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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Re: Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 1d)

Oh, this is going to be fabulous. Hehehe. Plot away, Sherlock. Plot away!

Re: Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 1d)

Hah! I don't think it's physically possible for him not to plot away! A natural reflex for him.

Repromt from part iii

"Mycroft's new PA is a cute gay guy (idk, Anthea must go on vacation sometimes?) who, unlike Anthea, is receptive to John's flirting.

Sherlock is not amused~"

This NEEDS to be filled!

Re: Repromt from part iii


Re: Repromt from part iii (Anonymous) Expand

Molly's exceptional gift for faking deaths

Sherlock knew Molly could help him fake his death...because he realized that Molly helped Irene Adler fake her death.

Molly and Irene were flatmates at uni but hadn't spoken in years. But Molly is unflinchingly loyal so when Irene asked her for help, she stepped up. Irene failed to mention that this would trigger calls to Mycroft and Sherlock, but she was confident that Molly was good enough to fool them.

Gen/friendship fic is fine, pairings ok too. (Sherlock/Molly? Sherlock/Irene? Past or current Irene/Molly?)

Sherlock and John are in a new relationship, and still working out all the kinks (so to speak). Or, trying to - it's rather difficult because anytime John tries to discuss anything serious with Sherlock, Sherlock panics and verbally attacks him before fleeing.

Anything with this idea in it - a scene, some angst, h/c, anything. Thanks!


All the Kings Horses (prologue)

Greg Lestrade had known many an addict. It was a point of near personal pride, mixed with shame that he was proud of such a thing, that Sherlock had never known that he, himself, was once an addict. Not the nicotine. Not the bottle of wine or too many pints, but opiates that he knew Sherlock had never dabbled in. While cocaine and morphine had their draws, Lestrades "hard" drug of choice was one that Sherlock himself never dared to touch.

It was odd really. For all of Sherlock's rapid deductions, his near telapathic knowledge, he really only knew what people were. He could sputter off that someone owned three cats, was a gardner, had an affair, was a doctor, had a many facts. But that is what they were.


He never knew, truly, who a person was. Lestrade knew that Sherlock's decleration of being a 'Sociopath' was a much a lie as it was a truth that if you asked someone to not think of an elephant they couldn't do it.

Lestrade would never be able to look at a man's jacket cuff and be able to infer that he had an infant. He could, however, look into that same man's eyes and know exactly how deep-or shallow-the love for that same infant was.

Sherlock Holmes knew what people were. Lestrade, in his way, knew far more.

So, on the night that it happened, that the piece was pulled and the tower fell...Lestrade was not surprised or shocked. He was prepared. He'd been expecting it.

If only the end result of the thing had not be so tragic. If tragic was even the word to encompass it all.

Re: All the Kings Horses (prologue)

awesome job so far! i can't wait to read more!

Sherlock Meets Greg's Autistic Nephew: Note to OP

Why do you need a fill when you just wrote the entire story yourself? The above could be a drabble. Listen, I know that people really want to see their prompts filled to what they see, but when you get into such detailed specifics where, again, the entire prompt is a fill itself, it makes it almkst impossible to fill.

I have Autism. I am non verbal. I won't get into the whole debate of high functioning (though I know a certain infamous tumblr user who has "autism" who would love to shit all over the usage of that term...for 'reasons'). Or even your very specific method of calming the overstimulated Sam. However, these very specifics are what makes this so hard to fill.

If your prompt had been: "Lestrade's autistic nephew becomes overstimulated, Sherlock stuns everyone by being the only one to know what to do..." Than I would have filled it. It would have taken me time, but I'd have filled it. But again, your prompt is so detailed that it's already a fill. In addition, it does have some possibly troubling aspects to it, in regards to autism/asperger's, that make it even more difficult to realize. In future, try to make your prompt...a prompt instead of a drabble or a prompt that is so specific it's difficult to fill as every writer needs to be able to have a chance to write...not fill in the blanks.

Again, if it had been a sentence or two I would have filled it.

Just some major advice for you and others as I've seen more and more of these prompts that are actually fills and leads to the fact that we are seeing less and less fills on this meme.
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Re: Sherlock Meets Greg's Autistic Nephew: Note to OP

Why do you need to come in and shit all over the OP's prompt when several people have already expressed their interest? Did you just want to dangle the promise of a fill in the OP's face and then take it away again while waving your 100% Genuine Autistic card?

I have some advice for you, too, anon - learn to use your fucking scroll button.
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Belly dancing

I prompted this awhile ago but I still want it. I'd love to read a fic where Sherlock has to go undercover as a male belly dancer (training and all that jazz).

PS:(watch some videos of male belly dancers. You will not be disappointed).

Where has this prompt been all my life? I didn't know my life was incomplete until I saw it. SECONDING WITH THE FORCE OF THE ENTIRE GOLDEN ARMY!

Re: Belly dancing (Anonymous) Expand

Overheard during a road trip

"I only saw the side road and wanted to know where it went!"

"No signal -- we're off the GPS. We're lost."

"We're not lost. It's a road, isn't it? Every road comes out somewhere."

"I am never letting you drive again."

Sherlock/John or gen, knitting

(Stupid prompt is stupid, I know...)

During Sherlock's absence, John is encouraged/told to pick up a hobby. Most don't do it for him, or remind him of Sherlock and kind of lose their joy. (Doesn't haven't to be a full on "WOE, HE IS GONE!" but it's just not as FUN without him there, you know?) Or maybe he has some, but he's on a constant quest to fill time, because there's fucking no one around for him.

So he knits. He knits jumpers for himself, after figures out the basics and does some scarves, etc. Whether the jumpers are horrible or an improvement is up to you.

And then when Sherlock returns, John immediately sets to knitting him his own jumper. Maybe he never thinks he'll wear it or figures at best it'll get thrown at someone, but he does it anyway. (OR he already has it knit and ready when Sherlock shows up — not as something he intended to give, but he knit it for him anyway, because sometimes you do things for people who aren't around because it just makes you feel better.)

Re: Sherlock/John or gen, knitting

I'm all over this! I'm filling it! Wish me luck annon!

Ms. Hudson and Sherlock

The reason why Sherlock really likes ms.Hudson so much, is because of his mother. Things weren't like they were supposed to be in his childhood, and it damaged the bond between his parents and him.

When he meets ms.Hudson, he can't help but feel like that was what his mother was supposed to be like.

Re: Ms. Hudson and Sherlock

Yup. *sniffle* Seconding! ;__;

Vamp!Lock because suddenly this is my thing?

Disclaimer: Generally, as a whole I find vampires to be quite boring on the mythical-creatures-spectrum, even before the whole Twilight rubbish. I also don't like AU either, it's annoying and makes me sadface. I'm currently reassessing my entire existence because I read a fic and everything changed.

This is what I want: John and Vamp!Lock meet however you like as long as it's not toooo far off canon and become friends etc etc and John finds out Sherlock's secret (however you want), and eventually offers to let Sherlock feed on him. It all goes well, John enjoys it because the saliva is a stimulant or relaxant (take your vamp lore pick) and Sherlock's feeling sharper than ever due to the steady supply of human blood, as opposed to coffee. All's happy chappy until eventually John doesn't feel the small amount of fear he felt originally and as such his heart doesn't beat as fast and blood pumps slower and Sherlock is feeding too slowly and finding it less satisfying (like eating once piece of chocolate at a time as opposed to a whole row at once) and decides to speed it up in a different way (HEAVILY IMPLYING SEXUAL STIMULATION RIGHT HERE) It can be a slow build up each time or John doesn't notice because he's so high or he does and just doesn't care, TOTALLY up to filler where it goes from there but I just really want to see this happen!

Thank you so much! It's so heartbreaking, but in a wonderfully painful way.

Thank you for writing and sharing this!

All my love,

Mycroft/Sherlock/Lestrade/John foursome. Anything goes ;)

FILL: A Nice Day At The Beach (1/?)

Mycroft’s naked knees slid on the coarse sand of the deserted Norfolk beach.

“Stop squirming.” He tightened his grip on Sherlock’s hips. The sun glinted pinkly across Sherlock’s back, and Mycroft made a mental note that they’d both need to re-apply sun-cream soon.

“My leg itches,” complained Sherlock. His deep voice was a recent development (one he was inordinately proud of) and seemed at odds with his coltish adolescent body. He raised the binoculars to his eyes to watch the distant birds in a show of apparent disinterest even as his arse canted upwards in mute invitation.

“A not unforeseeable consequence of your hands-on approach to studying insect bites.”

Mycroft lined himself up and pushed in without ceremony. With an audible sigh, Sherlock put down the binoculars and braced himself against the steady rhythm of Mycroft’s thrusts. The silence was broken only by the slap of skin on skin, the buzzing of sand-flies, and the occasional cry from a passing seagull.

The holiday hadn’t got off to a great start. It had taken them a few days to escape the clutches of their parents, then two more to find a suitably remote spot for their frolics. The sex had been awkward and rough at first – desperation after too long without warring with bodies that had grown unaccustomed to such exertions – and they had bickered constantly.

Now Mycroft looked down with satisfaction at Sherlock’s scrawny arse as it accepted the repeated invasions of Mycroft’s well-oiled girth without complaint for the second time that morning. He really did enjoy fucking his brother. Other partners tended to require lots of unnecessary chatter, and were often physically disappointing. Sherlock, however, at the tender age of sixteen was as libidinous as Mycroft, nearly as well-endowed, and shared a view of the world that encompassed very little in the way of arbitrary morals (particularly as they pertained to the abnegation of pleasure).

As Sherlock’s preference was to be fellated after a lengthy fuck, Mycroft was free to please himself. He breathed deeply as he picked up the pace, savouring the tang of sea-salt on his tongue, then gave a few sharp thrusts and came, slamming up against Sherlock’s bony backside as his balls emptied out.

“I feel like I’ve been split in two,” remarked Sherlock as Mycroft carefully pulled out of his brother’s much-abused hole.

Mycroft was about to reply when a voice came from behind them.

“I’m not surprised, with a massive knob like that.”

Sherlock - TW: underaged!!! Jumping to conclusions!

Sherlock is caught with underaged things on his laptop (I'm imagining a drugs bust or... IDK Anderson and Donovan come knocking at the door while Lestrade is catching up with John so he doesn't know wtf just happened and brings him down to the station to clear it up). This causes a HUGE steer , people insulting Sherlock, maybe he gets punched, Lestrade and Dimmock trying to sort things out, John calling Mycroft in...I can just imagine that with how hated Sherlock can be and how serious a crime such a thing is it would probably involving a lot of high emotions and yelling but people wouldn't involve the media because of who Sherlock is.

Mycroft gets called down to settle things and eventually it comes to light that Sherlock is working on a high stakes case and was actually requested by the department (or by a victim or a family member?) and the reason he had anything of such in his laptop was because of the case .

+5 Sherlock realizes people do care for him because some just refused to believe he would have such a thing for anything that wasn't a case.

+10 He is highly insulted over what some people insinuated about him and maybe a bit hurt/completely appalled.

Re: Sherlock - TW: underaged!!! Jumping to conclusions!

Great idea!
I really hope somebody fills this!

Protecting Each Other

John protects Sherlock, we've all seen it. He's shot people for Sherlock and was willing to be blown up by Moriarty if it gave Sherlock a chance to escape.But what we haven't seen is that Sherlock protects John too, just in a different way. Sherlock protects John from John's family. I would love to see John's family coming around when the Doctor is out and Sherlock bluntly telling them to leave and never come around again or he'd kill them/end them/they'd be in some sort of terrible accident.


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