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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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More then alittle cracked

Sherlock and John meet too late. By the time they find each other their more then just a little cracked.

But then again in any universe they are always going to need each other. Regardless of what side their on.

John is way more bitter . Sherlock is a bit insane and machine like...but he is also way more lonely and touch starved.

Just because I want some Moran/John. Warning:non-con

Moran has been such a good worker that Moriarty decides to present him a gift for all of his hard work.

Moriarty knows that Moran has an unhealthy obsession with a certain army doctor and so he kidnaps John Watson, drugs and places him naked on a bed. John also has a pretty ribbon tied to his neck that has a card attached which says something along the line of 'Moran, the best employee of the year. Enjoy your award. xxxJM'

Bonus: Moran takes his time worshiping John's body before entering him slowly.

2x Bonus: Moriarty in the room camcording the whole thing.

Re: Just because I want some Moran/John. Warning:non-con

Oh, OH! YES!

Seconding! Please, please, please! Someone fill this!

A Very Rare Crossover Pair

Rafi/Sherlock - Sherlock has to go to (or hide out in) Winnetka, Illinois and there he encounters Rafi who treats him to an intense weekend.

Rafi is from FX's The League ( This is a fairly comprehensive source of all things Rafi. (

The rarepair was inspired by this picture. (

Someone please make this happen. If not for the crack, then do it because Rafi would have the best ( rebuttals ( to Sherlock.

Minifill: This feeling, so appealing

[Inspired by the prompt, but does not fulfill the prompt.]

John came home to Sherlock lying on the sofa, scowling at a fruit basket on the coffee table.

"Is that a fruit basket?" he said, starting to unpack the groceries.


Sherlock sometimes refused to answer implied questions when he was annoyed, but John didn't think he had done anything to offend Sherlock today.

He was carefully moving things aside in the refrigerator, trying to make room for eggs and butter without touching or spilling anything gross, when he heard a mobile go off behind him.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Not a ring tone he recognized.

Ring. Ring. Ring..., the mobile started again.

John's hands were occupied with a wet bottle, and it nearly slipped from him, the shrill ringing making him tense up. He turned to glare at Sherlock.

"Oh, for God's sake!" Sherlock snarled, as if it were somehow John being unreasonable. He picked up a banana from the fruit basket, and held it to his ear.


A tinny mumble emerged from the banana, but apparently Sherlock could hear it perfectly:

"No, I don't want to get together and sing. You are most certainly not a friend of mine. Stop ringing me!"

He slammed the banana down, squishing a plum, and causing a pear to tumble down and under a chair.

Ding, dong. Ding, dong. Ding, dong. The banana started ringing again.

Sherlock groaned, and pulled at his hair theatrically.

"John, please. Make it stop. He's been ringing me constantly, for hours."

"All right, you big baby. You finish putting away these groceries, and I'll deal with the fruit basket. And make me a cup of tea."

John ended up sharing the fruit with Mrs Hudson. He let her keep the banana phone as well, when he realized he had no one he wanted to talk to, other than her and Sherlock.

It kept for nearly a week in her crisper drawer, before she had to throw it out, but she had grown a bit tired of that Raffi fellow who kept ringing, even though he was ever so nice, so that was no great shame.

Sherlock never made John a cup of tea, but he did refrigerate all the perishables John had bought, and picked up the pear.

Omegaverse, post-Reichenbach: while in hiding Sherlock finds himself pregnant...

Specifically I want something that focuses on that moment of horror when Sherlock realises/confirms his pregnancy. Knowing that he can't realistically keep the child in his situation and all the complications that getting rid of it would include - a dead man can't very well walk into a hospital, and any back-alley clinics might end up costing him his own life. (As an extra plot suggestion, he's in some part of the world where omegas don't yet have full rights and abortion isn't legal at all.)

And as if all that shit wasn't enough, there's this small part of Sherlock that's grieving to extinguish that single, tiny bit of John that he has in his solitude.

Sherlock and John are mated, but no one except a few know about it. John is in Afghanistan and Sherlock is in London solving cases. During a case, John comes home, so Sherlock goes to the airport to meet him.


They are separated for an extended period of time due to a case/family issue/whatever the author would like. Cue hot simultaneous masturbation sessions over long distance video chat.

Re: Sherlock/John

Unf, yes please!

The Gay Test

Sherlock sends this ( to John's email. Sherlock finds it hilarious while John, not so much. They have a stupid argument but shortly after John gets over it and they both laugh. Fluffy fluff ensues.

I like this idea very much.

Sherlock/Lestrade - pre-established relationship

From whichever traumatic circumstances the author wishes, Sherlock develops PTSD and nocturnal enuresis. Which he tries really hard to hide from Lestrade, but it doesn't work for long and Lestrade finds out eventually.

No watersports.

Re: Sherlock/Lestrade - pre-established relationship

Let me embrace you and your prompt. Hum. Seconded!

tw rape

Whenever Sherlock is injured while solving a case, John patches him up. The few times that he's been dragged to the hospital against his will, he still hasn't let anyone touch him except John, or without John overseeing their work. After all, John is his doctor, and Sherlock thinks that means he should be his ONLY doctor.

John usually doesn't mind, just happy that Sherlock is letting SOMEONE patch him up - although he has been known to roll his eyes when Sherlock pitches a fit and refuses to let anyone but John treat him in a hospital or public place.

One time, though, Sherlock is MIA for a few hours or a few days.... something. When he walks back into 221B - with John all ready to yell at him for just disappearing - he has a bruise on his face and is walking as if his ribs are broken. John gets ready to treat his injuries, like normal, but Sherlock jerks away from his touch. He won't let John touch him and demands another doctor, even if he has to go to the hospital for it.

Why? Sherlock was just gang-raped and abused and he's in shock. All he can think about is that he doesn't want John to see what they did to him.

(Either gen or Sherlock/John, please -- but lots of hurt/comfort!)

Re: tw rape


Re: tw rape (Anonymous) Expand

sherlock/john, pre-canon AU, tw for suicide

This is based on the novel "I Have The Right To Destroy Myself".

There's a man who advertises telephone therapy appointments in the newspaper, but what he really does is get close to vulnerable people and manipulates them into deciding to kill themselves, and then he helps them set up the suicide scenario however they want. In the novel, this person (who is never given a name) views it as compassion.

Sherlock somehow connects a recent string of suicides with the mysterious advertisement in the paper. The man is very, very good at eluding Sherlock, so Sherlock begins to monitor the man's telephone line, and the man's latest "client" is one John Watson. Sherlock doesn't want to lose his prey, so he doesn't warn John off, but instead becomes drawn into their interactions and eventually John sets a date for his suicide. Sherlock races off to intervene; author can choose how the intervention happens.

Re: sherlock/john, pre-canon AU, tw for suicide

This is good. Seconded.

Cross-dressing Sherlock - Gen

John finds out that Sherlock's an "executive transvestite" - He's just sometimes more comfortable in women's clothing.

(Although as Eddie Izzard would say, they're not women's clothing, they're his clothing. He is not a woman.)

Johnlock - Sherlock randomly shares his BDSM fantasies with John

Because I have a thing for Dom!John...
After their first run in with Irene Adler, Sherlock can't shake his recurring fantasies involving riding crops. So, being the socially inept man that he is, he bluntly shares this with John over lunch. At first, John is mortified, but the idea starts to grow on him. Cue dom!John and sub!Sherlock porns.

Bonus if things evolve WAY beyond the use of riding crops because I'm a sick, twisted fuck.

Re: Johnlock - Sherlock randomly shares his BDSM fantasies with John

God yes, never enough dom!John/sub!Sherlock

Lestrade/John Awkward hypothermic cuddling

Lestrade and John working together on a case outside of London. Either one of them ends up falling in a lake or both of them end up caught outside in terrible, freezing weather.

Cue them needing to find refuge and John staving off severe hypothermia by forcing Lestrade into sharing bodyheat.

Bonus if it's awkward.

Re: Lestrade/John Awkward hypothermic cuddling


Forced nappy use/incontinence warning: non con?

Sherlock and John are kidnapped. When they regain consciousness they are back at Baker Street.

Sherlock thinks he is fine until he discovers that he has been rendered temparily incontinent by the kidnappers through the use of Botox on both the bladder and anal sphincters. He'll be like this for at least six months, maybe more as they seem to have used something stronger than Botox that has him rendered truly incontinent for the next while. He decides to use nappies.

John thinks he has got out of this well until he realises he's been brainwashed/programed to be turned on by all aspects of this. In fact he can't get off without it he finds through some experimentation. He's horrorfied by it at first by then finds himself falling deeper and embracing it. John tries to keep his new found fetish from Sherlock as he helps him with changing, emotional support through this change etc.

Through the support, help with changing etc. Sherlock and John start something sexual together. Here is where dark John may enter as he is manipulating a love/touch starved Sherlock to stay dependant on the nappies as through all of this they have grown so close physically and emotionally and Sherlock doesn't want to lose that.

So after the time that he begins to regain some control he just keeps using the nappies and finds that if he was going to gain control back he won't now. In the end Sherlock is satisfied with where he is as he has his John.

Happy with any changes made on this and that goodness for anon! Thank you.

Lestrade angst, "Don't commit suicide"

During the storm that rocks NSY after the Fall, someone - a Yarder, the Press, John, Mycroft, whoever you like - quotes Greg's infamous line back at him. Cue major Lestrade angst, though I wouldn't mind if someone understood and comforted him.

RTYIs very welcome as I've never seen the line used as yet in post-Reichenbach fics. It struck me when I read The Casebook: the only Lestrade-related page features the Daily Mail's vitriolic review of Lestrade's press conf, starting with a two-inch "DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE!" headline.

Re: Lestrade angst, "Don't commit suicide"

I really like this connection.

I was wondering if you would mind my blending it with a second fill for this:


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