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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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AU meets canon

Sherlock is a criminal who uses portals to other universes as his getaway vehicle after heists/murders/whatever you decide he does.

One day, he falls into the canon universe.

The one thing that all the other universes never had? A John Watson. Who is currently living out a rather dull life without his own Sherlock.

Can be slash or just friendship or even animosity between the two. Whatever you feel like!

I didn't know I needed this so much until now. Seconding!

Re: AU meets canon (Anonymous) Expand

Soul Eater Xover: Meister!Sherlock & Weapon!John

I'd like a crossover with Soul Eater where Sherlock is a weapon meister who is paired with gun weapon John. This would be a great opportunity to play off Sherlock and John's quirks as their own bit of madness.

So, you have two choices and an added idea.

A: Sherlock and John are both students at Shibusen. Maybe Mycroft is a graduated meister still working first hand with Lord Death and perhaps Moriarty is the Kenshin.

B: John has been a Death Scythe for years and is now paired with the strange but brilliant meister, Sherlock. Mycroft is a meister as well and Moriarty is still the Kenshin.

Bonus Idea: Make Mycroft Lord Death/Spirit and Sherlock the equivalent of Death the Kid/Maka. John is either a Death Scythe now paired with Sherlock or they are both students still.

Bonus Bonus: Irene's a witch, the equivalent of Medusa or Arachne. Probably a mix of both.

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Re: Soul Eater Xover: Meister!Sherlock & Weapon!John

*internally screaming* Seconded and thirded cause I thought about writing this but I was too worried it wouldn't come out right. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING FOR THIS!!!!

Three funerals

Sherlock has to bury John, Mycroft and Lestrade (not necessarily in that order). How does he react when he loses the three most important men in his life one by one?

I'm filling this.

Re: Three funerals (Anonymous) Expand

John/any (or any/any) +sherlock- it turns into a threesome with (parental kink ?)

John (or anyone else I ship Sherlock and John with everyone even rare pairs) gets either a very serious girlfriend (boyfriend?I'm not opposed to Mycroft/John, Lestrade/John or anyone else including Mary/John) or he gets married to a wonderful wife/husband.

Sherlock is like their adorably pesky child (that can be rather cruel at times) who follows mummy and daddy around and is jealous when attention is not on him.

Only Sherlock is not a child and thus when he runs into the two love birds having sex it makes one of them shout out his name (just by seeing him there watching them) and not because s/he was surprised. Sherlock can pretend it was just the shock and their lover may be none the wiser but...do they really want to pretend? Can they really go back to the 'exasperated parents' mode when theres that sexual tension beneath the surface?

I REALLY REALLY would like just anything on this so if you want to cut off the sex part and just have the beginning with parentalish/friendship working its way into a proper threesome in any other way thats fine. :)

daddy/mommy kink that both have . Sherlock is fussy and alternates between wanting to be treated like a proper adult and liking all the attention he is getting.

John's partner knows how to deal with him when he is in a mood better then even John did!

Re: John/any (or any/any) +sherlock- it turns into a threesome with (parental kink ?)

Seconded. I think this would be fascinating with John/Lestrade/Sherlock, just because I can so easily see this sort of scenario happening.

Teenage AU

Someone breaks John's heart, and Jim is furious. He decided to do something cruel.

Johnlock, wallet silliness

John Watson keeps a photo of his flatmate in his wallet and it's not weird, okay? (Except it totally is.)

Sherlock has to come to Mycrofts rescue when he is arrested. And cant contain his glee.

Mycroft manages to get himself arrested. Sherlock has to come and bail him out for what ever reason. And he can't quite contain his glee. In fact he relishes having his brother on the other side of the bars for once and taunts him just a bit. Mycroft has to grovel and apologize if he wants to get out. He might just prefer to stay arrested.

Lestrade silently witnessing this would be awesome.

Re: Sherlock has to come to Mycrofts rescue when he is arrested. And cant contain his glee.

YES. YES. I wholeheartedly agree to this! Seconded to the ends of the earth and back!!!

Mystrade - Mycroft LOVES spoiling Lestrade. Lestrade...not so much.


Inspiration :3

Mycroft LOVES showering money and expensive as hell things on Lestrade. Lestrade is really not used to it, keeps getting teased and side eyed over it but is too much of a gentlemen to say no because Mycroft just looks so /happy/ and loving and its a bit hard to get that reaction out of him over and over again what with him being the ice man and all.

+5 If he asks John for help on the matter.

+10 If Mycroft is just really bad at affection and when Lestrade brings up how he doesn't want all the stuff Mycroft misunderstands and thinks he is being rejected.

Repeated Kidnapping and Torture - John

Inspired by a prompt where Moriarty beats Sherlock nearly to death and leaves him with John to recover, and my evil, evil brain that wants to see John suffer. (WARNING: LONG PROMPT IS LONG)

Moriarty kidnaps John and tortures him. Sherlock, Mycroft and the Yarders are all trying their hardest trying to find John, all the while worried sick of their Doctor. Thankfully, John is found, and he recovers fully in about . I want the injuries to be recoverable, preferably not too harsh (just yet).

But despite the increased security John is kidnapped again, and the entire process repeats. John is found again, and it takes him more time to recover. Sherlock feels a pattern coming (longer recovery time, worse injuries which may or may not escalate to body mutilation), and so is more determined to catch Moriarty. But John is kidnapped again despite Mycroft's efforts, released again with more lasting injuries, and kidnapped again when John is recovered, repeatedly.

What I would like to see is Sherlock's attempts to pre-emptively stop Moriarty's plans and fail, somehow keep losing John because of minor details, and eventually getting more and more desperate to just keeping John safe. John himself is going insane with paranoia and anxiety, just dreading and waiting for the cycle to be over just for it to start again. Also Mycroft and/or Lestrade feeling powerless, as no matter what 'impenetrable armor' they set up, Moriarty keep finding (or making) loopholes.

Happy ending preferred, but not required. Also any or no pairing is fine, as long as it isn't Sherlock/Mycroft, or Mystrade.

TL;DR: John is repeatedly kidnapped and tortured.

Re: Repeated Kidnapping and Torture - John

Yes please

Winter Weight - a little holiday fluff?

John tends to put on weight during the holidays; this year is no different. Sherlock notices, teases him a bit; John doesn't mind in the least, however, because this year, he's not the only one at 221b looking a bit thicker around the middle. Bonus points if each finds the other even more desirable. (Also points for general holiday frivolity and fluff.)

Established relationship or not, either would be fun!

Lady and the tramp story line.

Lestrade is the Tramp. Mycroft is Lady. Mycroft is having trouble at home and runs away.Lestrade comes to his rescue.

Festive good cheer, oh do shut up

John nurses Sherlock, with all appropriate sympathy, through his first hangover.

Re: Festive good cheer, oh do shut up

It is ten am Christmas morning and John is halfway through the paper and a cup of tea when Sherlock finally shuffles out of his room, squinting at the daylight that filters in through the windows.

It doesn't take John more than a quick glance at his roommate to confirm what he had already suspected. "Told you the fourth butter shot was a mistake."

"Fuck off."

"As was the six, seventh and eight." John pointedly returned to his paper. While part of John knew it was unfair, he was tired of taking care of alcoholics. He couldn't count how many mornings his sister shuffled out her room just like Sherlock, gasped and ran to the bathroom with her over her mouth, just as Sherlock was doing now. So pale and nauseous and...

When Sherlock returned, he found John pointedly buried in the paper, but tea, Advil and a glass of water waiting for him at the table. Sherlock took the Advil then a sip of tea before starting back towards his bedroom.

John pulled down the paper. "Aren't you going to eat?"

Sherlock starred at John for a moment. What did he think he was just doing in the bathroom? He tried to think of something scathing to say, but his hungover mind was not working properly.

Oh God. He couldn't think.

John was suddenly there, easing him towards the couch. Whereas before he was pointedly disapproving, he positively radiated concern now. "Easy there Sherlock. It's okay. What's wrong?"

"I...I can't think."

John laughed, which made Sherlock flinch.

"Sorry, just, haven't you been hung over before?"

Sherlock, who had buried his face in his hands muffled, "no."

Interesting, John thought, cocaine and morphine, but not alcohol. "It happens when you drink to much, but it will pass as the day progresses. Meanwhile you need to eat. A BLT always seemed to work best for Harry for some reason. It will help settle your stomach and clear your head."

"Why do people voluntarily do this to themselves. I am never drinking ever again," Sherlock moaned.

John just chuckled and began to cook the bacon, while deviously singing Christmas carols.

"Oh do shut up."


When they were growing up Sherlock had a fear towards something (I was thinking spiders because I couldn't think of what else he'd be afraid of. Clowns? idk) . Mycroft thought it illogical so he tried making Sherlock grow out of it by continuously introducing him to his fear. Like hold him down and forcing him to touch spiders.

Mycroft miscalculated and instead it just made his brother have all sorts of problems and for it to grow into a full blown phobia until one of their parents found out and punished him.

+5 Sherlock got therapy for it but the phobia never truly went away.

Tear in the fabric(of the universe)

After Sherlock falls John lives in a daze, during this time he somehow (you can make it up) forgets Sherlock. A fic about how he and others if you want acclimatizes to this Sherlock shaped hole in life.

Anything else can be as free as you want but required please are:

1. John must completely forget Sherlock at some point in the fic.
2. It must be within a reasonable time from the fall of sherlock.

John ends up in trouble while Sherlock is 'dead' Crossover Au!

So a crossover I keep seeing is that Sherlock went with the Doctor after the fall. So while Sherlock was with the Doctor John was -insert other show here/original idea-.

Did John end up being transported by a weeping angel to Merlin's time?
Did he end up with the Winchester brothers ? I'm sure Mycroft's influence would help there.
Did he end up dragging someone like Lestrade or Molly or even Mycroft with him to this one inter dimensional travel portal he found?

Idk it just seems John's as much of a trouble magnet as Sherlock and he is a conductor of light after all...