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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Victor Trevor was Sherlock's only friend before John.

When Sherlock got too into drugs, however, Victor 'broke up' with him (whatever their relationship), and Sherlock hasn't seen him since.

But now, while struggling with being away from John and trying to destroy Moriarty's web, Sherlock finds out Victor's real name: Sebastian Moran.

(tldr: Victor Trevor = Sebastian Moran. Go with it in any way you see fit, basically, everything else is just suggestions)

Triggers for disordered eating

Sherlock can't work with food in his stomach. It slows him down and makes his thinking slower, muddier than when his stomach is empty.

John rolls his eyes at any of these explanations, and has spent the last few months making sure Sherlock eats something everyday, even if he has to practically force him.

Sherlock finally stopped protesting and started eating to appease John, finding a solution that he thinks works for both of them: he eats with John, then clears his mind (and body) by making himself vomit.

Needless to say, when John finally finds out what he's been doing, he is Not Happy.

Re: Triggers for disordered eating

What's scary is that the writers can make this canon cause it really fits Sherlock's Personality. i totally second this

Greg & Mycroft, pre-Sherlock

Greg knew Mycroft before he knew Sherlock, and first let Sherlock consult as a favour for Mycroft? Favour for a friend/favour for a useful contact/pressure from senior government official - I'd just like to see how Greg and Mycroft met, and how that led to Sherlock's consulting career.


Two dangerous men in suits, I think sparks would fly!

Re: Bond/Mycroft


Multiple orgasms - voyeur!Sherlock is intrigued

John starts dating Molly Hooper and off-handedly mentions during a guys' night that she's the most responsive lover he's ever had. Sherlock overhears this and is intrigued.

Cue him letting John believe that he's out of Baker Street one night so John will take Molly to his. Sherlock returns once the actions started and observes. A lot. With action commencing in his pants.

Really I just want FantasticLover!John, Intrigued!Sherlock, and Molly coming her brains out.

Re: Multiple orgasms - voyeur!Sherlock is intrigued

omg. I...I really need this in my life. Nnngh.

so you know, seconded.

The Double Bluff, warnings: child abuse, abused child being called a liar

Sherlock, for the purposes of a case, reveals that he was abused as a child. Details and type of abuse up to you. People react. It's awkward and uncomfortable but the case is solved.

Then, afterwards, he reveals that he lied, that it was just for the case. He expects for things to return to normal after that. Donovan will call him a freak, John will roll his eyes and maybe give a lecture on appropriate behavior, and in the end it will be normal again.

Except no one believes him. About lying. After all, who should believe a self-confessed liar when he says he's lying? So whatever he says and however he explains it, everyone insists on continuing to believe he was abused as a child.

It's not fair. The first time around when he told about the actual abuse, when Mycroft refused to believe it had happened and made him tell everyone he was lying, then no one had any trouble believing it was a lie.

Please no graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. Other than that, take this prompt wherever you like.

Re: The Double Bluff, warnings: child abuse, abused child being called a liar

I really want this... would prefer non-graphic sexual abuse (I am not OP)and I could see how Sherlock would react negatively to what he would see as pity and thoughts that that is why he is so detatched and an "explanation" of why he is like he is... and then choose to call it a lie to preserve his sense of self.

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Hamish takes after Sherlock a bit too much

In all the Parentlock fics I've read, Hamish always seems to get the best of both world. He gets Sherlock's brains while still managing to be sweet and cuddlely (and a bit weird) like John.

So here's my question... What would John and Sherlock's reaction be if Hamish took after Sherlock a bit more? Distant, aloof, possibly verging on being downright cold. What do they do when those first letters start to come in from concerned teachers?

I'd prefer this to be in some kind of mpreg-verse with John as the "mother" but I'd be just as happy with an adoption or surrogate mother as well. I'll take what I can get ;)

And I'll be perfectly happy if you decide to give it a happy ending and say that Hamish just heard someone mention sociopathy in relation to his father and decided that (in order to be just like him) he'd be one as well.

Or not.

I'll be happy either way :D

Re: Hamish takes after Sherlock a bit too much

Love this idea! Would Sherlock be a good parent because he understands his strange offspring better than others or worse because he really doesn't understand some basic childhood needs like attention just for the sake of it?

Sherlock is mistaken for a rentboy by someone because obviously John would never be able to get with a guy like him if he wasn't.

Preferably someone who works with John at the hospital.
Bonus- John is unaware of the rumours at work until Sherlock comes to visit him one day.

Yesyesyesyesyes!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaase

Mystrade: first blowjob

Even if Mycroft hadn't already known that Greg didn't have much experience with men prior to meeting him, his attempt at sucking off Mycroft would have made it obvious.

To put it kindly, Mycroft's had a lot better blowjobs, and only some by professionals, but it's hard to be objective when the man who's slobbering all over your dick is trying so hard, just because he loves you.

tl;dr, Lestrade is a n00b when it comes to gay sex, but Mycroft does his best to alleviate any awkwardness because of ~feelings~.

Re: Mystrade: first blowjob

Yes, please!

Mycroft says "First". Indeed!

Lyric Prompt

"I'm an angel with a shotgun,
fighting til' the wars won,
I don't care if heaven won't take me back."

- Angel With a Shotgun, by The Cab

I thought of John, post-Reichenbach, fighting the rest of the world with whatever he's got.

John/Sherlock, possible John/Irene and/or Sherlock/Irene, watersports

John has a watersports fetish. Not a little one, either. He loves it when sex is messy and full of fluids. He especially likes being the one to piss on his partner, preferring it over the reverse.

But he still wants, you know, an actual relationship. He won't go to fetish bars or fetish dating sites because he's convinced the best way to start is by connecting with a person intellectually, then getting into the emotional part, then the sexual — so it always comes out last. And, unfortunately, he doesn't have a great deal of success in meeting someone who just so happens to be into the same kink. Some — Sarah, in particular — gave it a good go, but it just didn't work. He can even cut out the watersports, if he has to, but once they know — and he always tells them — things never seem quite the same. And there were other reasons for breakups, too, of course... he DOES live with Sherlock, after all.

Eventually, it somehow comes up in a conversation that Sherlock thinks they'd work well together as a couple. He's not PROPOSING it, exactly, but he thinks that if they were together, it would be a successful relationship. And that he wouldn't be bothered by the watersports thing.

As it turns out, he's right, and he can fulfill all of John's dirtiest desires.

BONUS for any involvement of Irene: John going to her to indulge a little, or Irene pushing the two together, or instructing Sherlock in the ways of sex, or even becoming a third for them (even if only occasional, if she has to go on the run again).

Sally as Javert

Just saw Les Mis and I don't know how I want this fic written, all I know is that I want it now.

Mycroft/Moriarty/Lestrade/Moran. Noncon/dubcon ? maybe


Moriarty and Moran make Mycroft and Lestrade their entertainment whether its fuck or die or playing them against each other. Or just using them for what ever they want.

Re: Mycroft/Moriarty/Lestrade/Moran. Noncon/dubcon ? maybe

Dear God, so many possibilities! And so much rare-pair potential...

+ 1000

Sherlock grew up travelling abroad with his parents (and Mycroft).
Because of this he learnt to speak various languages but had trouble fitting in and making friends (as his family were on the move so often). Sherlock returned to England for uni and ended up staying put and meeting John.

Mummy and Daddy stop in for a visit (maybe to see their new son in law?) and are not what John was expecting at all.

Stereotypes and stereotypical scene - dubcon

jock!dark-ish!Greg being in denial about having a crush over nerd!Mycroft and consequently abusing him in his team locker room.

Bonus if Mycroft actually planned the whole thing. also, a little bit of breathplay/choking too but no D/s