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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (2b/?)

thanks! :) i can't wait to get more up, work schedule allowing

A bit more than the ol' slap n' tickle

John spanking Lestrade until he whimpers and cries, and then keeps going a bit. Followed by John riding Lestrade's cock.

100% consensual.

Gerald's game

What I would really love to see is a Sherlock version of Stephen King's Gerald's Game.
I am not really picky about how they actually get into the same situation -if it actually develops from a sexual game gone wrong or if it happens during a case investigation, or whatever. That would be up to the filler. Also, not picky about who is in it, but it would really, really make me happy if it is Sherlock in Jessie's place (hallucinations and all)

Sherlock was born outside of England (kidnapping, possible rape/torture)

Sherlock's mother was a diplomat/ someone of high enough rank that she often traveled /just unfortunate and in the 'wrong place, wrong time'/etc She gets kidnapped for long enough that when she gives birth its somewhere completely unsavory like in the middle of an extended hostage situation or terrorist cell.

Sherlock and her end up staying there for a long while.

The rape comes in with this:
Mrs. Holmes was raped in captivity which is how Sherlock ended up being born.

+5 This all comes to light some years later during a case.

Sherlock is colourblind

I'd like to see a fic in wich Sherlock is colourblind and nobody knows until on a crimescene he somehow manages to make a huge mistake/blunder by not seeing something very obvious. When people start to laugh at him he gets upset, but he's too proud to tell anybody what his problem is. Afterwards John confronts him about it. Maybe some h/c?

Sherlock is colourblind

Sherlock is colourblind. Nobody notices until he accidentally calls a red not the lurid green it actually is. People laugh and try to mock him. Sherlock's response is mature and adult understanding that over 1/3 of all men are colourblind.

Re: Sherlock is colourblind

Haha I think I'll second this one ;D
Where did you get the idea? XD

With the expectation of riots the met has been shipping uniformed officers in from all over. Most of the volunteers are bully boys who take Anderson and Donavon's trash talk far more seriously than they do.

The bully boys get wound up and decide to teach Sherlock lesson in front of Anderson and Sally. They're ready to get involved when Sherlock starts laughing and verbally castrates each of the bully boys.

Any chance I can get an Adventures of Jim in IT crack/humor? I used to work in IT and I can't imagine him dealing well with some of the calls I got about how to do relatively simple things and the corporate philosophy that "there is no such thing as a stupid question" (however I think Jim and I, on occasion, would agree there is such a thing as a stupid person).

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Re: Jim in IT

Hmm...wasn't there a similar prompt a while back? It's yet to be filled, though.


Con artist John

Might be hard to do in character, but I'd love to see a John/Sherlock AU where John tries to con Sherlock to get at Mycroft's money. Naturally, Sherlock figures it out almost immediately, but decides to go along with it anyway. Because it's Mycroft.

Re: Con artist John

Yes, please!

I need a body-swap fic, please...

But not your standard body-swap. No, I need one where Sherlock gets switched with Anderson. How it happens/gets resolved is up to you.

Bonus points for:
- Sherlock discovering that Anderson has an unusual or interesting hobby (that is, one Sherlock himself finds interesting)
- Anderson portrayed as an actual person, even if he is kind of a resentful jerk
- Lestrade demonstrating far more glee than sympathy
- The swap leading John and Sherlock to figure out how they feel about one another

Gen/friendship isn't a dealbreaker, for all I prefer slash -- basically, as long as there's the swap and a good dose of humor from the results, I'll be happy. Thanks!

Johncroft arranged marriage

You know how two people are to be married, and they both hate it at first, but then warm to each other and then (P0RN) live happily ever after? I don't think I've ever seen it happen with John and Mycroft. The one I've seen them together actually ended up Johnlock.

Could I get one where it's played straight with Johncroft? Pretty please?

Re: Johncroft arranged marriage

Yes! Need!

Mycroft/Lestrade - AU, UST

AU where young Mycroft, still fresh on his work at the Government, is framed with murder. Apparently someone up in the chain food messed up and their solution is to frame the new "naive" and young employee who doesn't have a built up career to loose.

DI Lestrade is assigned to the case. At first he really believes that Mycroft is guilty but after hearing Mycroft pledge for his innocence, he re-examines the evidence and finds out that maybe Mycroft's telling the truth.

The main evidence gets invalidated, so Mycroft gets a free pass out of jail. Since Lestrade won't let him help in the investigation (for obvious reasons), he starts to investigate on his own but there are people watching him and a hired killer tries to take his life. Instead of going to the police, Mycroft calls Lestrade who finally gives in.

As Lestrade and Mycroft work together in secret and start to go deeper in the investigation, the more dangerous it gets and the more they are aware of how attracted they are to each other.

I want a lot of UST between young Mycroft, who's very charming and smart, and DI Lestrade, who's almost getting married and trying to resist him.

Bonus if they shag at a cheap motel while in hiding for one of their secret meetings.

Feel free to tweak a few things on the prompt to make it more believable.

tl;dr AU where young worker Mycroft is framed for murder and at-first-skeptical!Lestrade tries to help him clean his name while there's a lot of delicious UST going on between them

Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (2b/?)

Pumped for the next installment!

Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (2b/?)

glad to hear it! :)

Prompt: Sherlock is made John's servant/slave

Through circumstances up to your imagination, Sherlock is given to John (who is in a position on power, such as a king, a sultan, etc) as a servant/slave.
He is ordered around and humiliated
Top!John, Bottom!Sherlock
jealousy from either party
Eventually, John and Sherlock develop strong feelings for each other
Love to see Sherlock as strong, smart and independent as he is in humiliating circumstances, and compliant with it.

Re: Prompt: Sherlock is made John's servant/slave

forgot to mention:
no dark!fic
no incest
no Mpreg
no gender switch
BDSM is ok

thank you!

Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (2b/?)


Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (2b/?)

thank you so much! <3