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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Reprompt: Non-Con misunderstanding angst

Sherlock is raped by Moriarty (can be graphic or merely implied, doesn't matter). But it wasn't rough or painful, and in fact, Sherlock 'topped' (i.e. Moriarty rode him). So anyway, after all this John and others find them and see what happened.

enter misunderstanding. First, John and others think it was creepy consensual sex that Sherlock just had with psycho mass murderer. (mega bonus if he and John just entered a relationship and now thinks Sherlock's an adulterer) Second, Sherlock assumes, for whatever reason, that they know everything and just agree with him...that he's a disgusting freak and it was his fault and of course no one would want to touch him, or whatever (the one time he reaches out to john).

then an eerily similar rape happens to another person, man or woman, and for some reason sherlock and john and lestrade and everyone are at the crime scene and someone's trying to help the guy/girl, saying things one would say to someone who survived something like that...and Sherlock is all confused and indignant going 'but you said it was my fault' and the like and at first sounding horribly insensitive towards someone who had just been raped.

someone eventually figures out what really happened (either at that point, or a little later). preferably with an eventual happy ending. End misunderstanding and enter hurt/comforting.

Re: Reprompt: Non-Con misunderstanding angst


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

World of Silence

Mycroft is deaf.

(not as a result of an accident, he's always been deaf)

Want. So bad.

S/J, magic AU

(I just can't get this idea out of my mind ever since I know Benedict plays Smaug...but I'd prefer if it's not actually The Hobbit crossover since I have yet to watch the movie :/)

So there's rumor that a beautiful princess/damsel/girl is captured and guarded by the evil dragon, and John-the-Knight-in-Shining-Armor comes to the rescue.
The catch? The girl is Sherlock in disguise (for a case or whatever, if he's still a detective / or maybe because magic/transformation etc.) and the dragon? Also Sherlock.
What should John do now?

(apologies if this has been prompted before...if so link pls?)

John and the Dragon [1/11]

Hi. I messed with your prompt a little bit but it does include ‘knight’ Watson and ‘Princess Dragon’ Sherlock. Sorry it’s not exactly what you asked for!
PG – Some swearing. Sherlock/John but nothing explicitly acted on.
John isn’t even sure what to make of this ridiculous, ridiculous quest he’s been sent on. Oh sure, join the army, see the world and retire to a farm and a pension that was worth more than most people earned in a life time. That had been before that idiotic jousting incident that had caught him on the shoulder above his shield and somehow left him with a limp. None of the court’s doctors had known what to make of it.

And that had led to, at first, weeks, then months, of sitting around the barracks and watching other soldiers make their way up in the world. The inevitable ‘desk’ promotion had made him the personal bodyguard of the Princess. The Princess who apparently never left her room or attended any kind of function. There were even rumours she didn’t exist.

So John spent a few months sat outside a door that no one entered, no one left, feeling like he’d been squirrelled away where no one could see him.

Then Prince Mycroft had found him one day, sat up there idly sharpening a sword that hadn’t seen use in almost a year, even on the practise grounds.

“You know there is nothing beyond that door, yet still you guard it,” Mycroft said, all half-disguised smirk and undisguised airs.

“Well, one day the Princess might be behind it,” John reasoned, shrugging his shoulder and feeling his leg twinge. Mycroft’s eyebrow raised slightly.

“You are not afraid of royalty, are you Sir Watson?” Mycroft asked and his hand rested on his sword scabbard thoughtfully. John wondered if there was anything he could say this moment to save his head. He didn’t especially like Prince Mycroft, the prince was too distant from his subjects and just… shady seeming for John to bother that much with.

“How would you like a quest?” Mycroft asked, his long fingers pausing on a ruby in his sword. John shrugged.

“I don’t get a choice do I?” he replied. Mycroft smiled the smile of a crocodile, shark or some equally unpleasant creature.

“No, Sir Watson, you don’t.”

And thus John found himself on his trusty steed travelling miles of inhospitable terrain in order to fulfil Prince Mycroft’s ridiculous quest.

“Find the dragon and rescue the Princess. Oh yeah, just like that. Because that’s what injured knights do. They just ride off and rescue the princess from a dragon,” John grumbled to his horse. She was the most sympathetic ear he’d had in a long while.

The map he’d been given was a good century old. Roads had changed, villages had become towns and even some rivers had changed course. In the end he ditched the roads and just went in a straight line towards the mountains, all the while grumbling his fate and wondering if it would just be simpler to give up and go home, consequences be damned.

OP! (Anonymous) Expand

TW: Gang-rape

Molly is abducted and gang-raped while on her way home one night. It has nothing to do with Sherlock, John or Lestrade. Make it as detailed as you can.

Bonus if this is pre-John and Sherlock casually observes that Molly had been sexually assaulted, hence her absence, some time after she returns to work.

the Hobbit x-over

I'm not sure if this has been requested before but I'm really hankering for some reincarnation fic where Sherlock is Smaug's reincarnation, and Watson is Bilbo's etc etc.

Something about Watson meeting Thorin's reincarnation and starts having feels for the guy but ultimately chooses to stay with Sherlock? I think I'd also like to see Watson joking about whatever bits and pieces he may remember about Smaug...

D/s universe ...

but one person knows, anyone can switch. And will, given the right incentive.

She did it herself. She was for years an obedient and loyal submissive. Perhaps it was because her submission wasn't truly consensual, but one day -- and with one strong man's help -- she took her power back into her own hands.

And now she is in her own way the Domme of all Dommes.

No one looks at her and sees a Domme. But they find themselves doing what she says.

It's not sexual, of course. Oh no. She's far past all of that, don't be silly. At her time of life! It's none of her business what anyone else does in their beds. Or couches, or chairs, or kitchen tables. Or swinging from the chandeliers for all of her. She's long past that sort of thing.

But power, now. Strength, rule, will -- that she knows about.

And even the most powerful Doms in all of England will kneel obediently at the feet of Mrs Hudson.

tl;dr: Mrs Hudson is the Domme who Doms the Doms.

Re: Power


John realises why Sherlock is so bad at doing the shopping. He knows that repeating a successful experiment will produce successful results; he observes what John buys and buys the same things. John buys apples and raisins; Sherlock buys apples and raisins, except now they're out of milk and beans and tea. There are apples rotting everywhere.

oh my god yes.

Dark!John has his wicked way with sherlock at night, h/c in the morning

I just love Dark!John fics so much omg, they're hot and fantastic but poor, poor uncomforted sherlock tears at my heart.

John and Sherlock are in a relationship, dark!john has his way with sherlock at night. dubcon/consensual sex please, noncon is ok too but not preferred. Sherlock loves John, and John loves him very much too. John feels guilty in the morning, lots of h/c and angst, where John makes it up to sherlock.

Bonus: Make it hot.

In the Night 1/?

John stood at the kitchen sink. He stared at his left hand, knuckles raw and bloody. Hot water poured so forcefully from the tap that tiny splashes, tinged with blood, stained John's vest. The pain was something he could focus on.

One strong, pale, elegantly fingered hand gripped John's wrist and pulled it from the hot water, the other hand twisted the tap stopping the flow of water.

"Oh, John." John knew that deep voice. The rumble of it was so deep that it could nearly be felt through the floor "John, my John."

"I've called M-molly. That body you've wanted for the last fortnight? I..." John squeezed his eyes shut. The memories of last night making his throat tighten and his body tremble "...I convinced her to let you look at it, do whatever you want." John barely felt himself being led to the table chair, only faintly felt as a hand pressed into his shoulder forcing him to sit. "I also asked-" John stopped. He stopped speaking, he stopped breathing. If he wasn't a doctor, and didn't know the impossibility of such a phenomenon, he would say his heart stopped. A finger was pressing gently against his lips.

"Why? John, John, John. Why?" Sherlock stared at John with iron-like force. Yet a sadness was clear in his eyes. Sherlock moved his fingers from John's lips, brushing his chin before he settled his hand on the table top.

John's mouth twisted and his brow creased "Why? Why?! After what I did to you last night?" John closed his eyes again.

A laugh, deep and pure, filled the kitchen. John opened his eyes again.

Sherlock continued to laugh but stopped when he saw the look in John's eyes. He moved his hand to cup John's cheek "Sorry? For what? For giving me one of the greatest nights of pleasure in my life?"

Re: In the Night 1/? (Anonymous) Expand
Sherlock was born with a melancholy heart.

Irene Adler goes on a roaring rampage of revenge (Jim/Sebastian)

"You promised to burn the heart out of him before he died, I promise I'll return the favor."

Feeling like she owes the late Sherlock Holmes a debt (and maybe more then a little in grief over his death) Irene Adler swears revenge on Jim Moriarty after the events of Reinbach. Despite Sebastian's warnings, Jim doesn't take her seriously as a threat, but then his criminal empire begins to fall apart around him and by the time Jim starts to retaliate she's somehow managed to capture Sebastian.

Basically I want Irene and Jim locked in a massive duel of wits like Sherlock was with her "A Scandal in Belgravia", with her exacting sweet karmic revenge on Sherlock's behalf.

Obviously assumes that Jim faked his death too

Re: Irene Adler goes on a roaring rampage of revenge (Jim/Sebastian)


J/Mary, S/J (One-Sided?), Memory Loss

Sherlock falls in love with John, but John has no idea. Eventually John becomes involved with Mary Morstan and unlike his other romances she isn't leaving, and Sherlock feels as if everything in his life is slipping out of his fingers.

Sherlock can't handle this much emotional pain, it's distracting and it hurts, and he's operating at much lower efficiency.

He lets John slip away, lets him move out and stops initiating contact. Then, when it seems like John has moved on with his life, Sherlock deletes him.

He boards up John's room in his mind palace, brings in a wrecking ball and knocks it all down until there is nothing left.

What happens next is up to you.

Re: J/Mary, S/J (One-Sided?), Memory Loss

Oh god, tracking this so hard.

Nanny McPhee Xover

I've just been watching Nanny McPhee with my little brother, and now I'm craving a crossover fic. Any manner of crossover would work for me, but here are some suggestions (please feel free to alter them or use your own ideas):

-Young Sherlock and Mycroft are taught how to get along, stop being selfish, and work together, &c.
-During WW2 Sherlock and Mycroft are sent into the country to stay with friends of the family (the Watson family? The Lestrade family?) in order to escape the bombing. In the country, a repressed Mycroft learns how to have fun and be a good older brother from the magical nanny, while Sherlock learns to respect his brother and be a good brother himself, and also learns how to be a friend thanks to magic and the sweet little Watson boy. Cute fluffiness and h/cness about being homesick or neglected by the Holmes parents would be welcome.

Teenlock Angst w/Happy ending?

Sherlock and John meet as kids become best friends and slowly fall in love with each other. Yay! :D

Then, instead of simply becoming a surgeon as he always planned, John decides instead to become an army doctor and to enlist--reasons for this are totally up to the lovely filler. He tells his bestie Sherlock, and this is were the angst comes in because Sherlock flips his shit.

Sherlock is scared at the idea of John being hurt by joining the army and angry at him for even thinking of leaving, and he channels this by being horribly cruel and mean to John. And John's no wilting flower, so he gives it right back to Sherlock. I want a massive, awful, shouting match that hurts both of them deeply and, seemingly, obliterates their relationship. Nothing psychically abusive, just the mother of all arguments where they say the nastiest things they can to try and hurt each other because they're both idiots and fucking terrible at actually expressing their emotions/insecurities.

Where/when/how they reconcile is totally up to filler, as long as there's a happy Johnlock ending. Can be pre-slash to slash or established, as long as there's some adorable Johnlock in there, please! :)

Re: Teenlock Angst w/Happy ending?

Why is this so awesome?!

Yes please! Would love to read this!

Humor John/Sherlock

Inappropriate song choice.

Sherlock decides to use music to help him express how he feels to John, unfortunately (for whatever reason) the song he chooses is not as appropriate as he thinks it is.

[Gen] Sherlock's legal name is 'Boy'

A young child who witnessed a crime is taken in. One of his/her parents killed the other. He/She had grown up in an abusive household and his/her name is Baby. Donovan is talking about how vile his/her parents are, just calling him/her 'Baby'. Sherlock doesn't see the problem, as his name is actually Boy.

Sherlock's mother died when he was born. In his grief their father pretty much blocked Sherlock from his mind. Sherlock was just... the extra boy. So their father named him Boy, not bothering to spend more time in thinking up a name.

Sherlock was just something Mycroft used to call him so he went along with it.

Sherlock didn't see the point in getting it changed to Sherlock, after all he had more important things to think about like cases and experiments.

Reactions please

Bonus - Donovan and Anderson talk about it afterwards and are actually really defensive of Sherlock
Bonus 2 - John talks to Mycroft about it, and Mycroft confides that he loved his father, but always hated how all his brother ever was to the man was the other Boy.

Re: [Gen] Sherlock's legal name is 'Boy'