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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Sherlock/Mirrormask crossover

I'm dying for this. I don't know why but I want John to be the Helena character and Sherlock to of course be Valentine. Would greatly appreciate the "Don't let them see you're afraid" scene included. I love it. If when John gets back to the real world and meets Sherlock it's the beginning of the series that'd be pretty sweet but not necessary.

Sherlock and John name their firstborn Greg

...because, much as I like Hamish too, I'd love to see John and Sherlock honour their friend/mentor/case provider/matchmaker/favourite Yarder by naming their kid after him.

Bonus if Lestrade doesn't expect it at all and is overwhelmed.

Re: Sherlock and John name their firstborn Greg


child abuse warning

The reason Sherlock 'hates' Mycroft is because Mycroft was abused (physically/sexually) as a child and never told him.

They were very close and Sherlock trusted him, but Mycroft was being abused the whole time - maybe he was just the target of choice, but more likely he developed his powers of manipulation early to draw the fire so Sherlock would never be touched.

Sherlock discovered/deduced it much later, maybe the abuser left/died, maybe it was something else and now he can't trust his brother's protection because he knows how far Mycroft will go to ensure it, even to his own cost, and also if Sherlock had found out soon enough he *would* have done something about it, which, being young he probably wouldn't have got away with.

Bonus points: if John discovers/deduces the history without being told because he's seen it before as a doctor

Mistaken kinks.

What one person originally assumes is nothing more than their partner being experimental in the bedroom is actually the offshoot of a deep-seated psychological pain/disorder/insecurity/crazy (take your pick). It turns out that their kinks are more than just kinks, they're enablers and signs of something more serious (ie the result of self-loathing.)

But both parties involved sexually are still turned on by it. Dilemma dilemma. Can be dark or h/c-y. Or both.

past non-con

Thing is, once you've done something that bad no one get past it. You're just evil and wrong. Rapist. Irredeemable.

John once raped someone. Before he went to war, before he met Sherlock.

I was chilled just reding the prompt


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Long prompt short, John somehow looks into the heart of the TARDIS and gains the energy of the TARDIS, effectively becoming another version of the BAD WOLF entity.


John was a past companion but doesn't remember this. Maybe his memory was wiped?

The Doctor thought he'd removed the TARDIS energy but it just lay dormant in him until he/ Sherlock was threatened.

The wound on John's arm isn't a gunshot wound. It is an injury he received on his travels with the Doctor but he's been led to believe otherwise.

Moriarty and Sherlock are present when he becomes "BAD WOLF" and they are both pretty terrified.

Sherlock talks him down, like Nine did with Rose.

Sorry. I can't resist prompting this. I'm stupidly excited about the 50th anniversary on Saturday.

Re: Wholock.

Oh god this triggered all of my Nine feels and now I'm heartbroken all over again, whyyy. But - seconded!

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john finally gets up the nerve to ask sherlock on a date but he declines
john is upset but just assumes that its because of the whole 'married to his work' thing
turns out its actually because sherlock is in a long distance relationship with victor (or victoria i am fine with either) trevor

Because I just found out about this.

Sherlock puts regular dishwashing soap in the dishwasher. Shenanigans in the bubbles ensue.

Shenanigans mini fill (LOL wtf am I writing its 12am)

OP I hope this is what you wanted. Its not beta or brit picked and I'm half sleep as I do this but I wanted to do this so badly.


"Sherlock at least do the bloody chores while I'm gone."

There had been a lull in the cases, so the consulting detective had nothing to do at the flat while John went to work.

Sherlock tried to convince his blond friend that he was busy but John quoted him word by word with 'I'm bored! John give me something to do!' "Now you have something to do; consider it an experiment. If you do good I might give you something." The doctor said before he left out of the door this morning.

Sherlock weighted his choices. He could go sulk on the couch or he could hack into John's computer. That always offered minuscule amusement. Chores were so dull.

'Not doing the chores...making John happy. Not doing the chores...making John happy.'

If he refused to do the chores John might have a row or end up disappointed. Sherlock could get him back in good graces though after a day or so.

If he did the chores this one time John would be happy and owe him. He could use this to his advantage, even get 'that.'

'Yes I would like to have 'that.' Choice made, Sherlock frowned and prepared himself to do simple house work.


Clothed in his robe, shirt, as well as long string trousers, Sherlock donned a white clothed in his black wavy hair and started to clean. He swept and vacuum the floor before he went to the kitchen.

On the fridge was a note that said, "Sherlock use the damn dish washer! All you have to do is put the soap in, the dishes, and then turn it on. You don't even have to dry them. You installed the bloody thing so stop putting your dirty dishes in the sink!"

'We have a dish washer?' Sherlock raised an eyebrow. 'Ah. I recall persuading Mrs. Hudson to have one here if I paid for it because John kept complaining about washing.'

The dishwasher, brand new and steel, stood before the consulting detective. He rummaged in the cabinets above it, by passing the jar of bee venom as well as the dried toenails to pull out the dish washing liquid.

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Sherlock/John - started sexual relationship, Sherlock lies to John about past sexual assault

They started a sexual relationship. Every time John reaches for Serlock's genitalia, Serlock's first instinct is to recoil. Every time john starts preparing Sherlock for anal sex, sherlocks first instinct is to clench and it takes some preparation before Sherlock relaxes enough. These reactions just happen at initial contact every time they begin. Then they carry on.

The first time it happened, Sherlock tells John "no, no history of sexual abuse" or something. John believed him but after so many times, and numerous other telltale signs, John seriously suspects.

Will Sherlock ever admit it? How does their relationship progress.

Re: Sherlock/John - started sexual relationship, Sherlock lies to John about past sexual assault

Now I'm interested to find out how their relationship progresses too. I always like perceptive John figuring out Sherlock's secrets. Seconded.

Faking sick for attention - gen or pre S/J

Sherlock fakes sick to keep John's attention and to keep John home fussing over him instead of going to a bar or on a date. He doesn't know that John's fully aware he's faking for attention, but finds Sherlock's dramatic ailments hilarious/adorable and coddles him anyway.

Some reference:

I am not amused

Please, please, please can someone write a fic in which John and Sherlock are trying to make Mycroft say "I am not amused".

Sherlock/OMC, Sherlock/John - BDSM abuse, dubcon, Sherlock starts dating someone John doesn't approv

Since I'm craving a bit of angst...

Sherlock gets into a sexual relationship with some man. At first John is cool with it because finally, people stop thinking he's Sherlock's partner.

However, the man starts pestering Sherlock into trying BDSM. Sherlock previously had no interest in it but the man manipulates Sherlock into thinking it's for for love of research. Sherlock is never fully okay with it but goes along anyway. The man is never careful with Sherlock, and Sherlock gets hurt. John sees everything and he treats Sherlock's injuries while gently trying to coax Sherlock to leave willingly. However, Sherlock refuses to see it and stays until the man takes it too far.

Meanwhile, John falls in love with Sherlock.

Re: Sherlock/OMC, Sherlock/John - BDSM abuse, dubcon, Sherlock starts dating someone John doesn't ap

I would love this. I hope it gets written.

And if anyone has any RTYIs, I would love that too.


Jim is an Omega. Sebastian, Sherlock, John, Lestrade and Mycroft are all Alphas. Jim likes to wait until his heat is just about to strike, then get one of them stuck with him somewhere they can't get out so they can satisfy his heat. He chooses a different Alpha every heat.

Jim likes that none of them can resist him, how they all want him so badly. Sebastian just likes fucking Jim. The other Alphas are torn between being pissed off that they can't resist Moriarty, and just not caring, because he does moan so prettily.

Re: Omega!Jim

Oh this is so totally Jim! Seconded!

John's sex drive waking up again

John's life is slowly coming together again now that he has moved in with Sherlock but there is still one hold-over from being shot that's plaguing him - he hasn't had an erection since before that fateful day. Injury, surgery, medications, stress, depression and lack of self-esteem because he feels he's not the man he was are all playing a part in the problem.

I'd like a fic in which Sherlock is aware of this and is the one to help John get things in working order again.

Maybe Sherlock tells John that he spoke a bit too hastily at Angelo's and John has to tell him that he wasn't actually hitting on him then as he wouldn't be able to follow through, much as he would like to.

I'd love it if Sherlock is very patient and understanding, no quick fix and that this is about love and not simply sex, for both of them.

Re: John's sex drive waking up again

Yessss, seconding all the erectile dysfunction prompts!

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John's Mental Health

Many fics have John snapping back into a pretty much 'normal' person immediately after moving in with Sherlock, as if all of his psychological issues have been resolved along with the psychosomatic limp.

I don't think that this would be the case; he's been through too much physical and emotional trauma, lost both careers that he loved and had the rug pulled out from under life as he knew it. I think he would still have some problems with depression and self-worth, as well as the nightmares and occasional panic attacks that are touched upon in fics.

It's winter in London, dark and cold and depressing sometimes, there are not exciting cases every day, John still has money worries, doesn't have many people he knows in town, his shoulder and memories pain him, Sherlock can be solitary and engrossed in doing his own things, not being used to have a friend to share things with...

If Sherlock went off for a few days soon after John moved in, leaving John on his own and at loose ends, I can see John start to question what use he is really to Sherlock in the big picture, why does Sherlock even want him there as he clearly doesn't need someone to go halves on the rent, not being able to see that Sherlock wants him as a friend as John doesn't have much feelings of being worthy of that role...I can see him going into a depression and he does have a gun and has considered using it before.

I'd like Sherlock to come back in time to stop John doing anything so drastic, reassure him and help him to feel better about everything! Maybe come up with things they can do together like teaching John to pick locks or asking John to teach him to shoot. Can be gen or friendship that turns to slash.

Re: John's Mental Health

Ooooh, very cool prompt and insightful too. I second this enthusiastically!

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