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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Someone calls Mycroft a monster after a hard day, he breaks down.

Mycroft didn't want to be the British government, he didn't want to be the iceman but it was expected of him.
He has to do things that would drive a normal person to drink or insanity.
People who do not know him but are around him sometimes call him a monster because of all the cold, hard things he has to do for his county.
As a result Mycroft learned long ago that caring is not an advantage, in order to save himself from feeling anything about what he has done.

One day after a very hard and difficult problem has been solved and Mycroft has saved the country again (maybe by sacrificing children or something)someone assaults him and calls him a monster among a myriad of other things.

Its too much for him and he breaks down (not necessarily there and then).

BONUS: Lestrade is there to pick up the pieces
Bonus: He retains some of his Mycroftness.

Re: Someone calls Mycroft a monster after a hard day, he breaks down.

This needs to be written. Someone. Please?

Never Let Me Go -- Clone AU - Reposting from part 22/29

Sherlock and John are clones who grew up together (at a special boarding school). The original Mycroft paid to have them created, as well as had a clone of himself made, so that if any of them should fall ill they could have the necessary organs.

Over the years, Sherlock and John grow up and fall in love. They know they don’t have long to live so they make the most of it. (Including going on adventures and solving mysteries)

Eventually, Holmes and Watson find out they have clones and decide to rescue them. The headmaster is pleased to get rid of them and tells them where they can find them. (S/he tells Holmes and Watson about how odd Sherlock and John as well, and how they‘ve been inseparable for years).

When they invite Sherlock and John to come and live with them in their cottage in the Sussex.

Happy Ending (with S/J and H/W ) preferred.


- For The Gallery (which is a place filled with art, poems, stories, etc to show people that the clones are human and had a soul to maybe challenge the ethics of the creation of donors) John writes and Sherlock teaches himself violin and writes all kinds of musical.

- John being a carer at one point, but can‘t deal with grief of the job and still has nightmares of the clones dying. ( A carer: a clone who is given a temporary reprieve from donation to do the job of supporting and comforting donors as they give up their organs)

- Sherlock and John are allowed to leave the school when they turn eighteen. They live at 221B (the irony is not lost on Holmes and Watson).

TL;DR -- Sherlock and John are clones who grew up together. Holmes and Watson, the originals, find them and invite them to live with them.

Take whatever liberties you want with this prompt. You can write whatever Holmes and Watson you want too.

Re: Never Let Me Go -- Clone AU - Reposting from part 22/29

I've seen this prompt before and I admit to being utterly fascinated by it.


A tin-hat fan of sherlock's hates john. They think john is ableist(Sherlock is super neurodivergant and John is an ass... just because...) and cruel(How dare John say colleague?!)

The fan kidnaps john and tortures him. Telling him how only they( cause they looked on wiki and, they are totally neurodivergant...in some way) and their tumblr friends understand John. They videotape and post the torture on the tumblr and call it "Justified torture: White, Cis, privledged, neurotypical male who is taking advantage of a special, genderqueer, neurodivergant .)

Sherlock finds John in less than a day. He then verbally eviserates the tin-hat fan and sends them to mycroft.

Mycroft shuts their tumblr down and the tumblr of all their followers. He then...teaches them a lesson.

If you can make this non-crack I'll give you the damn moon.

Re: "Fans"

So... social justice Sallys getting you down?

Re: "Fans" (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft/John- insecure!Mycroft, sweet relationship

I just need some sweet John/Mycroft where Mycroft seems like the jealous type but is just insecure and thinks that Sherlock or Mary or Sarah is going to steal John away from him. John just thinks Mycroft is being silly because no one , not even his best friend, would be able to steal him away from Mycroft.

+5 Sherlock is jealous because he does love John in his own way. No Johnlock please.
+10 Scene where they break the ice and finally get to know each other.

Re: Mycroft/John- insecure!Mycroft, sweet relationship

Yes please! I need this like air. Come on meme, you know you want it.


John uses some quote from popular culture to express how he feels to Sherlock, off handedly assuming Sherlock won't understand. Like he says as you wish when Sherlrock demands his help with an experiment or something. Surprisingly Sherlock gets the reference as it is from his favourite book or film.

Omega!Mycroft gets caught

By another omega in the closet.

Anyone is fine. And they have a quiet discussion with each other and come to the conclusion that it will be beneficial to help each other during their heat. The secret pact goes on for years until they sort of consider themselves in a relationship with each other until both of them go into heat at the same time and they are stuck in the same room trying to fuck themselves with the other's cock but hey, I need your cock too! They frantically fuck each other in turns but it's not enough! They break down and decide they need an alpha to end this mess. The alpha(also a character of your choice) walks in to be faced by two hungry, desperate omegas in heat.

Re: Omega!Mycroft gets caught


Yes please! More omega/omega. There can never be enough.

Mycroft's Masters are living disguised as an average citizen and keep a close eye on Mycroft.

Among them are Anthea, Anderson, Mike Stamford, etc(feel free to add/remove anyone). They keep Mycroft on a lease, afraid he might run off one day with all the national secrets and projects he's ever worked on, plus he is an indispensable asset to them.

He's a pet to them. They use him as they please and Mycroft always obeys. But secretly Mycroft enjoys this little game. He likes to fool those puppets and make them think they are in charge. He does whatever they order him to do and puts on a great show for their and his own pleasure. But at the end he's the one who breaks them. They are all slaves for a piece of him.

Mycroft spies on Lestrade spying on him.

Contrary to the popular belief and John's wild speculation, Mycroft hasn't kidnapped Lestrade yet and not only that they have only talked on the phone on occasion. But the suave, authoritative voice alone intrigues Lestrade a lot enough for him to decide do some background check on Mycroft with what little recourse he has as a police officer. Mycroft decides to play along with him and feeds him all kinds of false information just for fun. Like his age, his previous criminal records, marriage(s), job, income, middle names, address, etc. It's all just for fun but when they have to finally meet face to face for some reason Mycroft is frightened that he might disappoint Lestrade that he is too average and boring than he led him to believe with all the forged records and stuff.

Maybe Lestrade does more than searching Mycroft's name in the data base maybe he visits the address in his record and Mycroft pretends to be a neighbor and tells Lestrade strange stories about this mysterious 'Mr Holmes'? The point is they have fun and it may eventually lead to something else.

Sally Donovan is Sherlock and Mycroft's cousin.

On their mother's side. But that's the genetic line where the genius lies. Sally displayed some of the same deductive skills as her older cousins when she was younger. Mycroft would even take Sherlock and Sally out onto the street and make them have deduce-off's for his amusement. However she was closer to being neurotypical than Sherlock and Mycroft, and due to peer pressure in high-school she hid those traits that had alienated the Holmes boys and learned how to fit in. This has left her ability to deduce servery diminished by comparison to her cousins but she can still break it out from time to time.
Sherlock hates her because they used to be close and he feels that she traded in logic and reasoning (and in a way him) for sentimental things. He looks at Sally and sees what she could have been. It never occurred to Sherlock that maybe he was jealous she had the choice that he never did - to be normal. It's also why he knew it would be Sally who worked out the plan Moriarty had laid out for the police to find.
Sally hates Sherlock because he represents exactly what she fears about herself; that she is in some way a freak. She also loves her job and sometimes wonder whether, if she had kept practicing deduction, she would be a better policewoman. She worked hard to get rid of all the crap Sherlock and Mycroft had put in her head and now she sees them becoming successful and respected while she gets left behind. It's also why she was so blunt with John when Sherlock was arrested. Empathy doesn't come naturally to her. It something she had to actively work on, and she can, on occasion be just as obliviously cruel as Sherlock.

Run with this idea. Maybe Sally and Sherlock find some common ground after the fall, or maybe you would like to do a bitter-sweet flash-back between how they used to be and how they are now.

Re: Sally Donovan is Sherlock and Mycroft's cousin.

Yes please!

Mycroft is Lestrade's ex-owner

Mycroft used to own slave!Lestrade. During that time Mycroft didn't mistreat him or treat him with indifference at least. They could have been friends or just had a formal relationship but the point is that Mycroft wasn't an awful owner to Lestrade at least then things change. Years later their situation get completely reversed and Lestrade ends up getting freed and Mycroft as a slave. Lestrade finds him and buys him. Mycroft is still his usual, stubborn self with pride as Lestrade remembers but that puts him in a lot of trouble, and same goes for Sherlock too. Lestrade at first suggests him to behave more like a slave at least in public for their own sake but Mycroft refuses it which pisses Lestrade off further. Lestrade tries to treat Mycroft as nicely as possible but Mycroft makes it harder and harder for him to do so. Then he realizes Mycroft still thinks of himself as his owner.

Takes this in any direction you want from here. Angst, H/C, porn... As light or dark as you like.

Re: Mycroft is Lestrade's ex-owner

Yes please!

Damn, I'd give a kidney to read this in a darkfic version.

Sherlock teaches a nervous John to drive

Going with the reason Sherlock was the one driving the car in HOTB - because Martin can't drive - my headcanon to fit that is that John can't drive either because, like me, he has terrible anxiety issues when getting behind a wheel.

I really want to see Sherlock giving John driving lessons and John trying his best but having panic attacks when he thinks he's going too fast, isn't going to make it round a roundabout correctly, not break fast enough or is afraid to hit pedastrian/other car/sign-post etc.

Maybe there's a reason for this phobia, perhaps he was involved in a car crash when he was a kid (again, OP is projecting a little).

I'd just like to see Sherlock being a really supportive friend and surprisingly good (if incredibly unorthodox...because it's Sherlock) teacher with a little hurt/comfort and a happy ending.

Bonus; John does something which causes a disturbance on the road and the driver behind him gets pissed off and starts ranting loudly - then a protective Sherlock puts him in his place.

Re: Sherlock teaches a nervous John to drive

Oh anon, I know what you mean. I also have a driveophobia (is there such a word even?). Anyway cuddles to you and +1 for this prompt.

Post-Reichbauch M/L, A Softer World: Mycroft's Dilemma

"I wish there was a better word for 'sorry.' But then I'd probably need a better word than that."

Sibling rivalry at its worst

Sherlock loves John
Mycroft loves John
Neither wants to give up the good doctor and let the other have him

Hence begin the most riddiculous and dangerous and weird courtship of all time. And yes, it means they will use every way possible to prove one is better than the other and undermine the other brother's attempt by any mean necessary (yes, it includes using baby pictures and horrifying stories about how one didn't stop peeing in bed until he was X years old)

Threesome optional but not before A LOT of sulking and refusal from both boys.

Re: Sibling rivalry at its worst

Catchap says:FoxyOK

Molly is pegging Sherlock. She's a little embarrassed.

child!Sherlock & teen!fem!Mycroft (TW: rape)

Mycroft is the type of big sister that never cries, especially not in front of other people or her younger brother. Their relationship has always been a bit cold and Mycroft never fussed over Sherlock.
When Sherlock finds a new hobby called "following my sister around" Mycroft is everything but amused. She tells him several times to leave her the hell alone. He doesn't care; he's used to be unwanted company since most people can't stand his attitude and have no problem to tell him. Secretly he assumes his sister hates him, too.

One day Sherlock decides to follow her after school but gets caught by some older students. When Mycroft shows up (she's late because...), they force her and Sherlock to follow them into the school's basement. Otherwise they'd beat up little Sherlock. Mycroft, who's a) younger than the students and b) far from being strong enough to fight them agrees so they won't hurt Sherlock.

When they're in the basement, the guys lock up Sherlock in a small room or closet or something like this, telling him his sister has to 'earn' the key.

Some time later Mycroft frees him. She's alone and she's crying. Sherlock is shocked and confused because he doesn't know what happened and what could possibly made his strong sister cry. When he asks she grasps him and makes him promise to not tell anybody about the whole incident and to never follow her again. Sherlock, still shocked by her crying, promises.

However, it took Sherlock years to understand what exactly happened but eventually he does understand. Feel free to write what you like at the end. Either Sherlock keeps his promise or he talks to Mycroft or..?