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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.


  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Molly Hooper, Anthea, and Mrs. Hudson are actually Witches.
Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes are Vampires
Lestrade, Donovan, and Anderson are Werewolves

Human John Watson came home to London after being shot in Afghanistan.

He just came back to the wrong one...

Or, How John Watson ended up in an Alternate Reality and befriended a Consulting Vampire and begun helping him solve Supernatural Crimes while coming to terms with being the only Human there, and trying not to be eaten/horribly mutilated by the rest of the world's inhabitance.

+ Mystrade: The Clandestine Vampire/Werewolf romance!
++ Mrs. Hudson being the kinda nice but also majorly creepy/scary Witch down stairs.
+++ Irene Adler trying to take John from Sherlock to keep as a pet.(She can be whatever kind of creature you want her to be.)
Jackpot for Sherlock (and the others) trying to keep John's existence a secret from the majority of the world because Humans are illegal.


I don't care whether it's Dimmock/Sherlock, Dimmock/pretty-redhaired-police-from-s2e1 or Dimmock/Molly, I just crave more Dimmock into my fandom.

Re: Dimmock/anyone

Is Dimmock/Lestrade also okay?

Re: Dimmock/anyone (Anonymous) Expand

SuperLock: John isn't who he says he is.

John was a doctor, but not a soldier. He was a hunter -- he just didn't bother correcting Sherlock's deduction. He got a bad injury and got out of the life, and wound up solving (relatively) mundane crimes with Sherlock, which is arguably less dangerous.

Sherlock has no idea the supernatural is real, and John's 'superstitions' are the first things that have left him flummoxed for this long. How could an otherwise completely rational man insist on laying salt on the sills and doorways with such deadly seriousness? What’s the use of holy water (surely it’s no different than regular water)? Why carry a blade plated in silver? Sherlock is determined to figure it out.

Doesn’t need to directly involve any SPN characters, but I’m totally cool with that.

Bonus: Sherlock learns the hard way. John has to save his ass.

SuperBonus: Other characters in the show are hunters or are involved in the hunting community. Lestrade? Mrs. Hudson? Moriarty?

UltimateBonus: Mycroft is just as unknowing as Sherlock.

''Sherlock is a girl's name.''

Sherlock's totally subtle urging for John to name Baby Watson after him is his way of asking John to please don't forget him.

Re: ''Sherlock is a girl's name.''

Aww, poor Sherlock. Agreed and hope some talented anon can hang a story on that (sad) thought. (At least Watson came back to Holmes in the canon. *clings to hope*)



I'm hyperlexic myself, so I just have this headcanon that someone in the Holmes family is hyperlexic. (Mummy Holmes, perhaps? Falling into type 2 - children on the autism spectrum that demonstrated reading as an early skill? Or Sherlock himself, who fits several of the signs and just chooses to invent the label "high-functioning sociopath" to put people off?)

Either way: A fic on how said Holmes found out and cope with their hyperlexia. Pretty please.

(If anyone wants personal details on what it feels like to be hyperlexic, feel free to comment below. I'd happily respond every query.)

Re: Hyperlexia

Sounds interesting. I never heard of this before. How do you think the floating texts in the series would fit in with a hyperlexic Sherlock?
Also, do you think there is a definite connection between hyperlexia an autism? I just wondered about the three types of hyperlexics the Wiki-article gives which are more or less neurotypical, autistic and though-to-be-autistic-but-wasn't. It just doesn't seem to be something that would be brought to medical attention by parents as long as there's no problem with verbal communication (which as I understand it is not unusual with autistic children, hyperlexic or not). I'm just asking your stance on this because you're probably better informed and I have got the impression that in recent years there's a trend to connect all kinds of unusual traits and behaviours with autism, sometimes on very shaky factual grounds. It's just because I know only one person who learned to read by herself before starting school and she also learned to talk rather early.
Finally, to take you up on your offer: What is it like? Are there downsides to the hyperlexia itself? Do you think you experience texts and words very differently from other people (The Wiki article isn't very informative apart from early learning and fascination with letters, whatever that means.) How tightly connected is text and speech for you? Is hyperlexia useful when learning foreign languages?

Re: Hyperlexia (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock plays the violin for Baby Watson's school Christmas function...

...And has to learn how to play 'Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer'.

Sherlock gives John kinky amazing sex by deducing until he gets something wrong and things are bad

Sleeping with someone who can deduce you is frightening but if you can trust him amazing because he can suss out all your secret kinks that maybe you didn't even know were there, and he can even watch you and switch gears mid scene because he can tell it's what you need so the sex is amazing for awhile.

But Sherlock isn't a mind-reader, and when someone's put that much trust in you in such an intimate context, when you get it wrong, it's going to be really, really bad.

TL;DR:Sherlock gives John kinky amazing sex by deducing until he gets something wrong and John is emotionally and/or physically hurt.

I was picturing John as a submissive here, but if he's a dominant, or the sex isn't BDSM but role-play or something like that that would also be amazing.

Re: Sherlock gives John kinky amazing sex by deducing until he gets something wrong and things are b

Oh this could be so angst and great! Because Sherlock is so sure of himself and he would just KEEP GOING and poor John would be hurting or humiliated or whatever--be still my heart! But I would hope for a happy ending though.

Alternate Universe, Dystopia, post apocalypse, what-have-you!

After a war wipes out almost all the men in the world, women take over, and enslave the few remaining men. Women pair off into groups and live together shairing their "Dolls" among them.

Irene, Molly, Mary, Sally, Sarah, and Anthea have fun breaking in their new Dolls: Mycroft, Greg, Sherlock, (Anderson?), and John.

Bondage, Femdom, Partner swapping (Cause girls know how to share their toys.) whatever else floats your boat. Non-con is fine. Anything goes.

+ For Irene Adler being the new Queen of England (And by Queen I mean ruler not figure head.)

++ Sherlock being punished... Repeatedly...

+++ Everybody taking a turn with John. Cause Bottom!John is my guilty pleasure. (You know, besides Mystarde. Omg Mystrade!)

Jackpot for some yummy M/M action with the girls watching.

Idk go nuts, its just there doesn't seem to be any hardcore femdom in this fandom. (You know besides those thousand and one Irene x Sherlock fics. But I want a variety of partners and pairings.)

Femslash on the side is welcome. (Because somehow I LIKE the thought of Irene/Molly XDD)

Feel free to add more charcters. I know some people would probably prefer to swap out Anderson for Henry Knight or Jim or whoever. As I said go at it.

Have fun!

Re: Some Femdom

*tracks like a motherfucker*

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Sherlock Ever After

Right here's an idea for a prompt I really want to read with the cast of Sherlock in the film Ever after. (If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it, it's a version of Cinderella where the prince actually has a personality, and is my all time favorite version of the story)
Sherlock would be the Prince, John as Danielle, Moriarty as the step mother, Irene Adler as Marguerite, Harry as Gustav, Molly as Jacqueline and Lestrade as Captain Laurent? Or you can mix it around a bit, I don't mind :)

"Have you lost your bloody marbles?" sighed Harry picking up the golden doublet and passing it through the curtains "John do you know what the punishment is for servants who dress above their station? Five days in the stocks."
"You'd do the same for me Harry, admit it," smiled John from behind the curtains "They really won't buy a servant with 20 gold coins. I am the only hope for getting Mike back before he's shipped off as a slave... I won't see our home divided."
John stepped out and Harry stood still, amazed at the transformation of her friend who looked away, embarrassed.
Harry sighed and raised her hand to John's chin "If you're going to be a nobleman... you must play the part. You look down to no-one."

Edited at 2014-03-02 08:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Sherlock Ever After

Hello prompt I never knew I needed, seconding beyond measure.

Re: Sherlock Ever After (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock has a pacifier/dummy

Sherlock seems really stressed out on a case and someone takes him gently aside and gives him a dummy to suck until he feels better. May or may not be part of a larger ageplay relationship.

Re: Sherlock has a pacifier/dummy

"IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!" Sherlock's yell echoed from the other room, followed by a crash, and Mary winced, praying that the sleeping baby in her arms wouldn't wake. When little Emma Sherlock Watson only stirred a bit before falling back into a deep sleep, she set her baby girl into the bassinette she'd brought and slipped out of John's old room in 221C, Baker Street.
Sherlock was pacing the living room, pulling at his hair. John had gone out - a last second patient at the clinic - and she'd agreed to babysit the detective while he was gone.
"Sherlock," she hissed, pulling the detective from his pacing. He looked down at her in surprise for a second, blinking as if to make sure he was seeing clearly, then pulled from her grip and continuing his pacing.
"Sherlock, you're going to wake Emma..." Mary whispered, following the detective and having to stop up sharp as Sherlock turned and nearly paced into her.
"Mary, it doesn't make SENSE," he growled, taking her by the shoulders and guiding her out of his path before resuming his pacing.
"Oh for heaven's sake, don't work yourself up so," she scolded, "You won't be able to think clearly like that."
"HOW CAN I BE CALM?!" he cried.
Mary cringed as she heard her little girl make a small noise in the other room, starting to cry.
"Sherlock..." she glanced around for a second before digging through her baby bag for one of Emma's dummys. "Here."
The detective was still with shock as she shoved the pacifier into his mouth and pushed him down to sit on the couch.
"Now keep quiet for a while, at least until I get Emma back to sleep."

When Mary came back from rocking her daughter to sleep for the second time that evening, she was shocked to find Sherlock curled up on his side on the couch, still sucking on the dummy.
He glanced up as she came back into the room, pulling the plastic toy from his mouth and sitting up.
"I've figured it out. It was the window, they'd only latched one side."
"Does that solve the case?" she asked, taking a seat beside him, not quite sure how to react to the fact that Sherlock Holmes had spent the last ten minutes sucking on her daughter's pacifier.
"Yes, it should. May I keep this?"
Mary's lips pulled up into an incredulous smile as Sherlock held up the dummy.
"Of course, dear, if it helps you think quietly."
Sherlock nodded, popping the pacifier back into his mouth and curling back up on the couch, his head all but resting in Mary's lap.
She stroked his hair and switched on the television, flipping through soap operas until John came back.
This was going to be fun to try and explain.

teenlock where sherlock has a crush on his older brother mycroft's study partner (or friend etc.), john watson.

any age or POV is fine!

Re: teenlock crush


Johnlock - Cinderella AU

I was listening to the Amelie soundtrack and couldn't get this image out of my head. John is a prince, the only son of the King and Queen of this imaginary land called BBC. Sherlock is the youngest son of the Holmes, headed by an aristocratic couple whose elder son, Mycroft, is a consultant to the King of BBC. Sherlock is the awkward one who doesn't like polite society and hangs about the sheriff's house/dungeon/whatever would exist in this time period as a police station solving all manner of gruesome crimes no one else can come close to solving. His mother does not approve, and has been trying to marry him off for years. Sherlock had never been interested in the ladies his mother shoved upon him. He had never even contemplated finding a life companion until he was forced to attend the Royal Ball in his brother's stead and saw... him.

A roughly attractive man with a military posture he bore with an easy grace. A man who spoke to Sherlock frankly and was not put off by his socially inept nature, in fact, he seemed to greatly enjoy it.

But then Sherlock finds out the man he spent all night talking to, deducing all of the ladies' backgrounds much to the blond man's enjoyment, the man was actually Prince John. And instead of choosing a lady, which was the whole purpose of the ball, John chose Sherlock.

No one was more surprised than Sherlock himself. Mycroft never facepalmed so hard in his life.

**please no homophobia or sexuality crisis, this is a world where it's perfectly normal for a prince to choose a male to wed
**BONUS for snarky!John who loves witty!mean!Sherlock
**BONUS for sulky!Mycroft and nosy!well-meaning!MummyHolmes

Pool Scene from S01E03 rewrite

John is a werewolf who's just gone into heat, and he wants to mate NOW!

Jim picked a really shitty time to kidnap him...

Yes you heard me: John x Jim major DUB-CON.

Jealous!pining!John reading Janine's kiss-and-tell stories

I just want to see John obsessively buying and reading every tabloid that interviews Janine about Sherlock. Tormenting himself trying to decide if it could possibly be true. Jerking off with a jealous knot in his stomach. Not saying anything to Sherlock (or anyone else), because he has no idea how to talk about it.

Re: Jealous!pining!John reading Janine's kiss-and-tell stories

This! I love the idea of seeing John's reaction to Janine's made up but very flattering "revelations"!

Sherlock+Lestrade: A slight misunderstanding. (Past dub-con)

The general consensus in the fandom is that Lestrade met Sherlock when he was a drug addict, then took him home and helped him get clean.

Yes? Yes.

But see, Sherlock knows that there’s only one reason an older man would take Sherlock to his house and show him this sort of kindness. Lestrade only wants him around for the same reasons as every other older man who ever ‘wanted him around’. He realizes he’s in no position to turn Lestrade down -- he needs the security, and has nowhere else to go at the moment -- so Sherlock preps himself and slips into Lestrade’s bed.

Re: Sherlock+Lestrade: A slight misunderstanding. (Past dub-con)

This is what I want to be reading right now. Seconded!

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