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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
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  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
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John and Sherlock meet because of reasons before John joins the army. They only meet once, and it was a one night stand. John is gone in the morning, but Sherlock remembers John and the BLOODY AMAZING SEX very clearly because he very rarely has one night stands.

Fast forward to them meeting in a study in pink. Sherlock remembers John instantly but.... John doesn't seem to remember Sherlock. Was the sex so unmemorable? Was Sherlock just another faceless body in a long line of one night stands? Sherlock is determined to seduce John again, thinking that the sense memory might trigger John's recollection of him.

The author can take it from there. I'd prefer somewhat of a comedy told mostly from Sherlock's POV with a happy ending where John and Sherlock are a couple. But the reason for John not remembering (or remembering but not showing it for some reason), and how Sherlock finally confronts him about it are up to you, my dearest nonnie. <3

Re: first impressions

This needs to happen!

Sherlock is a chubby chaser.
Bonus points if his subject of admiration isn't John. Double bonus points if it isn't a man at all.

I could really go for some Sherlock/zaftig!Lestrade, just saying. ;)

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tw warnings, underaged (?) drugged(?)

Young!Sherlock being told by a relative he is far to "innocent" for a boy his age and is put in a room with a plush bed in order to have his virginity taken away.

+5 If the relative is not homophobic and is a complete hedonist when it comes to sex so they either get Sherlock to choose or they get both male and female to agree to do it.
+10 If Mycroft comes in and saves the day or the people the relative got(possible canon characters who are just doing it for a short time to get much needed money/are undercover ) are just too moral.

Can just be Sherlock telling the story to someone!

Mycroft has a stalker.

Bonus if it's someone he trusts and considers a friend, because he is so desperately lonely.
Double bonus if John has to put aside his feelings after Reichenbach to help save Mycroft's life.

Surprise Party gone wrong

Someone decides to throw a surprise party for Mycroft.

The result of which are several hospitilized party go-ers and a traumitized hiding in the bathroom Mycroft.

Can swop for Sherlock if you prefer.Anything from Angst to crack doesn't matter either.

When John got shot, he went to a place beyond the grave as his body lay in a comatose state in St. Bart's. Based on the video for Ed Sheeran's song Give Me Love, John becomes one of the Love Angels who are cupids of their own right. He shoots people with arrows he crafts and love blossoms before his eyes, yet he is meant to never love until, one night, he gets fed up and stabs himself with a love arrow. Sherlock is brought into the crime scene due to the oddness of the scene. When Sherlock checks John, he opens his eyes and wakes in St. Bart's in his own body with visions of Sherlock in his head.

That was really detailed, but basically anything based on that music video with John as the angel would be wonderful. :)

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No apologies

"I'm sorry." Almost sobbing. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry -- "

"No! You idiot, you don't apologize, don't ever apologize to me for using your safeword. That's what it's for."

Re: No apologies

Oh God, yes.

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Mystrade. Mycroft afraid to love for fear of what will happen to those he loves.

Sherlock and Mycroft were left orphaned (no mere accident). Someone gave Mycroft an option. Either he come quietly and do as he's told. Or they'll take both he and his brother and force them to do as their told.
Mycroft goes quietly and allows himself to become a tool for the government. Protecting his little brother.
Sherlock never understood the abandonment and grew resentful believing his brother never loved him until pieces start falling together.
The first of which is Mycroft's steadfast refusal to admit his love for a certain Detective.

Quote Prompt

'Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright, it is not the end.'

Any pairing or no pairing at all. Whatever you want anons

(Content notes for violence, blood, gore, mutilation, suicide, and the fact that I haven't seen the movie from which the quote is drawn so have no idea whatsoever in what context it was spoken: oh, Nonnie, you're not going to like this at all but you did say “whatever you want”.)


“John!” Sherlock shouted uselessly, muffled by the rags stuffed into his mouth, held in place with layers of gaffer tape. “John!”

He strained against the bonds – his hands cuffed behind his back, his arms immobilized in long steel cylinders. Not conventional handcuffs, these were broad and rigid, attached to a box in the wall by a foot of ribbon cable.

On the opposite wall, in front of him, a timer counted down. Fifteen minutes. “When the timer runs out, the cuffs open,” Moran had told him. “So don't break that cable if you want them to open at all. Your Doctor Watson may want you to find him. Or not.”

“What is this?” Sherlock had demanded. “What the hell are you doing?”

Moran smiled, pure malice. “You took the thing I needed, the person I relied on. I'm returning the favor, but with a twist. I'm going to deprive you of what you need … without ever taking it away.” Then he'd stuffed the cloths into Sherlock's mouth, slapped the tape on, and he was gone.

Sherlock struggled. No use: the inflexible tubes around his arms made it impossible to bend his elbows, with no leverage he couldn't even break his hands to free himself. He tried again to shout.

John couldn't hear him, but a speaker in the room made it possible – unavoidable – for him to hear John. Shouting at first, swearing: “Let go, you bastards, god damn you! Let go! I swear, if you hurt Sherlock I'll do it to each of you a dozen times over – Sherlock!”

The worst part was the horrifying certainty that John had already been overcome. He would not be shouting if he were able to fight.

Then, a thread of panic weaving into his voice: “What the hell are you – no, no, stop it! No, no no don't – ” Suddenly trailing off into wordless agonized screams, how could John be screaming? John didn't scream, he couldn't have imagined ever hearing John scream.

(Twelve minutes.)

“Why?” John shouted suddenly. “Why are you doing this, what is it you want?” Then, low and rapid, “Listen to me. We know people. Tell me. Whatever it is, we'll talk to someone, we can arrange things – God, what do you want?” Spiraling up into ragged shrieks, not just pain now but a horror Sherlock didn't want to hear: “No, no, please don't please don't, no NO NO NOOO, OH GOD OH JESUS JESUS – ”

Sherlock clenched his throat, fighting a sudden wave of nausea. If he vomited now he would drown in it.

A rush of running water, as if a toilet were flushing. A door opening and then closing.

Then, silence.

(Nine minutes forty seconds.)

What the hell is wrong with John's ringtone?

Sherlock & John are at a crime scene when John's phone rings. His ringtone is a song by Skrillex (or something equally embarrassing).

Re: What the hell is wrong with John's ringtone?

Oh, God, yes!! Someone please, please do this!!!

TW Drug Use

Sherlock is approached to be a model during his time at uni, while he’s still using cocaine. While he’s initially scornful to the idea, he then finds out how much he’d be paid. That much easy money for walking around in some tight clothes?
He does it, and falls into the party lifestyle, spending his time getting high and never meeting Lestrade or becoming a consulting detective.
Add one John Watson, and what happens? Do they meet earlier and does John save Sherlock from himself? Or are they torn apart by John’s commitment to the military? Or maybe they meet where the series starts, somehow crossing paths even with their wildly different lives.
Johnlock preferred, but gen is fine.

John Three Continents Watson

Sherlock finds out John's nickname while tagging along with John and his rugby friends to watch a game at a local pub, and Sherlock finds out exactly why he's called John Three Continents Watson. Preferably with filthy, dirty, obscene, smutty porn. Like, explicit porn. With top!John, bamfJohn, etc.

Re: John Three Continents Watson

Seconded so hard it hurts!

Like the Inbetweeners - FWIENDS

Sherlock's parents lose their money, and Sherlock has to attend the local state school.

Sherlock is Will.
John is Simon.
Jim is Jay.
Sebastian is Neil.
Mary Morstan/Sarah is Carly.

Feel free to bring in any other characters!

Re: Like the Inbetweeners - FWIENDS

omfg, so I was searching for Inbetweeners clips on Youtube for inspiration, and I've watched 2 documentaries and about a bajillion mini clips of it :L I forgot how hilarious The Inbetweeners was!
(seconded btw)


just been watching FEWDIO and the fear factory + a bunch of other short films (some kinda cute like ALMA and I love Sarah Jane).

I need something with horror in it maybe even fluffy!horror (+5 if its not complete crack).

+10 If John is in the role of the savior/responsible adult.

(inspired by a recent fill)

You know what we need? We need some Skippy's List (http://skippyslist.com/list/) inspired stuff.

Multiple fills encouraged

Re: (inspired by a recent fill)