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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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CRACK, Literally, 5+1 fic, John knows how to realign spines

5 times people have walked in on John cracking someones back into place and thought it was something sexual, 1 time someone walked in on something sexual and thought he was cracking their backs into place.

He can be realigning different people or the same person.

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Re: CRACK, Literally, 5+1 fic, John knows how to realign spines

Second. This seems cute and funny.

Pirate AU

Captain John Watson is a pirate and he captures a ship carrying a young nobleman named Sherlock Holmes.


Captain Sherlock Holmes is a pirate who captures a vessel an army doctor named John Watson.

Re: Pirate AU


Fantasy AU

Sherlock Holmes is an eccentric prince more interested in wizardry than the crown he's supposed to inherit. John Watson is the knight that catches his eye despite himself.

Re: Fantasy AU

Interesting. May have to try this.

Hiatus Sherlock is a 00 Agent

Doesn't have to be 007, could be 8 or 3 or what have you, but in a similar vein. Dashing, debonair spy who gets all the ladies (or men) that he wants. Or has to pretend to want. ;)

All I've seen thus far in crossovers is John as the agent and Sherlock as Q. IMHO, Sherlock would never rest at being an office agent.

So after the Fall, Sherlock simply refuses to be tech support in /his/ search, so Mycroft gives him a double-0 title. He has to convince a grumbling M, because you know how M is. Sherlock is surprisingly effective on missions.

Bonus points for including other Bonds, Qs, and Bond movie characters!

Any recs very much welcomed.

Re: FILL Sherlock Holmes, designation 002 1a/?

AN: This sort of turned into Mallory POV. Also: I'm awful at fight scenes, so most will be off stage or a character shooting someone point blank. And, in the universe of this, Austin Powers is a series of world famous (serious) spy movies, like James Bond is in ours. Also, I know the title is awful, sorry. Bad at making them, will probably change it if I ever crosspost to AO3. This is my first post on any prompt or kinkmeme ever.

Sherlock Holmes, designation 002 part 1a/?

Mallory groaned, resisting the urge to rest his head on his desk momentarily. When he first got the message from Holmes, he had been convinced that somehow the man had ganged up with Q to prank him. Then he remembered that while the Quartermaster and the Government were brothers, they were nothing alike. At least, not in that regard.

Apparently Holmes’ little brother, Sherlock Holmes, had not in fact died from swan diving off of a hospital (not surprising, really, resurrection was a common thing in this business, it had to be, considering how rare people who make 00 actually are). No, obviously Mallory had killed the reincarnation of Buddha or something because the universe was not giving him that one small act of kindness. Instead, apparently, the man was going to go on a one man hunt to destroy the network James Moriarty had left behind.

Which necessitated a license to kill, meaning that Mallory had to make the twat a 00. 002, to be precise, and now he was certain he was going to have to deal with complaints from half of Q branch. Or at least from Q himself.

“I’m sorry, Q, but you’re the best we have. We need to keep 002 alive, your brother’s orders, and you’re the master at keeping unruly agents in line,” he told the man apologetically. Predictably, the Quartermaster had been far from thrilled when he learned that his newest babysitting duty was his older brother.

Q made a noise that was absolutely not a grunt, and looked like he would have pouted had he not been sitting across from the desk of the 3rd most powerful man in Britain. “He’s worse than Bond, M. Not only will he ruin my equipment, but he will do so gleefully, not just in the line of duty. If you were worried about 007 being a loose cannon, then Sherlock is a loose cannon loaded with flaming coconuts.”

Mallory raised an eyebrow at the conjured image. “I see your point. But Holmes insists, and when Holmes insists the world bends over backwards to fulfill his wishes. I owe him far too many favours anyway.”

Q rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’ll man his comm. Still annoyed at him for faking his death, nearly gave me a heart attack. I’m not even 30, I’m not supposed to have heart attacks yet.”

“Thank you. You are dismissed.” Mallory always vaguely felt like a movie villain when he said that, which was mildly unsettling. It wasn’t like he was bloody Goldfinger or some other overblown creep from an Austin Powers film.

Q closed the door behind him and Mallory slumped back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. Now to make sure 002 didn’t end up dying yet again on this crazed manhunt he was about to embark on.



"But if I'm never your hero I can never let you down"


Please give me some BAMF!Lestrade?

Anderson isn't an idiot.

Someone has taken to brutally murdering inmates. Despite his protests, John is chosen to infiltrate the prison and report what Sherlock demands he find. John is murdered. A horrific death that would have been painful and long. Through DNA and dental records John is identified.

It's only Anderson that believes John's alive from the evidence collected... Anderson is right. Now John waits. Tortured daily by an individual that is overjoyed to have bested Sherlock Holmes. Anderson must somehow convince Sherlock that John's alive before it really is to late.

Re: Anderson isn't an idiot.(OP clarification)

It's obviously John thats tortured daily. Not anderson. Anderson is fine and has no connection to the murders. Just wanted to clarify that for any potential fillers that might take advantage of that particular SPaG screwup.

I wanna be like you

Secretly, Sherlock admires Mycroft, that's why every now and then he puts on a three piece suit, grabs an umbrella and then practises in front of a mirror to talk, walk and look like his older brother.

Can be followed by smut with John (who thinks that Sherlock's really hot when he's all Mycroft-ish) but gen fic is fine, too.

Re: I wanna be like you

Sherlock made sure everyone was John and Mrs.Hudson were gone before he gave a small grin.

Quickly he ran into his closet and dug out small trunk hidden deep within his clothes and experiments. Opening the locked trunk he pulled out a three piece suit. One that looked liked something Mycroft would wear. Grabbing the umbrella he walked in front of his mirror as Mycroft would.

"We are in Buckingham Palace, the very heart of the British nation. Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on!" He yelled in the same manner Mycroft had yelled at him a few weeks back. Pausing he frowned, no it wasn't right Mycroft didn't seem that angry, it was more a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment.

"No of course Mycroft wouldn't be just angry. He's so much more complex then that." With a longing sigh he thought of his older brother. Oh how he wished he could be similar to the man.

Caught up in his acting he didn't notice the door opening.

"Sherlock I'm ba-" John stopped dead in his tracks. There was Sherlock the man who proclaimed he hated his older brother...dressed as him?

"I'm pretty sure I didn't drink anything...." John said as he closed the door behind him.

"I would hope you weren't drinking so early in the morning Dr. Watson." Sherlock said in his "Mycroft" voice.

John wasn't sure if he should laugh or be aroused. It was all very confusing and honestly he didn't want to deal with it.

"Uh huh...well um...Mycroft I'll be in my room. I put the groceries away and do try not to use them all in your experiment this time."

Sherlock and John stared at one another before they burst out into laughter. Once they finished laughing hysterically John decided to ask.

"So should I question?"

"As long as it stays in the flat." Sherlock said as he put the umbrella down.

"As everything does." John reassured.

"Well to be completely honest I admire Mycroft very much so. I enjoy dressing as him and pretending to be him." He stated as if it was simple.

John stared for a moment before deciding he already laughed and got it out of his system. Might as well get the arousal out of his system as well.

Walking up to the detective he pulled on his tie, forcing Sherlock's face to only be inches away from his own.

"Well Mr.Holmes I might be inclined to tell you more about Sherlock if you convince me."

Sherlock grinned as before getting into character.

"I'm a very powerful man Doctor do you really want to try this?"

"Of course." John said as he pulled the man into a quick but rough kiss. Sherlock pulled away, out of breath but smirking nonetheless.

"You don't seem very afraid." Sherlock said in the same tone Mycroft used on John before. John noticed this and grinned, following with his old response.

"You don't seem very frightening." John replied while letting go of the other's tie and making his way into his bedroom.

"Try and scare me Mycroft." He said, nearly purring before going into his room, shutting the door.

Sherlock looked at the door for a moment before grinning. He truly did admire what being his brother could bring him.

Makeout Time...Because Science

Johnlock Prompt! In their most recent case, the primary suspect's alibi is called into question by Sherlock. She said she was making out with someone when the victim was murdered, but her lipstick is clearly perfectly in place when the boys get there to question her. She says that her lipstick is long-wearing to the point of semi-permanent and though another person corroborates her story, Sherlock is doubtful.

Sherlock has to test this lipstick's durability for himself. Since the friction and textures involved in making out are nearly impossible to replicate altogether, he turns to his trusty assistant for this experiment. Maybe he's just using this as an excuse, maybe this awakens something in him, maybe John gets a bit too enthusiastic seeing Sherlock's mouth all highlighted like that, doesn't really matter to me.

TL:DR All I really care about is seeing Sherlock put on a longwear lipstick and make out with John for scientific purposes.

Re: Makeout Time...Because Science

Totally seconding!

OP (Anonymous) Expand

AI Computer Watson

I just saw an ad by IBM on the telly about this artificially intelligent computer system named Watson which is "capable of answering questions posed in natural language" (thanks Wikipedia). They were saying in the ad that it can "read" like 15 million medical texts in 20 seconds or so, and then help medical students check their diagnoses.

So of course I was immediately reminded of John, and I'd love an AU where John is this AI computer system. I don't care what else happens, though I'd be happy if Johnlock was in there. Though I've no idea how that'd work out. It just popped into my head when I saw the ad.

Re: AI Computer Watson

I could totally see Sherlock and John being like Tony and Jarvis in Iron Man. Only with more bickering.

Re: AI Computer Watson (Anonymous) Expand
Re: AI Computer Watson (Anonymous) Expand
Re: AI Computer Watson (Anonymous) Expand

An accident and experiment

John and Lestrade recognise each other during ASiP. Years ago, when Lestrade was a young man prone to getting absolutely smashed every weekend (early twenties?), he had a one night stand with John. The catch? John was a teenager at the time, and underage. It was mutually consensual, as much as a teen with raging hormones and a guy completely off his face could be, but it's still illegal. Lestrade didn't realise this until the next morning, when he found a blue-eyed, blonde and obviously still underage boy in his bed.

They weren't in love. They weren't dating. It was an experiment for John, and an accident for Lestrade. I want to see how they react to each other years later.

Bonus if you touch on Lestrade's occupation as a policeman with this in his past.

Double bonus if you make this Johnlock, and Sherlock is aware of their one night stand. He accepts long it takes him to, and what he does in the meantime, that's a different story.

Re: An accident and experiment

This is such an awesome idea.

Gen, or Mycroft/John, or Mycroft/Sherlock, poss incest, Mycroft has a cold

Mycroft at 221b Baker Street, with a cold or the flu, disheveled, bundled into one of John's jumpers and holding a nice cup of tea.

Go from there.

Quick fill: In Which Mycroft Doesn't Get Sick (1/2)

Mycroft didn’t get sick. He made a point of it. If it were possible, he would have outlawed it. Being sick was messy, inconvenient and uncomfortable. Through rigid hygiene routines, limiting time spent in or near others’ personal space, carrying an umbrella so he was never caught in rain, and sheer force of will, Mycroft had reached a state of being wherein he was quite incapable of suffering from something so pedestrian as the ‘flu. Which he tried to explain to John Watson, as he refused to accept the paracetamol and thick jumper.

All of John’s ‘evidence’ in favour of this diagnosis was easily explained:

His streaming nose was clearly just a result of the sudden temperature change from the frigid outside air and the beautifully warm flat. The persistent cough? Obviously he had just breathed in some dust, a common enough occurrence in 221b. He wasn’t feverish; his brain simply ran at a higher speed than others, excess heat a natural result of this.

“And I suppose when you vomit all over my shoes in about three minutes, it will be because you can no longer physically stand to be surrounded by the stupidity of the world,” John said soothingly, pulling Mycroft over to the bathroom. “Come on, I’ve been through all of this with Sherlock. If you won’t, and I know for a fact you won’t, go home and take it easy, you’re going to have to stay here while you get over the worst of it and I can keep an eye on you.”

Mycroft would have smoothly argued back and cleverly convinced John of his wellbeing, but his mouth was otherwise occupied with the toilet. John ran a soothing hand over Mycroft’s head and helped clean Mycroft up. After this, Mycroft was a little more agreeable to being bundled up in a thick woolly jumper that smelled pleasingly of John, accepted a cup of tea and swallowed some tablets, only making one small comment to the effect that he would indulge John in this pointless exercise as a sort of thanks for John taking care of his little brother. John laughed and eased Mycroft down until he was lying on the couch, fetching a cold compress for his forehead, and tucking a blanket firmly around him. Mycroft was asleep in minutes.

It was nearly four hours before Mycroft woke again, looking bleary-eyed, clutching his forehead and moaning. John took his temperature, pleased to find it was improved, gave him another cup of tea and two more paracetamols. He was asleep again in under fifteen minutes.

Myrcoft woke again around dinner time, and sat up, sipping delicately at the instant soup John had heated for him. His temperature was still high, but not enough to worry John. After he finished his soup, Mycroft settled back down sleepily on the couch and treated John to long and rather incoherent rambles on the state of the nation, how impossible it was having Sherlock as a younger brother, and, from what John could make out, who he hoped would win X-Factor.

Sherlock came home early in the evening and was rather appalled to find his brother dozing on his lounge, but John cut his rant off with a stern whisper. He forced Sherlock into the kitchen for some beans on toast, letting Sherlock tell him about his brilliance that day. John’s praise soon soothed Sherlock enough for Sherlock to see just how ill his brother was and take that peculiar delight that only siblings could in how useless Mycroft was.

Mycroft woke a few times in the night too out of it to notice anything beyond the water and tablets beside his head, and it was nearly dawn before he realised John was sleeping in one of the armchairs opposite. It made him feel guilty, but also warm in a way that had nothing to do with his raised temperature.

A May-December romance between John and Sherlock please. No underage, the 'May' character must be legal. Just two people who fell in love. I'm in the mood for gentle, as much as can be with Sherlock in the equation.

Angsty johnlock AU smut?

May write it myself, but I'm super bad at angst. XD I like happy fluff too much. But:

AU where everyone is a Dom or a sub, AND everyone has a designated soulmate. As in, when you meet them, you could never want someone else.

Sherlock is a Dom with absolutely NO interest in finding his mate. And then he meets John, who is his mate and has been waiting years for him. But Sherlock refuses to do this. John is crushed, and sets himself to proving that he can be the sub sherlock needs; after all, they're meant for each other.

Bonus points for their first time being angry sex on Sherlock's part since he's so resistant.

DNW: bp!, watersports. Omega!verse would be okay.

Re: Angsty johnlock AU smut?

Huh, I like this. Second.

Sherlock and Breaking Bad Crossover!

All I ask is that it features Jesse. Or Saul.

Re: Sherlock and Breaking Bad Crossover!


It's begging to be done! How often are there TWO shows that star a chemist who really LOVES chemistry?

Sherlock/ The Office

I'm sure this has probably been done before (although I've never seen it)but it sort of popped into my head.

Sherlock is on a case (completely up to the author what the case is) and finds a particularly suspicious office manager. He can't go undercover himself; he's too well known by now. John on the other hand... He could probably manage it.

Cue John going undercover as Tim Canterbury.


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