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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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age difference and virgin kink + genderswap - Not Quite Underage!Sherlock/Fem!John

Fem!John returns invalided from Afghanistan feeling worn down, directionless, and unsexy. But then she meets a young would-be consulting detective and the two of them find their purpose in life is to solve crimes together. And have quite a lot of sex.

A slow build with plenty of sexual tension would be great, with Fem!John resisting at first because Sherlock is so much younger, but Sherlock being one charismatic and insistent little bastard.

I'm thinking Fem!John is mid to late thirties and Sherlock is 18 or 19. I'd especially love it if Sherlock is full of bravado, but when it finally comes to their first time it's apparent Sherlock's a virgin and a little out of his depth so Fem!John slowly and playfully teaches him everything he needs to know (maybe even over the course of additional sexual encounters in between cases? And a bit of angsty developing relationship stuff thrown in to go with the porn, if you want? /greedy prompter is greedy).

Magnussen/Moriarty, power play,

There's nearly a nine inch height difference between Jim and CAM. I just really want to see a stand-off between them where Magnussen absolutely towers over Jim and Jim tries very hard not to fume at the indignity of just how much he has to tilt his head back to look up at him. Bonus points for Magnussen enjoying the advantage and needling Jim with comments about how sweet he is.

Re: Magnussen/Moriarty, power play,

Somehow I can see Magnussen bending over and talking down to Jim. Wonder how the other people would compare the two side by side. (Lars is ridiculously tall, he's taller than Benedict)

Magnussen/Moriarty, noncon

CAM knows that Sherlock and Jim are like the twisted mirror image of each other. He knows that Sherlock doesn't hate Jim so much as consider him a highly dangerous challenge. He knows that there is a strange link between them which comes from a mutual understanding that in some ways they are actually very alike.

So the most intimidating, threatening thing he can do to Sherlock is to force Sherlock to watch as he rapes Jim.

The Engineers Thumb

"My office shows its class in the state and number of furnishings. I’m barely established and most of my clientele cannot really afford to pay for my services but I cannot afford not to charge. My clientele work primarily on the railway low paid and often newly arrived in the city. I can’t afford to refuse..."

I was going through my WIP folder and found this fragment and title which as I left this fandom with series 2 I'm never going to do anything with so I thought I'd throw it out there an see if anyone was interested.

Minotaur John

And a possible suggestion of a start.
Minotaurs are seen as senseless beasts normally I'd love to see how that changed John and Sherlock's relationship if John was automatically seen as less trust worthy than Sherlock.

The minotaur Lestrade was questioning was obviously ungelded; a common state for army minotaurs. He spoke far more articulately than his species would suggest. His body carefully open as he pleaded, “I didn’t touch her. I swear.”

“You’re a minotaur Watson.” Lestrade as ever like a slightly dim terrier, once you point him in the right direction he won’t give up. “You will always be the first suspect in a rape.”

“I-“ Sherlock’s eyes follow fascinated as a rain drop runs down Watson’s left horn across his face to drip on to his lips.

“Idiots” Shaking himself out of his revery Sherlock stalked across the street his coat billowing out behind him. “The body’s barely damaged, beyond the obvious. The minotaur has no blood on his clothes nor are they disarranged in such away as to suggest rapid disrobing.” He moved closer to Watson. “The shoulders and his right side are sodden. It wicks away in to the drier left side.” Running a hand over the minotaur he indicated his meaning. “Consistent with walking out of his,” Sherlock slipped a hand into Watson’s left coat pocket and drew out his phone. “brother’s house over there and then standing in this rain being questioned by incompetents.”

‘He’s still a minotaur.” Lestrade shook his prize. “We can’t let an ungelded minotaur wander the city with a rapist on the loose.”

“Then I’ll vouch for him.” Sherlock blurted. Lestrade looked as shocked as Sherlock felt at the words.

“You’ll have to mind him constantly until the rapist is caught.” Lestrade’s bullhead persistence is normally useful. “He’ll cramp your style.”

“What- Why?“ Watson finally caught. Sooner than Sherlock had expected. He really was exceptionally quick for a minotaur.

“An intact minotaur, released from the military who hasn’t given in to his instincts. He’s a puzzle. A far more interesting one than your mundane rapist.” Sherlock turn to walk away. “Come Watson.” Noticing the minotaur hadn’t moved Sherlock wrapped a finger around his septum ring and pulled firmly. The minotaur followed close behind him easily lead by his nose.

Alternative Train Car Scene

When Sherlock is down on his knees, tearfully begging for John's forgiveness before the bomb is supposedly about to go off, the result is a bit different to what we saw. John wants to see exactly how far Sherlock will go to getting his forgiveness - and considering they're about to die...

Sherlock: Please, John. Forgive me for all the hurt I have caused you.

John: Okay...If you suck my cock.

I have a sudden craving for Sherlock!whump with a healthy portion of h/c, specifically something along the lines of Sherlock dragging his battered body back up to Baker Street after a case gone wrong or a client gone apeshit. Upon closer examination, John finds strangling bruises on Sherlock's necks and two broken fingers. Ensue h/c.

I would prefer something PG-13ish that isn't outright slashy.

I meant "neck" -- singular. Cause I don't want a two-headed Sherlock. ;-)

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(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Unlucky soul-mates

Soul mates AU where John and Sherlock did meet when they were kids, but didn't like each other (mainly Sherlock being a prat?) and their parents really didn't either. Later, Sherlock just decided soul mates were overrated and didn't want to meet John again. Until they meet by accident when they were older, and Sherlock now regrets not being interested in young!John. Up to you whether John recognizes him as his soul mate.

Would also be fine with a Mystrade fill :D

really, really not a high functioning sociopath

I know Sherlock has said it a few times in the show now, but I'd like to see a fic where John or someone (Preferably John, but I wouldn't say no to Mrs Hudson, Mary, Lestrade or Molly, let's him know that they know he's really not, and that his secret's safe with them.

Whether it's because he cares so much that emotional blows are too much for him to handle, or he prefers it to saying he's autistic, or he's just not good with people and their emotions because of the way he grew up, that's completely up to the author.

I just need to see some acknowledgement that just cos Sherlock says he is, it doesn't mean everyone really believes it and treats it as fact.

Gen Friendship. Or John/Sherlock/

Re: really, really not a high functioning sociopath

On it. I hope you don't mind if he has a mood disorder.

Also, fun fact, Gatiss said in an interview that Sherlock isn't really a sociopath.

Fill: Coup d’Etat [1/3] (Anonymous) Expand

Pokemon d/p/pt crossover

So, after being trapped in the distortion world, cyrus gets out, but ends up in the sherlock universe. He meets sherlock, and idk what happens afterwards. Maybe they bond over thinking emotions are kinda useless? Deductions? Idek.

In which the head in Sherlocks fridge belongs to John.
# obsessed!Sherlock


A string of brutal murders have occurred in the castle.when Uther consults Gaius about a solution‚he suggests Sherlock. Sherlock arrives and meets the characters of Merlin. John is a knight who knows minor info pertaining to the case and is demanded by
Uther to assist Sherlock.They fall in love song the way.somehow due to the circumstances of the case Gwen ends up in danger and Arthur realises his feelings for her.

# merlock Cross over # mystery /horror? #eventual Sherlock/ john #eventual Gwen/Arthur #novel length

Re: Merlock

Every time I see the title of this prompt I think you're asking for mermaid!Sherlock, and then I spend a confused moment trying to remember who Uther was in The Little Mermaid canon. *facepalm*

Wholock, Sherlock and Martha Jones, one-sided Sherlock/John

Sherlock and Martha Jones commiserating after TSoT. Because "oh, she was blonde, what a surprise!"

She 'saved him'

Mary saved John literally - they met when she talked him down from trying to kill himself (being smart she recognised the signs). Later Sherlock finds out about this - it's the reason he's so quick to forgive Mary and so keen for John to stay with her.

alternative HLV, drug use, noncon/heavy dubcon

At the beginning of HLV, John doesn't just find Sherlock on that matress in the drugs den. He finds him getting fucked by his dealer.
Maybe this is how Sherlock pays for his fix, or maybe he's just too out of it to say no properly.
BAMF!John (and possible bamf!mary as well when she finds out what was happening) followed by lots of h/c.

Oh, and bonus if this isn't the first time this has happened to Sherlock. It's a 'routine' part of his drug habbit.

Re: alternative HLV, drug use, noncon/heavy dubcon

EFF YES! +1,000,000