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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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AU childhood meeting

When he was ten, John Watson met a little boy of five years old who was lost at a train station. He and his family helped the boy find the train station office so his family could come find him and take him home. The boy was afraid, but he clung to John who kept saying everything would be fine, his parents must be worried about him and to wait at the train office and they'd come find him and take him home.

The little boy's parents never came back for him.

Little Jimmy Moriarty would never forgot the name of John Watson.

TLDR - Two characters meet as children in a train station when one of them is lost.

Re: AU childhood meeting

Oh, Jim :( Seconded!

Amnesia, Holmescest, maybe dubcon

After the fall, Sherlock has amnesia. Mycroft takes him to a safehouse to treat him and decides not to mention that they are siblings. Sherlock bonds with Mycroft not realising they are related, attraction ensues and... take it from there.

(If you prefer you can switch roles and make Mycroft the amnesiac, and Sherlock the liar)

Re: Amnesia, Holmescest, maybe dubcon

Please someone do this

Top!John/Bottom!Sherlock - John enjoys the idea as much as the act

This kink is somewhat hard to pin down, but I'd love to see a John who enjoys the idea of fucking Sherlock almost as much as he enjoys the act itself, as in he almost gets off as much from the psychological thrill of knowing he's inside of Sherlock as from the physical pleasure of being inside of Sherlock. So he draws out the the initial penetration every time. Savours it. Then, regardless of whether he's taking Sherlock slow and sweet or fast and hard, repeatedly makes a point of pulling out completely and sinking in again. He always comes inside of Sherlock, and maybe afterward he likes to finger Sherlock a little, to feel his own come in him.

It's driven by a sense of dominance and possessiveness, in that John needs to "mark" Sherlock and remind him to whom he belongs, but also by a profound sense of reverence and awe, in that John can't quite believe that he gets to fuck a man as brilliant as Sherlock on a regular basis.

Bonus points if Sherlock has deduced John's kink and makes an effort to appeal to it.

Re: Top!John/Bottom!Sherlock - John enjoys the idea as much as the act

Oh my freakin' god yes! This has such yummy potential!

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While off being dead, Sherlock has to talk someone (maybe a material witness in one of his Moriarty's Web investigations?) out of jumping off a bridge.

Bonus if the witness recognizes him, assumes he's a hallucination or a ghost and verbally tears a strip off Sherlock for being the biggest hypocrite ever.

Re: hipocrisy


Hanukkah Fic?

Sherlock and Mycroft as children calculating dreidel odds and Mycroft stealing gelt? Adult Sherlock struggles to keep his mouth shut about oil lasting 8 days in front of a more religious Mummy Holmes? Sherlock deduces someone's religion and surprises them with a Hanukkah present? Whatever you feel like writing. .. you can even pick whether it's sour cream or applesauce. Please?

Re: Hanukkah Fic?


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omega verse

Alpha John and Omega Sherlock are finally getting ready for their wedding.

But then in the middle of the wedding, Sherlock goes into heat....

Re: omega verse



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Reprompt: Incest warning (but not blood related)

Children sometimes say they will marry their parents when they grow up. John thought it was cute when young Sherlock, who he adopted, says it to him for the first time.

John grows wary as time goes by and Sherlock reaches adulthood... and still says it.

Re: Reprompt: Incest warning (but not blood related)

Still seconding this,and I will forever do so.

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John's Sherlock guardian angel.

Links to stories like this is appricated.

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Incest warning!

Mycroft has a lot of power but he's never met anyone who understood him. This changes when he meets a young man named Sherlock, who just like him, deduces his life. They start to spend time together and slowly, Mycroft reliezes that he's falling in love. He's overjoyed when Sherlock feels the same.

That joy shatters soon when he brings Sherlock to meet his parent and he recoginzes Sherlock, finding out that they are brothers, seprated by birth at a young age.

Mycroft doesn't know if he should stop or continue this relationship.

Re: Incest warning!

I'd read that.

had a thought.

Mike Stamford was, very very briefly, Sherlock's Jam!Watson.

Oh my god :D I can see that

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Omega and mpreg

Alpha John wants a baby. He discusses it with Sherlock and Sherlock eventually warms up to the idea.

Because I find conceiving sex hot.

Re: Omega and mpreg



Sherlock gets a dog while in hiding.

Fill for Company: Man's Best- No, wrong. Man's Replacement Friend Pt 1/?

Man's Best- No, wrong. Man's Replacement Friend

Sherlock has always found the insistence that dogs are man's best friends to be idiotic at best. If anything, they are just a replacement for a person's true best friend. People don't want to feel lonely when they aren't around the people they care about, or they don't have people to care about in the first place, and thus they get a dog. So. A replacement.

And well. Ever since Sherlock had had to leave John behind, he had not been able to keep from speaking out loud, as he had become accustomed to bouncing ideas off John, whether or not he was truly following or not. He was now utterly alone, without even the skull for company, and he had no desire to mingle with the idiots of the world. Thus he supposed this counted as being lonely.

He did not want to admit that missing John was likened more to missing an organ or a limb, that a part of himself had been torn out of him without so much as a by-your-leave... No. Delete. He has no space on his hard-drive for such drivel when he's trying to take down Moriarty's spider web.

In order to rectify this situation, he decided that it would be prudent to get one such replacement friend from one of the local shelters near his current hideaway. He donned one of his multiple disguises, locked his flat behind him, and went down the pavement in search of the shelter that he had seen on the way back to his flat one day.

Once he arrived at the shelter, he snorted at the sign plastered on the door, which proclaimed that age old statement about dogs being man's best friend, before entering the building, cringing slightly at the bell that chimed merrily as the door swung open. He had never understood the need for such bells, a quiet chime would do just as well. He walked over to the counter, tapping his fingers impatiently on its surface as he waited for the clerk to come assist him.

The girl that came through the door was young, 16 or 17, just recently broke up with her boyfriend and has been working extra hours at the clinic to distract herself from it, and thus knows the personalities of the current boarders the best of any of the other attendants because she's been the one working for most of this week compared to the other's. He could tell from the circles under her eyes, the tan line around her neck which was once where a necklace was, and the calendar said that one of the employees was away on holiday. She'd be the perfect one to help him, if not for her immediate and unfortunate attraction to him. He rolled his eyes impatiently, he didn't need another Molly, and thus interrupted her before she could try to pull him.

"I need a dog." He announced, looking at her expectantly. She startled, apparently not expecting his abruptness, before tucking her hair behind her ear and tittering a bit nervously.

"Well we do indeed have dogs here. What kind of dog are you looking for?"

Yes thank you, that was obvious. He refrained from saying that portion out-loud, however, as it might make her change her mind about being helpful in finding him a replacement fri-skull. (He wasn't going to continue on with that rubbish sentimentality) Instead, he grinned at her charmingly, laying it on slightly thick, and said,

"Well, I don't really know much about the types, but I'd like a quiet, loyal companion, one that is easily taught and doesn't cause a terrible ruckus. Do you know of a dog like that?"

Sherlock buys a new smart phone with an annoying auto "correct" feature. Hilarity ensues.

Oh god I can see it now....

"You said you want to shag my sunflower in your bong? J"

"NO NO! I said I want you to met me at the starship harbour! SH"

"Aeroplane! NOT Airplane! Bloody technology."

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If you think you had it hard, try Christmas shopping for Sherlock aka 5 times Sherlock deduced his present before John even got it wrapped and one time John was able to surprise him.

Heh, that would be a cute fill.

Ben Bernanke inspired Jim/John

I'd love Jim to be Ben, madly obsessing over his love/hate attraction to John.

It doesn't have to be John, as I could also see this as Sherlock or Mycroft, I just have a preference for Johniarty.

(Spam? I hope it goes through this time)


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