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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Believe 3/3

When Mycroft is twenty-seven, he missed two important phone calls and a meeting for the first time since Sherlock first overdosed and he ran out of the room, politics
be damned. That was over a year ago. Something was wrong.

He brushes off the curious look from one of his office staff, and eventually finds her on the roof. She is swaying with the breeze, eyes glazed over and staring into nothing as the sun sets.

Mycroft does not ask if she is alright. It is obvious that she is not, but he does not know what he can do and so he stands with her as she looks at something he cannot see.

It's not until she falls in a crumpled heap that he realizes. She was staring in the direction of the lake.

He calls for a car and picks her up, thankful that everybody in the building knew better than to question him when he was walking with a purpose, even if he did have an unconscious woman in his arms.

By the time they reach the shore of the lake, the sun had mostly set and she was as pale as the fog itself. He sets her down on the edge, not quite in the lake but not quite out of it. She barely has time to shiver before she fades into the fog.

Mycroft stands alone for a long time, the cold water ruining his exquisitely polished Italian leather shoes.

A few weeks later, Mycroft fires his third replacement assistant and downs a glass of scotch so quickly it burns.


"I need you." He says into the fog. It is no passionate declaration or desperate plea. It is simply the truth.

Relations with China have been rocky for weeks now. Mycroft himself has not slept in days. He cannot remember feeling this tired since before her. Running a country is really too much for one person, even Mycroft Holmes.

"I believe," he whispers. He feels a bit silly, the British Government believing in fairies and whispering childish promises into the fog. But, if he thinks about it, fairy or not he believes in her.

He says nothing else. He doesn't even have a name to call.


The next morning she is at her desk as if she never left, Blackberry in hand no doubt firing off commands that will put the country back in line.

She was away from home too long, she says. She'll have to go back sometimes, but she knows she is needed here.

Mycroft smiles his first true smile in months. And if his eyes were a little too moist, neither of them ever mentioned it.

Within a week, China backed off and Mycroft finally manages to get a good night's sleep.


When Mycroft is twenty-nine, he manages to tactfully avoid nuclear war with North Korea. Again. He also managed to steer Sherlock into a hobby that was not drugs, provided that certain detective can keep a promise and not kick Sherlock off all his crime scenes. Mycroft counts the two victories as equal.

He wakes up rested after the tense negotiations the night before to the sound of birds and the warmth of spring.

He picks up the phone and sends a text.

Cancel all of my appointments today, but have a car ready. - MH

He had promised her a picnic.

Re: Believe 3/3


Not what I was expecting, but that was very sweet and beautiful, anon :)

Thank you :D

Re: Believe 3/3

I absolutely love this. Fantastic. <3

Re: Believe 3/3

Wow, I had missed this until someone commented and it came up on my email feed. This is gorgeous. And I also love connecting it with Barrie and Peter Pan because of his friendship with ACD and their interest in fairies, so it gives it this added dimension.
Thank you!

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