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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Mycroft's evil ex

It wasn't Mycroft who told Moriarty all those things about Sherlock, it was his husband/wife. They left him right before SiB, broke his heart and sold their knowledge about the Holmeses to Moriarty.

Sherlock VS Lupin

Just misread a Sherlock vs Lupin prompt, and immediately thought it meant Remus Lupin (not the theif)

So, Sherlock meets Remus Lupin, and drives himself insane trying to work out 'what the hell is wrong with this guy?' (Because Sherlock would deny what was obvious to Hermione even if he transformed in front of him)

Re: Sherlock VS Lupin

Well,once you eliminated the impossible...

Fluff? Please?

Is there any chance I can get some fluff of Mary/John's daughter (whatever age) being woken up by Sherlock banging on the front door. She then watches from the doorway as John tidies up Sherlock's wounds from a nasty case. Please and thank you.

Awww! I don't usually second these sort of prompts, but there's something really appealing about this one.

we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

Those people like Moriarty, the ones Mycroft-and-friends know about and watch over--one of those people has discovered they're under surveillance. They're not pleased, and they're out for a little camera aided, privacy-invading revenge.

Sherlock is captured, put on camera, and broadcast on televisions across London. He's tortured, psychologically, physically, or in some other way, although anon would prefer no non-con. I'd like to see the reactions of John and others watching him, trying to figure out where he's being held, etc.

Bonus for deductions as a defense mechanism.

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Magical Girl

A teenage Watson discovers one day that she's a Magical Girl. She teams up with fellow Magical Girl Sherlock Holmes, who no one trusts because... well... she's Sherlock. Moriarty is the popular one that everyone loves and is sugary sweet, but is either secretly plotting to take over the bad guys for her own purposes or has already done so.

Sherlock is a Dark Magical Girl with low-powered magic who depends on intricate spell weaving over raw power. John is a combat healer who fights with high-powered blasts (maybe magical guns?) and can take a hit. Moriarty is full of bubblegum and rainbows, is adorabley clumsy but ultimately somewhat useful in combat, at least under her goody-two-shoes persona. When she abadons that and fights for real, she is terrifying.

I just REALLY want to see John and Sherlock in a Magical Girl story. This idea is wonderfully cracktastic, but I think this could be seriously amazing. You can make them girls or keep them as boys, it's more the attitude and magic that I'm after. You can make up a verse or make it a crossover with an existing verse. I'd suggest Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (completely badass), but you could also do Puella Magi Madoka Magika (dark as hell), or Sailor Moon (classic). Or any other series, really.

Bonus points!
-John/ Sherlock, any gender combo
-Crossover with Nanoha. Seriously, it fits like a glove. Magical Girls are part of the military and get sent out on active duty as young as 9, so John can go off and get injured in a war before coming home to meet Sherlock as a teenager, which is of course the mandatory age range for a Magical Girl story. Magical Girls also make up the police force, so Gregson and Donovan can join in the fun (Anderson would be the only one without magic, obviously. Or he'd be the only one with magic and suck at it). There are casters of both genders if you wanna keep them boys. They also have a whole category for dangerously powerful artifacts written into the plot (Lost Logia), so they'll have something to investigate. Sherlock would also be amazing at magic: the main character, at 9 years old, practices controlling multiple spells at once by doing her math homework two problems at a time in her head. She's the most overall powerful Magical Girl in the series. Sherlock would RULE.
-If you do one with Madoka, I just wanna see Sherlock and Kyuubey having a conversation. There are so many ways THAT could go.
-If you do a Sailor Moon crossover, have Sherlock be annoyed with all the useless knowledge about astrophysics that he starts to pick up with all the planet-themed nonsense. And ranting at the bad guys about how easily they COULD have won if they were smarter than rocks.

John and Sherlock already exist in a Magical Girl verse, and are only discovering this now.

Re: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Magical Girl

Oh my god, this would be amazing. I don't know enough to fill it, but i would love to read a fill.

Reprompt: Freakout at a Funeral

Can we get another Sherlock can't accept that John is dead fill?

"Mycroft, what are they doing? Why are they burying John? Who are these people? Why are they burying him? They can't! The weight of the soil will crush him! But what if he gets scared down there? He doesn't like small spaces! We've still got work to do, if they bury John we won't be able to finish it when he wakes up! Mycroft, stop them! Lestrade, not even you can be this stupid, don't let them do this! We have to solve the case! For god's sake somebody stop them! John just... just WAKE UP! JOHN!"

Anon would actually prefer that John's not really dead but everyone thinks he is, whether because some evil guy is holding him captive or he had to fake his death for whatever reason. Yeah that takes away some of the angst but I need happy endings now

Re: Reprompt: Freakout at a Funeral

*wibbles* someone needs to give this a happy end!

Re: Fill: Part 3/3 (Anonymous) Expand


Mycroft calls Sherlock while he's on Hiatus;

"Why are you calling me? It isn't safe!"
"You need to return, Sherlock. It is of vital importance."
"I can't, you know that, it would be highly dangerous and-"
"Listen! John has received no less 7 threats (I've intercepted them before they reached him of course), been targeted by assassins twice (my men got to them, before they got to John), and has now been shot... by an highly unique weapon you're bound to recognize."
"I'll take the next flight."

Reprompt: triggers, non-con

Some crazy villain takes near everybody hostage. He rapes Sherlock, either through some sort of extortion or whatever, in front of EVERYBODY. Sherlock plays it off, oh how boring, how typical, whatever. Afterwords everyone gets out ok, John's really worried, but Sherlock really does seem fine. Until they get in a cab to go home and Sherlock calmly tells John that he wants to use again and would he be ever so good as to stop him.

Bonus if Sherlock still doesn't see what the big deal is really and claims that he just "hates sex" and always used to be high when he had to before. To which John replies, "HAD to?!"

Re: Reprompt: triggers, non-con




A creep John knows from his time in Afghanistan turns up again and pursues John, something that John doesn't enjoy at all. At last John bursts out with, "Look, I don't want to be with you, okay? I'm in love with this guy!" *points at Sherlock*

The unwanted guy leaves, and Sherlock says, "That was a pretty convincing lie there. Fooled him." "It wasn't a lie, Sherlock..."

John keeps receiving lots of ugly jumpers from Sherlock as presents, for birthday, Xmas etc. John wears them regardless.

Five Times a Jumper Was Ugly, One Time It Was Hideous 1/7

(Just a minifill--- hope this works for you regardless, op!)


"What's this, then? Do I need to call the bomb squad?" John asked, eyeing the package on the table.

Sherlock rolled his eyes, took a sip of his tea, and let his eyes flicker over the crime section of the newspaper again before he answered. "It's got your name on it, John."

"I can see that," John said from where he was standing next to the table, eyeing the paper-wrapped parcel warily. "My first question is still legitimate, though."

Sherlock huffed, snapping his paper in irritation. "I realize you're nothing like a detective, John, so I have never expected you to be an expert in handwriting analysis. However, I did think you'd be able to recognize the handwriting of someone who is a feature of your life."

"Still, considering some of the cases you get---" John stopped speaking when Sherlock huffed again, this time in more than irritation, got up from the table, and stalked away with a dramatic swirl of his red dressing gown. A moment later his bedroom door slammed.

It took John less than thirty seconds to mentally slap himself for not recognizing Sherlock's handwriting on the package, and a further fifteen to snap himself out of pondering what it meant that Sherlock had called himself 'someone who is a feature of John's life.' That was some pretty careful, specific wording. Another thirty seconds to finally open the parcel, five minutes of staring and ginger prodding, until finally, eighteen minutes after Sherlock had stormed out of the kitchen, John was holding the jumper and knocking on Sherlock's bedroom door.

Sherlock yanked it open, now impeccably dressed in a suit, mobile in hand. He glanced at the jumper in John's hands, then met his eyes again, quirking a brow.

"What's this, then?" John asked, holding out the jumper a bit.

Sherlock spoke very slowly, annunciating each syllable clear. "It's a jumper."

"I'm aware of that," said John. "Wrong question. What I mean is, why did you get me a jumper?"

"You like jumpers."

"I do," John conceded. "Still don't understand the situation."

Sherlock rolled his eyes. "I imagine you rarely do."

John looked down at the jumper. It wasn't necessarily a bad jumper, it was just. . . plain. Severely plain. Beige. No cables or embellishments. Just. . . beige. John got the feeling that, somehow, the entire jumper was beige, not just the color: the shape was beige. The cut was beige. The yarn was beige. The thread was beige. It was, in general, beige.

He glanced between the jumper and Sherlock one more time, before realizing he probably wasn't going to get a straight answer. The man was infuriating, and impossible to read. John did not understand why he found this so agreeable.

"You shot the cabbie," Sherlock said suddenly.

John looked up at him sharply. "I did, yeah. Thought we established that when it happened." Two days ago, that was.

"Lestrade texted me," Sherlock announced, apropos of nothing. "Murder in Chiswick. If we catch a cab now we should be able to get there before the rush hour begins---" he brushed past John, texting furiously.

John didn't move for a moment. Sherlock had. . . bought him a jumper. As a present. For murdering someone.

No, strike that. Sherlock had bought John a thank-you present for saving his life.

"One minute!" John shouted over his shoulder. He stepped into Sherlock's room quickly, locked the door behind himself, pulled the jumper he was wearing over his head and pulled the new one on. At the last second he remembered to pull the tags off, then he ran down the hallway (tossing his other jumper on the settee as he passed) and barely managed to make it outside in time to get in the same cab as Sherlock, before the mad berk faffed off without him again.

Sherlock didn't say anything about John's jumper. But John thought he saw the slightest quirk to his mouth, the slightest gleam to his eye, after they were seated in the cab and Sherlock caught sight of it. John may not have known the man for very long, but he was pretty sure he could tell when Sherlock was pleased.

(Deleted comment)


Sherlock is catatonic or in a coma, and John takes care of him at Baker Street. Focus on the everyday details (bathing/grooming, making sure muscles don't atrophy, talking to him, etc)

If filler makes it a oneshot no magical cures but in a lengthy piece Sherlock coming out of it is okay.


"PA Proven," Mycroft? Did Anthea take over captcha for a day?

Re: Reprompt

GREAT idea!!! Seconded!

Re: Reprompt (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock meets John in Rehab

Mycroft sends Sherlock to rehab after he overdoses on cocaine. He's probably in the dual diagnosis ward of a mental hospital (that's for substance abuse and mental issues together, probably depression in this case because they suspect it was a suicide attempt). One of his doctors is John, who became a psychologist specializing in addicts instead of a surgeon after his sister's drinking got her killed when he was younger. (She crashed the car while drunk with him in it, got his injuries and PTSD there) (Yes, you can have PTSD and work in mental health, you're actually required to go to therapy to become a therapist, at least in the US)

Sherlock hates all the other staff, and they're annoyed as hell at him, but he takes a liking to John. J/S is fine, but John would wait until Sherlock was out of the hospital before starting anything, so pre-slash only.

Bonus points for Sherlock interacting with/ commenting on the other patients. I could see him getting into arguements with patients suffering from pyschoses and hallucinations, trying to convince them it isn't real and getting pissed off at them when he can't. And getting scolded for it by John. Also, you're not supposed to gossip about the other patients, but John would be more relaxed with some rules than other staff, at least with Sherlock, so he'd enjoy listening to his deductions.

Further bonus points for John dismissing Sherlock's claim to sociopathy, and proving it to him.

Further bonus points for Lestrade visiting Sherlock to check up on him. Also for Donovan and/ or Anderson stopping by, hoping that Sherlock will be diagnosed as too crazy to be allowed on cases when he gets out. And getting told off by John.

Re: Sherlock meets John in Rehab


Aspergers Prompt

My mom has never been understanding about my aspergers, and today has been especially bad. She's loud, and when I ask her to quiet down because loud noises hurt, or I ask her to quit touching me because her grip is off/ I can't stand the fabric she's wearing/etc., she accuses me of being a heartless control freak. (Sorry, not meaning to vent...)

Anyways, I want a fic, where Sherlock has had to deal with the same ridicule and have the way he acts as a way to protect himself. Or Mycroft. Or Moriarty. Or all three. (Even Molly)

Re: Aspergers Prompt

Yes! Seconded!!! Absolutely! Could it be with John the only one understanding (really sorry about your mother. My brother is Asperger too).

Re: Aspergers Prompt (Anonymous) Expand
John's one of The People.

(It's strongly suggested in "The Indelible Kind" that while most of the People's life-slips came to rest in the American Southwest, at least some may have reached Russia. Certainly it's possible that a few came to Britain.)

Re: Gifted

The wiki link doesn't work, fyi

Omegaverse: Arranged Marriges based on supposed genders before presenting, Anyone/Anyone

I'd like to see a world where families will occasionally arrange for their children to marry each other based on family genetics before the child ever presents (shows their gender). The Holmes family has a strong alpha line in their sons, so they seek an omega for him to marry when he presents. The Watson family has a strong omega line in their sons, thus they wish to marry him to a prospective alpha.

Thankfully, Sherlock and John enjoy each others company and can tolerate various quirks. They themselves see each other more as friends than mates, but that will come when it comes.

And comes it does when Sherlock presents as an omega rather than alpha and John is more than willing to bury his new found knot in Sherlock.

While I used Johnlock as my example, fill free to use any pairing you'd like (though no Mystrade please).

Re: Omegaverse: Arranged Marriges based on supposed genders before presenting, Anyone/Anyone

Oooh this intrigues me. I may fill, but it will most likely be mystrade if so.