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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Mycroft/John mpreg with John as the Omega and Mycroft as the Alpha.

Re: omegaverse

seconding all the Johncroft prompts.
Because the pairing doesn´t get enough love

Re: omegaverse (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: John/Sherlock, post-TRF, D/s

Dom!John and sub!Sherlock were in an established D/s relationship before Sherlock jumped. It's now three years later and he's back and while John can understand Sherlock's motivation as a friend, he's having a much harder time trusting both himself and Sherlock to go back to their previous relationship. Sherlock, however, is willing to do what it takes to have John as his Dom again.

Basically, I would love a post-Reichenbach fic in the context of a previous D/s relationship between John and Sherlock and the repercussions thereof.

Re: Reprompt: John/Sherlock, post-TRF, D/s


Sherlock/John or Mycroft/Lestrade AU

Prince Sherlock (or Mycroft) likes to use servant/slave John (or Lestrade) late at night in his bedroom. Or against the Palace's walls. Or on his father's throne.

Bonus if you opt to make John (or Lestrade) ride Sherlock (or Mycroft) on the throne.

Feel free to add some background or make this just a PWP

RTYI welcomed

Some slight skyfall spoilers!



You know when James said 'how'd he know it wasn't his first time'

His first time was with Mycroft...

Oooh my...

Well hello sexiest prompt I've read all day. Seconded so hard I might have sprained something!

John Plays Clarinet

I'm not sure if this has been requested before and it's my first time to post a prompt on the kink meme, but I HAD to after seeing this post (http://lokis-army-at-221b.tumblr.com/post/34994906155/im-laughing-so-hard) on Tumblr. Johnlock, of course. Bonus points if it includes ACTUAL clarinet playing, good or bad. I want John trying his hand at music for a change. Well, I say music...

Omegaverse - Population Problems

Omegaverse where there are population problems.
Until there is a law put into place where Omegas are required to have at least one child (they usually end up having more than one after the first one).

A lot of omegas have since gone into hiding and live was betas. John is one of those omegas....until one day John is basically outed as an Omega and he's given a deadline to get find a mate and/or get pregnant (a little after his next heat) or an Alpha will be assigned to him.

John becomes depressed after he begins to except his fate and begins to lose weight, have screaming nightmares, etc.

Sherlock sees what this is doing John and realizes that he loves John enough that they could be happy together as mates and. So he convinces/courts John to mate with him and have his children.

Bonus - If during his courting, Sherlock buys them a house to raise their kid in with a big backyard and swing (and whatever else).

TL;DR - Omegaverse where there are popluation problems and omegas have to have children. John is outed as an Omega and Sherlock tries to convince John that they could be happy together if they mated.

The Decree 1/? Omegaverse

note: First four parts have been cleaned up a bit.

John Watson had been flatsharing with Sherlock Holmes for just under two months when the following decree came down from above:


Due to the disturbing and lingering population decline in the United Kingdom, henceforth all omegas are to produce a minimum of one child over their lifetime. All currently un-bonded omegas must bond and breed within six months of this notice. Upon bonding, and then upon conception and confirmation of pregnancy, all omegas must register their current status with the Ministry of Population.

Failure to follow this directive will result in incarceration in a Breeding Camp, where a suitable alpha will be paired with the omega.

From this point forward, so-called "scent masking" hormone sprays are listed as Grade 1 Substances and are banned and outlawed from public use. Penalty for use is minimum 2 years imprisonment, with a maximum of 10 years.

Heat suppressants will be allowed for use only by bonded alpha/omega couples who have a minimum of one child, and are now only available by prescription from a certified omegolgist.


All-prevading, sense-scrambling panic. What was he to do? John dropped the newspaper to the table beside him and lurched up the stairs to his room. Closing the door behind him, and sure that Sherlock had left the flat earlier to follow a lead on missing jewellery, he got down on his hands and knees and pried up piece of the floorboards. He stared for the moment at the glittering bottles of his stash.

John Watson had lived as a beta since his late teens, when his uncle had taken him aside after a particularly nasty episode with a pack of marauding alphas. John had managed to escape unscathed (and unbred), despite his hormonal instincts telling him to simply submit and present. The only reason he'd had the chance to flee was the fact that the alphas, as usual for their kind, all began to fight each other over who would be the first to knot him. As the alphas scrapped, John staggered into the brush alongside the road and cut across the fields until he made it home, itching and aching and sodden with lubrication right down to his trouser bottoms. He had no wish to be someone's possession, and to lose his chance and doing something with his life. He would not be some idiot's broodmare!

Luckily his uncle had been visiting at the time, and rather than chide him about "taking his bloody time" to bond, as his parents tended to do, he informed John of the scent masking sprays that were available to the reluctant omega, as well as the heat suppressants that eased the trauma of estrus. His uncle of course in the process outed himself to his nephew as an omega, as John had been convinced that the man was a beta, like his own parents. But it was a secret John was happy to keep.

Perhaps it was because they weren't omegas themselves that his parents were so unsympathetic. They had no clue what it was like to go heat after heat, 3 or 4 times a year, into a state of near madness. Into a state that repelled John's very sense of self. He lost control when he was in heat, and it was horrendous. Not only were the heats unpleasant physically, and often lasting as long as 7-10 days, but even if he had given into the urge and mated with an alpha, he had to fear pregnancy, and the fear of forced bonding.

So John had stepped forth into life, having convinced his unsure parents not to out him, and everything had been going fine, through medical school, the army, and even now his new, fledgeling life as a Doctor and blogger to his beta flatmate's Consulting Detective. He hadn't had a heat in 20 years, he couldn't imagine what one would be like now; he doubted he would live through such an episode intact.

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Re: Fill 5/? Omegaverse (Anonymous) Expand

Omegaverse - Lactation

Omega!John recently had a baby and whenever the baby starts to cry, John's 'let-down' reflex kicks in and he starts to lactate.

This fascinates Sherlock to no end and he tries to find more ways to make happen. (Some other things that might cause lactation...hearing your baby or another baby crying, thinking about your baby, smelling your baby, or sitting in the chair where you usually nurse your baby might be enough in these early weeks to make your body to release the hormone oxytocin. Just think about that in Omegaverse).

Bonus if Sherlock tries to suck on John's nipples but they are tender and John tells him to knock it off.

Also, big bonus if John hasn't lost his baby weight and has to wear his bigger sized jumpers.

(Sorry, I have weird ideas...)

Re: Omegaverse - Lactation

Can there be smut?


You know those stories/pictures where everything is vaguely creepy or something is just off? Like even if its just that a characters eyes look crazy even if thats just the design of it or a story where nothing bad essentially happens but everything seems to point to the fact that something would/did?

I would like something, anything, like that. Whether they all realize the aliens/ghosts/villain was there all along in the elevator with them or a poem or something x10 more subtle like Mycroft is home alone and is creeped out....anything.

Secret Redheaded Sherlock

For whatever reason, Sherlock isn't able to redye his hair for ages. The last dye starts fading and his roots start growing in. Inevitably John notices (and loves it).

Dark fic aftermath x2

(I think I might have posted this one on a previous part, but I can't remember)
Sherlock and John go missing for weeks/months/years (whether together, or one and then the other a little later on is up to filler.) Eventually they're found being held prisoner and horrifically tortured by . They're both sick, starving, maimed, and traumatized.
Bonus: The rescuers quickly discover that they need to keep John and Sherlock close together whenever possible, because John goes completely feral if he thinks Sherlock's being harmed.

Re: Dark fic aftermath x2

This prompt (and its bonus) are made of beautiful.

(YAY I got 'eccentric' in my captcha.)

Re: Dark fic aftermath x2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Dark fic aftermath x2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Dark fic aftermath x2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Dark fic aftermath x2 (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: pet peeves

I saw this on XIV and the responses were excellent, and I want more please.

Write a fic that includes your pet peeves. It can range from your personal pet peeves, to things that really make your teeth grind when you see it in fic: ie. Calling Sherlock by Sherlock but John by Watson, healing cock (TM) or self-lubricating anus etc.

Mycroft/Lestrade failed dates, wonderful relationship

Mycroft and Lestrade go from friends to more after finding they really, really like each other's company.

But the dates don't work for them. They end up being terribly awkward affairs that never go right for either of them. The fact that they don't have all that much free time to go on dates make it worse and adds stress as they both try to make them wonderful and memorable.

Things only get better, every single time, when the date officially ends.

Preferably fluff rather than porn

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade failed dates, wonderful relationship



Irene is back in London and setting herself up again only under a different name. Unfortunately Kate has gotten married and moved to the states.

That's a big problem for Irene. She is not just any dominatrix. She is THE dominatrix. The work she does is just as much performance as the actual act. Things need to be tested, honed, and practiced before she tries them out on clients, otherwise she feels herself getting sloppy. Kate used to be all for that but now she's gone she'll have to find a replacement.

Molly still works at Saint Baths but her pay isn't great and she was just kicked out of her flat due to a silly misunderstanding involving the rent. Luckily she finds an ad in the local newspaper from a woman looking for a live-in assistant. Surely she can do some filing and accounts on the side while working for the hospital, right?

They have an interview and Molly catches on quickly the exact nature of what the job would entail. But she's surprisingly okay with he concept and Irene thinks it would be good to have someone who knows the human body at the other end of her "administrations".
By the end of the week Molly is leaving the lab early because Irene has a new harness she needs testing before Monday.

TL;DR Basically I want Molly and Irene to be room mates with bdsm benifits. Is that too much to ask?

Phone Sex!!! S/J

Established John/Sherlock discover the wonder that is phone sex when John goes away for a week.

First they just start talking dirty over the phone. Maybe Sherlock starts to tease John by sending him pictures of his own body, a bit at a time, which then evolves into video messaging?

I have this image in my head of John guiding Sherlock, telling him where to point the video phone and how to position his body, and Sherlock trying to do the same to John.

It finally ends with both of them placing their phones on their pillows, filming their faces, so they can feel like they're falling asleep next to each other.

Re: Phone Sex!!! S/J

Never not seconding phone sex prompts!

John/slowly_turning_into_a_female!Sherlock, h/c, finding a cure

Sherlock is SLOWLY changing into a female;
one of his enemies drugged him with hormones months ago and Sherlock has been dosing himself with different hormones as antidotes ever since.
He wants to stay male and he feels like a freak (so he doesn't let anyone close to him).

He thinks transfusion could help dilute his hormone-infected blood but one of the tubes slips and Sherlock is left bleeding on the floor of his bedroom - John finds him in time and gets him to the hospital where they think Sherlock attempted suicide.
Sherlock needs to get out to take his antidotes but they don't let him and when he sees how much John is worried about him, he remembers how John insists he's not gay, and he lets the change happen.

John puts it all together (constant changes in Sherlock voice, the dis/appearance of his facial hair, monthly mood swings,...) and realises he doesn't want Sherlock to change; he confronts Sherlock and they eventually find the cure together.

Please no actual female!Sherlock, m-preg or terribly_in_denial!John.

TL;DR: John helps Sherlock find a way to stay male.

Re: John/slowly_turning_into_a_female!Sherlock, h/c, finding a cure

I can see this becoming one of those classics-why isn't anybody writing it yet?