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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Mystrade, sloppy seconds

Lestrade loves to fuck Mycroft right after he had been taken by someone else. So they sometimes go to a dingy hotel where Lestrade chains Mycroft to the bed, selling him to everyone interested. Afterwards he plugs him up and takes him home where he enjoys to fuck him with the come of all the other men still inside him.

Completely consensual please. Bonus for dirty-talk when Lestrade finally takes Mycroft.

Re: Mystrade, sloppy seconds

Holy ***! I should not find this so damn hot. Which I totally do.

Yes please!!!

Mystrade, courting, omegaverse

In a world where sex doesn't happen before the marriage dating a posh man like Mycroft is something absolutely new for Lestrade but they are head over heels for each other. Knowing that he has to ask Mycroft's parents for the hand of their son Lestrade tries to present himself in the best light. He holds the doors open for Mycroft to pass through, carrying his briefcase, lifting something heavy for him, pulling out a chair for him in the restaurant and so on. Mycroft feels slightly embarrassed at first but secretly he likes it to be treated like something precious.

Bonus for Lestrade carrying Mycroft over the threshold after their marriage and gentle, loving first-time sex.

Re: Mystrade, courting, omegaverse

seconded, thirded, fourthed...

Hark! A Vagrant

There is Watson, Stupid Watson and Gay Watson. Put them in the BBC universe.

Fill - The Three Watsons 1

I couldn't resist....

The first John hears about it is a loud thunk and Sherlock appears at the top of the stairs, expression worryingly innocent.

“John. You’re home early.”

“Yes, the clinic had to close. Highly contagious virus….” John continues up the stairs, and Sherlock, quick as lightning, moves to block his way.

“We’re out of milk.” Sherlock says quickly. “Don’t you think you should go and get some more?”

“I’ll do it later.”

“You’ll be wanting tea soon.” Sherlock says. “You always drink tea when you get home from work and you don’t like it black….”

“Sherlock,” John says through gritted teeth. “What have you done to our flat?”

“Nothing. But I really could do with some beans….”

John shoves Sherlock aside, and runs up the remaining steps to the flat.

“I really don’t think you want to go in there, John.” Sherlock calls after him.

John decides to ignore him. If whatever Sherlock had done to the flat were likely to do him serious injury, Sherlock would have led with that information. Probably.

At first glance the flat looks perfectly normal. At second glance there is a man sitting in his arm chair, wearing his stripey black and white jumper, and holding what looks like a pot of jam. John has a moment to feel a wave of indignation over the stolen jumper when the man looks up, and John freezes.

“Hello there.” The man says cheerfully. “Do you know, I think I’ve discovered a clue.”

“Erm,” says John. “Would you excuse me a moment. SHERLOCK!”

John finds Sherlock sneaking back down the stairs, presumably hoping to make a retreat out of the back door.

“Why is there a man in there with my face?”

“Ah. I did tell you not to go up there.”

“For Christ’s sake, Sherlock. Why did you – how did you – he looks exactly like me, spitting image. What the hell – what the hell ?”

Sherlock shifts a little, looking uncomfortable. “Experiment?” he offers.

John looks at him incredulously. “What is it?” he asks. “A mask? A very realistic one at that, or what, face transplant? No, that wouldn’t work, I still have my face.”

“Excuse me,” a voice says from the top of the stairs. “Isn’t anyone going to take a look at this clue I just found?”

“No, John.” Sherlock says through gritted teeth. “I’ve told you three times already. That is not a clue. We aren’t even on a case at the moment!”

The man, who looks even more unnervingly like John at close range, frowns. “Are you sure?”

“Quite sure.”

“He’s called John too?” John rounds on Sherlock.

Sherlock bites his lip.

“If you don’t explain everything quite soon.” John says conversationally. “There is a very high chance of me braining you with that pot of jam.”

“He’s a clone,” Sherlock says reluctantly. “Though not an entirely successful one.” He gives the John at the top of the stairs a dirty look. The other John smiles at him widely and begins sucking on the corner of the pot of jam.

“He’s a what? Is that even possible?”

“Obviously,” Sherlock says.

“Why. Why would you do that?”

Muchausen's by proxy (TW for child abuse)

When Sherlock was young he was sick a lot. His mother took him around a lot of doctors but no one could quite put their finger on what was wrong with him, and he kept getting sicker and sicker. It wasn't until Mycroft started seriously investigating the matter that he realised that there was really only one explanation for Sherlock's symptoms - he was being poisoned. Their own mother was deliberately making Sherlock ill. No one believes him at first (Mrs Holmes is such a devoted mother!) but he eventually manages to find proof, and Mrs Holmes is arrested/taken away for psychiatric treatment.

Sherlock never forgives his brother. As far as he is concerned he and Mummy had a special relationship and Mycroft ruined it.

(Story could be told through the lens of an older Sherlock finally coming to realise that what his mother did was wrong - maybe he and John investigate a Munchausen's case? I'd prefer no easy reconciliation between the brothers though).

Re: Muchausen's by proxy (TW for child abuse)


This is amazing prompt.

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Sentinel AU

Sentinel!AU where Guides weren't treated well. John is a broke-bonded Sentinel who's lost his Guide, and swore to never have another Guide to replace them. Instead, he sticks to relationships with mundanes and other Sentinels. Then he meets Sherlock.

Sherlock is a Guide hiding as a mundane. He does such a good job that the only person person who knows his true status is the relative/family friend/teacher who initially discovered his abilities and helped him hide it. Not even Mycroft has any idea.

Bonuses: Sherlock and John are a couple for a few months before John finds out Sherlock's secret. Improvements in Guides' rights make Sherlock consider coming out of hiding.

Mycroft's Miserable Morning

Mycroft falls asleep with his butt plug still in. When he wakes up the next morning he has the unpleasant task of trying to remove it, with the added urgency of needing to to the toilet.

Once removed he's very sore and has to get through the discomfort of going with a sore, uncomfortable and painful arsehole.

bonus: he has to ask for help.

Re: Mycroft's Miserable Morning

Usually I'm very squicky about this stuff, but this sounds interesting. As long as it's not....explicit, then I'm all for how it happens.

Atonement/ Sherlock

Little Vicky Holmes, aged 13, sees something she doesn't quite understand. In the library, the gardener John Watson (who she thinks is the most handsomest man alive) is pinning Vicky's elder brother Sherlock against a bookcase. They are bumping into each other and Sherlock is moaning as if pained. Sherlock and John (who studies medicine) go to Cambridge together and Vicky thought they were friends-- but obviously not. Chances are that Sherlock doesn't WANT to be kissed by John; John is obviously harassing Vicky's brother!

When a family friend, who is staying at the Holmes Manor, is raped by a man (whose identity no one knows) Vicky is quick to point her finger at John, who is obviously an evil, harassing, sex-maniac. And she most definitely isn't accusing John because he prefers Sherlock over herself.

John is arrested for the rape of the young child, with only Sherlock and his sister Harry knowing of his innocence.

The story is the test of Sherlock and John's love as it fights through prison, Afghanistan, battle-wounds, and accusation.

Vicky eventually realises the error of her ways, and writes an autobiographical novel of the whole ordeal. It is the atonement for her sins.

Re: Atonement/ Sherlock

oh!I shouldnt´want this,but I do...


I've been spending too long browsing and now I desperately need something to take the edge.

I'd like something sexy with a wet (and preferably but not necessarily naked) Greg.

Mocroft/Greg or John/Greg, it's all fine. Hell, I'll even take Greg/Molly. Thanks.

Re: Wet!Lestrade

*Mycroft of course. Sorry for the typo. Anon can't function anymore.

Re: Wet!Lestrade (Anonymous) Expand

Jones and Watson

John Watson/Martha Jones. That is all. (Captcha Mycroft says intimately orscut. I think he approves).

Re: Jones and Watson

oh god yes

Re: Jones and Watson (Anonymous) Expand
Mary obviously likes John, but she's terribly shy and just a little socially awkward. John likes Mary, but he just won't get around to asking her out already. Sherlock is bored, and decides to try his hand at matchmaking.

Pillow Fight

John and Sherlock get into an argument over something stupid and trivial, and there is only one way to settle it: pillow fight! Except that since it's at 221B and involves these characters, I have a feeling it would involve new contraptions for hurling pillows at each other or somesuch.

*uncontrolable snickers* So much yes!

Sherlock "helps" with John's love life

John is okay at picking up women and he's okay in bed. He just can't keep a relationship going because of Sherlock and his demands, that's all.

So he's not overly pleased when Sherlock starts taking an interest in John's love life, pointing out girls he thought were out of his league and who it turns out would actually consider sleeping with him. He's pretty sure he doesn't need Sherlock to also give him detailed instructions about how to get them off faster once he does get them in bed, especially when it involves doing things to them he was pretty sure no self-respecting modern woman would put up with.

Except he starts to follow those instructions to the letter when it turns out Sherlock is spot on every time. The relationships still don't last, but John doesn't mind because there's always someone else and some new kink to try out. In fact, he starts to feel rather grateful towards his flatmate.

What he doesn't know of course is that Sherlock - who wouldn't stoop to touching anyone, let alone a woman - has rigged John's bedroom so he doesn't miss a single minute of his flatmate's sex life.

So in summary: a very repressed Sherlock gets John to act out his fantasies so he can enjoy the sex vicariously.

Re: Sherlock "helps" with John's love life

Have you read Cure For Boredom? That's probably relevant to your interests.

John was a Captain of Special Forces in Afghanistan

(quick preface: I know diddly-squat about army regiments and/or assignments. But I found this bit of info and the plot-bunny was too good to leave alone)

Ok, according to Wikipedia, the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers, along with the 6th, 7th and 20th, were amalgamated into the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 1968.
What if "the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers" was code for special operations in Afghanistan? John wasn't a just a soldier, he was a badass government sharpshooter/assassin!

Re: John was a Captain of Special Forces in Afghanistan


Count of Monte Cristo

Have we had a Sherlock version of The Count of Monte Cristo yet? Here's what I have in mind:

After the Fall, Sherlock has no intention of ever coming back. Partly because the idea of disappearing and doing his own thing beyond the watchful eyes of Mycroft is something he's always wanted to do and partly because he doesn't want to deal with the feelings he's developed for John.

After about a year or so, he hears that John has gotten married and, out of curiosity, decides to check him or her out. What he discovers is that his Fall was part of a deal Moriarty made with others: someone wanted Sherlock dead because they wanted John, someone else gained by having Lestrade disgraced and someone else took advantage of a Mycroft hobbled by guilt and sentiment towards his lost brother to gain control of the British government.

Pissed off, Sherlock assumes a new identity and returns to London hell-bent on revenge. I'd like to see some dark!Sherlock here, although whether it's justifiable or irredeemable is something I'll leave up to whomever wants to fill this thing. As is whether this tale has a happy ending or not.

The only thing I ask is for a scene where BAMF!John decides he's had enough of this mysterious new guy who appears to want to destroy his family and goes to confront the bastard. And then, surprise, John!

Re: Count of Monte Cristo

Oh my god this is brilliant! Anon, I love you for thinking of this! ♥

John and Sherlock sharing a body

I was looking at stories on AO3 and misread the word "bond" as "body" in one of the descriptions. So this is what I saw:

"When John's life is turned upside down by a horrific attack, Sherlock tries to find a way to save him and the growing BODY they share."

And that actually sounded pretty awesome. Please, someone make that story happen!

(If the rightly-worded description is appealing to you, that fic is here:

Re: John and Sherlock sharing a body

Thank you for the link to the rightly-worded description, this has my kinks written all over it!


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