darkness. Sherlock is a master of disguise. They like to role-play dub con/non con scenarios where Khan is captured.

John can be whoever: maybe the ships doctor? Captain Kirk? Basically John's heart skipped a beat when in the movie, Khan says "I surrender"

Re: John/Sherlock Roleplay as Khan

At first I laughed, then I stopped mid-laugh and realized I would read the hell out of this. Seconded.

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Johnlock: a well-fucked John is a brighter John

Sherlock makes the startling discovery that John is more clear-headed, more intelligent, really, when he's been well-fucked. He's less tense and makes connections much more easily, has a quicker reaction time, and notices more details. All of this benefits Sherlock, and so it is, he figures, in his best interest to make sure John gets laid frequently. (Not when it would interfere with the Work, of course, but often enough.)

Eventually, when he can't find a woman for John to have sex with for an extended period of time, he takes matters into his own hands (or, rather, his own mouth). It works, and Sherlock isn't sure if it's worth the effort to find him another girlfriend, or if he's only thinking that because he really enjoyed getting John off.

Re: Johnlock: a well-fucked John is a brighter John

Mmm. Seconded!

GEN: BAMF!John is proficient with firearms. REALLY proficient.

I'd really like a fic where Anderson(?) ropes John into a game of how-fast-can-you-reassemble-your-gun with the Yard boys and John proceeds to out-BAMF everyone there.

Or maybe a Five Times thing where everyone's kind of creeped out but also impressed by how naturally and competently the kind little man in the cuddly jumpers handles that semi-automatic/grenade launcher/assault rifle/whathaveyou.

Or whatever strikes your fancy. Just give me something with BAMF!John being a total BAMF with firearms (and possibly kind of creeping people out by the fact).

Re: GEN: BAMF!John is proficient with firearms. REALLY proficient.

Seconded so hard!

(CN:  internalized stigma against mental illness)

During the Hiatus:

John is helplessly in love with Mary, and she with him.  He wants to propose, but doesn't.  He waits, and waits, and finally and cheerfully she proposes to him.  "So.  We ought to get married, don't you think?"

And he turns her down.

He has PTSD.  He has a psychosomatic limp.  He has recurring nightmares of the war, and of the death of his best friend.  He has occasional flashbacks, which he never had before Sherlock's death.

He doesn't want the woman he loves to marry a man who's mentally ill.  She deserves better.

Re: Because I love you

Ouch. Seconded.

Omega verse pornstars

Characters of your choice are alpha/omega porn stars. I'm surious how this is regarded in omegaverse world - are porn stars viewed as particularly sad for not having one bonded mate? Is it taboo? How did the Sherlock characters end up in that world, and do they really want to be there?

Mycroft Holmes meets The Wall

One of my absolute favorite comics is the pre nu!52 Suicide Squad, mainly because of my love for Amanda Waller. Whether it's comics Waller, JLU Waller, whatever Waller, I'd just love to see some sort of situation where Mycroft and the Wall interact. Gen or crack would both be absolutely lovely.

And even though I doubt any exist RTYI's are definitely welcome!

Oh hi, Sherlock, so you're not dead then?

Sherlock has come to the realization while he was away that what he did to his friends was really shitty. He comes back expecting everyone to be furious at him for faking his death and to maybe never talk to him again, but he's prepared to accept all of it as due for being a dick. But then everyone's just glad to have him back and life starts back up the way it used to be. No one is the slightest bit mad or upset.

It drives Sherlock mental that no one is punishing him for faking his death and:

Option 1) Angst. He becomes depressed and starts punishing himself.
Option 2) Porn. He becomes frustrated and tries to get someone (a partner, friend or professional) to punish him sexually.
Option 3) Crack. He discovers that in his absence, everyone has been replaced by pod people. Possibly including himself.
Option 4) all of the above.

Almost Human AU

I can't believe I haven't seen this yet!!

In the future, all cops are required to have an android (or 'synthetic', as they're called) partner. That also includes consultants. And consulting detectives. After an unfortunate... "accident" involving his first synthetic partner, Sherlock is paired up with the only remaining synth they have - the last of the JHN models. Unlike other synthetics, JHNs were designed to be as human as possible; they have free will and emotions.

This particular JHN was decommissioned after it displayed PTSD-like symptoms as a result from being damaged in the line of duty.

Mini-fills, mutli-chapter stories, /anything/ anyone can come up with is welcome! I just need this AU in my life. And multiple fills are welcome as well!

tl;dr Almost Human AU with Sherlock as John Kenneth and John as Dorian.

Re: Almost Human AU

I´d read the hell out of this

Star Trek AU

We've seen many of this AU but always featuring Khan/Sherlock as the captain of the Botany Bay. I want ot see some really BAMF Captain Watson here with Khan/Sherlock as the first mate.
You may follow the Into Darkness story and only bring in John at the end - for example he will be responsible for his first mates actions, or write a completely original story.


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