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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Sentinel! Mycroft with Fem!Guide!Lestrade

I love Sentinel and Sherlock Holmes crossover, but has never come across one where Fem!Lestrade is Sentiel!Mycroft's Guide. It can be anything from crime investigation to a first time get together.

Maybe how Mycroft was desperately searching for a guide who is compassionate or strong enough to accept him for the manipulating moral-less bastard he can be? How he found her in the most unexpected place and time?

It is all upto the author.

This may not be exactly what the OP wanted and is kinda small but hopefully it'll work until they get a better fill.

When Mycroft came online at the age of sixteen it was taken almost for granted that he would find a Guide quickly. After all, Guides outnumbered Sentinels three to one and Mycroft was young, handsome, extremely intelligent, rich and definately going to be in a place of no little power when he entered his career.
It was just assumed that when he was eighteen and started looking for a Guide they would be tripping over themselves for him, and they were, at first.
But as with many things in life things turned out to be a bit different than expected. Guides and Sentinels choose their partners based as much on their compatability with their abilities as their personalities. While Mycroft was compatable in nearly every way, but this one. Those Guides that MYcroft found suitable discovered that acting as a Guide for one with as vast an intelligence as his was a great deal like being a ship out to sea in the middle of a hurricane. There was a steady place there, the eye of the storm, but none could find it, you had to get to that eye to truly soothe the sentinel, to be more than just 'good enough.' Even if the Guide had been willing to settle for it Mycroft could never allow it.
Even when he started to move away from the social circles that Mummy and father demanded that he look for his Guide in, to increase the prestige of the Holmes name. They had lost their chance with Sherlock, who had come online at the age of eight and found his Guide, his perfect match, in a med student who planned to go into the army.
Sherlock was practically gleeful about John, and how in this area he had finally one upped his brother. He had come online younger, had found HIS Guide. The fact that his John didn't like Mycroft made his victory all the sweeter.
Not that Mycroft particularly minded, if anything he was grateful for John and his presence, Mycroft's fears that his brother would be addicted to drugs before he reached twenty five suddenly vanished, Mycroft was perfectly content with being the villian, unwanted, perhaps not hated but never given love. It was a small price to pay for Sherlock's health and happiness.

He met her by accident. Quite literally an accident involving a truck filled with something that smelt like a mixture of tuna fish, bodily waste and cloyingly sweet perfume. Overpowering for even normal senses, the smell, for him was enough to send him into a fugue state.
Afterwards, long afterwards, he couldn't tell you what first drew him out of that safe place in his mind. What he does remember is the feeling of something warm, gentle, and utterly immovable wrapping itself around him. Soft, coaxing words drawing the focus off his sense of smell, making just being around that scene managable, not just managable, tolerable.
Opening his eyes he saw a young woman kneeling above him, chocolate brown eyes, rich brown hair already peppered with silver, the most stunnning smile he had ever encountered. Then his assessment stopped as they both realized at the same time that they weren't seperating, as she tried to move her empathy away from him and found that storm of his personality wrapping around her solid island, the mountain that centered the storm while the hurricane swirled around protecting it. It was falling into one another and suddenly finding your other half at the same time. When they recovered sufficently they would introduce themselves, as Mycroft Holmes and Grace Lestrade. But for now he could only watch in stunned joy and disbelief while her smile outshone the sun.

((that smell does actually exist, I got stuck behind a truck for nearly a half hour that was that exact stink. It made me want to cauterize my nose but also inspired this fill.))

Action movie BAMF

After Sherlock dies, John doesn't fall apart. He gets REALLY ANGRY.
He becomes a one-man perfect storm of John-Woo-style-BAMF and Tarantino-flavoured-revenge, dead set on taking apart the spiderweb that took his best friend from him. He doesn't hesitate to shoot and has no qualms about a little productive torture to find the information he wants. (He even masters the ultimate BAMF trait and swaggers away from an exploding building without flinching.)

No one knows quite what to make of this. Least of all Sherlock who has been tracking down subtle leads into Moriarty's empire, only to find someone's been through before him and all that's left is smouldering rubble and what once might have been one of Moriarty's men but is now pretty much just charcoal. He's both horrified and secretly a little bit turned on.

Crack is fine but if you can make it serious and dramatic John Vs The World fic then I'd love to see it!

Re: Action movie BAMF

Ridiculously-BAMF!John = instant seconding.

Re: Action movie BAMF (Anonymous) Expand

Slave AU.

Slave AU. Where Slave does something wrong according to state law and must be punished. Master stands up and takes the slaves punishment because it is his right as the slaves owner as he is responsible for his slaves actions.

Preferably Mystrade. but any pair would do.

Winnie the Pooh crossover

John's always wanted to visit the Hundred Acre Woods. His chance comes when Pooh tries to hire Sherlock to hunt down the mysterious heffalump.

Or anything with interaction between the characters would do, really. Kanga mothering Sherlock? John and Christopher getting along brilliantly? Piglet being terrified of Sherlock? Eeyore?

[yeah okay kind of inspired by this]
- Mr Holmes, it was the footprint of a gigantic heffalump!

Re: Winnie the Pooh crossover

Eyup! Seconding!!

Mycroft is M. Bond AU.

As a child Mycroft always wanted to be a spy. He didn't think he'd grow up to be a double O agent and then later the youngest M in history. He sits in his new office staring out at London and looks back on his life.

Bonus: Anthea is Moneypenny.
Bonus: Mystrade.
Big Bonus: Original M (Female) recruited Orphan Mycroft and Sherlock but Sherlock went his own way and became a detective and meet his doctor instead.

War Horse AU (kinda)

I realize this would probably be a hard prompt to do...I mean if a filler has seen the movie (or read the book) and thus wants to follow the story line closely than all the more power to you!! :D

But if you have only read the plot or do not know how to or want to fit the entire/most of the world from War Horse into a fill I would understand. Like if you want to change up things such as where they live, who is running the farm, who meets who first, and than just keep the essential parts from it: A boy's young friend goes to war. Boy promises to find him. Than said friend goes through hell and back, meets a lot of interesting people and some not so interesting ones, and finally gets reunited with his friend. :)

-Sherlock as the snobbyrich!boy and John as Albert. They become friends (because Albert's actual friend in the movie dies ;-;). Or magic horse!Sherlock. This could turn into fantasy where Sherlock transforms into a horse until John turns him back. :)

Harry is the one who owns the farm. Father!Holmes is the landlord. Mycroft is already a sergeant or some high ranking official once the war starts.

Whipping boy

Inspired by the slave AU above, a Master does something in breach of the law, for which the punishment is some sort of lashing. But as is his right as a slave owner, his slaves are an extension of himself and therefore he may send one of his slaves to endure the punishment as his proxy.

Master!Sherlock, slave!John. As thoughtless or twistedly affectionate as you please.

Ribbed Condoms.

Guys, where is all the ribbed condoms porn? Like, seriously.

So, how about some Sherlock and John's first time sex, with Sherlock using a ribbed condom. John freaks a little, but enjoys it.

Any takers? (Apart from Sherlock. heh)

Re: Ribbed Condoms.

RTYI? Sherlock uses a textured condom in kate_lear's "Sharp Dressed Man": http://archiveofourown.org/works/274232

John used to be married

Mary died before John meet Sherlock. Or they broke up before Sherlock.

He never knew because John left all of his sentimental things with Harry.

+5 They had a child OR John has a child but the grandparents refuse to let him see the child. John doesn't want to bring any of what is happening into 221B because thats his "safe place."

+10 If Mary just broke up with him than maybe they reunite while Sherlock is away? And stay together?

Consensual voyeurism

Irene wants to watch Sherlock and John. They agree.

John/? - other worldly creatures AU

human(?)!John finds Vampire!Sherlock (Or other world creature Sherlock). Only he doesn't seem to know that he was about to let a non-human out of whatever trap it fell into.

Thats alright Sherlock doesn't want to kill him anyways...not much.

I do love me some John/Mycroft or Lestrade/John too <3
+5 John was just being a sneaky bastard and knew exactly what he was getting into. Sherlock deduced all wrong because he was hungry and didn't expect a mere human to know anything about his kind.

+10 Sherlock mates with him right from the get go

John and Sherlock have the same blood type. Sherlock gets shot, or in some other way injured: John is pleased to donate blood for him.

Later, John gets shot.

Let's see Sherlock's frustration (and maybe self-disgust) at the fact that he can't donate blood for John.

Re: Return the favor


I am late to this party as usual but I just realized Toby is the name of Sherlock Holmes's favorite tracking dog. Because of this, I need a drabble in which the BBC Sherlock attempts to train Molly's cat to do something while he's hiding in her apartment post-fall.

Bonus points if Toby is having none of it.

Ha, this amuses me. Seconded!

Re: [FILL] New Tricks (Anonymous) Expand

D/S Johnlock

Instead of a wedding, in the D/S universe, sub!Sherlock and dom!John have a collaring ceremony.

Re: D/S Johnlock

To possibly help inspire any fillers, this is a description of an actual collaring ceremony that took place in 2006: http://kimdebron.tripod.com/id29.html

Re: D/S Johnlock (Anonymous) Expand
Re: D/S Johnlock (Anonymous) Expand

Modern!M*A*S*H Crossover

John was a member of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.
After his comrades, Sherlock almost seems normal.

Re: Modern!M*A*S*H Crossover

Seconding with the white hot passion of a thousand burning suns.