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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Re: PROMPT FILL: Clench Your Fists 2/3 (TW: Violence)

‘I lied about your brother,’ Sherlock said, loudly enough for everybody in the room to hear. The bald man stopped in his tracks, swung on his heel, stared at Sherlock.
‘Say that again.’
‘I lied about your brother,’ Sherlock repeated calmly, though his heart felt as though it wanted to beat out of his chest. ‘To Scotland Yard, that is. I did not particularly like him, so I may have slightly exaggerated certain crimes.’
‘Sherlock, don’t,’ John muttered quietly, angrily.
‘Your brother was your source of money, was he not?’ Sherlock said, grin turning slightly manic as the bald man continued to advance. ‘And now –’
The barb he had been about to make was cut short by a heavy, well-practised blow to his jaw. Stifling a gasp, Sherlock fell back, unbalanced without his hands in use. His head knocked, hard, against the wall behind him, and he dimly heard John crying out his name. He clenched his eyes shut against the second wave of blinding pain, then opened them again, smiling slowly at his attacker.
‘And now,’ he said, spitting out blood caused by a broken tooth, ‘you have nothing, do you? That’s why you bothered to kidnap me. You have me to thank for that. Your brother is in prison for ten years longer than he should be. All because of me.’
The man was ridiculously easy to bait, Sherlock thought faintly as he endured another blow to his face, nearer to his eye this time. He hoped he didn’t go for his nose.
‘Sherlock, stop,’ John muttered, almost too quietly for Sherlock to hear him. Sherlock didn’t listen. John didn’t understand. Sherlock was doing this for him. To help him. He couldn’t stop. Not until he could be sure John was safe.
Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew it was illogical; John had had combat training, knew how to take a blow better than Sherlock ever could. But Sherlock refused to see him hurt. It pained him more than the punches to his face.
He could bear it.
Sherlock’s mouth was slowly filling with more blood and his sight progressively becoming blurrier due to the bruising around his eyes. His body was attempting to pass out from the pain, but he forced himself to stay conscious; there was still the chance of them turning to John if Sherlock became boring to them.
The next blow was a kick, aimed at his stomach. This time Sherlock couldn’t hold back a small cry; his stomach was all soft flesh and vulnerable organs, and it was far more painful than just skin and bone. The bald man let out a laugh at Sherlock’s discomfort and kicked him again, harder this time. He moaned louder this time, knowing it’d encourage the man to carry on. In the distance, he could hear the other two kidnappers in the room chuckling to themselves, and he was fairly certain he could hear John’s voice plaintively whispering ‘Sherlock’.
‘Pull him up,’ one of the men guarding the door said, humour and malice in his tone. ‘I want to see him.’
Sherlock felt stubby, rough fingers tangling in his hair before he was pulled unceremoniously from the floor onto his knees, and without the hand in his hair he wouldn’t have been able to stay up. He ached from head to toe, shivering in sporadic bursts, breath coming hard and fast.
John. It’s for John.
When his stomach was kicked again, this time by one of the brothers who had been standing guard, and Sherlock felt tears spring to his eyes which he tried valiantly to force down. In this position, he couldn’t curl into himself to ease the pain a little, and the hand in his hair tugged and tugged and he was so close to unconsciousness but he couldn’t, not until he knew John would be safe, not until –
‘Spit on him.’
‘Seriously, Jack?’
‘C’mon. He’s an asshole. Do it.’
Sherlock closed his eyes, embarrassment curling low in his gut as his head was yanked further back, face pointing to the ceiling. It seemed idiotic to be embarrassed in a time like this, but he couldn’t control the feeling. It only intensified as he heard the noise of the man spitting and, a split second later, the feeling of liquid moving down his face and into his mouth. Sherlock barely avoided gagging.

Re: PROMPT FILL: Clench Your Fists 3/3 (TW: Violence)

The grip on his head loosened, and he dropped his chin to his chest, swaying on his place at his knees before he leaned on the first solid surface he could find, which – he was horrified to notice – was the leg of the bald man. He tried to move, but the man’s hand gripped his hair again, tugged his head up, grinned at him.
‘You’re gonna fucking die for what you did to our brother,’ he growled, spitting again. Sherlock barely closed his eyes in time, and this time he did gag, curling over despite the intense pressure on his head keeping him mostly upright.
He couldn’t bear to look at John. The extent to which he would go to keep the man safe scared even himself; and this was the worst so far, on his knees in an empty warehouse, bruised and swollen and bleeding with saliva drying on his face, and yet he knew he wouldn’t take any of it back.
It had meant John was safe. Or as safe as he could be in the situation. And that was all that he needed.
The bald man sent another firm kick to his stomach, letting go of Sherlock’s hair at the same time, and Sherlock went flying back against the wall, knocking his head again.
Then there was nothing but sweet, sweet darkness.

Sherlock slowly drifted into consciousness to the sound of beeping. Wonderful. A hospital, then.
The only solace was a strong hand gripping his which he immediately recognised as John’s. Smiling a little, he tried to open his eyes, but couldn’t accomplish very much. He frowned.
‘Yeah, you’ll find when you goad hardened criminals into beating you up, they won’t go lightly on you.’ There was anger in John’s tone, definitely, but it was mostly relieved. Sherlock tried harder to open his eyes, and managed a little more this time so he could look blurrily at John.
‘I did it for you,’ he said, rather stupidly, he thought. John chuckled quietly.
‘I know. You’re a fucking idiot.’
‘I know.’
A rustle, and the blur that was John Watson moved forward and pressed a kiss to Sherlock’s cheek. ‘Lestrade found us just after you passed out. Mycroft was there too.’
Sherlock grunted.
‘Next time, you don’t like to try and get them off my back, okay? I can handle myself just fine.’
‘Of course, John,’ Sherlock lied. John sighed.
‘You know that I know you love me, right? And that you don’t have to prove it?’
Sherlock stared at him. Or, well, squinted. ‘I was not attempting to prove anything to you, John. I wanted you to be unharmed. How could you –’
‘No, okay, it’s okay, I didn’t think so. I just wanted to make sure.’
‘Well, be sure, then,’ Sherlock said with a decisive sniff. John let out a laugh.
‘I love you.’
‘Obvious.’ I love you too. Sherlock reached for John’s hand again, and John grasped it tightly and moved the chair closer to the bed.
‘Go back to sleep, you twit. You were only out for a few hours . I don’t know how you’re not concussed.’
‘I think I am,’ Sherlock said, fighting a yawn. ‘You don’t have to stay.’ I want you to stay.
‘I know I don’t.’ John squeezed his hand, pressed a kiss to it. ‘Go to sleep.’

Re: PROMPT FILL: Clench Your Fists 3/3 (TW: Violence)

Ugh, the italics didn't carry through. Sorry, I'm still new to livejournal! Anyway, I hope this is something similar to what you were imagining. :)

Re: PROMPT FILL: Clench Your Fists 3/3 (TW: Violence)

It was great! Thank you so much! Made my day to get up to this in my inbox today :-D

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