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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Have a humbug, Lestrade

Mycroft is sticking to his diet, but he keeps offloading his old stash of sweets on Lestrade.

John Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet Jesse Pinkman.

(And / or John Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet Walter White.)

Mrs. Hudson in her youth

Mrs Hudson was a carefree, forward-thinking, and incredibly attractive free spirit in the sixties.

Re: Mrs. Hudson in her youth

Seconded with a [Visual reference]


The first time Lestrade bottoms for John (which is also his first time bottoming ever) he accidentally wets himself.

Up to author how the couple reacts.

Noncon and relapse

Sherlock is sexually assaulted, perhaps while solving a case. He brushes off everyone's concern and insists he's fine- until a week later, when John happens to catch him using again.


John fears sherlock is self harming because he sees scars or bruises on him. It turns out sherlock's a masochist indulging some fantasies.

Re: Sherlock/John

God I want this. >.>

Sherlock doesn't recognize abuse, lestrade or john is concerned

During a case, Sherlock and either John or Lestrade witness a child being struck by a parent. Sherlock acts as though nothing's out of the ordinary, and shrugs it off when questioned, leading the other to question what Sherlock's childhood was like. Lestrade/Sherlock or John/Sherlock.

AU multiple personality Johnlock

Sherlock has Dissociative Identity Disorder--I imagine him having Jim the psycho, Sebastian the dickwad, Henry the childhood trauma vic, maybe a few others, all jammed in his head. Maybe he and John are already married when this starts happening to him. Maybe Jim commits murders using his body. I just wanna see Sherlock coping with the switching, and John coping with having multiple people in his lover's head.

BAMF Yarders

Sherlock gets into a dangerous situation. Due John being stuck with him or being not avaible its just the Yarders who can save him. I want Lestrade, Donovan, Anderson, Dimmock.... whomever go all bamf and rescue him.( has to be more than just Lestrade being bamf, the more the better)

When he is suprised that they did that for him, Sally only says: "Well we can´t let anyone of our own hanging, can we? But that doesn´t mean that I like you Freak."

It´s the first time that Sherlock is actually impressed by their work and the first time for the Yarders to admit that he is one of them, strange as it may be!


Sherlock, Lestrade, John, Anderson and Sally are attacked at a crime scene and later wake up naked together. Go from there.

trigger warning- dub con


Mycroft does really anything that takes to protect his brother.

Before he became the British government, before he had no such huge influence over everything, he sometimes had to bribe people. Some wanted money, some wanted sex. But Mycroft had sucessfully avoided having sex with anyone untill someone, who literally had Sherlock's life in his had showed up and there was no way avoiding it. Mycroft gave in. It become a regular thing eventually. Then one day while Mycroft giving him blowjob, Sherlock walked in on them and knowing nothing about the arrangement, he felt betrayed and became very resenful as he is now...
He started calling him arch enemy because his arch enemy's lover, fuck buddy, or whatever that was was also his archenemy.

Johnlock: Meddling Mycroft makes a mistake

Sherlock and John play out a (completely consensual) rape-fantasy. Unfortunately, Mycroft has cameras everywhere, and one catches the struggle before they go to the bedroom. This gives him the wrong idea, and he and a team of minions show up at the flat.

Bonus points if Sherlock is the 'attacker'.
If it's John as the aggressor, bonus points if sherlock's indignant when the misunderstanding comes out- "as if I'd need rescuing, Mycroft, really!"

Re: Johnlock: Meddling Mycroft makes a mistake

I had no clue I needed this but I really really do!

Sally was wrong. Sherlock doesn't go to crime scenes because he gets off on murder. It's because he has a fetish for uniforms. Specifically, police uniforms...

Um, so I misread this as "unicorn fetish". IDEK.


I'm noticing a srs lack of lesbians.

Irene may domme professionally, but once the 'work day' ends, she comes home.... and submits to Anthea.

Sherlock and Doctor Who

Saw this on the CP meme and thought it deserved to spread. Posted as the original OP posted, just switching the fandom and signal boosting...

Anything with the characters of Sherlock discussing, watching, or interacting with the characters from the Doctor Who universe. Crossovers or sitting around comparing favorite Doctors, it's all good.

Original OP also said: "This is a bit silly, but I'd love to see something done in every fandom where the characters do something involving Doctor Who, as an homage to the upcoming anniversary, but don't think it would actually happen."

New OP says: Could we make this happen?

Re: Sherlock and Doctor Who

Original OP seconds!


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