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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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The secret life of Sally Donovan

You can make Sally a single mom making ends meet, secretly working for Moriarty, a domme that puts Irene to shame, I really don't care what. Just show me who Sally is beyond what little we get of her on the screen.

Bondage, Whump

I would really like to read a fic where Lestrade is tied up in a horribly uncomfortable position and left there for days (weeks?). He's thoroughly gagged and blindfolded, and the only contact he gets is when his captors come to force feed him via nasal tube. Nobody talks to him, nobody tells him what is going on.

Bonus points for Dimmock's team being the one to find him, though Sherlock and John were on the case as well.

AU. John Watson is freshly recruited into the military when he finds him. The last of his kind.

John/Sherlock, doesn't have to be smutty (but very much appreciated if done. Even more appreciated if its a top!John)

Basically, I'd like to see John stumbling upon a young Sherlock during his tour in Afgahnistan and raising him up.
It's up to you what he's the last of. The last dragon. The last omega. The last anthropomorphic cat. Maybe its renaissance and Johns a knight/soldier and Sherlocks the last Mage. Idk the possibilities are endless.
And John is very protective over him. Maybe he snuck Sherlock back when his tour ended. And now he has to keep Sherlocks real identity a secret. But then maybe we find out he isn't the last of his kind because suddenly Mycroft?
Idk I'm making this up as I go jesus take the wheel.

NONCON: johnlock by moriarty's orders...but sherlock doesn't let him do it.

We've had a million prompts like this- Moriarty kidnaps the two and forces one to fuck the other- but they all end in them going through with it. I'd like something a little different- though Sherlock would prefer John to Moriarty, since John would be gentler, he doesn't want to saddle John with that guilt. So when given the ultimatum, he refuses to let John go through with it, telling him absolutely no, and accepting that that means Moriarty will be the one to assault him.

Bonus points for a Sherlock who takes things very well / leans towards the sociopathic side, but shows concern for John, who does NOT handle things well / has some awful guilt going on.

Re: NONCON: johnlock by moriarty's orders...but sherlock doesn't let him do it.

Excellent! I have thought about this possibility before and wondered why it wasn't explored. I want to do it but I don't know if I can write the rape itself. I will try. I do hope someone else takes it on too in case I can't do it right.

On the side of the plebs

I was just reading the latest chapter of azriona's Mise en Place, which contains the cooking show au version of Sherlock's "side of the angels" speech:

“I might stand with the plebeians, but don’t think for one moment that I am one of them.”

I thought it was hilarious and accurate in context, but then my mind went to an over-literal place and now I'd really love to see an Ancient Rome!au with Sherlock as a popularis.

Re: On the side of the plebs

Seconding! I'm all for ancient rome au's.

RTYI? (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock Gangbang

Sherlock holding John and giving him instructions while he's being fucked by other guys. I'd prefer this not to be non-con. Dub-con with John telling Sherlock about this fantasy but being reluctant to go through with it is perfectly fine though.

Re: Johnlock Gangbang

Would you mind if this went AU in some fashion (teenlock possibly)? No worries if you'd rather have canon settings. I may not even be able to fill; this just caught my eye and I wondered about the parameters.

Re: Johnlock Gangbang (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Johnlock Gangbang (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt from part 31

Sherlock/Person of Interest crossover - during Hiatus

The number that comes up on The Machine is one from Moriarty's organization - the one's that Sherlock is taking out one-by-one. So Reese and Harold get involved, cue to whatever alias Sherlock is going by to be either exposed or nearly so, because facial recognition declares the man is supposed to be dead.

Bonus if Root is part of Moriarty's organization/is running the American side of things, etc.
Bonus if Sherlock and Reese back each other up in a fight.
Bonus if Sherlock keeps The Machine a secret - if Mycroft already knew about the Machine before is up to filler.
Bonus if there is a scene where Harold tells Reese that Sherlock took a jump off Saint Bartholomew's and Reese has a snarky comeback.

Original here:

Johnlock have realistic (first time) sex..

.. and it's hesitant, uncertain, uncoordinated, sometimes funny, a bit messy but all in all perfect for them.

Re: Johnlock have realistic (first time) sex..


Non con, all sorts of trigger warnings - guilty friend gets off on it

Character A is raped/assaulted and character B supports them through it. Thing is, much as character B wants to be supportive of character A, B finds himself feeling hugely turned on by the idea of/descriptions of A being assaulted. Cue a lot of guilt and angst.

Up to you who is who in this story, only I'd prefer no Mycroft as victim. Also, ending is yours to decide, whether A ever finds out what B was thinking, if they get together in the end.

Body Swap!

Sherlock and Moriarty change bodies (literally). Sherlock has the time of his life because now he knows how Moriarty works, the face of his right hand man and all sort of goodies Sherlock will use against him. He's practically flying to the moon when he tries to head home and realize : if Sherlock is here it means Moriarty is with John-with Sherlock's face.

I'd prefer no sex but it s ultimately up to the writer. Bonus if Sherlock as Moriarty has to go to Mycroft and persuade Mycroft of the whole situation.

Re: Body Swap!

LOVE THIS! Seconding!

Sherlock is obsessed with MorMor

Sherlock can't stop imagining the noises Jim makes when he's having sex with Sebastian, what he sounds like when he's getting fucked into the mattress by his second-in-command.

Jim is obviously totally and gleefully aware of this fact and arranges for Sherlock to 'coincidentally' walk in on him and Seb going at it in public.

Cue Sebastian being torn between being pissed off at Jim for manipulating him into sex just for Sherlock bloody Holmes' benefit, and just wanting to get on with it, because fuck it, his boss is as hot as he is mad.

Re: Sherlock is obsessed with MorMor

Ngh, that sounds so hot.

Sherlock's truest love- himself

Sherlock yelling his own name in bed by mistake. Preferably while in bed with Lestrade or John.

Re: Sherlock's truest love- himself

Oh god. Seconded.

noncon: Sheriarty, Sherlock doesn't think to be upset

Moriarty has captured Sherlock, and decides to try to break him via sex... Sherlock is immediately uncomfortable, leading Moriarty to think it's working, until Sherlock begins asking questions ("the average penis has a 10 degree bend to the left, but yours bends at least 15 degrees to the right- does that make lining up the angle difficult?" "your pulse is slower than I'd expect with this degree of exertion- what's your usual pulse, so I have a baseline?") that show he's simply trying to observe/figure things out/deep in thought. And possibly annoyed at the end about the mess, but certainly not broken.

Bonus if Sherlock, after Moriarty finishes, makes an embarassing observation or asks an embarassing question.

Simm!Master / Moriarty

With Simm!Master topping, pretty please.

Re: Simm!Master / Moriarty

Yes yes yes, seconded.


Sherlock isn't on the side of the angels at all, much less an angel himself.

He finally snaps. Moriarty's got nothing on Sherlock when he's lost every ounce of humanity he ever had.

Bonus points for Jim going along with it at first, thinking that Sherlock's just play acting, then trying not to panic when he realises that this isn't a game at all, and that Sherlock is absolutely deadly serious about hurting him as much as he possibly can.

Re: Dark!Sherlock/Jim



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