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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Non-OP reprompt

Reprompt from way back in part 22 because I loved this ( prompt:

"In a moment of adrenaline-fuelled lust, Sherlock kisses John after months of pining and one-sided UST, thinking his feelings might be finally returned. However, turns out he's completely misjudged the situation because John jerks away like "What the fuck are you doing?!"
Sherlock is completely humiliated and asks John to forgive him, wont happen again, please don't leave, we can pretend it never happened. John agrees and life goes back to normal (or normal for them anyway).
...with one exeption. John (who is straight) now can't stop thinking about that kiss or Sherlock, and starts falling for him.
Sherlock, on the other hand, now that he knows his feelings can never be returned, begins to try and move past it and only see John as a friend.
Happy ending pref :)

TL;DR - Sherlock kisses John, who doesn't feel the same way. Afterwards, John begins to fall for him while Sherlock is completely oblivious to this and starts to try and get over John."

Triggers: Gang Bang and Sensory Depravation

Okay, this is a really weird story idea I've had in my head for a while. For this, although established Johnlock is preferred, just friends is also fine. Sherlock is kidnap by a few guys (like 4 or more) and gang banged. Except he can't hear or see, and he's drugged so his responses are slow. The guys set up a live feed for just John to watch (The rest of Scotland Yard may be there as well). The guys rape Sherlock, pee on him, and do anything else horrible you can think of. When they're done, They cut off the camera feed, and remove Sherlock's blindfold and earplugs (or whatever) and start telling him that he's dirty, trash, can never be loved, and that John was watching and completely disgusted by Sherlock, basically a whole bunch of depressing stuff. Now, I see this story going two different ways. First John eventually finds the drugged up Sherlock alone, still on t he floor, because he's drugged and can't walk, and basically takes care of him. But, Sherlock really believed those guys, that John could never love him and that he was secretly disgusted by him, just too afraid to admit it to his face. Eventually John figures out what the guys told Sherlock and they slowly work out their relationship/friendship. OR Sherlock manages to get away after being told all that horrible stuff and is too ashamed to go back to Baker St, he feels like everyone is disgusted with him, and so he lives on the streets for a while. of course John is depressed and sad because he loves Sherlock, and he is always looking for him. Eventually threes a reunion, and Sherlock still feels like John could never love him and they have to work things out slowly.

Change the past

Sherlock knows about the black archive and gets his hands on the vortex manipulator. He goes back to his childhood and changes one vital thing (keeping his parents together, stopping them from dying, preventing young Moriarty committing his first murder, etc etc).

His actions change the present but not just for him. What happens when he gets home? Is he still a consulting detective? Still at 221B? Still full of animosity towards his brother? And where is John Watson?

Re: Change the past


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Amost Accidental Rape...?

I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. After a long day/case, John begins to feel sexually frustrated. He needs a release and he just cant seem to get satisfaction on his own. So he's sulking around, when in comes Sherlock. They could be in an established relationship, or not. How exactly one thing leads to another is up to you. Maybe Sherlock goes to kiss John and John just gets carried away, or Sherlock does something irritating and John just snaps. No matter what you decide, John ends up on top o Sherlock, with his military strength holding Sherlock down. Sherlock is begging John to stop, screaming too, but Johns just so out of it he doesn't even realize (maybe he thinks Sherlock wanted it and is misinterpreting?) But thankfully John realizes what he's doing before there's penetration or anything and immediately stops. When he comes out of it, Sherlock's, crying, begging him to stop, saying how he doesn't understand, etc. And then some emotional healing after, because almost rapist john is a scary john. Anyway, I'm not sure if this made any sense, so you know, I'm just going to leave it here...

Re: Amost Accidental Rape...?

Oh man i wish I could do this prompt justice.

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Business type AU-Jim/John

Okay, I have NO idea where this is coming from but here goes and warning: Long prompt is long. I found myself jonesing for some *consensual* Jim/John. And I wanted this business world AU where Sherlock and Jim are brilliant but antagonistically competitive business people. Like Fortune 500 business people, the really heavy rollers in the business world. And it might be weird but I want Jim a little OOC by not being a trope-y evil overlord business person. I want him to be really, really good at hostile takeovers (or something similar) but not particularly enjoying being in that position.

As for the Jim/John thing, maybe John is Sherlock's right hand man that he sent to spy on Jim? Because let's face it, next to Sherlock, John tends to blend in what with the beige jumpers and all (even though I love BAMF!John). So John, not really comfortable with the corporate spying gig but does it anyway because Sherlock's his best mate. He falls for Jim, perhaps shenanigans ensue. Wouldn't mind a little rom-com tropeyness in the plot come to that.

tl;dr: John is business!Sherlock's right hand man send to spy on arch-enemey!business!Jim's empire. They fall in love.

Crack, non-crack, smut, it's all good. (Please no genderbend, scat or watersports.)

Smutty Johnlock Prompt: Pillow humping

Sherlock is out and John is horny, so he humps a pillow that smells like Sherlock

Re: Smutty Johnlock Prompt: Pillow humping


John Watson is The Doctor! SPOILERS-ish

This idea will not let me sleep so I'm posting it. So some SPOILERS from the Day of the Doctor: John Hurt is the warrior Doctor. Warrior Doctor-->Army Doctor-->John Watson! Plus the tenth Doctor just needed a bit of tea to regenerate. No real plot bunnies come to mind other than maybe John and Sherlock solve ancient/old earth mysteries like what happened to Amelia Earhart, who was Jack the Ripper, what happened to the library of Alexandria etc.

+10 for the use of "wibbley-wobbly, timey-wimey"
+100 if John Watson ends up as the Doctor's real name (somehow)
+1000000 for working in Captain Jack Harkness

Crack is love. RTYIs welcome.

BAMF!John pulls rank on people

Between that one scene in The Hounds of Baskerville and fics like this (, I've developed a kink for John pulling rank on people and having them snap to attention.

So, give me something where John reminds people that it's not just John Watson, M.D., it's Captain John Watson, M.D.. Bonus points if Lestrade, Donovan and the rest of the Yard are there to see it happen.

If anyone knows of any other fics where this happens, I'd love a rec.

No slash, please.

Re: BAMF!John pulls rank on people


tw: suicide attempt

(Sorry if this posts twice LJ is being weird)

A character attempts suicide and ends up in hospital. Their friend/s come by to visit and find that person's parent or spouse/partner quietly deriding them for pulling such a stunt for attention and ruining the parent/spouse's social reputation. The would-be suicide is just sitting there numbly taking abuse and it's clear that the abuse is not a one-off event. Friend/s proceed to take action.

Leaving characters open for prospective filler interpretation.

Re: tw: suicide attempt

oh my god, so heartbreaking

Best frenemies

Someone is stalking and seriously threatening Anderson. Everyone is shocked when Sherlock takes it very seriously and is instrumental in protecting Anderson and his family, as well as catching the stalker even to the point of endangering himself. Anderson is Sherlock's annoyance and no one else is allowed to mess with him.

TLDR: Anderson needs help. Sherlock helps. Amazement abounds.

Doctor Who/Sherlock Parenthood

The Master landed on Earth sometime in the late '70s/early '80's and impregnated Mummy Holmes.

Despite his intelligence and sarcasm, it's probably the only trait that Sherlock shares with his father. He possesses no alien biology (two hearts, reversed organs, etc) or ability to hypnotize more than the ordinary human.

Hence there's a discovery and he might be a bit shocked. RTYI's are fine too, if you want.

If you want to give him the ability to regenerate fine, but I'd prefer for all purposes of Sherlock to be "boring" in comparison to Time Lords.

Selfcest with coaching

Some time travel/magic/cloning thing happens and there's two Sherlocks. John mentions Sherlock/Sherlock jokingly, but both Sherlocks are horrified. Turns out Sherlock, while sexual, has been convinced by previous very bad sexual experiences that he is repulsive and not worthy of feeling pleasure, and doesn't even masturbate.

John Watson takes this as a challenge and spends a great deal of time proving to both Sherlocks he's not repulsive, very worthy and capable of feeling pleasure, and that he's loved.

Re: Selfcest with coaching

Yes to any Sherlock/Sherlock in perpetuity

Touch-averse Sherlock brings John off with the aid of decadently thick satin gloves.


John/Sherlock abo verse. New neighbor goes into heat causing a very odd reaction

Sherlock' s an alpha
John's a beta
Neither have ever had a problem with heats (betas only go into heat under 'ideal' conditions and running around getting shot at keeping Sherlock out of danger isn't exactly ideal) but when a new tenant moves in things start getting weird.
Seems the scent of an omega in heat doesn't send Sherlock into a frenzy to screw anything that moves but gets him presenting and begging to be bred the way a heat hazy omega would.
John is still trying to figure out wtf is going on but is trying to figure out if this is omega! Lock hiding his gender or alpha! Lock with a fetish or what.

All the dirty talk welcome!
Run with this however you want but Sherlock is an alpha (with none of the bonuses omegas have like selflubricating) that bottoms with the same eagerness as an omega in full blown heat

Re: John/Sherlock abo verse. New neighbor goes into heat causing a very odd reaction

Seconded so hard! Too bad I can't write...All the internets to the writer nonny who gets this done!

DWB meets Empty House

While Sherlock is "dead", John signs up with Doctors without Borders, and is more than a little shocked when Sherlock is brought into his triage tent; alive, but really dying this time.

Re: DWB meets Empty House


RTYI's welcome.

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