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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Sherlocks never had Spicy food for one reason or another,(i typically blame mycroft) so when john decides to bring some really spicy food home (i'm talking dear sweet jesus who lit my tongue on fire hot and spicy), Sherlock decides to try some in the name of science!
...I think we all know this will end!
Up to you what the food of choice is, just so long as it is hot&spicy as hell.

Bonus if this is included:
"Dear lord John what possesses you to eat these monstrosities?!"
"Oh please Sherlock it's no different than Indian curry"
"...You are a horrible liar John Watson."

Sherlock/John frottage, clothed sex

John is doing the washing-up (or something else at the kitchen counter) and Sherlock is behind him, hands in John's trousers and touching John's cock through the fabric. John's hands are busy or dirty and in this position he can't do much anyway, except surrender to pleasure.

I hope this will inspire someone to write a smutty fill.

Re: Sherlock/John frottage, clothed sex

Yay! I like this!

Sherlock is only a virgin because having sex by yourself (or using toys) doesn't really count. When he an John finally get together John is surprised to find that Sherlock is somewhat of an expert in the bedroom department.(Except for his blowjobs obviously).

Seconding so hard. Virginity does not necessarily mean inexperience.

Sherlock has an embarrassing injury, dr.John helps

After a case, Sherlock comes home with a rather embarrassing injury, uhum...down there, but he's to proud/afraid to tell John. Of course our doctor finds out, and takes care of it. Afterwards he reassures Sherlock that he will never be disgusted by him and whatever it is, he can always tell him.

Preferably no slash, just some hurt/comfort please XD
I mean, slash is ok with me but the focus should be on the injury.

Edited at 2013-01-04 10:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Sherlock has an embarrassing injury, dr.John helps

Love this prompt, need it like burning!

Sherlock is depressed at the end of a Scandal in Belgravia because he realises that the only people who have ever loved him have been seriously messed up.

(Alternatly he is depressed because he realises that the only person who has ever loved him is Irene)

Seconded! I love SiB fics where Sherlock's reaction at the end isnt because he loved Irene, but because he sees a defect within himself.

Sherlock and John piss about with Mycroft's surveillance. TW for references to manipulation

Sherlock and John are a bit sick of having no privacy. They decide to mislead Mycroft's devices.

Whether that's by pretending they're in a relationship when they aren't, or pretending they're close to breaking up when they're actually really happy together, or pretending they have Traditions that are fabricated ("It's Fort Day, Sherlock!"), or...

Alternatively, but in the same vein, you could have them being SERIOUSLY hacked off at something Mycroft's done. You could have them deciding to teach him how it feels to be powerless to change things. They pretend to be developing into an abusive relationship. And Mycroft can't do a blind thing without giving away that he's bugged the place. Up to you how this one ends.

Re: Sherlock and John piss about with Mycroft's surveillance. TW for references to manipulation

Loe this. My headcanon is they have messed with the concept of knowing Mycroft is watching in many ways.

Irene Adler/Sherlock: On a Leash

In the middle of blackmailing Mycroft, Adler mentions that she "really should keep [Sherlock] on a leash". So she adds that to her list of conditions, in an alternate timeline where she managed the blackmail successfully and his name is not the password to her phone or something.

Possibly a dub-con warning, as I don't think he'd be happy about being blackmailed into the whole thing. But he should come to enjoy it as much as she does, given time.

Re: Irene Adler/Sherlock: On a Leash

This is brilliant!

Yes to this!

Bee Movie (Humor)

We all know Sherlock is fascinated with bees. One night, while bored, Sherlock stumbles across the Bee Movie (that DreamWorks cartoon.) He watches it with John. Have him react however you want(:

Re: Bee Movie (Humor)

Hhahaha! Yes!!
I think my reaction was something like "I didn't know all bees are Jewish"- I am dying to get a Sherlock take on this movie.

Moriarty/John amnesia obsession dubious consent

Ok, so I'm new to this fandom and have this half-baked idea formed in my head that's a little all over the place sooo....

Anyway, I've seen at least one fic where Jim gets amnesia so far, but what if John gets it?

Jim has been obsessed with John for a long time, but when the latter gets a serious head injury and loses his memory, he finally feels like it's his time to move in on his beloved. Everything is really sweet and lovely to begin with, since John knows nothing about his criminal background and everything and Jim does want to impress him.

Until he starts noticing Jim acting very strange--possessive, paranoid, creepy, etc. which leads him to start having strange dreams/flashbacks...

All I ask, O ye anons, is the line, "Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me", uttered in an erotic context.

Re: Blasphemy porn

Well, it's done. :)

It's longer than expected, but it's definitely uttered in an erotic context. A deeply blasphemous erotic context. I'm looking for a beta at the moment, I'll post a link to AO3 when it's up. :)

Here's a little teaser

The only thing that surprised John was how long it took Sherlock to find out.

It had been a nagging worry occasaionlly when he'd wanked off in his own bed, before they became intimate. It would have been just like Sherlock to barge in at the wrong moment.


John's hand glided over his erection, eyes closed as he whispered to himself. "Happy are they who have not walked in the counsel of the wicked." Giving the head of his cock a slight twist on the upstroke when he said wicked. "Nor lingered in the way of sinners," his hand speeding up, fist tightening. "Nor sat in the seats of the scornful!" John gasping as he came. "The Psalter. Psalm 1, verse 1," He gasped out as he milked the last few dregs of semen from his softening cock.


Thankfully, he'd avoided that for months and his little kink went undetected. None of his girlfriends had reason to suspect. It wasn't as if he began quoting the Book of Common Prayer during coitus. Religious symbolism did nothing for him, thankfully. Though it had made hiding his porn easier in Afghanistan. Everyone else had playboys and nudie pictures printed off the internet. No one suspected that John read scripture to wank.

He wasn't entirely sure how it had started, though he had a few memories that might explain it.


John's family's pew was just behind the Morstans, and John's seat was concequently just behind Mary Morstan's. For three years he watched her as he prayed, his mind wandering during the sermons, imaginging Mary's inky black curls against his hands. Wondering how her full lips would feel against his own. All of this coinciding with his body's maturation. He began getting erections in church.

First he assumed it was because of his wandering thoughts about Mary. Then he went to a wedding with his family. Mary wasn't there, and he was seated behind a woman with an unfortunate looking growth on the back of her neck. He couldn't even think of Mary to banish the image before him. But during the service before the wedding, John still had an erection.


Once he and Sherlock become more than friends and flatmates, and Sherlock had moved his things into John's room upstairs, there really hadn't been any reason to wank. During cases, John was too intent on the case itself to really need to wank, or too exhausted form keeping up with Sherlock to care. And when there was no case, sex was a fantastic way to kill the boredom for a few hours.

As it always did, of course, John Watson's luck finally ran out. Sherlock took a case in a church.

The source was a bit unusual. It wasn't any of the main three – Lestrade and the rest of the Yard; Sherlock's website; John's website.

"I met Reverend Kelly through the homeless network," Sherlock explained on the cab over.

"I can't imagine what kind of church would need a detective," John admitted, concentrating on breathing normally – there was no reason to assume they'd be listening to any sort of sermon or anything for the case. Just because the client was a reverend, doesn't mean it's to do with the church.

"Someone's been stealing from the collection plate."

"Sure it wasn't one of the officials? I read something like that a while back, a deacon skimming off the collection."

"Reverend Kelly thought of that, but she suspects someone is physically taking money from the plate as it's being passed around. Unfortunately given the nature of her parishioners, it's difficult to see who's doing it – no one sits in the same places all the time. She just knows that she'll see a large amount of bills at one moment, but then a few minutes later, not may bills at all."

"Alright. Uhm, how are you planning to solve this one? Finger print the money? Some kind of dye?"

Sherlock gave him a withering look and John rolled his eyes, knowing the answer would be forth coming now. He didn't mind looking foolish if it got Sherlock to hurry up already with the explainations. "We're going to watch the sermons. You don't have a problem with church, do you?"

"No. No problem at all."

OP here

Hey guys, OP here.

Whew, lots of comments.

Okay, first off, thank you anon for your kind note. I am being entirely serious- it’s flattering that a complete stranger would look to help me out like that.

As for the fill- I am genuinely sorry you did not like it. I try to write things that will appeal to as many people as possible, while keeping in mind that it will not please everyone. That being said, thank you for the interest but if you don’t like the prompt (or the way it was prompted) then you are encouraged to scroll down. I didn’t take anything away from anyone by posting a fleshed out prompt. I believe this meme encourages people to read/prompt/fill what they like (within the guidelines) and while I’m sorry you did not like MY prompt, there are obviously many other people that post one or two lines and give the filler “more to work with” (as you prefer.) I understand that my prompts are “less attractive” to fillers but I’m not taking anything away or hurting anyone else or their work by posting.

It was never, EVER my intention to be insulting or degrading. To the people that I’ve offended- I sincerely apologize. The specifics of “Sam’s” coping were never stated to be a cure all. About the “high functioning” thing, I chose to use it because it’s something that everyone can understand because most people don’t know the specifics of autism. I didn’t mean for it to cause offence but I do realize not everyone likes using it, and I’m sorry if my using offended/upset you in any way.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has enjoyed/seconded this post and I truly appreciate your support. You guys are priceless! :) Cheers.

Johnlock S/J/? threesome - TW: underage, dubcon, etc.

TW: almost underage, possible Omegaverse, non-con so on, etc.

(Setup/reasoning is filler's discretion, but in my head it goes something like this:) John has not yet presented as either an Alpha or an Omega. One way to determine which he will present as, as well as possibly forcing his body to present, is sex.

To determine if he's going to be Alpha or Omega, it has to be determined if he likes topping or bottoming better. However, one cannot be done before the other, as this would skew the results. So what's typical in this situation is for the non-presented person to engage in a threesome: simultaneously taking and being taken.

For Reasons, John's family sets it up so that the person John fucks is Sherlock. He and Sherlock are (as always) deeply in love, perhaps in a stable and established romantic relationship; however, they've never had penetrative sex. The person who fucks John is older and more experienced (Lestrade would be okay, so would an OMC, but please no Mycroft, Moriarty, Moran, or other siblings/bad guys).

So Sherlock is laid out on a bed (possibly tied down), spread, and opened. John's cock is positioned at his entrance, and The Other Man pushes him in. Then, as Sherlock and John stare at each other, The Other Man preps John, shoves his own cock in, and has at him.

Bonus points:
- The Other Man is TOTALLY driving
- Sometimes The Other Man holds John's hips steady against Sherlock's while he pounds into him; sometimes he keeps John's hips pulled against his own, controlling the pace as he makes John pound into Sherlock.
- Sherlock is hard, and John tries to get him off. The Other Man's reaction to this up to filler.
- If, at any point during this whole thing, John and Sherlock kiss
- This is pretty much typical in society

TL;DR: John fucking and being fucked. almost!underage Sherlock is on his back, almost!underage John inside him. Another man is inside John, having his merry way with him.

Re: Johnlock S/J/? threesome - TW: underage, dubcon, etc.

Wow! No idea I wanted this but... ummmm. Yeah. Really really want this.

Johnlock daddy!kink

Sherlock calls John daddy during sex!
bonus cakes/points for face fucking.

Will give you desserts in exchange.

Edited at 2013-01-05 12:05 pm (UTC)

Re: Johnlock daddy!kink

Please. Someone PLEASE fill this. There are not enough of these.

John thinks Sherlock is a virgin. Sherlock thinks John's never been with a man.

John and Sherlock are just starting out as a couple, and it's getting into some quite physical territory. John notices that Sherlock's a bit hesitant about... erm, intimate touching, and so he slows down his advances. He's insanely turned on by the idea that Sherlock's a virgin, but the last thing he wants to do is scare him off.

Sherlock was a bit hesitant because he was trying to take it slow. You see, Sherlock thinks John's never been with a man, and as hot as that idea is, the last thing he wants to do is scare him off.

So they have their first time both treating each other gently and carefully, and it's the best either has ever had.

Gentleness is my kink, meme. I humbly ask you to fulfil it.

Re: John thinks Sherlock is a virgin. Sherlock thinks John's never been with a man.

Seconded like mad!

Sherlock/OFC, Sherlock/OFC/john voice kink, light bdsm

Sherlock's been doing an experiment to determine what stimulus will drive a woman to orgasm the fastest. He's tried every method except talking them to orgasm.

Personally speaking i just want OFC tied, spread eagled to a bed naked, blindfolded and gagged with nothing but Sherlock's voice as a stimulant. Because dear GOD that voice of his is like sin wrapped in chocolate!!

+10000000 if Sherlock gets John to join in and it turns into a threesome.

Re: Sherlock/OFC, Sherlock/OFC/john voice kink, light bdsm

^Seconded. Sounds delicious!