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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sally´s been raped

.. and she does everything to hide it out of shame. Sherlock is the only one who notices it and tries to get her to talk which leads to a snarkfest between them again. He even goes after her and eventually gets her to talk and helps her because he does care.

if you want to you can make it even more dark so that Sherlock kills the rapist as nobody dares to touch his "frenemies"

Re: Sally´s been raped- fill part 1

Coat swirling in the brisk autumn wind, Sherlock strides toward a familiar line of yellow police tape, John close at his heels. Though he’s been called to help deduce the crime, his observations begin long before he reaches sergeant Donovan. In fact, within ten seconds of stepping out of the cab, Sherlock has identified a bystander who’s returning from an illicit affair, a man contemplating filing bankruptcy, a child concerned with the impending divorce of her parents, and that Anderson will be feeling the effects of a rather uncomfortable case of food poisoning in approximately 30 minutes. Bad things happen to those who eat at sketchy food carts.

“Two bodies this time- that’s interesting,” he mutters, though John, hurrying along behind him, sees only one. The doctor listens intently for the next brilliant deduction- which, he hopes, will be the location of the theoretical second body- but instead he nearly ends up stand on the backs of Sherlock’s feet as the man stops short.

“Hello, freak,” Sally says in her usual cool tone, but Sherlock hardly seems to notice. John hesitates, but he doesn’t think Sherlock needs- or would appreciate- if he jumped in to defend him.

There’s a long moment where Sherlock’s eyes meet Sally’s- and stay there. Sally’s expression is that of her usual irritation, Sherlock’s inscrutable, but the silence hangs long enough that even John realizes something is different. Sherlock turns momentarily, casting a longing look at the case, and even lifts a foot, but then he pauses. He doesn’t duck under the tape.

In a tone one might expect from a man just sentenced to the gallows, Sherlock murmurs “John, make sure Anderson doesn’t ruin my crime scene.” He stands back to allow him to pass.

The minute the doctor is gone, Sherlock's attention flicks back to Sally, though he does nearly cringe at tearing himself away from the murder awaiting his analysis.

"As Anderson still has genitalia, I assume he wasn't responsible for your bruising."

Sally rolls her eyes, mouth clenched in defiance. She doesn't so much as glance away from Sherlock- she knows the black and purple bruises on her hips and wrists are covered. "Hate to bruise your ego, but you're looking at the wrong body. The one that /isn't/ breathing is the victim."

"Only of his own vices, though he did make a nearly competent effort to hide them," Sherlock responded. with a casual wave of his hand. His face sobered. "You, on the other hand, are hiding someone else's."

For a long moment, Sally simply stares wordlessly.

Mycroft/Jim, dirty talk

Mycroft likes to describe exactly what he's going to do to Jim in vivid detail, as he does it. Jim loves it and provokes him as much as possible to get more and more and to hear all these filthy things coming out of Mycroft's usually prim and proper mouth.

Moriarty/Moran - infantalism

When Jim is getting particularly troublesome and irrational, Sebastian calms him down by scooping him up, cradling him close and calling him his baby. It's the one and only guaranteed way to soothe Jim.

Bonus points if Sebastian works himself up to going a bit further each time with babying Jim until eventually Jim lets himself be bottle fed, put to bed for naps, etc. Sebastian loves how dependent Jim becomes on him.

Extra bonus points if Sebastian has to punish his naughty baby on occasion.

protective Sebastian

Jim and Seb get captured by a rival gang of criminals. Sebastian, being bigger, stronger and generally less likely to antagonise captors by being a little shit, fares better than Jim. Jim keeps getting beaten up and kicked around. I'd like to see Sebastian being intensely protective of Jim, caring for him and trying to nurse him better when he's hurting and defending him against their captors as best he can.

Re: protective Sebastian

holy hell I didn't know I needed this until now

Sort of Mobster/Prison AU Moran x Sherlock (possibly 1920s) dub/non-con

(kinda inspired by the prompt above but not really)

Sherlock is part of a large criminal enterprise (bootlegging, money laundering, etc.) He talks big but he really hasn't killed people before, and winds up taking the fall for someone (maybe Mycroft will get him out later or it's John he took the fall for in the first place).

Sherlock doesn't fare well in prison with his mouthing off and wiry frame and quickly becomes a target of the guards and the prisoners.

The lieutenant of the rival criminal enterprise, Sebastian Moran - takes a shine to him and starts protecting Sherlock, but maybe only for a price.

Hey as long as it's only one man that wants his favours and not five, Sherlock thinks that's a fair deal until he gets out of prison.

Sherlock the Hair Virgin King: Crossover with The Severing Crime Edge

Long detail prompt for people not familiar with the anime:

Severing Crime edge or dansai bunri no crime edge crossover with Sherlock.

Sherlock is a reclusive consulting crime solving via laptop detective dubbed, 'The hair virgin king,' in the underground because of his impossible cut long hair and the fact/rumor that if someone kills him their wish would be granted.

Cue John, who is he 'severing crime edge' user and runs into Sherlock one day when he decides to go outside under cognito. Sherlock deduces that John uses a killing good but Sherlock finds him interesting because he has no murderous intent even after he discover who is he, and is the only person who can cut his cursed hair.

John on the other hand likes his impossible long hair at first but wants to help him out after he discover people trying to kill him/the detective is a recluse.

Moriarty starts the 'Killing game' with Sherlock and is the one who caused Sherlock to go into hiding in the first place indirectly. Cue John/Sherlock going on adventures, trying to survive, trying to make sure John doesn't end up like other killing good users, killing good users trying to get their wish, etc.

It doesn't matter what killing good John uses but the original Severing Crime Edge used scissors so I hope that helps. Doesn't matter if its Johnlock or friendship.

I wanted the rest of the cast as killing good users such as Irene having the Pet Whip of Submissive Butchery (yes that is the full name,) with a riding crop as an example.

Bonus: Whoever takes Sherlock's virgin is suppose to have the same power as killing him but folks find it easier to kill him.

Whoever does this and its not a one shot I promise end up making crappy or sub par artwork for it.

Re: Sherlock the Hair Virgin King: Crossover with The Severing Crime Edge

OP here. I meant virginity for the last part sorry.

Sherlock/John + Fleshlight

Can we get Sherlock sticking a fleshlight up his ass and then John fucking the fleshlight while it's in him? (Or Sherlock fucking John, either way works.)

Bonus for including other sex toys as well <3

Sherlock+Molly [GEN], Still Here (tramatic brain injury)

So I'm re-watching The Reichenbach Fall and the line "If I wasn't everything you think I am, or I think I am, would you still want to help me?" gave me a thought: What if Sherlock knew he would survive, but he would have severe brain damage from the fall.
I want a fic where he is in a hospital after the fall, then released into Molly's care. She has to help him cope with things like forgetfulness and the 'on the tip of my tongue' feeling. She has to get hm to go to physical therapy. Just lots of comforting.

AU, ABO, Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John; First known ABO case

When John is wounded in active duty, he's sent back to London to live a leisurely quiet life. A mere three months after being home, he falls dangerously ill, and is sent to the local hospital. They are unable to find a cause and sends him to a specialist, who discovers that John has developed a pseudo womb and is essentially evolving into an Omega. This is the first documented case of an Omega Human with scientific evidence, and John is the subject.

Basically I want the first known case of ABO in a modern first world country and the world's reaction to evolution. I don't mind if a virus has stopped women from reproducing or have made men sterile, whatever you decide. Preferably Omega!John, I don't care if he's been evolving since birth, or if he was born a bit different. It doesn't have to include Mpreg or knotting. Up to filler what role Sherlock plays, whether he is the scientist, doctor, or another isolated ABO case/specimen.

James Bond/Skyfall and Sherlock crossover

A lot of the time, it's John and James that know each other, back when James was in the Navy, or still new with his double-o status and on a mission.

I want to see John having a history with Q (played by Ben Whishaw)instead. Sherlock is not John's first time dealing with a young genius.

Re: James Bond/Skyfall and Sherlock crossover

Interesting. Seconded!!

Sherlock/Burn Notice

Michael was in Afghanistan, too.

I didn't know I wanted his until now.

why Sherlock wears protective gear

based on the photo here:

Despite his lack of care for his general physical health or care for the state of the kitchen and fridge Sherlock surprises John by wearing protective gloves and glasses when doing some of his experiments. John asks him about it and though he doesn't answer him right then some time much later he does tell John the story. What happened that make him be careful about this one thing?

Sherlock/John, possible John/OC: Sherlock is the Third Wheel for Once

You know how Sherlock always does his little intellectual flirting dance with Moriarty/Irene/Baddie-of-the-week, and John is left scrambling in the background as the third wheel all the time? I want a role reversal!

Say John runs into an old friend/rival or old flame-that-never-really-died, and they just hit it off again. Bantering back and forth like it was yesterday. Inside jokes. Personal memories. Shared secrets. Shared wounds. I just want a connection between John and this person to be comparable to the connection Sherlock has with his archnemesises. I want it to be something that Sherlock can't just butt into and take over.

This sudden exclusion from John's attention (and possibly affection) freaks Sherlock out. It's almost frightening to see how this "interloper" can just completely capture John's interest and focus in a way he can't.

And John just CAN'T see it. Because it's just him and that person in that moment.

I don't mind crossovers, or genderswaps, or what have you. I just want Sherlock to realize that this is what John feels when Sherlock is busy "playing".

Re: Sherlock/John, possible John/OC: Sherlock is the Third Wheel for Once

Woooow !! I want that too ! Please ?


John keeps drunk-texting Sherlock: either being overly affectionate or downright sexual. Sherlock finds himself somehow enjoying it, but the morning after, things are always laughed off and go back to normal. Sherlock decides this must be remedied.

Re: Drunk-texting!John

I could really use something like this about now. ...seconding!

Sherlock/John - PWP with a bit of medical kink. Sherlock admits he has trouble orgasming

Established relationship. Sherlock admits to John that he has trouble orgasming. Even by himself, it's difficult.

If John asks if it's because of something traumatic, Sherlock just says that's irrelevant. He just sometimes can't go over the edge and that makes him frustrated and then he get distracted by that frustration and then he just can't... and that makes him fear orgasm for a second which makes him unable to push over the edge.

John helps Sherlock relax and soothes him with some fingering, stretching, prostate teasing ass play.

Re: Sherlock/John - PWP with a bit of medical kink. Sherlock admits he has trouble orgasming

I really, really want this. Not only hits my masturbation assistance kink, but I've been where Sherlock's at. Please please please!


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