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Giggles at the Palace
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Fill for Prompt: Bizarre World part 5

"So, Doctor Holmes," the blond man started, putting down his cup, which was possibly the most expensive thing that ever touched the humble desk. "What is your connection to Anderson?"

"Frankly, there's not one. I barely know him, as we were just introduced yesterday." Mycroft replied with a pleased smile. "What did you expect me to say?"

"I don't know. As you just mentioned, you barely knew him yet you readily followed him to the crime scene. This just seems to be progressing a little too fast, doesn't it."

"You are reading too much into it. I was only there to test a theory."

The blond man leaned forward with a curious smile, "And the theory would be..."

"If Anderson was exceptionally obtuse or brilliant." Mycroft eyed the untouched batch of macaroons across the table, "As it turns out, he isn't any of them. He is merely an ordinary man with extraordinary luck."

"I see," the blond man folded his hands under his chin, "Well I think he is absolutely brilliant, in an unconventional way."

"Humph," the doctor snorted, "I'm sorry for not falling for his... special brand of charm."

The blond man hummed under his breath, staring at Mycroft contemplatively before starting to speak again, "If I give you permission to speak freely, what would you tell me about your honest impressions of him I wonder."

"If such hypothetical event occurs, I will tell you that your brother is a pompous, ostentatious chowderhead who shall remain content being in love with himself when nobody else does." Mycroft picked up his cup, immensely pleased at the surprise that was briefly registered on the other man's face.

The blond man licked his lips, chuckling to himself, "I see that you're not afraid of me."

Mycroft eyed his jumper significantly before giving him the 'surely you can't be that dim' look.

"Did I tell you that he was my brother?"

"You don't have to. You obviously care for him deeply; takes special kind of love to care for such a... unique character. Anderson seems to be straight and you might or might not be involved with the Inspector, so that rules out romantic love. It is family love, then. You don't seem old enough to be his father."

The short man's eyes widened just a fraction before he schooled his expression back to neutral. "You're sure you're not related to DI Holmes?"

Mycroft threw him another look before reaching for the macaroon. Then suddenly his phone chimed.

"It's Anderson, isn't it." The blond man looked amused. "Requesting your assistance, I presume."

"Not anymore, no." Mycroft assured him, deleting the message swiftly with one hand. "I'm not one for legwork, as only one of mine is properly functional. We might share the flat, but I shall refrain from following him around the crime scene."

"Or maybe you shall."

"I wouldn't be so sure."

The phone chimed again. Mycroft held it contemplatively, watching every implied expressions in the blond man's smallest gestures. No small amount of confidence was found there.

"I'm pretty sure you will, eventually. But I can see that you are a careful man. You wouldn't open yourself up to risk of imperilment for thrill's sake. I take it that you need some... incentives."

Before Mycroft could utter something out, the phone chimed again. Each new chime seemed to heighten in desperation.

"I wouldn't go as far as to refer the experience as 'imperilment'..."

"Oh but you know it could be." The blond man leaned back, looking right at home with biscuit crumbles on his fuzzy jumper. "You see, Anderson doesn't merely come, break out a speech and leave the rest to the police. Sometimes he'll go as far as pursuing the clues himself, putting himself directly under the light."

Continued on part six

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