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Giggles at the Palace
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Fill for Prompt: Bizarre World part 3

Mycroft watched with disdain as Anderson went ahead and possibly butchered every possible evidence they could have collected from the scene. The detective stepped on the dead woman's hand a few times without noticing, left a rather significant dust stain on the pink coat, and sneezed on the woman's hair. By the time Anderson accidentally kicked the woman's pink heel off and clumsily put it back on, Mycroft had quietly finished his own observation and returned to fiddling with the handle of his umbrella.

"Hmm... yes, yes, obviously," Anderson kept murmuring to himself, "Interesting. Such intrigue. I love this."

"Don't bother telling me whether it's decent or not. I love my work, I have nothing against this dead woman." Anderson interrupted brazenly as Sherlock opened his mouth.

"Who cares about decent?" The DI looked at him incredulously, "I was just about to ask you if you've found something of importance. A breakthrough."

"Why yes, of course," Anderson smirked as he rose from his crouching position, gesturing to the dying message grandly, "Rache. It's German for revenge."

"So you're saying she's German."

"No, of course she's not. She was coming from out of town, though, intending to spend the night before returning home to Cardiff. Married for 10 years, unhappily. So far so obvious."

That successfully got Mycroft to look up from being fatally bored. If the small upward tug on Sherlock's lips was any indication, it was apparently something he was expecting.

"Brilliantly deduced. And how so if I may ask?"

"Her clothes are wet. Doesn't seem like the crazy type who would throw her belongings away to jump in to fountains, so must be the rain then. I looked up all complains about storm or rain on twitter, filtered out users without 'pink' on the name, and voila!" The consulting detective triumphantly whipped out his phone for everyone to see the profile page of @JenniePink under the name of Jennifer Wilson. "She tweeted about everything. Husband seems to be passive and boorish. And oh! She had croissant for breakfast this morning."

"Wonderful. If she's about to stay one night, one can presume she has a suitcase then." Sherlock looked absolutely giddy with enthusiasm, "And of course it will be pink."

"Obviously," Anderson snorted.

"You heard the man! Moran!" Sherlock immediately bounced out of the door and shouted all the way downstairs, "Anderson has deduced that the victim has planted her suitcase and phone on the murderer! Launch a search team to check the surrounding areas for a small pink suitcase, make sure to cover streets large enough for a car and deserted enough to let someone dispose of it without being seen!"

Mycroft watched the whole exchange in silent confound. So far all he could construe was that the consulting detective was bizarrely lucky for getting all the correct conclusions for all the wrong reasons. But how?

"How about the dying message? Got anything?" Asked the DI as he marched back inside, eyes glued on his phone.

"Not yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something soon. After all, my brain is like an engine, it never rests, spinning out of control. Sometimes I wish I could turn it off for the night," Anderson cleared his throat, cheeks puffed with pride. "Maybe Doctor Holmes here can take a closer look at the physical evidence. Get a fresh perspective."

Mycroft let out a dramatic sigh before limping forward, kneeling next to the body. After making sure that Anderson was out of the room (to taunt Molly with his brilliant deduction), he rose back up and frowned at DI Sherlock Holmes, who still looked engrossed in his texting.

Continued on part four

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