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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock has a secret

While John is cleaning in 221b, he finds something in Sherlock's stuff.
It's an inhaler. John confronts him about it.

Mini-Fill: Sherlock's Secret

John stormed into the sitting room: "Sherlock, what the hell is this?" He thrust the inhaler under Sherlock's beautifully toned chin.

"Oh, that." Sherlock replied, taking it from John's delicate fingers.

"What do you mean 'oh that'? Have you been hiding a serious illness from me, Sherlock?" John was close to tears, the thought of his beloved detective not being able to share something so important as asthma with him was almost too much to bare.

"What? No of course not! It was for a case."

"A case?"


"Oh." John felt a bit foolish now. "That's okay then. Sorry for shouting at you."

Sherlock stood and embraced his blogger tightly. "I'd never hide something that important from you John."

"That's good." The muffled voice replied.

"Although I should probably return it to Mycroft."

Secrets [1/?] (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Secrets [1/?] (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Secrets [1/?] (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft is depressed

Mycroft is struggling with his depression. Lestrade notices.

dark or roleplaying sherlock - possible kidnapping and non/dubcon

dark!Sherlock (or roleplaying!Sherlock) chains John to the bed but than leaves him there to go do something. He is supposed to be back fairly quickly but due to being capture/injured/something else he is unable to return for a fairly long time. Please no dead!John and if he is still there than Id love some after care. :(

+5 If John has escaped

+10 John honestly thinks Sherlock left him there on purpose because before that Sherlock convinced him of it (supposed to have been in jest but Sherlock is a horrible good actor).

Moran/John -terrible love , great friendship (sorta)

Can I just have something where the two of them are into each other as friends or lovers without it involving the two geniuses in their lives (if they even know about them at this point that is)? Maybe they get together because of them (preferred if they were together before them) but in the end its just about them not about substituting for a genius or anything as such. John mellows out Moran and Moran helps John find adventure and they both really like each other at least 60 percent of the time when Moran's completely gray morals and John's general sainthood isn't getting in the way of roughsex/friendship/adventuring/finding ways to feel useful /etc.

+5 Seb's is the only 'date' that can tear John's attention away from Sherlock.

+10 If things go down like in canon they find eachother at the end and express mutual empathy...somewhat.

"He's my..."

John is severely injured and ends up in a coma. While Sherlock does continue to solve cases, he never leaves John's side. To ensure John gets the best care he has mycroft fake a marrige licence so that Sherlock can make medical decisions. As time passes, Sherlock finds himself feeling more than just friendship for John.

When John wakes, he discovers that Sherlock has fallen in love with him and wants to remain "married." John is not in love with Sherlock and not only has to recover from his injuries but make Sherlock understand that he never has-and never will think of Sherlock that way.

Whatever filler decides, please make sure that:
-John does NOT fall in love with Sherlock.
-John is NOT made to be some horrible person for not falling in love with sherlck (no "poor sherlock, how dare John not put aside his life for him...")

If John had said...

Mrs. Hudson: What do you think, Dr. Watson? There's another bedroom upstairs if you'll be needing two bedrooms.

John: Well of course we won't be needing two.

Mini Fill: New Home

"That's all set then dear, would you like a cup of tea?" Mrs Hudson replied, bustling off towards the kitchen. pausing to scowl at the mess Sherlock had created.

Lestrade/Jack Harkness

I would really enjoy anything around the extremely odd pairing of Jack Harkness/Greg Lestrade.

It can be anything from a dirty, filty PWP to an actual plot to fluffy fluff. All ratings are acceptable.

I just would like a very flirty Jack, and Lestrade being his wonderful, down to earth self.

Omegaverse, Alpha!John, Omega!Sherlock, unconventional omega, topping from the bottom, long prompt

So in my Omegaverse world there are gender stereo-types, like Omegas are more caring then their alpha counter parts, want children, omegas makes 70 cents to every dollar an alpha makes Just things like that.

What makes them special is that their bodies will choose the appropriate alpha/beta for them out of all the alpha's/beta's they know and lures them in. If an Omega hasn't detected an appropriate suitor it doesn't go into heat. An Omega heat is tailored to that specific person(e.g the smell of coffee is amazing for some people, but not for others). So for some people the Omega might smell great, good or even bad, horrible or disgusting!It depends on the type of person, but to the smell to the objective person always smells amazing.

Alphas have the gender advantage but it's a progressive world and they are trying to balance everything out. However it is still seen as their duty to provide for their betas/omegas and make sure they are okay. But the one disadvantage is that they are typically clueless of romantic cues. People believe this is a residue from the time when alphas had multiple betas and omegas and couldn't favour one over the oter.

Beta's are seen in this world as flexible- they typically have a mix of alpha and beta traits. They make around 85 cents to every dollar an alpha makes.

Sherlock Holmes is an Omega BUT as we all know Sherlock is not your typical Omega. He can seem uncaring about others and doesn't want to have children. Hence Sally Donovan's 'freak' comment.

John is the Alpha and seems like a typical Alpha, joined the army, is a doctor. However what makes is not typical is that he can seemingly take orders from Sherlock and that he can take care of himself just fine.

Behind closed doors though,John is very much the Alpha at home,making sure Sherlock eats, sleeps and takes care of himself. Not that Sherlock actually has taken the offer,he has never gone into heat and never plans to. John starts to like Sherlock in a romantic way but tries to push it down as he believes nothing good can come of it.

But as months passes Sherlock becomes more possessive of John and less willing to let him out of sight (typical of Alpha-Omega courtship). John is of course clueless to this.

Sherlock goes through a heat but John isn't there. John is on a date with a character of your choice/gender of your choice. Sherlock in typical Sherlock fashion marches down the streets of London following John's scent and pulls him away from his date, John smelling Sherlock (as well as the other shocked patrons of the resturant) and finally realising what it means, tries to politely excuse himself from his date (a very hard thing to do with a growling Sherlock).

They go back to their flat where Sherlock claims John. He rides John's knot and tries to put as many hickies as he can on John and even holds his wrists down. Unlike most Omegas, Sherlock wants John to say that he is his. And after the heat, things seemingly go back to before, however when Sherlock would lie on the couch all day saying nothing, he would grab John and lie his head in his lap and whenever someone is getting too friendly with John, he will use his height and intimidate others or wrap himself around John (in front of others) and kiss his neck- marks of ownership.

WOW that is the longest prompt in the history of prompts! But it is mostly world building that doesn't actually need to be written in!

Re: Omegaverse, Alpha!John, Omega!Sherlock, unconventional omega, topping from the bottom, long prom

Anon-prompter here! Ignore ' Not that Sherlock actually has taken the offer,he has never gone into heat and never plans to'. Just put in place that Sherlock has never gone through heat because he has neve founnd a suitable partner.

Silly, fluffy AU where Mrs. Hudson is the Baker Street bombshell, with background Johnlock

Mrs. Hudson is played by Christina Hendricks this hot young widow of Baker Street and everyone just wants to get into her pants. Everyone except John and Sherlock, of course. (It should really bother John more, as she's exactly his type.)

She doesn't have to end up with anyone. I'd like to see her as BAMF as her BBC!canon self, content on her own, just as home with hiding valuable items on her person as meddling with John and Sherlock's lives. Only this time, apart from her not-being their housekeeper, she's also fielding ridiculous advances from a variety of characters (Anderson, Lestrade, Mycroft, heck, maybe even Molly).

I hope some lovely anon takes a crack at this!

Lady!Watson fulfills a lesbian stereotype

Jane Watson has the inexplicable ability to remain friends, or at least friendly, with all the women she's slept with. Sherlock is somewhat baffled by this since, in her understanding break-ups are usually messy human affairs, but she can't deny that her colleague's many and varied acquaintances come in handy from time to time.

In short: Jane Watson, world's best lover, has exes in high places. Bonus points for surprised Yarders.

Re: Lady!Watson fulfills a lesbian stereotype

And now I kind of want a fic where every single female character in the show is one of those exes (pre series)

Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John - illegal fighting ring

This is a rather different take on Omegaverse so bear with me.

Omegas in heat, even the most fragile looking ones, are vicious, they’d fight any Alpha that comes near them. There are two ways an Omega would let an Alpha mate with them, 1) if the Omega already recognises the Alpha as their mate or 2) if the Alpha manages to overpower the Omega (not as easy as it sounds).

Illegal Omega fighting rings take advantage of the Omega’s dangerous nature. Omegas in heat get locked up with Alphas, and they’d fight until the Alpha ends up unconscious, or the Alpha subdues the Omega. Omegas get paid for every fight, with a generous extra if they win. If the Alpha wins, their reward is the Omega’s consent to mate.

Omega!John is back from the war with an injured shoulder, a psychosomatic limp, and an illegal gun that’s looking more tempting as time goes by. He needs money and something to make him feel alive. That’s how he ends up spending his heats in an Omega fighting ring.

Enter Alpha!Sherlock. For some reason he ends up investigating the place where John fights. He goes undercover as an Alpha fighter. His opponent is John, who's never lost a fight. Until now.

Re: Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John - illegal fighting ring

Not usually into Omegaverse but this prompt is unique and pretty fucking awesome! Here's hoping someone will fill it!

john is sick and super cranky

(I might be project a bit ahem)

I would like to see a fic where John gets sick and he tries to deny it, to disastrous results, because he is A DOCTOR and he shouldn't get sick and he takes it very, very personally when he does.

It would be extra nice if Sherlock laughs at him as well as nurses him a bit, but that is not required. XD Gen is fine, slash is fine too.


John can't understand why Sherlock keeps avoiding being alone with him, but is perfectly happy to hold hands/put arm around/cuddle in public.
Sherlock reveals that he's never kissed anyone properly before - he's never wanted to and he's worried John will be put off, because people tend to be put off by him.
Teeth-rotting amounts of sweet fluff please!! And lots of kissing :)


Sherlock and John finally get together and, maybe because he's high on loving and being loved, maybe because he's possessive and theatrical, Sherlock is very into PDA and constantly touching, hugging, kissing John when there are people around.

Bonus point for said other people's reaction to all this fluff from the self proclaimed sociopath.


Sherlock fully believes he is a sociopath.
So the only logical explanation for the odd symptoms he gets around John (shortness of breath, fluttering feeling in the stomach, blushing) is that Sherlock is allergic to him.
How does Sherlock deal with his "allergy"? Back off warily every time John enters the room? Take whole packets of antihistamines at once? And what does John think of this odder-than-usual behaviour?

Yes Mycroft, he is indeed "his johnling."


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