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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Preterm Labor/Bedrest Omegaverse/Mpreg

John is pregnant and .He sleeps way more than he should, gets so sick that he's beginning to lose weight instead of gaining it .

John starts to get shaky and light-headed (maybe he starts to spot a bit too) and realizes he might be in labor.

Bonus points! John is having multiples (If you are over 30 years old you have a high chance of having multiples if you didn't know).

(If you want to write this here is more info about preterm labor

Re: Preterm Labor/Bedrest Omegaverse/Mpreg

That should say: John is pregnant and has a bad pregnancy.

PIRATES! Omegaverse AU (warning for maybe attempted non-con)

John is an Omega who gets kidnapped by a band of pirates who want to have a little fun with him.

They don’t get far because their Captain, one brilliant Alpha named Sherlock Holmes saves him. Sherlock offers John a chance to join his crew and go on adventures(promising John when the time comes Sherlock will claim him as his own and no one will dare touch him in the meantime). John accepts and over time John makes his way up/proves himself and eventually becomes First Mate and starts to fall for Sherlock.

Then the day comes when John goes into heat and he takes his rightful place in the Captain’s bed.

BONUS FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS: John is pregnant or has had a child already and is kidnapped. BAMF!John will not let anyone harm his and Sherlock child and will die trying to protect him/her. Mycroft is another Captain who stumbles upon John (maybe he attacks the people who captured ).

John’s scent smells like Sherlock but they have been separated for a while and it’s kind of faded . Mycroft either can’t put his finger on why John smells so familiar and he‘s like ‘There’s no way Sherlock mated and is a father but I’m going to return him to Sherlock just incase’.

AND SECOND BONUS - Sherlock with his baby son/daughter and teaching him or her about the secrets of the sea.

TL;DR- Omegaverse Pirate AU with Captain Alpha!Sherlock/Captured turned First Mate Omega!John

Re: PIRATES! Omegaverse AU (warning for maybe attempted non-con)


Fake Johnlock. eventual real Jphnlock

Knowing full well what the media and London assumed about his and Sherlock's relationship, John sells his story to the paper/ British media about life as Sherlock's lover (despite them not actually being together) in order get as much publicity as possible in order to set the record straight about Sherlock and clear his name. Despite them not being together John rarely has to lie about anything during his interviews.

Then Sherlock returns having (not really died) forcing John to play the role of ecstatic lover, to a surprised and befuddled Sherlock. Eventually the two sort things out and sex is had.

Re: Fake Johnlock. eventual real Jphnlock

Yes, please!

Sherlock/John: Unplanned werewolf mating

(The actual mating part prob counts as dub-con, but the sex is consensual.)

Sherlock is a werewolf and John just a human who knows no more about werewolves than the average person.

A little after John moves into 221b Sherlock finds himself unbearably attracted to John - feelings that are heightened around the full moon - and suggests a friends with benefits type arrangement. No strings, no relationship just friends who occasionally have sex.

But one time Sherlock can't/doesn't want to control himself and bites John as he fucks him (this is the first time Sherlock's penetrated John) - marking him and mating with him (and werewolves mate for life - the bond can't be broken). John doesn't know this and carries on as normal. Flirting with other people, going on the occasional date . . .

How it ends is up to you, but madly (and possibly violently) jealous Sherlock would be nice.

tldr: Sherlock is a werewolf and whilst they are having sex he mates with John without John being aware of what he's done.

Re: Sherlock/John: Unplanned werewolf mating

It would be so lovely if this was filled. *crossesfingers*

Kid!lock - Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

You stole the cookies from the cookie jar!
Who, me?
Yes, you!
Couldn't be!
Then who?

I'd love to see little Sherlock and all our favorite boys together in kindergarten. One morning, someone steals the cookies meant for snack time. Little Sherlock's on the case! Cue adorable shenanigans!

- Little Moriarty stole the cookies with Little Sebastian's help!

John and past!Mary

John was with Mary before meeting Sherlock. She died/they broke up before meeting Sherlock which just sank John deeper into depression.

No one realized he was married (or about to get married).

bonus: Its discovered ina completely unexpected way.

bonus: John could not bare any reminders of her so he gave them to Harry to keep safe which is why Sherlock never knew.

Sherlock became a prostitute when he was young, a teenager well under the age of consent. The background can be AU or just a version of canon, whatever the author wants. However it happened, Sherlock has been on his own, using sex to get whatever he wants, for years by the time he is 17/18.

It's around this time, though, that Sherlock meets Lestrade. Seeing his potential, Lestrade helps Sherlock in whatever ways he can - lets him crash at his place, helps him get off drugs, etc etc.

Sherlock is thankful, despite complaining all the time, and tries to thank Lestrade in the only way he knows how - he hits on him and offers himself to him in every way imaginable, over and over. He gets naked and crawls in Lestrade's bed, tries to feel him up whenever possible, all that.

Lestrade knows he's messed up and too young, though, and only wants a father/son type of relationship - no sex! Sherlock doesn't give up easily, though - and eventually he breaks and asks Lestrade why he doesn't want him, as the only way he knows people showing that they like or even tolerate him is by using him for sex.

Bonus points for Sherlock being his obnoxious self. I want angst and h/c, but not too much woobie!Sherlock, if possible?

(Sooo paternal!Lestrade and sexed-out!Sherlock, with lots and lots of angst, but no real love there, other than friendly and familial love. PLEASE)

John/Sherlock AU universe hopping, John witnesses Sherlock die a thousand different ways

One night John meets a stranger and gets the opportunity to witness different versions of himself and Sherlock meeting (or not meeting). During one of the 'visits', the stranger suddenly stresses that they need to leave. Too enthralled to look away, John stalls for time. It turns out that this version of their universe doesn't have a pleasant ending, and the stranger doesn't want John to see his friend die alone. John does. Swallowed by grief and frustration at his inability to stop it, John then demands to be taken to each universe where this happens, because even if Sherlock can't see or hear him, he deserves to have someone by his side when it happens.

A follow-up section showing John back with his own Sherlock, dealing with the aftermath of what he's seen, would be wonderful.

Helping eachother is not always helpful

One family member/sibling doing something that fucks up another because they honestly think it will help them.

It doesn't because it wasn't healthy to begin with but eventually someone helps them out or at least helps one of them out.


extra bonus: The Watson family.

Sherlock in terrible pain and John fretting over the fact he can do nothing to ease or stop it.

het rape

Male character rapes female character(s) or fem![male character](s).

Looking for major male character who is portrayed positively in canon, not more villainy from Anderson or Jim or Sebastian Wilkes. Any scenario: someone turns out to be a habitual rapist and is discovered, drunken rape between supposedly good friends, housebreaking, revenge/punishment, marital rape, whatever. Victim(s) need not be exclusively canon.

RTYI: here's a fuck-or-die with Sherlock and Fem!John

Re: het rape - RTYI (Anonymous) Expand

I don't know where this came from

But anyway:

Mycroft likes to paint his toe nails and gets turned on when thinking about his nicely painted toe nails in his well-polished high quality leather shoes and looking at the PM's serious face who has no idea what's really going on.

Mycroft likes deep dark red color the most.

Re: I don't know where this came from

For some reason I find this wildly arousing.


Frottage/premature ejaculation/come play

Two men engage in a bout of enthusiastic frottage, character A comes in his pants and is a little embarassed. Character B is wildly turned on by that, opens B's trousers and licks him clean while jerking off. What happens next and details are up to the author.

Pairings I like: Johnlock, Mystrade, Johnstrade, Johncroft

Bonus for dirty talk.

My eternal gratitude, shiny new internets, adorable kittens and choccie cookies to the filler.

Re: Frottage/premature ejaculation/come play

Oh fuck, yes.

Mycroft proposes, Lestrade freaks out (cracky prompt)

Mycroft is head over heels in love with Greg. Although they've only been together for 6 months, he proposes Greg.

Greg has a major freakout, not because he doesn't love Mycroft but because this is going way too fast for him. His divorce is still fresh in his memory.

Mycroft is terribly hurt and can't function properly. He snaps at ministers and diplomats, doesn't monitor crisis zones anymore. The world is on the verge of apocalypse.

Resolution is up to the author.

I am looking for h/c with a good portion of crackiness and fluffiness. Thank you :-)

Re: Mycroft proposes, Lestrade freaks out (cracky prompt)


from the future

Sherlock communicates to John three years in the future through post-its notes in the wall of 221B. Probably better if the present John is away during this :)

Fluff and might be funny since Sherlock goes all nuts because future letters are not even scientifically POSSIBLE.

Would like it to be written using Sherlock's POV. But yeah... it's still up to the author :D And can we have some Mycroft/Greg-Sherlock text bickering ^^


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