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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Hurt him and you're dead

I want Molly giving John the "hurt him and you're dead" talk. (S/J)
Basically, badass!Molly.

Re: Hurt him and you're dead


Sherlock and Moran are BFFs - continue this prompt?

Ok I stumbled upon this prompt and I was so in love with the full that I want more of this.
Why wouldn't a mercenary for hire who is "bad" for a paycheck and presumably likes to shoot people not get along with a consulting detective who is not solving crimes to be "good"?
This is a beautiful friendship.

They are strange creatures, siblings.

Can someone write an AU about Mr/s. Holmes adopting a young orphaned John Watson as their son, making him Mycroft's and Sherlock's brother? A bit of angst-y, kind of showing how John adopts on his new life, with his new family and with his intimidating and creepy brothers. Describing their relationships with them as time passed. Maybe Mycroft can be quite cold/affectionate in here towards John, since he sort of pities him and John can feel it and doesn't want that. Sherlock is weirder, looking at him like a piece of paper that he wants to write on, curious and dubious and genius. John doesn't like him. At all. he makes him feel uncomfortable. Like those people on the orphanage that wants him gone. They grew close eventually anyway, on their own special ways, and have been used with each other's habits. Not until a few yrs later because their parents have decided to divorce, splitting the three 'siblings'. Sherlock goes with his father. John and Mycroft stays with their Mum. On Holidays, Sherlock and their father would visit (and vice versa) but after a while, it just stopped: no more reunions and no one voiced out a concern.

They all meet again after five years of no contact, and things just get a little... weirder. They are teenagers now. And they're going to be living together. Again. Just the three of them.

Siblings really are strange. Being raised from the same family, they unquestionably protect each other and love each other unconditionally.

Err. So I guess, it's sort of an (vague) incest between johnlock. But not really, since they're not related by blood. Mycroft sorts of understand EVERYTHING, would be nice if his concern for his family is shown, mainly towards John and Sherlock. How he wants to keep everything together. That he actually cares. He's gotta be in college, while the other two are still in HS after they 'reunite'.

I'd love a happy ending though :D Thanks!

Despotic Holmes AU (Man in the Iron Mask fusion)

AU where London/Britain is ruled by the despotic, feckless Sherlock Holmes. He overthrew his elder brother, the rightful heir, and did everything he could to ensure no one would be able to remove him from power.

Only the deposed, incarcerated Mycroft knows that Sherlock has one weakness. There's a man, an identical physical double that Sherlock has had imprisoned in a remote military base since taking the throne. His face has been obscured by a metal helmet for so long that not even his guards know what he looks like. He has been there for years, in almost total solitary confinement. He was considered a genius once but by now he's probably gone quite, quite mad. For the beleagured, battered rebellion however, he's their best, last hope to remove Sherlock from power.

Would like some John/iron-mask!Sherlock. Though whether John is a rebel or part of King!Sherlock's military (Perhaps even part of the King's personal guard) I leave up to the author. Other pairings also welcome along side.

Omegaverse, Protective Alphas

I've read this concept in a few stories, that when an omega is hurt or distressed or scared, all the alphas in the vicinity get this urge to protect the omega and take care of him or her. And I really, really like that idea.

So how about John is distressed or gets hurt (not too bad) on a case, and suddenly all the alphas (I'm thinking Sherlock, Lestrade, Mycroft) crowd around him, trying to protect him from a threat that's maybe not even there, bundling him back to Baker Street and plying him with tea and cookies. I'd love to see a patient, long-suffering John submitting to their coddling just to appease them, all the while trying to tell them he's fine, he doesn't need that tenth cup of tea, and no, he doesn't want the guy who managed to get that lucky hit in to be hung, drawn and quartered.

I'd be happy if it ended in pairing, don't particularly care which one. Though I'd totally love you if it was John/Mycroft.

Re: Omegaverse, Protective Alphas


John hallucinates Mary as a coping mechanism after Sherlock

After The Fall, rather than hallucinating Sherlock, John's mind creates someone else to help him cope and move on: Mary Morstan.

Mary's a bit of a home-body, so they don't go out much... Which really suits John just fine because he fines people and public exhausting these days. And since John's basically isolated himself from everyone associated with Sherlock (basically eveyone he knows, period) no one finds it odd they've never met the elusive Mary.

Then Sherlock comes back from the dead.

I'd love it if he doesn't figure it out at first that Mary isn't real and just assumes John has a serious girlfriend.

Re: John hallucinates Mary as a coping mechanism after Sherlock

oh yes!!
All angsty/hurt/confort!!!

Re: Author's Note (Anonymous) Expand

Omegaverse - John is handpicked for Sherlock

igh class families usually handpick their children's mates. The Holmes hand pick Omega!John for their troublesome son, Alpha!Sherlock. (They are both pretty young.)

The Holmes and move John into their house Sherlock and John can get to know each other (if it doesn't work out can always give John back. It's happened several times before because Sherlock drives everyone away). John, however, begins to grow on Sherlock and is always curling up next to Sherlock when Sherlock is bored and goes on adventures around the house with him, and he believes Sherlock even if no one else does.

Bonus - Mycroft comes homes from uni and he reminds John of Harry (in whatever way you can think of), John immediately clings to him (Mycroft is too old for John and already has a mate so it's not romantic.) Sherlock is jealous and follows them the entire time because he thinks Mycroft is going to take John from him.(Mycroft is just happy because he feels loved).

TL;DR Young omega!John is handpicked to mate with young Alpha!Sherlock.

Re: Omegaverse - John is handpicked for Sherlock

Aww, seconded, especially the bonus because that's just adorable.

Fallout AU Reprompt

I was going through the old posts and I found a prompt for a crossover fic with Sherlock and the Fallout games. Here's a link to the original prompt:

Mycroft likes to watch. John and Sherlock start to like being watched.

Mycroft likes to watch. He watches everything. And when John Watson places and order for a couple of items from a sex toy store online, he places cameras throughout 221B to watch even more. When John and Sherlock find out about the cameras, they are at first angry. Then they grow to like the idea and start putting on shows, knowing that Mycroft is watching.

Re: Mycroft likes to watch. John and Sherlock start to like being watched.

I can totally see this.


He starts to have really bad cramps and after a while he starts to worry that it's more than cramps (maybe something else happens like he begins to bleed). It's too far early for him to have the baby. He
heads off to hospital just to be safe.

Sherlock is off on a case and Mycroft texts him that John is in labour. Sherlock comes tearing through the hospital trying to find John and when he John is calmly sitting down.

Whether John just has Braxton Hicks or started to go into early labour is up to you.

Re: Omegaverse

That he at in the first sentence should say John.

Sherlock doesn't sleep because he can't be sure he'll wake up

(I don't think I ever saw a fic like this but I need it like whoa)

Most people think Sherlock has a death wish. John think he might have a death wish. But actually, Sherlock really, really, really wants to live.
That's also the reason why Sherlock never sleeps (only if he collapses from exhaustion). Because when he lies down and feels himself falling asleep, in that last second before it happens, his mind starts thinking unnecessarily and he gets really frightened. Or/so now he just doesn't lie down anymore to avoid being frightened to the point of choking. Because really. You can't be sure you're going to wake up the next morning. And not knowing something is bad enough, but not knowing something like that is fundamentally frightening.

John finds out one day.
So run with it, dear anon :)

Re: Sherlock doesn't sleep because he can't be sure he'll wake up

My sister suffers from this. I'd be interesting to see where a filler takes it. Seconded.

my soul to take (1/?) (Anonymous) Expand
my soul to take (2/3) (Anonymous) Expand
my soul to take (3/3) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: my soul to take (3/3) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: my soul to take (3/3) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: my soul to take (3/3) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: my soul to take (3/3) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: my soul to take (3/3) (Anonymous) Expand
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Sherlock/John anal beads

Detailed prompt is detailed. Apologies.

There have been a few lovely "Sherlock breaks out the anal beads FOR SCIENCE!" stories. These are all lovely, but let's do something a little different:

John comes home one day and finds that Sherlock has managed to put most of a string of anal beads up his own arse. But now he's so turned on and confused (because he doesn't DO arousal, so there's much 'what are these feelings' etc), and he's totally panicking. He can't get the damn things out on his own, and asks (begs) John to help him.

John, who has been lusting after his flatmate for ages.

So John does take them out. . . eventually. But first he tries to get Sherlock to 'relax' by playing with his cock. Maybe he gives Sherlock a brief massage, or fingers his perineum a bit. Maybe he takes Sherlock over his knee and spanks him, while the beads bump around inside him.

Really, though, I'd love it if despite Sherlock's protests, John also puts the last two beads up Sherlock's arse.

Bonus points:
-Sherlock's a virgin
-No established relationship
-Any sort of 'I've never felt this before what are these feels' on Sherlock's part
-Dark!John, obviously, but points for not making him overtly evil
-Sherlock wanting it to stop, but literally being physically incapable of moving away
-Sherlock clinging to John's shoulders, sobbing into his neck, while John's hands continue working him
-As per usual, save me from hell and make it roll playing, a dream, what Sherlock actually wanted the whole time, or whatever.

TL;DR: Sherlock uses anal beads FOR SCIENCE, but panics when he can't get them out. John does it for him . . . eventually.

RTMI are okay, but I've already read the fic by berlynn wohl, as well as the similar prompt from a part or two ago.

Re: Sherlock/John anal beads

BEADS, YOU SAID BEADS! Hell, yeeees! Make it happen, please, please, please!!!

Re: Fill: Not My Area 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Not My Area 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand
I would love a good fluffy/silly eventually sexy maybe even porny fic involving spanking. Maybe a 5 times +1 sort of thing, starting off fairly innocent with just a playful butt slap. I prefer John/Sherlock, no preference as to who is doing the spanking. so maybe include something with Sherlock experimenting for some reason or awkwardly miss using social interactions. But other than that, take it away! There are so many creative people here, it's awesome =)


John knows his love is unrequited. And really, he's fine with that. Sherlock has made it clear that he's not interested in that sort of thing so its not like he's going to run off with someone else. He's perfectly happy following Sherlock all over the place and chasing after criminals for the rest of his days. Even if their friendship never becomes something more.

Sherlock knows his love is unrequited. And its tearing him apart. John's made it clear that he's straight and doesn't want Sherlock the way Sherlock wants him. He knows that someday some blasted woman is going to come into their lives and take John away from him forever. Its only a matter of time. Their friendship will never be something more.

Original prompt:

Oh, this is beautiful.
Would you be okay with a happy ending?

op (Anonymous) Expand


I'm recycling one of my old roleplay prompts into a fanfic prompt. I never had much luck with it as a rp but hopefully it'll be better as a fic.

This is the original rp prompt. Feel free to change any parts for a fic.

"Humans were dying out. They had been for a long time, although scientists were still struggling to find out the cause. Around fifty years ago, fertility rates of betas, alphas, and omegas alike had plummeted for seemingly no reason over the course of a few years. The rates had since stabilized, but now less than half of the population was capable of having children. The current law was that every person who could, had to have at least two children by the age of 30. To help people get started on their ‘quota’, a sort of match-making service had been formed. Artificial insemination was also an acceptable way of doing things, but most omegas and female betas chose to find a mate instead. Sherlock Holmes was one of the few fertile omegas left in the world. And as much as he hated other people, he didn’t actually want the human race to go extinct, so he was willing to do as the law said. Besides, they’d be just as smart as him and so could help with the world’s crisis. He wanted to make sure their other father wasn’t some dumb idiot that would cancel out his genes, so he regularly went to the matrimonial agencies. However, he was nearly 30 already. If he didn’t find an acceptable mate soon, he’d have to settle for someone less than perfect or take his chances at a fertility clinic. He was currently going to an agency, hoping that he’d finally find an alpha who wasn’t a complete moron this time."

Like I said, add or take away anything to make this a fic. My only request is that Sherlock remains an omega.

Re: Omegaverse

Would it be alright if I could try to have my own rp with this prompt?
Also, Seconded.

Re: Omegaverse (Anonymous) Expand

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