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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock believes sex is just a tool

It's a weapon in his arsenal of techniques for solving crimes, one he never hesitates to use when needed. It doesn't bother him but he also doesn't get much if anything out of it.

It takes John a few months to work out what Sherlock's frequent unexplained absences really mean, even longer to conclude that it's not simple lust motivating his behavior. He tries to simply explain to Sherlock why it's not okay to use your body as currency and when that fails he shows him how sex can be between two people who have an actual emotional connection.

No instant falling in love please, I see this happening fairly gradually.

Re: Sherlock believes sex is just a tool


John rescued by Sherlock


John was kidnapped in his mid teens and sold to a brothel specializing in underage boys. As he gets older, more shopworn and less desirable, he's sold again to another brothel, and then again later on. By now he's fully invested in the fact that his whole self worth revolves around sex and when a new buyer takes him home it never even occurs to him to escape.

The buyer, of course, is Sherlock, who is there undercover as a customer. He buys John on a whim and takes him home, keeping up the charade with the brothel owners a while longer in order to gather more evidence.

Sherlock doesn't tell John the truth until after the place is raided. When he does, John doesn't believe him. He also resists every attempt to get him to leave Sherlock's flat for a more appropriate setting, believing that whoever Sherlock is "selling" him off to is bound to be worse. This is by far the best owner he's ever had and he'll do whatever is necessary to get him to let him stay. (He's also a bit agoraphobic, what with being kept inside with very few exceptions for the past decade or so.)

It's a long slow process to get John to fully understand the truth, that Sherlock was only trying to help, that his parents didn't actually sell him to his first "owner" as he was told (although they didn't look for him very hard, either), and he's free to live his life as he chooses from this point on.

Eventual romance, but please no Sherlock taking advantage of John while he's so very damaged.

Re: John rescued by Sherlock

Awww, yes please.

Minifill (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Minifill (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Minifill (Anonymous) Expand

Mr and Mrs Hudson's early married life (young marriage, dubious morals)

(I know she said they were both young when they got married, but this came to mind instead)

In the 1950s, Frank Hudson is an East End hard man with an eye for young girls. When he meets Martha Sissons, he immediately becomes infatuated and marries her at 16 because her family won't let him have her any other way.

He is delighted to discover that Martha, who has lived a sheltered life in a convent school, is the very picture of innocence, ignorant even of the basic facts of life. He makes the most of this, debauching her in every way possible, trying out every kink he's heard of and generally using her as a sex toy.

Then when he's bored, he dumps her on one of his mates and thinks he's going to go off with someone else, only to find that she follows him around because she believes marriage is for life (and possibly also because she wants to hold on to the apparently very wealthy man she's married).

He gradually lets her ply him with hot meals and constant cups of tea, settling into a domestic life he never thought he wanted. He has one last try at leaving her by going to Florida when the law gets too close in the UK, but she still manages to turn up on his doorstep and they continue their happy marital life, commiserating about the sunshine and the heat. Then he gets arrested and she meets one of the British addicts he's been supplying -- but that's another story...

TL;DR: the Hudson's marriage starts off being his sexual fantasy of sexual debauchery, and ends up being her cosy fantasy of traditional marital bliss

Gen, Dexter-esque Sherlock

Sherlock can probably spot murderers and abusers in seconds. And despite his protests, he does have some morals.

So I want a story where he is a serial killer and all his experiments are the remains of horrible people he found and killed. It explains bits like his not-a-friend the skull, casually saving Mrs. Hudson and dropping the attacker out the window until he got bored, his response to John yelling about a severed head being vaguely cannibalistic and how he can drink tea that has an eyeball floating in it without, well, batting an eye.

Re: Gen, Dexter-esque Sherlock

Definitely seconded

Sherlock Holmes and Carmen Sandiego

Like the title says. Slash, het, or gen, I don't care. Just the two of them, in a story together, somehow. Maybe Sherlock chasing down Carmen after she steals something ridiculous. Really though, whatever pleases the writer pleases me.

(RTYIs totally welcome. I've seen variations of this prompt over the years, but only one [amazing] fic, which was Mycroft/Carmen. So, yeah, the world needs more of this crossover.)

Mycroft/Sherlock conditioning

Someone (Moriarty? Magnussen?) somehow conditions either Mycroft or Sherlock to become extremely aroused every time the two of them interact in any way, with the effect getting stronger the longer the interaction continues. Can be either just physical arousal or mental as well, with the conditioned one actually experiencing incestuous thoughts or fantasies that get worse as time goes on.

Re: Mycroft/Sherlock conditioning

I want this really really bad. Might even fill it myself.

Mycroft appears to die

Some sort of incident happens leading everyone to conclude that Mycroft is dead. Could be an accident of some kind or even an actual attack or kidnapping, but for a short period of time, everyone believes he's dead, including Sherlock.

I'd like to see Sherlock's reaction to Mycroft's apparent death -- and to his return, alive and well.

Re: Mycroft appears to die

RTYI "I think I'm going to die" on fanfiction. It's mostly Sherlock-whump post-Reichenbach, but your prompt does get a bit of filling in it. Unfortunately the rest of the story is still WIP.

johnlock - loss of complete trust during sex, sherlock gets a little bit scared of john

John's feeling a bit possessive, protective and angry because a criminal has managed to once again hurt Sherlock (like kidnapping but nothing too bad happens). They've having sex and John's acting a bit more dominating and rough than he's ever acted before. John's feeling rather helpless/scared of Sherlock dying for real and has a desire to "reclaim" Sherlock.

It scares Sherlock but he doesn't say anything and just endures it until John's calmed down. Following this, Sherlock's a bit skittish and self-protective. He keeps his distance, keeps his voice quiet, keeps his crazy experiments down. But he's not trying to avoid John because that would make John notice. He's trying to keep John happy and calm and feeling like everything's safe. Only Sherlock's feeling a bit intimidated and wary of John.

I want this so bad!

John comforts a dying Sherlock

Sherlock is badly injured/dying in John's arms after taking a knife wound (or bullet if you prefer) meant for him. While trying to keep him awake, John talks about the possibilities of their future life together from solving cases to eventual retirement at a ripe old age.
Whether Sherlock survives or not is up to you.

Mycroft + Sherlock; brain damage

(For the purpose of this prompt, both of the Holmes parents have died)

Mid morning on a particularly dull day on Baker Street, Sherlock gets a call on the land line. He doesn't bother picking it up, because nothing interesting ever comes over the house phone and he constantly complains to John about how they don't need it... The second time the phone rings, John picks it up.

It turns out, there's been an assassination attempt on the British Government... Mycroft, for lack of anyone else, has Sherlock down as his emergency contact.

The would be assassin did actually manage to get his shot off, the bullet going strait through Mycrofts head just like it was supposed too- but Mycroft, being his stubborn bastard self, just wouldn't die.

The attack, however, leaves him essentially lobotomies end, and it becomes painfully apparent that his career as the British Government is over.

I would like to see Sherlock dealing with this... Sure, he and Mycroft never had the best relationship, but he was his big brother, the constant in his life, the disciplinarian and the high standard he had to live up to... Seeing him like this... It hurts, a lot.

It doesn't help that, aside from Sherlock, Mycroft really never had anyone in his life of importance. And that means that /Sherlock/ becomes responsible for taking care of him now.

Mary/John - building trust and pregnant sex

After the end of S3 John and Mary start to rekindle their love after months of silence, but it takes time.
John is living with Mary again, but sleeping on the sofa. The return of Moriaty gives them another boost. One night John sneaks into Mary's bed.
All tension comes lose in passionate sex.

+ Mary and her round belly rides John
+ John is toping form the bottom
+ Mary is overwhelmed by the pleasure

Re: Mary/John - building trust and pregnant sex

Seconding because the world always needs more pregnant sex! :)

[Gen], Mary and Sebastian Moran go away back

Mary is Sebastian Moran's ex-mentor.
Like in Metal Gear Solid 3 with Mary being like "The Boss" and Sebastian "Naked Snake".

Ace Sherlock likes to be kissed breathless

Any pairing's fine, as long as the situation stays light and good. I just want to see more asexual!Sherlock with the need to kiss and to be kissed.

Re: Ace Sherlock likes to be kissed breathless


As an ace & someone who's only ever really seen the appeal in kissing, I second this 100%.

I'm resisting the urge to fill this myself, to be honest. I may have to if I have the time


Sherlock, John, and their friends Will Graham and the Winchesters track Hannibal to his second home in Night Vale.

Moriarty: "I'm a Specialist... A Sex Specialist, that is"

Moriarty is a sex therapist, who specializes in helping his more high-class clientele live out their twisted sexual fantasies.

Sherlock suffers from severe ED, only managing to get it up when under the adrenaline rush of a thrilling chase. Mycroft hires Moriarty to help his brother take the edge off, realizing that the therapist's brilliant mind would be a *perfect* catalyst for Sherlock's condition.

He just never counted on Sherlock actually *falling* for him.