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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Puppy fat Sherlock

When he was little Sherlock was really chubby. Mycroft suggested to his parents that Sherlock be put on a diet (maybe he was genuinely worried about Sherlock's health, maybe he was just an image conscious teen whatever)

All the cake jokes are Sherlock's way of getting revenge for the subsequent removal of all sweets and chocolates from the house, and are his way of reminding Mycroft which of them is the thin one now.

(Take this in any direction you like - angst or humour or whatever else)

Re: Puppy fat Sherlock

If this were what happened Sherlock's comments would bother me much less.

multi-languages Johnlock

John is immensly turned on when Sherlock speaks in foreign languages. Sherlock uses it to his advantage.

Fill: multi-languages Johnlock

Et voilà pour toi:

Let me know if you want me to translate what Sherlock's saying. It almost doesn't matter, but it is actual, correct French, and it actually makes sense.

Sherlock and Donavan go undercover as a married couple. No actual Sherlock/Donavan.

I would definitly like to see that!
In a train wreck sense.
Or it could be morbidly funny.

As Sherlock fans we know we like that.

Water pearls are awesome

Any character fucking water pearls.

Margaritae Aquae Sapientiae Carnalis 1/3

I felt that an oviposition fantasy was the logical progression of a narrative about masturbation with water pearls.

It starts as most kinks do: perfectly innocently

There is a case. There is a wedding. There is a threat to the groom. Sherlock ends up in a reception hall, with his shirt-sleeves rolled to his elbows and his fingertips grasping victory. It starts with a flood of victorious endorphins as Sherlock solves the case, as he figures out that the item the groom is so concerned with is concealed in the hall, in the bottom of a vase, in this particular vase, filled with silk flowers and water pearls. It starts when Sherlock thrusts his hand in, aware of but not acknowledging the confused stares directed toward him. It starts when the pearls slide over his skin, move around and over him as he pushes through them, eyes on his goal. It’s a unique feeling, memorable; he prefers it to the boring plastic rectangle he’s reaching for.

The pearls shift aside, accommodating him perfectly, tumbling into the space he’s left in his wake when he grasps his goal and pulls out. There are accolades for his success. He’s ‘brilliant’ and ‘fantastic’ and ‘a life-saver’ and that contents him, but he doesn’t stop moving his slick fingers together, lost in the memory of that strange sensation.

Water pearls aren’t difficult to acquire. They’re easily bloated. He runs his fingers through a bowl of them, letting them scatter over the back of his hand, twisting his tendons to control their movements.

There’s nothing impractical about it. There are plenty of experiments they’ll be useful for.

He keeps the bowl in his room. He keeps them transparent, covered in water. Nobody would know they were there; no one would observe.

He can see them, when he makes the effort. The slight curves in the water are only noticeable with conscientious observation. No one else is perceptive enough to spot them; they are for him alone.

In the depths of boredom, Sherlock retreats to his bedroom and swirls his fingers through the pearls. He immerses his hand up to the wrist, and thinks of a new sort of experiment.

He curves his hand and brings it toward the edge of the bowl. The increased visibility of the orbs pressed against the glass is aesthetically striking. Every delicate little pearl is a point of resistance against his skin.

He knows what he wants to do, so he does it. He lifts pearls out of the bowl by the handful, dumping them on his sheets. Their wetness spreads, soaking the fabric, but he doesn’t care, doesn’t stop until he has enough.

He takes a final handful and drops it on the pile, pulling his sheets up around it and curving them into a sack. He twists the fabric into a more easily manageable shape, one that he can hold with a single hand without worrying about it bursting open. Sherlock holds the entrance with the curve of one hand, and he presses the index and middle fingers of the other hand inside.

Each pearl is a cold individual, noticeably frigid and wet against his skin. They will warm to him as his flesh adjusts to them. Their shift against each other is smooth and slick; he wants to fill a tub and immerse himself in them, but starting small is a wise idea. It’s a practical test run.

He pulls one pearl out of the sack, moves the sphere absently over his lips, and presses his tongue out against it. Expected textural experience, boring taste.

He pulls the pearl away and squeezes it between thumb and forefinger, watching as it flattens, then splits apart and crumbles. He drops the pieces beside the bowl, remembering how much pressure was needed for the destruction of a pearl without perceptible surface irregularities. He picks another one out of the bowl, marks it with his thumbnail before squeezing, and that one is much easier to destroy. He crushes the crumbs in his fist. The resulting paste isn’t texturally displeasing either.

He wipes his hand clean on the sheet and unfastens his trousers. He’s already erect enough to shove himself into his pouch of pearls. Efficient.

He grasps himself, adjusts and moves, and yes that is fantastic.

Re-prompt:'Schadenfreude Ain't Always So Easy'

I found this bookmarked, used to recheck it daily to see if anyone filled it.

Donovan ( Sneaking discomforted glances into Lestrade's office.) :

"If someone told me I'd ever get the chance to watch an inconsolable Sherlock Holmes sobbing in Lestrade's office, seeking solace...well, I'd have said bring me popcorn and a front row seat. But actually watching it, I feel sort of wretched."

Anderson (Equally unnerved.):

"Know what you mean. It's like watching one of my kids try to navigate through their first heartbreak. I don't feel any schadenfreude at all."

Re: Re-prompt:'Schadenfreude Ain't Always So Easy'

I loved this prompt when it was first issued. Very much seconding...again!


Some people have speculated Mary Morstan could be Moran, because the name's sound similar. But what if Mary was also Moriarty? Maybe Moriarty has DID and Mary and Moran are alters, or maybe it's all a deliberate disguise, and attempt to get close to Sherlock and John.

(I know that Amanda and Andrew look nothing alike, but since we haven't seen Mary in canon yet she could look like a femme!Moriarty. Or you could genderswap and have Mark Morstan instead.)

L/S, Lestrade gets overwhelmed, possible h/c

Lestrade and Sherlock are just at the start of their relationship. Sherlock is very into it, very especially with sex - basically wants to experiment everything as quick as he can. Lestrade tries to keep up because he loves Sherlock, but it's been a while for him and things were never very...intense back in his married days. Still, so far so good - if more than a bit dizzying at times.

Then one day they try something (up to author, but I'd rather no scat, waterplay or bloodplay) and Greg is overwhelmed. Badly. To the point when he can hardly (or not - up to author!) utter his safeword.

Take it from there? My only proviso is no dark!Sherlock.

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Fusion

I would love to see a Black Butler fusion in which Sherlock is in the role of Sebastian and John in that of Ciel.

Reichenbach reversal

Okay, dunno how this would work, but I reeeeeeeally wonder what would happen if John jumped off the roof instead of Sherlock. Somehow it was John being blackmailed by Moriarty, and Sherlock in danger of being killed along with Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson. Maybe John gets help from opportunistic!Mycroft to use his BAMFy Captain Watson skills for taking down Moriarty's network? All the while Sherlock tries to continue the Work (which has lost it's appeal), believing that John was suicidal all the time and he just missed the signs.

Bonus points for Molly spilling the secret just as John is able to come home? Sherlock has treated her much better since John's death, but she knows he's coping by depending on her as a surrogate for John.

Epic friendship and slash both welcome!

Re: Reichenbach reversal

Um, YES.

Also, possibly RTYI?

Re: Reichenbach reversal (Anonymous) Expand

What's a soulmate?

"It's a.. Well, it's like a best friend, but more. It's the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It's someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don't make you a better person... you do that yourself-- because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It's the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens.. you'll always love them."

Quote from Dawson Creek

MicroFill: Soulmate (TW character death)

" a best friend, but more. It's the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It's someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don't make you a better person... you do that yourself-- because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It's the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens.. you'll always love them."

Sherlock took a moment to look down from the pulpit at those assembled below; red eyed and swathed in black. Hanging on his every word.

Quicksilver eyes were drawn to the casket as he stepped down.

There was really nothing more to say.

spanking, humiliation

Sherlock, who is constantly doing things that are "a bit not good", has been in a sulk for what feels like ages (there hasn't been a case in a few weeks). With that being said, his bratty behaviour has been worse than usual, and after finally being called in, his pent up frustration is taken out on everyone at the crime scene. This is beyond "a bit not good" and Lestrade (or John if the author would prefer) decides that enough is enough, and if Sherlock wants to act like a child having a tantrum, then he can be treated like one. And what happens to children who misbehave? They get spanked. So Sherlock gets spanked infront of the whole forensics team (along with whoever else is there) much to his embarrassment. Lestrade (or John) then puts him in timeout or demands he apologizes to everyone (possibly both).

TL;DR Sherlock has a MASSIVE tantrum at the latest crime scene, and Lestrade (or John if the author prefers) decides he needs a spanking to learn his lesson.

Sherlock/John, gen, or John/Mary, money issues

As Sherlock destroys the criminal network, he finds that even after death, Moriarty has funds being funneled to him from everywhere. He manages to get into his accounts somehow, and finds a way to send the money to Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, and John. It's a lot, and he thinks he can make their lives cozy.

I want to know what happens, then, when he returns.

Moriarty/Mycroft/Moran, Playing the Game

The Sniper and The Consulting Criminal set out to Seduce The Government.

Re: Moriarty/Mycroft/Moran, Playing the Game


John/Sherlock, John/Mycroft, or John/Lestrade

Anything based on this (NSFW) Oglaf comic:

...where John is King Blowjob.

Repressed Non-Con

John's been raped by a man but is too drunk/drugged out to remember anything, and it was done carefully enough that he faces minimal discomfort the next morning, not enough to make him suspicious, and Sherlock doesn't notice anything out of place either (maybe Moriarty was the one that orchestrated it).

A while later, Sherlock makes an advance towards John, wanting to start a romantic relationship, but John jerks away, forgotten memories resurfacing. Sherlock thinks John's rebuffing him and leaves, hurt, while John has to deal with the memories of his rape alone, possibly leading to a panic attack.


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