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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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FTM Sherlock

Sherlock is a FTM trans who falls hopelessly in love with John. Unfortunately John is straight and only attracted to women, and Sherlock wonders if his decision (and I only use decision for lack of a better word--not too familiar with transgender culture so apologies if offensive in any way) to identify as male was made too hastily. He waffles between revealing himself as a biological woman (and risking the backlash from just about everyone he works with) to become romantically involved with John or allowing things to remain the same as ever.

Re: FTM Sherlock

I know you don't meant to offend. You said as much in your prompt.

That said, your wording around this is really quite disconnected from the reality of actual trans people in the actual world. I am doing my best to be diplomatic about this.

He doesn't decide to identify as male. And he is not a biological woman; he is a biological man. He may have been assigned female at birth, but he is male. Trans men are not "biological women." And one is not "a FTM trans." One may be a trans man, trans male, man of trans experience, male with transsexual history, FTM transsexual male, FTM transgender male, but not "a FTM trans."

Really in my anecdotal experience of knowing other trans men over the past 15 years, people don't really call themselves "FTM" much, except in online and in medical contexts to quickly communicate certain information

Re: FTM Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FTM Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand

Forced Bonding TW: non-con

Omega!John and Alpha!Sherlock have just begun a relationship, a little before events of The Great Game. Sherlock wants to bond with John, who agrees, and they await John's next heat to form the bond. Alpha!Moriarty comes in, somehow kidnapping John from under Sherlock's nose and before the pool scene John goes into heat (either naturally or induced by Moriarty) and the Omega seeks relief from the nearest alpha, which is Moriarty, who sees it as a chance to get one up on Sherlock, and bonds with John.

Sherlock arrives at the pool only to find his omega out of his mind with hormones and bonded to his arch enemy. Moriarty just rubs it in his face and leaves, letting Sherlock deal with the aftermath. When John is finally lucid, he thinks he's bonded with Sherlock only to find his bondmate is a man he doesn't remember bonding with. Sherlock tries to stay away, knowing his presence and Moriarty's absence so soon after the bonding can only hurt John, but John refuses to acknowledge the bond, making it clear that Sherlock is the only one he considers his alpha.

The continued separation between bondmates hurts John, but he's determined to make it work and Sherlock is torn between wanting to ease the pain by letting John go to Moriarty and continuing their relationship.

Sherlock/John Widow-Single Parent-Omega!verse AU

John/Sherlock. Sherlock/Irene (or OFC). Alpha!Sherlock. Omega!John.

John always thought Sherlock had never been bonded with anyone (he certainly didn't seem interested in doing so or having a family) so when he fell in love with him he resigned himself for it to be completely platonic.

John finds out how wrong he was when he arrived to 221B after work. To find a teenager too much alike Sherlock in front of the door waiting for someone to open it (Miss Hudson and Sherlock were out)

That's when John finds out that when Sherlock was young he got married (with Irene) and had a son. When his wife died (accident? Murder? Vendetta of some kind?) he gave his son for someone else to rise (Mycroft maybe?) and decided to remain unbonded from then on. ("Been there. Done that. Why would I want to repeat the experience?")

How does John react to the news? How does he deal with them?

Bonus points for: 1-Sherlock's son been called Alexander.

2-If Irene Adler is his mother, for her to have been exactly like BBC!Canon (dominatrix criminal mastermind) even while being an Omega.

3- Mycroft being a wonderful uncle and Sherlock totally hating it (because he knows it's true)

4- Sherlock's son loving him just the way he is even when he often forgets to call him or visit (Sherlock loves him but, well, he is Sherlock), and having the "Holmes's intellect" (maybe Sherlock even taught him how to deduce people)

5- For author!anon to use this phrase: "You forgot I was coming, right? I sent you an e-mail yest... You deleted the memory after reading it, right? Yeah, that's what I though..."

Re: Sherlock/John Widow-Single Parent-Omega!verse AU

Alpha Son developing a slight crush on Dr Watson?

forced teamwork

2 years after the Fall: Sherlock´s name has just been cleared and in consequence Sally has lost her job. On her first jobless day she is approached by a man with an umbrella, who claims to be searching for his brother. Sally agrees to investigate and finds said man held captive in a house. Only when she gets closer she realizes its Sherlock and helps him to get out.

Turns out Mycroft decided they finally had to stop quarreling like children and work as a team for once, realizing their real potential.

Sally and Sherlock wake up naked together

Sally and Sherlock wake up naked together with a big headache and no memory of the night before.

Bonus: Sally discovers she´s pregnant.

Can be crack if you want to.

Or serious like Moriarty or Mycroft or whomever decided Sally was good enough to breed with Sherlock. No Omegaverse though please.

Re: Sally and Sherlock wake up naked together

Sherlock pursed his lips as he stared at the ceiling.
Sally Donovan was lying next to him, her face buried his her hands.
'Don't what?'
'Say what you were going to say.'
'You don't know what I was going to say.'
'I know it was going to be something dickish and I really can't do dickish right now.'
'A huge one.'
'Me too.'
Sally pulled the pillow out from under her head and covered her face with it. 'I am the stupidest woman on the face of the earth.'
'No you're not. You have slightly above average intelligence. In terms of IQ which I find a highly spurious method of determining a persons intellectual capacity...'
'What did I say about dickish?'
'Was that dickish?'
'Sorry. Unintentional.'
Sally and Sherlock lay there quietly for a moment. Sherlock broke the silence.
'Is this your place?'
'No. I'm house-sitting for my brother while he's away for his fifth anniversary.'
'His his wife the lawyer, or him.'
'They both are.'
'Ah. Makes sense.'
Another long silence.
'Do you want to know how I deduced...'
'I swear will smother you with this pillow.'
Sherlock sighed, and glanced around the room.
'Do you know where my pants are?'
'I don't know where my pants are, let alone yours.'
'Do you remember...'
'Huh. Neither do I.'
'How can you remember 798 different forms of tobacco ash but not what happened last night?'
'My point still stands.'
'You can't remember either, Sargent Donovan.'
Sally removed the pillow from her face as she sprang into the sitting position. 'Oh shit! Did we use protection?'
Sherlock sat up too. He looked around the side of the bed. 'I can't see anything.'
'You're not wearing a condom now?'
'I would hope I would know if I were wearing a condom.'
Sally punched the bed repeatedly. 'Oh fuck. Fuck it fuck it fuck fuck fuck it.'
'Okay, calm down.'
'Calm down!? There is no "Calm Down" Holmes! I just had unprotected sex with a man who has made my professional life a misery for almost a decade on some sort of alcohol induced bender! Don't tell me to be calm!'

The truth about Sally and Sherlock

"So wait a second. You are telling me you´ve been friends with Sally Donovan since your other friend Carl Powers got killed by Moriarty when you were still in school? And that you were acting like foes because you knew Moriarty would target you again and so that he wouldn´t know that it was Sally who gave the final tip to get him institutionalised back then?"

"Yes, John."

"No, wait. I don´t get it. Maybe you can tell me the story right from the start?"

John/Sherlock/Moriarty, Just Visiting

You've seen versions of this prompt before, hopefully this is a little different.

After the Pool scene, Moriarty and Sherlock are both in coma's and John is unconcious.

When John wakes up, he finds his mind has two new Occupants, Sherlock and Moriarty's minds have moved in, how is up to Author!Anon.

While John is working tentitivly with Mycroft, Greg and a few others, (Maybe Moran turns up and wants his boss back?), Sherlock is loving the opportunity to explore John's mind in a way he never thought possible.

Meanwhile, Moriarty is looking to team up with John's darker, hidden side, the side he keeps under so many layers he doesn't remember it's there half the time, the side Moriarty really wants to play with.

Re: John/Sherlock/Moriarty, Just Visiting

Seconded intensely

John dates someone similar to Sherlock

Have we had that sitcom trope where John starts dating a guy who is just like Sherlock and everyone notices except John and Sherlock? John can't explain why he found himself completely smitten with this man just seconds after meeting him. And Sherlock can't understand what John could possibly see in that jerk.

Re: John dates someone similar to Sherlock

Oh, I love it - second!

Another Wholock prompt

For as long as he can remember, John Watson has kept a broken fob watch with strange markings on it in his room. One day, Sherlock notices it and becomes curious enough that he persuades John to open it up.

And, just like that, the John Watson he knew vanishes, to be replaced with... well... an alien. Sherlock isn't sure quite what to make of this.

Once, when John asked Sherlock about his family, Sherlock told him: "I had a ruthless father John. A brillant (the most brillant man I have ever met) man who expected too much and didn´t bear the slightest disappointment. Unfortunately, proved myself to be the greatest of them all really early. I learned then that I would never make him proud and kind of hated him for it. Then I accepted it and moved on" He also tells John that his father teached him how to deduce people and his happiest memory with him is when he was eight and his father took him to a cafe in London for the first time and they played who could deduce the most about the people around them for three hours.

Now, Sherlock is in the hospital (for some reason), John and Mycroft are in the waiting room and John tells Mycroft of Sherlock´s words. To his suprise, Mycroft laughs and says:

"Father was, indeed, brillant. He teached me how to observe the world and not jus see it like most people when I was a child. But he also was a kind and patient man who loved us very much.

I am seven years older than Sherlock, you know? He was an absolute surprise, although a welcome one. Father was so excited when he learned about him... And then he died when Sherlock was two years old, so he barely remembers him. A shame"

"What? Then, what he told me about his first trip to London, who took him...?"

"I did"

Because it´s almost fan!canon that Mycroft is more like Sherlock´s father than his older brother, right?

ohhh! I can already feel the tears in my eyes
Someone please write this

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There's something about Sherlock

UniFic. Johnlock. Everyone wants Sherlock: Sherlock is oblivious. Cliché galore.

1 - Victor Trevor: the still-in-love-with-him ex
2 - Irene Adler: the popular-girl used to getting her way.
3 - Jim Moriarty: the sort-of friend who wants in his pants
4 - Mycroft: the I-worry-about-him-...-constantly overprotective brother (NO INCEST – just as a brother)
5 - Molly Hooper: the classmate-with-a-crush
6 - Sebastian Wilkes: the bitter-one-night-stand
7 - (WhatsHisName) Anderson: the he-makes-me-question-things jock
8 - Greg Lestrade: the definitely-NOT-looking-at-his-arse-in-gym best friend

And then there's John Watson: the what-the-hell-where-did-he-come-from??-crush

(Either as a date, or he's as totally oblivous as Sherlock)

Re: There's something about Sherlock

yes please

(Johnlock) Ace!Sherlock wants as much data as possible. Medfet!John is totally okay with that.

Sherlock/Phantom of the Opera

Sherlock grew up in France, where he explored the Paris Opera House and found Erik, another boy about the same age as him also shunned by society, but for a different reason. They become best friends, neither one believing they could ever find someone to love them in the future. Many years later, they realize maybe there is someone in the world that could love them for who they are.

Johnlock, Erik/Christine
Timelines would have to be shifted and all, but I think if they met they could really understand each other.

Teen!Sherlock, angst, and a cat. tw:all sorts of angsty things

Sherlock is depressed as a teen and he usually copes with it using self-destructive behavior (self-harm, drugs, eating disorder, etc.) Eventually the day comes where his family adopts an adorable little furball of a cat. At first, Sherlock hates the cat, but then he warms up to him/her. A lot. Sherlock realizes that his cat makes him feel a lot less alone and upset in which he begins to gradually stop using the self-destructive behavior as his coping mechanism.

Re: Teen!Sherlock, angst, and a cat. tw:all sorts of angsty things

Sort of rtyi though I should warn that it is far from a happy ending[what the spoilery text is about] the cat dies : .

Light-hearted bondage, sort of!

Sherlock and John haven’t been lovers very long, and Sherlock had been a virgin and John had never been with a man so they are taking things slowly, mostly non-penetrative, very gentle and loving, finding out what they like. They have only had full-on sex a few times at this point, with John topping and he wants to bottom for Sherlock, but every time that they try that, John ultimately freezes up and Sherlock backs off, very understanding. He insists that it isn't necessary for John to do this but John really wants to. He wants to give himself to Sherlock the same way that Sherlock gives himself to John but he just can’t get past the hurdle of giving up his control to that extent and manage this particular act.

Then one night they come home from an evening out and John is just a bit tipsy (not enough so that sex would be a mistake) and very giggly. They are both being very playful and Sherlock, who is perfectly sober, is trying to put John to bed. He’s trying to wrestle John out of his clothes so he will be more comfortable but John is being too silly and wiggly so finally, in exasperation, Sherlock uses a hand to pin John’s wrists over his head, or his scarf to tie him to the headboard.

And this totally turns John on and he decides that this is what he wants, at least the first time that he bottoms, Sherlock taking control and restraining him. He thinks that if his choice in the matter is taken away that he will be able to just let go and let it happen. Sherlock is very hesitant but he wants to please John so he has a go, but being so inexperienced himself he can’t manage the whole dom persona and it’s all a bit light-hearted and they start to have so much fun with the situation that John completely forgets to freeze up and success! A good time is had by all.

It’s very important that when any penetration actually takes place that John is not restrained in any way, as I don’t think that Sherlock would be happy to do that their first time with John as bottom, and that John would realise that he hadn't actually given himself to Sherlock if he was putting Sherlock in that position.

Re: Light-hearted bondage, sort of!

I love the potential for humour and realism in this! So many fics have them having absolutely perfect sex right from the beginning, no matter their experience levels and it's so realistic that they're taking it slow and that John is having issues in some areas.

And I have so many hilarious images of Sherlock in my head from this prompt now, completely out of his depth but wanting to appear cool and unfazed and totally failing! Wondering to himself if he is supposed to get his riding crop but not wanting to do anything like that to John, trying to think of hot dirty things to say that fit the scene and it all coming out really sweet and loving instead. And that ineptness and love and fun is what helps John to relax and just go with it.

I'd love to read this story!

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