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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.


  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Molly has a price: Sherlock

Warning: non-con!

Molly agrees to help Sherlock fake his death – but she has her price: Sherlock has to giver her his virginity / one night with him. I don’t necessarily want dark!Molly, but I want her to be firm for once when demanding and taking what she wants. IMO that does not contradict her being awkward and nervous at the same time. Of course, for Sherlock this is more close to rape than anything but in order to save John, he agrees. (oh, and naturally Molly can’t force Sherlock with bodily strength, but I guess she can threaten to tell John the truth and endanger him that way or something. Sherlock will have to go willingly. Well, when I say “willingly”…)
Also, this could turn into an interesting Johnlock when Sherlock returns later, damaged and a little traumatised.

Worst Idea Ever 1/?

"Y-you know," Molly starts, setting down the hospital blueprint she has been looking over and frowning a little at the waver in her voice before clearing her throat and continuing, "If we get caught-"
"We're not going to get caught."
"-I could lose my job," she continues, pretending that he hasn't spoken, ignoring the fluttering speed that her voice takes on as she rushes to the end of the sentence, desperate to get it out before she trips over her own words, "And my credibility. Hell, Sherlock, I could lose my license!"
"All the more important that we plan this carefully then, hm?" he replies in a drawl, eyes never leaving the page.
Molly stares at him for a moment before huffing a soft breath.
"I meant that the least you could do was give me something in return for risking my career, you git.." she mumbles. Her voice is barely audible to her own ears, but this is Sherlock Holmes, and he hears every word.
"And what," he scribbles the last few lines of a mathematical calculation and turns the page, eyes never leaving the text, "kind of favor would you like in return, Doctor Hooper? I could arrange for my brother to pay the rent on your flat for the next year, or fiddle with the hospital records and get you a higher paycheck..."
"Why d'you assume I want money?" she asks, genuinely offended.
At this Sherlock sets the book he's been flipping through off to the side, turning in his chair to look at Molly.
"Then what exactly was this 'request' of yours, Molly?"
His voice purring out her name like that - even with the undertone of annoyance - is enough to make her knees weak.
Sherlock picks up his tea cup, taking a drink as he waits for her to elaborate.
"H-" Molly's voice dies, and she feels her face flushing a morbid shade of red as the rest of the sentence tumbles out before she can think of the consequences. "Have sex with me."
Sherlock makes a small choking noise and slowly sets down his teacup. Molly isn't sure if he is more shocked at the request or that she'd actually had enough guts to say it out loud.
"Come again?"
"I-...I said that I want you to have sex with me." She can't even meet his eyes. She feels him study her for a long moment before he leans back in the chair, taking a deep, slow breath.
"Molly..." he starts, steepling fingers against his lips, "you do realize that I am painfully asexual...correct?"
"Yes..." she mumbles, wishing she hadn't spoken. Wishing she could crawl into her bed in the other room and leave Sherlock here so she wouldn't have to sit under those calculating blue eyes for a moment longer.
"Knowing this, what makes you think that you have any chance of my following through with your...strange request?"
It's not a strange request, not really. Not if you know anything at all about her. Molly bit her lower lip as she felt it tremble.
Anderson had been by earlier on a case, in time to see her staring after Sherlock as the detective had left.
"You're a coward, Molly Hooper," he'd sneered at her "The only way that people like you are going to get anything they want in this world is if they step up and take it. You're not going to get anywhere if you keep turning into a doormat anytime someone disagrees with you. Why don't you put your foot down and tell the bloody man to either shag you or get lost?"
She had turned into her usual blubbering mess at that, trying to defend Sherlock and herself, but he'd had none of it.
"Look Molly, he tries to keep you from knowing, but you've got a hell of a lot that you can hold over that bastard's head if you ever wanted something. You should take advantage of that for once in your damn life."
She'd mumbled a protest, but he was already out the door, leaving her miserable and ashamed, and with the seedling of a horrid thought planted in the back of her mind.
"I..." she starts, hating herself as she speaks the words, "I could make you."

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Sherlock hurts both his hands during a case. Burnt/cut/whatever. Not serious enough to be permanent but bad enough that his hands are going to be in bandages for a couple of weeks. During this time he has to rely on John to help him with things like eating, bathing etc as well as sherlock things like experiments and at crime scemes setc.
If this leads to johnlock then it will make me very happy but can just be general fluff and h/c

Sherlock tries to do things without John's help and ends up hurting his hands more/reopening wounds etc.
The thing that Sherlock is most upset about is he can't play his violin while recovering.

RTYI. "Curious Case" on AO3 by Cleo2010

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Sherlock/Person of Interest crossover

It is my headcanon that Mycroft and Finch are friends.
How did they meet? Are they still in touch?
Maybe the CIA called Mycroft as an assessor on The Machine?
IDK,take the idea and run with it...

Re: Sherlock/Person of Interest crossover


Mrs. Hudson: Exotic Dancer

Everyone is at 221b for some type of celebration, and someone finds Mrs. Hudson's exotic dance routine on youtube. Style of dance (burlesque, pole dancing, full nude) is up to the filler, as well as the age of the video. 30 years ago, 30 days ago? You decide, but make it funny.

Re: Mrs. Hudson: Exotic Dancer


Sherlock experimenting with magic

So I read this lovely fill (http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/21697.html?thread=126997185#t126997185) about Sherlock and John watching a horror movie, and Sherlock being a little too curious about the whole "demonic possession" thing.

What I would LOVE to see is a nice, cracksy fill with John, Mycroft and/or Mrs. Hudson (or anyone, really. I'm not picky.) coming home to the flat and finding Sherlock in the middle of a giant pentagram on the floor, surrounded by skulls, candles, incense, tarot cards, goblets of blood, grave dirt and a Ouija board.

Sherlock explains to him/her/them that he's trying to summon a demonic entity to see if it will possess anyone. For science.

Bonus round!!!

+10 if Sherlock draws a pentagram on the floor with the yellow spray paint from tBB.

+50 if someone says "Sherlock Holmes, stop trying to invoke the power of Hell in the kitchen!"

+100 if Sherlock actually manages to summon something.

Re: Sherlock experimenting with magic


So Many Ideas... So little muse to write them! :(

ideas for stories I've had. Some have partial first chapters attached. Really I get tons of ideas. But I'm pants at actually writing them.

The Engagement

Enola Eudoria Hedasa Holmes, wild, willful, brilliant, tomboy younger sister of the Holmes brothers, returns home to announce that she's getting married! To a doctor! Outraged by this latest turn of events (Sherrinford?) Mycroft, & Sherlock all team up with one goal: Get rid of their precious baby sister's fiancee by ANY means necessary. ANY. But no matter what they seem to throw at him, young Dr. Watson will not leave!!

Points for all three Holmes brothers.
Points for John wumpage.
Points for stubborn John getting the better of all three of the genius brothers. (with or without Enola's help.)
Jackpot for Sherlock deciding he likes John & trying to steal him from Enola!!
Who will poor John end up with in the end? Its all up to you.

The Proposal, or, The War For John Watson: May The Best Holmes Win!

Sherlock knows that John intends to propose to his longtime girlfriend Violet Hunter.
Sherlock also knows that he's in love with John, & refuses to lose his only friend.
So Sherlock decides to sabotage the Proposal in anyway possible.
Imagine his horror when not only does Violet thwart his efforts, but is then revealed to be his runaway baby sister Enola Holmes in incognito.
John is confused & upset.
Sherlock is livid.
Enola is smug & manipulative of poor John, & takes perverse pleasure in trying to outwit Sherlock.
Mycroft just wants a vacation, but is instead stuck rushing around trying to Sherlockproof London as his two youngest siblings come to a head in the "War for Watson."
& Jim Moriarty thinks he may just be in love with yet another Holmes! xDDD

All's fair in Love and War
I will love you forever if you can squeeze in Mystrade somewhere.

(Got these ideas after I read that its theorized that Enola Holmes was the Violet Hunter in "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches" who was later portrayed as being John Watson's 2nd wife in the book Sherlock Holmes's War of the Worlds/The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The War of the Worlds. I was like: "WAIT! JOHN MARRIED SHERLOCKS SISTER!!??" Then I was like: "How would the Holmes boys react to baby sister getting married???" & "What if Enola purposely stole John from Sherlock???" Yeah... Its a gold mine! XDDD)


The 4000 character limit is the bane of my existence...

Re: So Many Ideas... So little muse to write them! :(

Vampire Fic:

In 1880 Sherlock Holmes turned his Flatmate & friend(lover?) John Watson. Horrified & confused, the young doctor ran away, and (since he's an idiot) Sherlock did not try to get him back, but instead turned into the socially reclusive bratty swot that we all know & love. John the fledgling Vampire, abandoned by his sire, yet too upset to go back to him, himself, spent the next 130 years trying to rein himself in, & despising Sherlock Holmes.

2010 Professor James Moriarty is back from the other-side (Or where-ever the hell he's been for the last century.) & has begun to strike back at Sherlock. When Jim comes across a young, sire-less Vampire doctor in Italy, he at first brushes it off as unimportant, & leaves the young-ling be. But when said doctor reacts negatively to the mention of Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty immediately takes an interest in him...

Sherlock meanwhile is still solving cases with Detective Inspector Lestrade's great grandson Greg. The Consulting Detective is shocked when he runs into John in London. & a lot of old Guilt at abandoning his friend pops up. But John seemingly has forgiven everything, & wants to try to rekindle their friendship.

Features Grey!John, John working with Moriarty & Moran to get revenge on Sherlock for the hell he's been through. John eventually does see that Sherlock has suffered from it too. He also soon realizes that Moriarty is not to be trusted & so tries to warn Sherlock, but just when the two think they've found a way to turn the tables on the Consulting Criminal, John is kidnapped!

Extra points for Mystrade, & happy ending with Greg getting turned so he can stay with Myc.
Also Extra points for Anthea being Mycroft's daughter & Greg being nervous about how she's taking his & Myc's relationship.
Points if Sherrinford or Enola Holmes show up at any point, even if its just a mention. Otherwise go nuts.

Mycroft Fakes Moriarty's Return

We don't actually hear Moriarty's voice or an actual video. We see a gif with audio. I want Mycroft to have set that up in order to protect his little brother. I want a fill where Moriarty hasn't returned at all- it was Mycroft that made it happen just to save Sherlock's life.

No incest please.

Re: Mycroft Fakes Moriarty's Return

YES. this was one of the first things I thought of as a possibility. mycroft can do anything... would love to see someone write this.

dub-con neck stroking

Someone stroking Sherlock's neck while he's semi-concious and unaware, the stroker knowing Sherlock would never want to be touched like that if he were aware. Could be John, Lestrade, Mycroft, or anyone who would be emotionally conflicted about doing it because it's not what Sherlock would want from them but finding the temptation of that neck to hard to resist.

Up to filler if Sherlock rouses and catches them at it and where it goes after that.

FILL: Berceuse (1/2)

Sherlock's body is being translated into a series of beeps and numbers. It's useful for doctors, alienating for friends, and insufficient for both. John takes Sherlock's wrist and feels the real pulse speaking beneath his fingers.

Stupid git. The truth couldn't have waited until his insides had coalesced; no, he'd had to escape hospital while he was still raw and bleeding at his core, diverting the pain into theatre and floodlights and the crashing scenery of John's marriage. Everyone had suffered wounds that night, but Sherlock's could have been suicidal. Why show me how my wife almost killed you if you're going to finish yourself off in the process? What purpose does that serve?

"Stupid git," John repeats aloud. Sherlock's pulse whispers back, neither defiant nor apologetic, just… there. John finds it unsettling when Sherlock can't respond. He shifts in his chair and clears his throat.

He doesn't need to keep taking Sherlock's pulse. In the past twenty minutes, he's checked it five, perhaps six times, and it always matches the spikes on the monitor beside Sherlock's supine head. Normal. To be expected. Oxygen levels good; breathing a bit slow, but acceptable. Normal, normal, normal, all spelled out in cool, placid digits on that familiar little screen. John stares at it, then calms himself by observing the color in Sherlock's skin, the rise and fall of his electrode-dotted chest. Trust issues.

Sherlock won't be on the morphine much longer, but for now, his eyes shut out the bright mid-morning light and barely flutter when John lays down his wrist on a billow of white blanket. John swallows. This shouldn't feel as intimate as it does, sitting with his drugged-up friend, but Sherlock looks so young… face slack, lips slightly parted, peaceful. A stab of anger surprises John: why doesn't Sherlock get to be at peace without the aid of chemicals? Years ago, he'd occasionally enter Sherlock's bedroom to wake him for a client, but even then the sheets had been strewn, evidence of fitful sleep and a tempestuous body.

As if to complement these musings, Sherlock stirs minutely and swallows once before melting back into the immaculate hospital bed. John finds his eyes drawn to Sherlock's Adam's apple, then the freckles near it, then the course of his carotid artery. It's a good neck. Carries around a brilliant head, houses an impressive voice, looks amazing framed in that bloody turned-up coat collar. John had tried to strangle it once, but had found his hands weren't quite up for the task.

"Sorry," he grimaces. Sherlock breathes.

Carotid artery. John's heart speeds up, and he reaches to touch the pulse point on Sherlock's throat, counting out the beats. Sherlock's skin feels warmer here than on his wrist, less dry, more alive.

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Call Your Bluff (John Watson/anon pick)

"First I'm going to spank your arse till it's black and blue, then I'm going to bend you over that desk and fuck you. And I'm not gonna let you cum till you're either crying or begging me. I don't care if it takes hours."
"You wouldn't dare."
"Wouldn't I?"
"...no. You're bluffing..."
"If you're so sure, then call me on it."
"Fine. John Watson, I call your bluff."

He was not bluffing, leading to rough lovemaking from pissed off John. (What he's pissed off about is up to anon.)
Would reeeeeally prefer Mary as other person, but no one on here seems to like her and this prompt could work for a number of pairings so *shrug*. Guess I'll take what I can get.
Mild bondage maybe?

Re: Call Your Bluff (John Watson/anon pick)


Sex while deducing

I want Sherlock to deduce something while having sex with John. This can be deliberate, or accidental.... John can make him deduce as a kink, or John could try to interrupt Sherlock's deduction process while he's thinking with sex, but Sherlock refuses to stop. (If you choose option B, please don't make the case be sexy or about anything remotely sexual)
John is so turned on to see Sherlock finally struggling to make the connections he normally does so effortlessly, as his body takes over.
No mention of Mary, please. RTYIs welcome.

Re: Sex while deducing

Yes yes yes

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Royalty Kink

Kinkmeme, I have a huge thing for royalty and court intrigue. Please indulge me.

AU: Prince Sherlock is, well, sort of a prick. Enter John Watson, who Mycroft hires (or buys) to be a servant and companion to Sherlock, in the hopes that his company will teach the bratty prince to play nice.

+ Mycroft, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, Greg, etc.
++ eventual Johnlock
+++ "I hate you but I sort of want to fuck you" kink

I'm going to fuck the privilege right out of you.

OP here ^^ That's what I want to happen.

Also welcome RTYIs.

John lovingly and thoroughly rims Sherlock

John proceeds to show Sherlock just how much he adores him by slowly and romantically kissing and sucking and licking his beautiful little bud.
Sherlock is at first a little startled by such an intimate gesture (maybe it's his first time?) but ends up absolutely enjoying it.
Basically just John worshipping Sherlock's ass (and the rest of his body too?), can end in fingering or a blow-job or penetration, whatever author wishes. Just make it sweet and romantic, a demonstration of love.
Please and thank you :)

Re: John lovingly and thoroughly rims Sherlock

Hnnnnng seconded

a boy and his dog

I would love a fic where kid sherlock just gets into all kind of shenanigans with his dog, redbeard.

Re: a boy and his dog

Sherlock and Redbeard break my heart ;_; Seconding.

Re: a boy and his dog (Anonymous) Expand
Please more! This is an amazing story! My heart…you should put it up somewhere like on AO3 too if you wanted!


Jim hit 'post without preview'.

"They'll take it down, you know."

"Nah," said Jim, leaning back in the chair. "This is AO3, they don't judge."

Seb bent down to peer at the screen. "A vid of a human heart during a vivisection, beating its last beats, set to 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'?"

"It is sexy! Look at that baby glisten and twitch! Besides, I have permission."

"From the site?"

"No, silly, from the person who owned the heart before I made it into art. She said I should put her heart up somewhere like AO3."

"...I don't think that's what she meant."

"I don't care. I'm getting marriage proposals from Hannibal fans."

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Sherlock at a crime scene, off his ass on antihistamines and trying to be SRS DEDUCIN' BZNZ but really being fucking hilarious.


cheaper than coke.