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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Repromt TW: kidnapping, torture

A new criminal has been "collecting" geniuses for [insert nefarious purpose here] (first things that come to mind: some sort of project and/or breeding), and in order to get them to do what s/he wants, they have to be broken down first. Both Sherlock and Jim have been captured, and John and Seb head out with the help of Mycroft to find them.

Eventually they find Sherlock and Jim, but they're both pretty wrecked and are completely dependent on each other, having reluctantly bonded while in captivity. They still snipe comments at each other constantly and act otherwise normal (death threats are totally normal right), but the moment they're separated, they start panicking.

Jim and Seb temporarily take up residence in 221b with John and Sherlock at the insistence of Mycroft, in interest of Sherlock's mental health, until they fix whatever damage was done.

As an aside, I can see Sherlock and Jim sharing a bed and bickering over who sleeps on what side, how one of them keeps hogging the sheets, and Lestrade having to essentially babysit them when John and Seb need a break and he's just groaning "CHILDREN......"

Re: Repromt TW: kidnapping, torture

Awesome prompt! I wish I could write this myself (or any prompt, for that matter). Instead I offer my first born and a box wine for the lovely soul who does.

Write a fic about the character's most embarrassing moments.

Mycroft says 'bad hot'. His most embarrassing moment was bad or disappointing sex?

Mycroft can't move on

Don't know if this has been prompted before, but would like to see this:

Sherlock knows their mother is dead, but Mycroft refuses to accept it. Whether she died when Sherlock was younger or just prior to the start of the series is up to to the author.
Some of the tension is derived from this fact, Sherlock's knowledge - goading his brother into accepting the truth.

(if author could include the scene from Study in Pink and developing into the "caring is not an advantage reference would be very large bonuses.)

Different perspectives are fine.
I am hoping this makes sense?


I've seen John the bartender, and Sherlock the bartender.

What we need is John-and-Sherlock the bartenders working shifts together!!!!!

John is old school, straight from the military and knows how to mix a drink that can knock a soldier flat.

Sherlock can take one look at you and can make the perfect specimen of a drink that would have your toes tingling and panties dangling. Unfortunately he's an arrogant sod of a bartender that won't work with Anderson who likes mixing drink and naming them after dinosaurs. ( or IDEK)

Alone, they are very good looking and amazing to watch.

But..together, it's like watching soul-bearing, passionate, sex</>. They work together so very well, and everyone can see the UST, that's how they get more customers, though that's a benefit.

There's longing, heat-filled glances between the two, "accidental" brushing of shoulders or arms, finishing the mixing of each other's drinks without a word said between them.

I would love BAMF! Drink Mixing, UST out the ass ( just like on the show), hot bartending outfits, and legendary teamwork.

BONUSES: Please read the bonuses as suggestions and not "must-haves"
1) John shows that he can tie a cherry stem into a knot with his tongue.
2) One of them is bought a drink called the blow job by a customer and makes/keeps eye contact while taking the shot with the other.
3) Sly arse grabbing behind the bar.
Bonus: Jo

Re: Bartender!Verse

I really like this idea and am thinking of filling it. Do you want something from start to finish (aka John gets hired, meets Sherlock, all that Jazz), or something quick, getting to the point faster and whatnot? Do you want the UST resolved at some point, or strictly pre-slash? How would you like Mycroft to do be somewhere in government controlling club/bar laws, and Lestrade being the Club/Bar owner? What do you prefer? Club or Bar?

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Sentinel and Guide Universe

I have read all the others and I am in love with this verse.

That's my nice way of saying please no RTYI's.

I would love another interpretation of Sentinel and Guide verse with focus on John and Sherlock.

You can even switch the assumed roles ( John is the guide while Sherlock is the Sentinel).

I would love to read another epic sized and epic fic of this verse.

Re: Sentinel and Guide Universe

People keep mentioning these, but I've only seen one, um "Cameleon" I think. Do you know of any others, but I love this idea!

Cat and Mouse Epic Chases

RTYI are definitely welcome although brand new fills are preferred.

I love grandiose chases full of adrenaline, fear, and exhaustion.

It can be sentinel verse where John is trying to hide in a world of rare guides.

It can be omega verse.

It can be roleplay with Sherlock ( that ends in an amazing shag)

It can be a dare between Sherlock and Mycroft. ( Running from the BOTH of them would put fear in anyone.

As the prompter, I definitely want John as the chased party and Sherlock as the major chasing party.

Something about Sherlock chasing John across the city/ or world is just fucking hot.

Switch Word

There was a brilliant fill for a prompt that had Sherlock melting and orgasmic by hearing a word. " Putrefaction."

Let's turn the tables! John has a super secret awesome word that if someone says that word then he stumbles into the wall, rock hard and almost humping it. A word that Sherlock says on a lot of occasions... in every day vernacular.... I don't know what he would say a lot....

Perhaps "deduce" or "observe" or even his own name?

Minifill: Obvious

"She wasn't killed here. The killer dragged her into the bedroom for some reason, probably sentiment, which means you're looking for an ex-lover. She was strangled, my guess would be in the bathtub. He toweled her off and dressed her in her nightgown before arranging her on the bed, but her hair is still slightly damp. As to motive, jealousy is the obvious choice. She'd recently started dating a female colleague, but the killer is obviously male, judging by the strength required, et cetera. It's possible she taunted him, telling him he "turned her gay" or somesuch nonsense. Bad breakup, spite. So far so obvious."

Lestrade was trying hard not to look riveted, and failing.

Anderson was scowling, muttering under his breath about posh gits contaminating crime scenes and how of course she'd been suffocated, any competent forensic analyst could have told you that, did tell you that, thanks very much...

As for John, he was trying very, very hard not to come in his pants.

It was embarrassing, really. Here he was, a grown man, having to resort to calling up mental images of Margaret Thatcher while reciting the periodic table of elements backwards in order to will his erection away. In a public place. A crime scene.

It was just... that voice. Good God. He could withstand it most of the time; the fact that the voice was attached to one of the most insufferable men he'd ever had the frustration of knowing was quite enough to stymie his more... carnal reactions to that lovely, dark baritone.

But then, the word. Amongst the many things John Watson had discovered about himself since moving in with Sherlock Holmes, this was perhaps the most surprising: the fact that a single, ordinary words, spoken in that voice, could turn his legs to jelly and redirect his bloodflow straight to his cock.

It was a relief when Sherlock turned with a dramatic swirl of his coat and declared the current crime scene "Not worthy of my intellect. Honestly, Lestrade, do you really need to be spoonfed all the relevant data to a case, even when it's all so perfectly obvious?"

Once outside, John took a deep breath of air. Relax. Count to ten. No, make that backwards from ten. Or twenty. Or...

"Taxi!" Sherlock yelled, and practically dragged John into the back of the cab when he didn't move fast enough for the detective's liking.

After giving the cabby their address, Sherlock turned to John and unceremoniously put his hand on John's crotch. John yelped in surprised shock.

"Sherlock, what the hell?!"

His only answer was a close-lipped, mysterious smile, followed by a friendly squeeze of his cock through his jeans.

"Oh God," he groaned. "You've figured it out, haven't you."

Sherlock grinned lasciviously. "Of course, my dear John. After all, it's so perfectly... obvious."

Omega Verse Abnormality

Sherlock/John preferred:

The Omega has a cock that is at the very least just as big as the Alpha.

Food Kink?

The hottest food kink I've read was when Sherlock fucks a cake.... Oh my fucking god..

It's Mycroft's turn to fuck a cake and John gets to witness this too... For science?

Feel free to make the second character Lestrade or Sherlock.... or hell, any combination of two or three.

Re: Food Kink?

Link to Sherlock/cake, pretty please?

Re: Food Kink? (Anonymous) Expand

John enjoys this, yes he does.

In a situation where bad guys make them do it or they die:

Sherlock has to penetrate and rape John with very little preparation- a small packet of lube and not even a minute to prepare.

Kidnappers have to administer viagra to get Sherlock hard/ or Sherlock can get aroused on his own.

John LOVES rough sex. He gets off on it. The less time he is prepared the more he enjoys it.

Cue big boss bad guy getting angry at the extremely loud moans coming from John shoves Sherlock off and takes over with brutal force and bruising strength.

This only makes John scream. In pure subplace/subspace ( I'm not sure what the Dom/Sub terminology for it is) pleasure.

1) John commenting afterward, having to be carried by Sherlock that it was the best damn shag he's ever had in his LIFE.

2) Violent, screeching, sobbing, no holds barred mess of an orgasm.

3) Angry bad guy.

Re: John enjoys this, yes he does.

...Seconded. *runs far away to the Shire*

Prompt Filling Request Prompt

Since I posted a shit ton of prompts, I will fill the first five prompts that are placed in the replies to this comment with at least 2,000 words minimum... If someone would like an epic length fill I can definitely work something out with them.

Please be aware that I do not write well non-con. I can write it, but it would possibly turn out shitty.
That's the only thing; therefore, have at it meme. I promise to give back to the community.

Re: Prompt Filling Request Prompt

Oh my! Are you up for any pairings or just Johnlock?

My prompt: Jim/John in a consensual relationship. (Can be post-Reichenbach or AU or whatever you like, if you're up for it.) How would John's influence affect Jim? What kind of person would Jim be if he had someone who really loved him?

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Young Sherlock sells his heart to a demon. (picture prompt)

Re: Young Sherlock sells his heart to a demon. (picture prompt)

Wow! I loved that movie. Not sure how to fill it, but definitely seconding!

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The Dark Tower fusion

The consulting criminal fled across the desert, and the consulting detective followed.

Re: The Dark Tower fusion

Oh hell yes, I want this.

Dark characters, please

namely Dark!Mycroft, please! or Dark!Lestrade, or both - i am not picky - or maybe i am, because I would like them not to go dark on each other but on others - Sherlock, John, Dimmock, OC's...

it can be sexual or not, it can be Mycroft abusing his power or his brother or John or just someone for fun, it could be Lestrade doing the same - it could be something small or something so big nobody would even dream of guessing... idk... just gimme these characters being evil, please - I love power imbalance and helplessness of any kind right now
-no crack though, thank you

RTMI's welcome as well, but I probably read most of them

Re: Dark characters, please

Dark John, Dark John, hoping for some Dark John...

Genderswap AU Fem!MorMor - gunplay

Genderswap AU , Fem!Moriarty/Fem!Moran , F/F only.

Sabrina Moran is examining her damaged rifle. Jane Moriarty is bored and keep distracting her. Random gunplay scene ~PWP is totally fine~*~*