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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIII
Giggles at the Palace

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

When you fill a prompt, please use the appropriate Filled Prompts Post to archive your fill (there are instructions on the actual post).

If the part you wanted isn't up yet, just wait and one of the archivists will get to it, but please, once it is up, make sure you post your fills there according to the guidelines. DO NOT skip out on doing this because it seems like too much effort. If you want your fill to make it to the Delicious archive, that’s the way to do it.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about how it works if you are confused! The mods will be happy to explain.

Please consider warning for prompts that may trigger people (and also for fills, because some people read in flat view) and phrasing prompts in a manner that strives to be respectful.

Things which you might want to consider warning for include: Rape/Non-Con, Death, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm, Underage Relationships, among others.

That being said, this is a kink meme. As such, there will be prompts that could offend you in a number of different ways. Not every prompt will have a trigger warning, and not every prompt will rub you the right way. If you have an issue with a specific prompt, feel free to bring it up in a discussion that takes place off the meme. However, flaming will not be tolerated regardless of origin.

You are highly encouraged to scroll past any prompt that you dislike.

Remember: be civil, be friendly, but don’t be shy!

Please nest your fills. Doing so will make it easier for archivists to save your fills to the Delicious archive. Using subject lines will also help people reading the meme in flatview keep track of what’s happening. Finally, titling your fills (even if it’s something silly) will be helpful to those tracking a lot of prompts or scrolling through the meme.

Depending on the rate of activity, there may or may not be a prompt freeze when a part reaches 2000 and 4500 comments. However, there will be one when it reaches 7000. After the 7000 comments freeze, a new part will be posted, and all prompting should happen on the new part.

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Hello, welcome to the new post!

We have a new overflow post for anyone thinking about filling prompts from older, full, parts.

We’re also still looking for more archivists. We’re not only archiving new parts, but also going back through the old parts to make sure that everything’s been added to the archive and tagged. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please send us a PM or leave a comment on this thread.

Re: Hello, welcome to the new post!


just wanted to ask if you're still looking for archivists? If so, I'd like to offer my help (as long as someone could explain to me very patiently how it's done).

If you're interested, mail to me: certainetymolo at gmail dot com.

Reprompt: asexual!Sherlock

Sherlock is asexual, but he loves John and helping him get off isn't much of a bother, especially when he's all pliant and cuddly afterwards. And Sherlock has method so after a short while he can make John come in five minutes flat with his hands/toys (because really, why should it take longer and could we get to the pliant John part, kaythanks). They're okay, everything's fine. Then one day John tells him that, yes, it's all well, but could they just now and them make it last longer. Sherlock's all 'meh, inefficient sex' at first, but they try it and he discovers that it's not as boring as he expected. It's still not all that arousing for him, but he quite likes it when John is a shivering begging mess and at his mercy. Like, okay, making him come before he knows what hit him has its good sides, but he hadn't realised that he could make him do these noises, when he just stroked right there- and stopped to stroke, oh yes, there, quite lovely, too.

TL;DR un-angsty asexy!Sherlock/John porn, possibly fluffy, where Sherlock kind of gets off on the power, though sex isn't really his thing. Can be kinky, would go in D/s direction, should probably contain orgasm denial.


Re: Reprompt: asexual!Sherlock

I love this prompt so very much. 100% in favor of non-repulsed asexuals ( because I'm one of them and I think my boy Sherlock is too)

Re: Fill: Compromise 5/5 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Compromise 5/5 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Compromise 5/5 (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: Caring Sherlock

John is injured or ill. Sherlock makes it his mission to care for him.

Can contain any of these ideas:
- John has terrible fashback-y fever dreams, Sherlock talks to him to sooth him
- John's the worst patient, because he's a doctor and know everything better
- John didn't expect him to care and is a bit freaked out. He tries to figure out if Sherlock has ulterior motives.
- Sherlock gets all single minded and intense about caring for John
- Sherlock does weird but adorable things that mummy or Mycroft used to do when he was ill as a kid (like singing a special get-well-song to him or brewing some obscure family remedy, IDK)

Definitely humour, but no crack please. Sherlock is weird and a bit overbearing about caring for John, but not actually bad at it. I want angst and heaps of understated fluff. Gen, pre-slash or slash are all good.


Re: Reprompt: Caring Sherlock

Yes please!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Sherlock does care

Sherlock knows something is wrong when he walks into 221b to find Mycroft obsessively organising things.

Mycroft having a bit of a breakdown, Sherlock being gentle and brotherly towards him.

bonus for John's reaction to all this.

Re: Sherlock does care

Aw, I like this :)

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Re: Sherlock does care (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Sherlock does care (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Sherlock does care (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: Umm...Mycroft (humour)

Mycroft's fly is open. No one quite knows how to tell him.

Bonus if you can see he's got cartoon hippos (or other such cute cartoon animal) on his underpants.


Re: Reprompt: Umm...Mycroft (humour)


(Deleted comment)
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Re: Fill 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: The Dying Minor Government Official


I would like a version of 'The Dying Detective', but with Mycroft faking being dangerous ill. I don't mind how you work it, but I do want Mycroft rambling nonsensically about oysters (this can be oyster cards if you want to make it particularly nonsensical.)

I think it'd be fun if Sherlock is unaware Mycroft is faking, but that's entirely up to the filler.

(Deleted comment)

John Cuddles!!!

Okay. So what I really need right now is some serious John cuddles. Maybe he's sick, maybe he's had a bad day or sherlock has been gone for am extended period of time on a case, or instead of johnlock, it could be johnstrade and Mystrade has been out of contact for a really long time and John is lonely. Whatever author decides as long as John is hurting and gets some SERIOUS business cuddles.
Bonus points and a plate of cookies if the comforter runs his fingers through Johns hair to relax him.

Op here!

Okay! So can't believe I did this, but I meant johncroft not johnstrade and mycroft was out of contact **thumps head** my favorite pairings again for anyone confused (sorry) are johnlock and johncroft

Johnlock; Post TRF, Sherlock returns to find John's a dad now (NOT a/b/o)

New to this, so I hope I'm doing it right.

I've had this vague idea for a while now of John becoming a father or father-like figure post-TRF. Not as in one of his girlfriends gets pregnant but as in, maybe he rescues a child from a mugging or car crash that leaves said child an orphan without any extended family. Maybe he just mentors a kid with a horrid home life who spends more time in 221b than they do at home. Anyway, John has been failing in his battle with depression since Sherlock's death, but finds that having someone who needs him once again helps. He needs this relationship as much as the kid does.

-Then, after a year or two, Sherlock comes back.

I'd like a sweet, maybe a little angsty study on what would happen if Sherlock came home, expecting everything (i.e. John) to be the same but finding that something is radically different. Eventual Johnlock preferable. Age of child is up to author.

*Bonus points if the child inexplicably becomes fond of Sherlock quite quickly, despite his usual acerbic remarks.
**Double bonus points if John leaves the 2 alone together to go shopping or something and comes back to Sherlock explaining a case in graphic detail to the (enthralled) child.

Re: Johnlock; Post TRF, Sherlock returns to find John's a dad now (NOT a/b/o)

Ooooh seconding!

Actually... if I find the time I may just write this myself, but I don't want to claim it in case someone else is interested. I'll see if I can whip something up though.

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Re: FILL 4/? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL 4/? (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: John or Sherlock, a pound a week

Reprompt based on an earlier prompt:

From the Casebook: "By my estimation, you've been gaining about a pound a week in weight."

So John has been putting on weight -- not a lot, just a little bit. John starts to realize that this is a turn-on for Sherlock, so he starts to deliberately gain weight to tempt him. And of course it works to everyone's advantage.

This also might be fun the other way around (Sherlock is the one who's putting on weight)...

Re: Reprompt: John or Sherlock, a pound a week

I'll probably fill this.

Mycroft falls in love with John, and murders Sherlock to get him.

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So, I've read a lot of fics where John cheats on his girlfriend/wife with Sherlock and a few where Sherlock and John cheat on each other. How about one where Sherlock is in a relationship with someone and cheats with John? I don't mind who, as long as it is an actual loving relationship he cheats on - no arranged/abusive marriages please.


*taps fingers together* I'm starting to think about this one.

Re: Infidelity (Anonymous) Expand

M/F/F: double penetration

I just want a man being penetrated by two female partners with strap-ons. I'd love it if the man were Sherlock, but it's actually very much up to the filler - if you want it to be John or Lestrade or Mycroft, that's fine. As for women, I'd love it if Irene were involved, and maybe Kate or Molly or Sally? Go nuts. I just want hot threesome action involving DP and everything else you'd like to put in.

Re: M/F/F: double penetration

oh i was thinking about the same thing this very morning!!! super seconded!

Because we need more double-decker Holmes porn

Apply this (menstrual synchrony: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_synchrony) to Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics.

So Omega!My croft, Omega!Sherlock, Alpha!John and Alpha!Lestrade are having Christmas family gathering/dinner/etc. when suddenly the omegas go into heat. It ends up with John and Lestrade are competing on who makes their omega moans the loudest.

multiple porny porno porn Johnlock and Mystrade with extra smut please

+10 if it's Including 00Q with Omega!Holmes!Q (the more the merrier!)
+20 if the competition last until the heat is over
+50 if All the omegas are pregnant by the end of their heat
+100 if the epilogue is about the omegas who are competing against each other, which one is able to make their alpha suffers the most throughout their pregnancy

Re: Because we need more double-decker Holmes porn



Genderbent Johniarty and age difference

I don't care how or why, girl!Jim hitting on John, who is older than him OR Jim hitting on girl!John who is still older than him.

I blame this and my love or rule 63: http://against-stars.deviantart.com/art/pretty-little-thing-328124367

John can be about 10 years older than Jim and Sherlock. I prefer some kind of cannon AU, but whatever you like is fine.

Re: Genderbent Johniarty and age difference

Seconding so hard I think I pulled something!!