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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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This Coat

http://whatcanwededuceabouthispenis.tumblr.com/post/35638817741/imjohnlocked-cumberbatchs-babes (SFW)

Just, anything at all featuring Sherlock in this get up.

Re: This Coat

Anyplace else we can see the pic? That Tumblr is now, it seems, gone.

Parentlock! Christmas!angst

A few years after Reichenbach, Sherlock and John have a son (mpreg? adoption? whatever).

John's not getting as many hours at the surgery as he once was and Sherlock's cases are not paying much. Things have been slow since he returned - he can't work with Lestrade because Lestrade's superiors no longer want Sherlock involved with cases after all that went on, and others still think him a fake.

Money is tight. Sherlock detests the menial cases but says nothing because he needs to provide for his family. John is feeling useless because the surgery have no more hours to give him and he's finding it hard getting another job.

They are still just scraping by but things start to get a bit stressful when Christmas is approaching and they can't pay their bills, nevermind presents or food.

Sherlock wants a happy Christmas for his family so he goes to Mycroft to ask for help.

Awkward asking for help with doses of stiff-upper-lip and slight brotherly love! Sherlock is embarrassed but Mycroft knows how hard it must be to ask him for help.

Fell free to pile on the angst as long as there's some Christmas cheer and a positive outlook at the end :D

tl:dr - Sherlock has to ask Mycroft for help so that he can give John and his son a happy Christmas where they wouldn't have to worry about money.

"No. He's just trying to keep them from dying."

So I was wondering the other day quite why Mrs Hudson and Sherlock are so close. It can't just have been an ordinary case, can it?
That got me thinking and I ended up with two headcanons -

1) Mrs Hudson is actually Mummy Holmes, but she's living under another identity so her sons' enemies don't use her against them. Which doesn't work, obviously, but she's a BAMF so...yeah.

2) She was the Holmes' boys' nanny. (this lead to the idea that Myc & Sherlock have a little sister, who was raised by Mrs Hudson from a young age and is therefore just as intelligent as the boys but has a bit more social grace. I'd love to see what happens when the sister visits her "little big brother" Sherlock and John finds out.)

Only a suggestion, but I'd like to see this exchange between John and the sister:

“But who does that?! Who just...experiments on people like that?”
“They donated their bodies, every last one. That means they'll be experimented on. Either by my brother, or by doctors. What's the difference?”
“Doctors are trying to heal people! To help keep them alive! Sherlock isn't doing that.”
“No. He's just trying to keep them from dying.”

Re: "No. He's just trying to keep them from dying."

Not too related, but really their closeness seems to stem less from the case itself and more the way their personalities mesh surprisingly well together. Mrs. Hudson impresses Sherlock with her strength of character and is motherly, which in turn makes him sweet to her (for him) and protective of her.
Or something like that.

Sex and Siblings, aka: Mycroft is a dick and wants Sherlock to know it

The problem Sherlock has with Mycroft is that he is quite a vulgar person in speech and attitude towards other people and goes above and beyond to inform Sherlock of his sexual interests. Mycroft saying such as how much he likes pussy in conversations is quite common conversation between brothers, much to the irritation of Sherlock, who is just interested in normal conversation. He does not want to know anything about Mycroft and his dick or what he prefers.

Then comes that day all those years ago when Mycroft asks Sherlock if he can use his computer. Reluctantly he does so. When his brother is finished and leaves for bed, Sherlock checks his history.

Lo and behold, Mycroft had nothing important to do except check his triple x dating site and have nasty conversations with other people as he arranged to meet them for sex. Sherlock was well aware that Mycroft was using a sex dating site, but Mycroft tried to pass it off as a simple dating site before. Sherlock my be the youngest, but he's certainly not stupid; and it's certainly not like either of them aren't adults and Mycroft can do what he likes with his life and body. However, why does it need to be Sherlock's business? Why Mycroft feels this is okay is beyond him.

Rightfully pissed, Sherlock tells his brother not to do that on his computer. That's not what he borrowed it for and that is diffidently not what you use your younger siblings computer for.

Mycroft says he won't, and that sates Sherlock for the moment...till the next day when Mycroft has to do something important fallowed by even more sex site browsing.

Completely Gen. How it resolves, if it resolves, is up to you.

This is what my brother just pulled on me, even after I told him I didn't want that shit on my computer. If he wants to use it again, fuck him, I'll slam the top on his fingers.The 'relationship' I have with my brother in a nutshell. *sigh*

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"I love pussy."

Sherlock, who had just raised his fork to his mouth, abruptly let it clatter to his plate. Suddenly, the roast no longer looked so appetizing.

"If you intend to be so foul, Mycroft, I'd just as soon not eat."

Mycroft looked bemused. "But, how are we to build a brother rapport if we can't feel free to share the most intimate details of our lives with one another? I feel terrible that I've been absent for so much of your life. I only want us to be close again."

Sherlock edged his chair several inches to the right. "Close? What do you mean, 'close'?"

"Well," Mycroft said, his brow knitted, "I would like to feel comfortable sharing with you, for example, that just this morning I had a delightfully rousing encounter with striking young Belgian prostitute who, believe it or not, managed to fit the entirety of my prick and testicles in her---"

Sherlock clapped his hands over his ears. "Stop it, stop it, STOP IT. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!"

At the opposite end of the table, John and Lestrade exchanged a look. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

John nodded. "Definitely a pod person."

"Better get on that." Neither of them moved. "But not too soon."

All in all, this was shaping up to be a memorable evening.

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Arse Worship!

John likes to throw Sherlock, consenting, on a bed of baby oil. He then likes to proceed to rub Sherlock down everywhere... everywhere But.. he focuses most of his attention on that nice, bubble, perfect round arse..


Make it happen meme! Art feel very much appreciated too.

Re: Arse Worship!

Exactly, EXACTLY what I would do if I were John. Seconded to the moon (Ah, ah...). Seconding, thirding and so. Seconding Art too.

Sherlock/Mrs Hudson, roleplay

Sherlock/Mrs Hudson, with Mrs Hudson roleplaying as Miss Marple, Sherlock's biggest literary crush. Cracky, or not, as you prefer.

FILL: Miss Marple has an admirer (1/3)

Mrs Hudson had just settled down to listen to Woman’s Hour when she heard the rustle of something being pushed under her front door. She didn’t get up straight away – at her age, you learnt to savour the anticipation. Instead she made herself finish her tea and listen to what that nice Jenni Murray had to say about sexting before she went to investigate.

It was a plain cream envelope with ‘Mrs Hudson’ scrawled across it in Sherlock’s impatient, unmistakeable hand.Oh, it had been a while since she’d seen that. She raised one hand to her lips unconsciously, blushing like a schoolgirl, before picking it up and taking it through to the kitchen to read.

He was considerate, she’d give him that (not that you’d know it the rest of the time – the racket he made with that lovely violin!). But he always gave her plenty of notice and included all the information she’d need on a neat little printout.

Mrs Turner wouldn’t approve, but then Mrs Turner was raised Methodist.

Omegaverse infertility fic (TW: Possibly miscarriage, infertility)

In the Omegaverse, a great deal of importance is placed on an Omega's fertility. I think it's pretty much part of the Universe that an Omega will probably conceive their first time, or any time they happen to go into heat.

But what happens when a mated Omega finds out they're unable to have a child? Show me that grief. I'd like their Alpha to be comforting but to be struggling a bit too.

It's up to you whether the problem's because of an inborn fault, or some past physical injury, or... Whatever you like.

Warning: Non/Dubcon, tentacles, mpreg, daddy!kink, imagined incest, mind control, lactation...

Sherlock is an alien (with tentacles) disguised as a human who comes to earth for some reason. To learn more about humans, he gets a job at a medical school.

Young!John's medical school, to be exact.

Sherlock is instantly drawn to young!John and decides that he wants to mate and breed him. Through a combination of hypnosis and mind control, John slowly is remade into a needy slut who calls Sherlock Daddy and begs to be fucked.

Cue John getting pregnant with Sherlock's alien spawn, along with the attendant pregnant!sex, alien birthing, and lactation, ending with John begging Sherlock to put more brothers and sisters in him.

Would especially like this to focus on Sherlock breaking John down and remaking him into his perfect mate and/or on the pregnancy and changes to John's body (and Sherlock's reaction to them).

Bonus points for Sherlock being possessive, for dirty talk, and for any sort of bonding.

Re: Warning: Non/Dubcon, tentacles, mpreg, daddy!kink, imagined incest, mind control, lactation...

Holy crap! This hit a lot of interesting kinks for me. Seconded!

Warning: Non-con, buried alive.

Mycroft is captured by Irene, who wants payback. He's buried alive, naked, tied up with a vibrator stuck up his ass, and with the choice of running out of oxygen, or press a button that will give him the air he needs, but will also release a very strong aphrodisiac.

Everything is being taped, and watched by Irene, who's really enjoying the show.

Re: Warning: Non-con, buried alive.

Is it weird that I envy Irene a bit here? Oh, well... :P

SECONDED anyway.

Sherlock is circumcised. I really don't care why, he just is.

I mean he already is! He doesn't /get/ circumcised, there's not some weirdo going around doing that to people. Although that would make a fill into a completely different kind of fic...

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Omegaverse - John is pregnant and his partner isn't happy about it

Omega!John has his heat and his Alpha (Sherlock or Mycroft please) is there for him like always.

However, a month or so later John finds out he's pregnant and is happy about it. He goes. His Alpha is not happy about it at all (they think they would be a crap father for whatever reasons or whatever) They go as far as to storm out after John tells them.

John is upset about it but then decides that his Alpha is just an idiot and will come around (he always does) and he waits until Mycroft or Sherlock comes back with his tail between his legs, which he does.

Bonus - Mycroft or Sherlock is very apologetic about running out on John and then proceeds to show John how much he loves him and their baby.

Re: Omegaverse - John is pregnant and his partner isn't happy about it


I dreamed there was a war, and John and Sherlock had to take Mrs Hudson and evacuate the city on foot with only what they could carry. Mrs Hudson kept tucking extra things into a string shopping bag.

That's all I can remember and only the second time I've ever dreamed of characters on this or any TV show.

Edit: Yes, this is a prompt, not a misplaced Chatter posting. Yes, I'm now posting prompts based on my dreams.

Edited at 2012-12-01 02:45 am (UTC)

Re: I dreamed

You know, this prompt just made me feel so tingly. Sherlock not being in control of the situation, but getting through it with John, all whilst being protective of Mrs. Hudson is just sort of a perfect prompt for me.

Devotedly seconded. Nice one, Wren. :)

Omegaverse with John/Mycroft

I saw the an omegaverse prompt with Sherlock being Mycroft's and John's son and got inspired.

A young Omega!John goes into heat on his way back from classes. Mycroft is going to same university happens upon him and tries to help him back to his room but it ends with them having sex and them bonding. Maybe John has always had a crush on Mycroft or something and he's looking on the positive side. Mycroft, however, is ashamed of his loss of control runs off/refuses to talk to John.

Mycroft starts his political career and seeks out John so that he can possible bribe him into keep quiet about them being mates only to find John was/is pregnant/has given to baby boy named Sherlock.

Bonus for Mycroft falling in love with Sherlock upon seeing him because hey, this is the man's son and he'll do anything to protect him.

Double Bonus for Mycroft and John ending up together and raising their son.

TL;DR - Young John and Mycroft bond and have a son named Sherlock.

Re: Omegaverse with John/Mycroft


Medical grade, uncut.

That's what he said?

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A different flatmate

What if Lestrade got divorced earlier, and he was the guy Mike introduced John to?

Re: A different flatmate

sweet baby Jesus I didn´t know I wanted this until now

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