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"we get all sorts around here."

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Re: Bound (Warning: non-con) 12/12

HOLY CRAP that was intense and incredible and even more than I had hoped for when I read the prompt.

I was hoping you'd have Sherlock become inadvertently aroused by a naked John rubbing against him when I realized the position they'd be in, that was perfectly handled. (And there we have a new #1 for most disturbing sentence I've ever written)

Also I really like how you ended on just the right note--a horrible thing happened, everything is definitely not OK, but John is determined to not to let it end his friendship with Sherlock. I hope this conveys how excellent the whole thing is. All the accolades!

Re: Bound (Warning: non-con) 12/12

Thank you. I'm really pleased to hear that Sherlock's response was well-received. I was a bit leery about adding it, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to add that extra heap of trauma. I'm also really glad to hear that the ending had the effect I'd hoped for, so thank you again, very much!

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