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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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TW: abuse

Sherlock has his reasons when he’s reluctant to accept cases suggested by Mycroft, however interesting they might be. If Mycroft’s high rank position is somehow compromised by his actions, the consequences will be unpleasant. After his almost fiasco with Irene Adler and the canceled “flight of the dead”, Sherlock knows what awaits him. Physical punishment, as always when he fails his family. He doesn’t want John to learn about it, it’s too humiliating.

Mycroft’s cases are always an intriguing challenge, and a well-paid one besides. But there’s a reason Sherlock is so reluctant to take Mycroft’s persistent offers, a reason why he makes up unconvincing excuses. The stuff I’ve got on is just too big, I can’t spare the time. Or, I don’t do anonymous clients. I’m used to mystery at one end of my cases. Both ends is too much work. The thing is, if he fails, there will be consequences other than not getting his pay cheque. Family reputation is at stake, and unfortunately, Sherlock knows all too well what it means, disappointing his family. He’d rather avoid it.

And yet, sometimes—often, in fact—he falls for a good mystery, and then regrets it a lot, just like he does now. This time, he failed spectacularly. Yes, he managed to smother his mistake in the end, but Mycroft’s position had been put at risk: a security leak caused by his little brother, what a shame. The contents of Irene’s phone will make up for any inconvenience Sherlock may have caused him. But doesn’t mean that Sherlock’s recklessness is forgiven.

Now Mycroft is sitting in the chair opposite him, long fingers toying with the handle of his favourite umbrella. “John could come too.”

“No,” Sherlock bursts out fiercely. Mycroft’s lips slightly twitch at his miscalculation: in Sherlock’s side vision, John frowns. Oh. He must be offended that Sherlock so obviously doesn’t want him near his family house while Mycroft invites them both.

“Boring family matters,” Sherlock explains, more angry with himself than with Mycroft. “John would be bored.”

“Oh yes, perhaps,” Mycroft agrees suavely. “Next time then.”

Uncomfortable silence again. John is fidgeting on the sofa, feeling unwelcome in his own living room. “Tea?” he suggests at last, and hastily retreats to the kitchen.

You don’t have to do this, Sherlock tells himself. They can’t make you now; you have a choice. His palms clench into fists in his lap, and he’s glad that John’s too busy in the kitchen to see it. Mycroft does, but Mycroft knows what he’s thinking anyway—and raises his eyebrows at him: So intransigent, are we? If you think yourself a grown-up, little brother, shouldn’t you bear responsibility for wrong decisions taken? And of course he’s right.

“Fine,” Sherlock nods briskly. “I’m going with you. John stays.”

John shouldn’t know. Hopefully, he’s not observant enough to notice anything.

Mycroft smiles beatifically. “As you wish, brother dear.”

Gen religious

My prompt is this:

Following a case for Mycroft, all main characters are put into witness protection except Mycroft who is merely protected. After a year the threat has passed and they return to London to take up their old jobs. The lives of the dislocated characters may have changed or not but none by much except experience in other locations and any romantic partners gained, left or brought with them.
Sherlock is a different matter: unable to pursue criminal cases for fear of attracting attention, he accepts an offer from an old friend to train for the Vatican Police (Holmes is canonically Catholic). The thing about the Vatican Police is that they don't deal with "normal" crimes and all members must also be ordained priests. What happens when Father Holmes returns to London to take over a church, rectory and Vatican Police station?
Sherlock means his vows, likes his job and is good at it. He brings a team with him from Rome, including his new sidekick Sister Agnes.

How do the other characters react? How does Sherlock's new world fit together with his old one. No romance - he's a priest.

Re: Gen religious

I have no problems with the prompt, in fact I think a fill could be quite fun/interesting, but I am perplexed by the statement,'Holmes is canonically Catholic'. Because I don't believe that's true. I'm not at all saying he couldn't possibly be Catholic, and it is clear in canon that he believes in God, but can't think of even a single instance in the stories or books where is Holmes' religious affiliation is explicitly stated, or even implied (unless one assumes the only possible reason Holmes would take a case at the behest of the Pope is because he himself is Catholic, but if that were the case, I think that given the times, a Catholic Holmes would have referred to 'His Holiness' rather than to 'the Pope'.)

May I ask what in your reading of canon leads you believe Holmes is explicitly Catholic?

Re: Gen religious (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Gen religious (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Gen religious (Anonymous) Expand

I'll just leave this here...

From 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band.'

"Holmes, the Scotland Yard Jack-in-office!"

Sherlock and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

You know the kind of day I'm talking, don't you? It starts with just one tiny thing, like your toast burning when you make breakfast, and then you trip and fall in a puddle, and then the microwave at work is broken, so you have to eat your lunch cold, and then you get stuck working overtime, and when you go to brush your teeth before bed there's hardly any toothpaste, and maybe you drop your toothbrush in the toilet, etc... And it really wouldn't be so bad if it was just one or two of those things on their own, but they just keep happening again and again?

Sherlock has on of those days.

(Inspired by the children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.)

Re: Sherlock and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ohhh seconded.

On an unrelated note, my favorite fanfic of all time is a GW fic based off the same book. I'd love to read a Sherlock version. <3

Any/John, Wet Dream Deduction, slightly pervy geniuses

John Watson has wet dreams, wet dreams are a normal, if private part of life, everyone has them.

Not everyone has the two genius Holmes brothers and a consulting criminal deducing what type of wet dream you've had, who you were with in the dream and whether you ended up needing to change the sheets when you woke up before you even manage to get your first morning cup of tea.


Intonation is a subtle part of language that often goes unnoticed by fluent speakers. However, change the inflection of a word, or a sentence and you may end up with an entire different meaning. I'd like to see a fill where Sherlock stresses to master intonation and inflection. Perhaps as part of his shamming exploits, or maybe just to wheedle his way out of John. Manipulation of language should be easy for the world's only consulting detective....

Re: Languagelock?

Second! God this sounds interesting.

Dumb Ways to Die

Moriarty loves the Dumb Ways to Die video.

In fact, he loves it so much, he's going to use all those dumb ways to die in a game against Sherlock.

The first victim shows up with his hair set on fire. The second was eaten by a grizzly bear. The third, poisoned by out of date medicine. And someone has their privates eaten off by piranhas. You get the idea.

Jim hopes that Sherlock solves the case before he has to push someone off a train station platform.

Re: Dumb Ways to Die

I would gladly pay money to read this.

Re: Dumb Ways to Die (Anonymous) Expand

Wholock: John is a Time Lord

John is a Time Lord on his last regeneration. Sherlock is his final companion.

Just thought it would be funny to see the genius be bowled over by a relatively intelligent alien. That is, when John goes Time Lord techno, Sherlock's brain is the one that sputters, for once.

Add this after Reichenbach if you want. Both canon verses go, but please don't make John the substitute of the Doctor. Whole different can of worms, him.

JohnCroft or Gen, John mystery

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Whatever Mycroft expectations were for the first meeting between Mummy and John, wasn't their surprised faces and simultaneous exclamations:
"Mrs Violet? You're alive!?"
"Hamish? You're alive!?

Set in the canon verse, please, with John mysterious past (or event).

Share RTYI please as well.

Gen, 5+1

Five times Sherlock lost his flatmate and one time he didn't.

"I play the violin when I'm thinking. Sometimes I don't talk for days on end. Would that bother you?"

Sherlock thinks that those are the main reasons he is losing flat mate after flat mate. Of course, with the exception of losing his flat mate after an unfortunate flat fire (one of the experiments went awry).

Please note, that I would like a fic, where Sherlock genuinely want to go along with his flat mates, but his personality/interest go in the way.

Johnlock - embarassing underwear

Not expecting their relationship to progress this fast and them getting down to business so soon John and Sherlock catch the other wearing quite embarassing underwear (I'm thinking something along the lines of comics / superheroes and adorable little skulls or w/e idk..) (You know before red pants and silk boxers ;))

Basically I'd love some funny / hilarious sexytimes.

1. Chose a kink or tripe you dislike.
2. Mock it in a fic.

J/S (or j and s) - slave AU, possible character death

John is a slave. Sherlock is his master and refuses to free him or care overly much about slavery though it seems that he (maybe) doesn't fully approve of it. During a case John sees the chance to escape with no one getting hurt and takes it.

Sherlock realizes that the one thing that he thought was what forced them to stay together was actually keeping them apart.

Intersex Omegaverse

I was just enjoying an omega!verse fic when the thought crossed my mind- WE NEED AN OMEGAVERSE FIC WITH AN INTERSEX INDIVIDUAL {Preferably Sherlock}. I mean you've got the drama of an alpha/alpha relationship, only to find out one is both an alpha and an omega, and then the angst of dealing with being nonconforming in such a society and..!

Please indulge me kink meme, I'm begging you!

Re: Intersex Omegaverse

It's John, not Sherlock, who is both Alpha and Omega but perhaps the story "Pyrexia" by moonblossom is rtyi?

Sherlock and Lord of the Rings somewhat crossover, because it´s epic

I would like to see a fic where Sherlocks family speaks Sindarin or Quenya as the family language.
Maybe because it´s an awesome way of communicating secret information or some ancestor was a real Tolkien admirer.
Anyway the entire family does it.
And I´ve always imagined them to be a somewhat large "gentry" family with lots of cousins and aunts and interesting characters because they don´t do normal.

Bonus if the Met is exposed to it and John just goes along with it because while doesn´t understand Elvish he´s always understood Holmes fluidly.
Extra Bonus for a house in the country that looks like Rivendell or a treehouse that looks lie minuature Lorien.
Extra extra bonus if one of them calls John a hobbit.

Caused by the epic voice of Benedict Cumberbatch and epic sounding Elvish on a rewatch of Lord of the Rings.
And the sudden thought that he´d fit right in with the elves.
Read the awesome Tolkien again if that stumps you.
They are described as some fooling around like children and others horribly dignified.
Sounds like Sherlock and Mycroft to me...

My brains been eaten.
I may grow a new one if someone answers this and start drawing Sherlock the Elf.
With silly hat.

Re: Sherlock and Lord of the Rings somewhat crossover, because it´s epic

Extra extra bonus if one of them calls John a hobbit

I ❤❤❤ you. That is all.


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