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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Lestrade/Any or Gen, a laundry accident leaves Greg walking around in clothes a size too tight

When a sudden laundry accident shrinks Greg Lestrade's clothes down a size, he's a little uncomfortable, but he's pretty sure nobody will notice.

When he walks in, Mycroft starts walking into things, Sally's hemline seems to be rising every time she walks past him, even the menacing call from Moriarty ends weirdly with his threatening speech getting abruptly cut of with the unlikely sounds of him suddenly going "GLZKBITH...Holy Hotness." when the master criminal decides to show of his hacking skills and crow about spying on them through the local CCTV network.

Greg is, at first, oblivious to the reasons for this behaviour, Sherlock is too busy laughing at his brother's collisions, until finally John, in his usual fashion, lets Greg in on what's going on.

Greg's reaction to the news is up to author!anon.

Re: Lestrade/Any or Gen, a laundry accident leaves Greg walking around in clothes a size too tight

This prompt is hilarious. YES PLEASE!

Sherlock/London (sort of?)

Sherlock loves London and will do nearly anything to protect "her"/"him".

Re: Sherlock/London (sort of?)

Sorry, I don't know if this is what you want... it's short and doesn't mention Sherlock by name but... bah, I hope you like it.


She is formidable. An uncompromising force of both good and bad, light and dark, life and death. Fickle and apathetic to the needs of others, there is but one that she deigns to connect with. A man as formidable as she. One who has seen her imperfections, her scars, and disfigurements and loves her even more for them.

The man walks through her streets and it's as if he makes love to her with each step. She groans and gasps under him, wanting more but only asking in soft whispers in the wind and quiet murmurs while he sleeps.

He hears her though. He hears every word whispered, every request and desire that she shares and he gives everything he can to her without hesitation.

He would give his life to ensure her protection and satisfaction and she knows.

She knows and she loves him.

Jane Austen is observant

Sherlock reads Jane Austens novels for a case.
They end up as his favourites together with a very detailed account of H.H.Holmes murders because "The woman did not just see, she observed!"

Bonus if he starts quoting phrases of the books at people.
Even more win if the quotes belong to Lizzy Bennet.

John/Sherlock, John/Moriarty +Lestrade ABO!Verse, Omega!John is a nightmare when he's in heat

Alpha!Sherlock and Omega!John are not bonded, but they do like to take the edge off with each other.

Most of the time, John is the calming, quiet counterpoint to Sherlock's manic energy, he's adjustable, he can smooth out any ruffled feathers and if need be, is the only person who can pull Sherlock up if he's going too fast.

But because they're not bonded, Sherlock not very possessive of John, so he has no trouble gallivanting of while John is in heat.

John in heat is a menace, Beta!Lestrade usually has to lock him in his office where the surrounding Alpha's can't get to him, while the needy Omega usually ends up rubbing against everything in sight, the number of times Greg has had to request new supplies after John's heat so the Alphas who enter his office don't go nuts is staggering.

Finally one of Mycroft's cars will shows up to drive John home and Greg can clean up after John's wanton rampage.

This time, another car shows up, with Mycroft, who rarely picks John up himself inside, and Greg's confused, he just put John into one of Mycroft's cars, why is the man here himself?

It wasn't one of Mycroft's cars, Alpha!Moriarty has struck and now a guilt-ridden Lestrade must work with Sherlock after telling him he's accidentally handed his best friend over to his mortal enemy, during his heat, with no way of knowing how John's heat will react to the Alpha!Consulting Criminal.

Edited at 2013-11-06 12:41 am (UTC)

Re: John/Sherlock, John/Moriarty +Lestrade ABO!Verse, Omega!John is a nightmare when he's in heat

Forever seconding all Johniarty prompts!

Oh god Anderson you have the grammar of a second year

I've never seen this before, so I would love a novelist!sherlock au.
I'm not quite sure how he would act as a novelist, which is why I am imploring you.
I think everyone would assume when they found out that he writes crime novels. But he thinks those are incredibly horrid and would never associate himself with them. Your choice on what genre.

P.s. I wasn't actually going for crack

Meet Sherlock.

I was listening to Meet Virginia by Train and got this lovely image in my head of John and fem!Sherlock, with John realizing he's in live with her. Obviously loosely based on the song.

Sherlock / Bernard Black bodyswap

Sherlock and John end up passing through Black Books on a case. Something happens that results in Sherlock and Bernard waking up in the others body. They are both mortified and don't want to say anything to their friends before they can work out what happened and how to get back. Pls give me a few days of them trying to pass themselves off as the other while wearing the wrong suit.

Re: Sherlock / Bernard Black bodyswap

This could be so funny!

Sherlock, Fucking God

John says "Oh my fucking god!" with more zeal than usual and accidentally summons Sherlock, God of fucking.

Re: Sherlock, Fucking God

This is fantastic. I'm going to ask a friend if they'll co-write.... Until then, seconded!

Time for a Change HDM crossover

I´ve seen a lot of fics where Johns deamon is a dog or something dog-like and it´s been good and fitting. (Hello, beloved Republic of Heaven)
But it´s time for a change.
I want a crossover where Johns deamon is a lioness.
Because they work in packs and hunt, take care of the kids and are awesome while the males get all the credit even though the only things they do is look good, fight with other males over females, sleep and continue the species.
So lioness it is because they´re awesome and don´t get any credit.
Somewhat like John in-universe.

Bonus if Johns deamon is obviously a lioness and big, but good at making herself seem small and harmless.

Re: Time for a Change HDM crossover

Interesting. Seconded!

ACD!verse but possibly RTYI? http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6632711/1/All-in-the-Jungle [Fair warning: looks like it's doomed to remain unfinished, alas]

Ace!Sherlock, unexpected allies

Ace!Sherlock is being mocked because he is asexual (or because he's a virgin due to being asexual) and Donovan and Anderson are having none of that shit.

Sherlock & Harry Potter-Where Lestrade was actually born a Lestrange.

Greg Lestrade is somehow a Lestrange (son of Bellatrix and her husband or son of the husbands brother, whatever you can choose)and changes his name to hide the fact that his family are death eaters.

Do what you like with the plot from here. Mystrade is loved but not needed. All pairings are fine.

Fill (Will probably be continued at later date)

Looks like I'm going to end up usurping my own OTP due to crossoverness...*sigh*

"Oh, hell," Greg Lestrade sighed deeply as he saw the approaching group. In it was not only the usual tall brunette with curly hair and short, serious blonde. No...there was another blonde who seemed to have talked Sherlock into giving him a piggyback, which made the man look completely childish.

Accompanying the pair was also a redhead, a woman with brown eyes and an air of regalness that she shared with Sherlock. However, there was a woman with bushy hair - it was red, but not the vibrant, Weasley shade the others possessed. And she was speaking to John.

Lestrade ducked behind a police car and continued to watch them through the windows of it, but it seemed it was too late.

"Don't try to hide from me, Cousin Greg!" crowed the man who jumped down from Sherlock's shoulders, giving Sherlock time to roll his shoulders and stretch before they reached the tape line, which Sherlock held up for everyone. Greg reluctantly stepped out into full view.

"Alright, John I can allow and not use my job? Why everyone else?"

"Would you believe that Greeneyes refused to let the Recyclables split up?" suggested the blond, wrapping his arms around Sherlock's waist. Greg pointedly looked at Sherlock and the redhead, and then gestured with a hand adorned with a simple wedding band.

"If that's that case, then where's -"

"Mycroft? Well, last I checked, Mummy was about to chew him out for, firstly, not coming to the reunion on time, and secondly, not telling his husband about said reunion." Sherlock cut Greg off before he had to choose between either of his husband's names.

Lestrade paused, mulling this over. Eventually, it seemed to dawn on him, and he groaned. "Fine! Fine! But Lily, Scorpius, and Rose stay out here!" he cried, practically stomping into the house where the crime had taken place, hoping nobody would see how a grisly crime scene was being treated like a family outing. Greg heard alarmed noises and he had to sigh and go back outside, looking to the group. Sherlock and Scorpius seemed to be playing tonsil tennis.

"Either go home or come help!" Lestrade snapped. "You can go five minutes without Scorpius!"

"But I don't want to, Lestrade," Sherlock threw over his shoulder, giving Scorpius another quick kiss before heading for the crime scene. On his way by John giving Rose an equally lewd 'see you later', he made a face. "John, there's no need to molest my cousin - we have work to do."

Psst Recyclables refers to Lily Luna, James Sirius, and Albus Severus - it's Teddy's fault. He thought it was too weird to just call them 'The Potters' or 'The kids'. He used to call them Deadlings, but they vetoed it because 'Luna' so he switched to Recyclables.

Sherlock overthinks destiny...

After a chance comment from John, something like, "It was pure luck that I was walking through the park that day, I hated being out with my cane. It seemed like everyone was staring at me so I'd always go back to the bedsit the shortest route possible but for some reason I ended up in the park and ran into Stamford." Sherlock suddenly realises all of the tiny little things that brought he and John together and that if any one of those things hadn't happened they might never have met. And he starts overthinking it.

He realises: He only went to Barts that day because a body became available to check post-mortem bruising (what if that particular man hadn't died when he did? What if he hadn't donated his body for research (if he did, lol)?) and Sherlock also needed the lab that same day to check out the soil samples (what if the samples hadn't been delivered to him on time? What if that crime had never happened or Lestrade hadn't called him in?) why did Sherlock make the comment about flatmates to Stamford when normally he doesn't make conversation, or even better what if Stamford misunderstood something he said and Sherlock didn't actually want or need a flatmate but Stamford thought he did or thought that one would be good for him?

Stamford went out for lunch instead of going to the canteen as he normally did (what if he hadn't sat on that specific bench or hadn't looked up at the right moment or hadn't recognised John or what if John didn't stop, which had been his first inclination?), maybe Sherlock had been about to go to see Lestrade in person but delayed leaving to do one last analysis, why did John actually agree to go and meet a potential flatmate he knew nothing about despite his trust issues and unwillingness to interact with people...what if John hadn't been shot, or is it a bit not good to be glad he was?

You get the idea.

He's so attached and in love with John and they suit each other perfectly so this is just overwhelming for Sherlock, the vast potential of he and John not having met at all. How does John help him cope with his panic over what might (or rather might not have) happened? How does John feel about the whole destiny thing? How does he explain it to Sherlock?

Re: Sherlock overthinks destiny...

Very Sherlock this, his brain is his greatest asset but sometimes its also his worst enemy, Cool idea for a fic, I love the way it gets into Sherlock's head.

FILL: Getting Lucky 1/? (Anonymous) Expand

John hooks up...

John meets this amazing woman at the pub. She's intelligent and absolutely gorgeous- even if she is taller than he is.

Unfortunately "she" turns out to be Sherlock, in drag.

Happy ending please!

Re: John hooks up...

Oh god yes! This could be so awesome!

Re: John hooks up... (Anonymous) Expand
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(Non-con prompt) Dark!John and drugged!Sherlock in ASiB

John wakes up in the middle of the night with an erection. He tries to take care of it on his own — to no avail. He's angry, frustrated, maybe still a bit rattled from having a CIA agent point a gun at his head earlier in the day. Then it occurs to him that Sherlock is downstairs sleeping off whatever drug Irene Adler gave him. That he's out cold, and even if he were to wake up, he wouldn't really know what was going on, and certainly wouldn't put up any resistance.

I'd prefer it if this doesn't happen abruptly, like he just suddenly thinks with absolute clarity, "I'm going to go downstairs and force myself on my flatmate/best friend." Make it a slow boil. Show John's thought processes as he lies in bed trying to sort out his confused feelings for Sherlock and rationalize away the wrongness of what he wants to do. Then trying to convince himself it's not rape, because all his life he's heard that rape is rough and brutal, and right now he's being slow and gentle, trying to make it good for Sherlock.

And only in the light of morning, when he's forced to confront Sherlock, does he realize the nature of what he's done and what it's cost him.

Re: (Non-con prompt) Dark!John and drugged!Sherlock in ASiB

I really hope someone's going to fill this, because I love it!

Flat and Sharp 1/? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Flat and Sharp 1/? (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Johnlock, Teenage forbidden love, mistaken abuse

When sixteen year old Sherlock announces he has a boyfriend, everyone is shocked. Shock turns into horror when they realize said boyfriend is so much older than him. (Keep John's age difference the same or age him up a bit if you want.) They are sure John is taking advantage of innocent and naive about sex and relationships Sherlock and do everything in their power to keep them apart. (Maybe even getting John arrested for statutory rape? Whether or not they've actually had sex at this point is up to you.)

The second Sherlock's legal, they elope. (we'll just pretend ss marriage was legal back then, shall we?)

It's many years later that everyone discovers that it was actually Sherlock who was the aggressor in the relationship, pursuing John with single minded focus, because Sherlock doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks and no one is listening to poor John.

I'd love to see lots of Mycroft being all "You corrupted my little brother, you perv," and Sherlock threatening him with horrible things (like disappearing with John forever) if he steps one foot out of line with respect to John.

Re: Johnlock, Teenage forbidden love, mistaken abuse

Not much of a fan of Teenlock but this could be epic!