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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (3a/?)

Doctor Watson considers himself an honest man – he has a comforting bedside manner, despite what truths he may be about to deliver to a patient. It’s difficult to lie about anything of substance, which is why John isn’t sure what makes him most uncomfortable at that moment: the fact that he can see Sherlock lying on the bed, or that when he’d told the volunteer that he’d seen a ghost, he had been lying - it was actually a corpse he looked at.

It wasn’t the corpse John had seen on occasion around London – a sudden turn, and he’d be face-to-face with Sherlock’s snow white face, blood smeared from the crown of his head down his cold, sharp cheeks. This corpse was different: Sherlock’s skin was red where it had been left out under the unforgiving sun, peeling away in places, and to try and take stock of his injuries was no easy task. The number of cuts and bruises Sherlock possessed were too high for John to want to think about, and the sight of his leg (bloodied bone coated in sand; loose, jagged hangs of flesh) was one that made the seasoned doctor nearly ill.

Why now? What would possess his mind to invent such a torturous image for him now? It wasn’t fair – Sherlock was long dead. John had confirmed that himself, two fingers desperately seeking a pulse despite what he already knew.

“What are we going to do?” The volunteer, Maria, asks. She is not a trained professional – far from it. The reason they had established this clinic was simply to provide sexual education to those of age, and vaccinations to improve the quality of life for many children. They had had their fair share of people requiring medical attention, all of which fell to the handful of doctors on board for this mission. Maria herself was simply an educator caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and left to look upon the mutilated corpse bought to them.

“Bury him?” John replies, defensively sarcastic, carefully approaching the figure lying on the hard stretcher. It is so visibly Sherlock, despite the burnt colour and swelling in his face. His hair has grown out, but is now matted with blood, dirt, and twigs. As John comes closer, his fingers extended towards Sherlock’s hand – only to pull back. In place of those long, elegant, violinist fingers, there are bloodied stubs. Sherlock’s entire hand – both of them, a quick look verifies – has swollen to grotesque size, and rope burn around his wrists explain why.

Maria hovers behind him. “He’s alive.” Her voice is frantic. “We have to do something.”

John wants to laugh at her. How could a man like this survive such torture – especially after jumping from the roof of a building had killed him years ago.

It is with a sense of déjà vu and, perhaps, a touch of trepidation, that John reaches out to check Sherlock’s pulse. He already knew what he would find – absolute nothingness, as he had done that agonizing day at the foot of St Barts. Then, he had had hope. Now John simply felt ill. He wanted it to end for good.

Then he could stop being haunted everywhere he went.

Beneath John’s fingers was a frantic pulse, beating faster than it had any right to – as if it was making up for lost time.

There would be time for shock later. John’s hand moved from wrist to throat, and again sought out a pulse. It was there. It wasn’t a trick of the mind, but Sherlock Holmes actually alive beneath his hands.

Though not for long, if John continues to delay.

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