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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Pineapple incident, Gen or Johnlock

Remember that episode in How I Met Your Mother, where there's a pineapple and nobody remembers how it got there?

Well, a pimeapple appears in 221B and no one knows how.

Wheather or not they deduce how it got there is up to filler.

Can be Gen or johnlock, i'm good with both. Any Genre. Even crossover with HIMYM if you can and want to fit it in.

Bonus: For using john's blog post format.

+ Bonus: if at the end mrs. Hudson makes a pie out of it.

Re: Pineapple incident, Gen or Johnlock

Oh My God. I can't believe didn't think of this. I mean, honestly just yes.
I spent hours obbsessing over what happened to the pineapple. I think like this solution best.
I'd personally love a crossover with HIMYM, no clue how you'd make it, but thumbs up!

John/OC Johnlock

During a case, Sherlock somehow convinces John to seduce a man in order to gather more information, keep the man distracted... idk... because John is the man's type or something.

Not without some reclutance John finally accepts, and gets progressively better at acting, to the point where Sherlock himself is insecure whether he is still acting or not anymore. And, of course, gets more and more jealous.

Johnlock happy end please.

Re: John/OC Johnlock

SECONDED! Always seconding for jealous!Sherlock and I love these type of stories.

John/OC Johnlock Part 2/? (Anonymous) Expand
John/OC Johnlock Part 4/? (Anonymous) Expand

sherlock is a cloud herder; john is a star

Sherlock is a cloud herder, John is a star and they can only talk at night. It’s tragic but beautiful.

Then John falls. Sherlock tears up the sky looking for him.

(posting for a friend, unanon to track)

Sherlock looks after his group of clouds, herds them like sheep, and it’s hard. It’s hard because they do nothing but float endlessly on the currents of air he blows their way, it’s hard because all the useless beings on the ground are helpless and mean nothing to him, and it’s hard because the stars only come out at night and they are the only amazing things that ever happen to him.

The sun is large and bright during the day, yes, and of course the sun and moon are closer than any of the stars, but all the two ever talk about is each other. They only talk of being together, but a few of the other cloud herders gossip about their magnificent tearing apart; how a witch saw their boundless love and tore them from each other’s arm and put them on opposite sides of the earth so she wouldn’t have to see them together. Sometimes, that’s what Sherlock feels like happened to him and his star, and other times he thanks the heavens that it is not.

John may be far away, but they are by no means separated as the sun and moon are. John can only come out at night, his fearsome light drowned out by that of the sun (and sometimes Sherlock hates the sun for it, but he can’t hate him for long. Because, though John isn’t able to be seen or heard during the day, he feels as though John is his sun and he is the moon. John will always have his inner light, but all Sherlock can do is yearn and fight to reflect that light back), but they meet up at midnight and talk until the rays of morning make John fade away.

John tells him he is amazing, but really it is John who is amazing. John, who sits far off with his brothers and sisters, and watches Sherlock during the day, but cannot be seen or heard himself. Sherlock almost wishes it were the other way around, but then John would be lonely (even amongst his kin), and he will not even contemplate John’s loneliness.

So they exchange their messages across the sky with little complaint, though sometimes they wish they could be sitting side-by-side, and enjoy each other’s company, blocking out the babble of the rest of the universe.


It does not happen suddenly out of nowhere, but it feels abrupt when Sherlock realizes that John is getting bigger. However, when the observation escapes his lips, the star’s face goes blank and says, “It’s nothing, Sherlock, why don’t you tell me about that storm you caused on the edge of one of those continent-things you were telling me about?”

Sherlock didn’t bring it up again, even as he continually noted John swelling and turning red with the gasses in his system. He tried not to think of the lifecycle of stars, and how it seemed like John was dying. He tried not to think at all.


Up in the sky, one hears many pieces of information by listening to the humans down below. They talk about ex-BFFs and satellites and love. However, as Sherlock pushes his group of clouds into a town and guides them through the high mountaintops, he hears a whispered piece of conversation about a falling star.

He tries not to dwell on it the rest of the day, keeps herding along his clouds, but he can’t stop thinking about John’s swollen red body.

When night comes, it is with the worst pain imaginable and a mystery.

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Re: This Light of Mine (Anonymous) Expand
Fill 2: Part 1 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill 2: Part 2 (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock/john/Irene - D/s

Sherlock and Irene are attracted to each other - but they're both strict Doms with little interest in vanilla het sex.

Luckily, they have John, who wants nothing more than to submit to both of them. So at least they get to enjoy each other by collaborating on him.

(Feel free to get hardcore with it, as long as it's consensual all the way around.)

Re: Sherlock/john/Irene - D/s

OP here, I forgot to clarify kinks further:

The only things that are really a turnoff/DNW to me are scatplay, adult-baby/infantisilation/diapers, and extreme permanent changes like amputation.

Scene elements I really like include but are not limited to: nipple torture/CBT, suspension, pegging, object penetration, whipping (stinging more than thudding), breathplay, knifeplay, gunplay, electrostim, all sorts of D/s roleplaying up to and including fake non-con, anything anal, dirty talk, bondage, threat of involving strangers, "forced" oral, display of the sub's body to others, endurance tests.

Optional details are optional, though. I don't expect any of that, these are just suggestions.

Sherlock fights his last criminal in Moriarty's web and comes back home after the fall. He's injured but all he wants is to see John and he goes straight to Baker Street. When John opens the door Sherlock collapses into his arms. John is shocked but also has to take care of Sherlock.

Sherlock shouldn't be too injured though so that John could take care of him at home.

Johnlock slash.

I got the idea from this drawing by reapersun


John/Mummy Holmes BAMFSHIP

I’d love to see something where John and Sherlock’s mum get on swimmingly.
Like, really well. Like, too fucking well.
Basically they’re best friends and it scares the shit out of Mycroft and Sherlock and basically everyone in the world because these two together? Evil genius soul mates. They use their combined power of guilt tripping and glare power and disapproving glances and pouty faces and utter BAMFness to manipulate anyone and everyone to do what they want.
Johnlock is loved, but gen is totally cool too.
BP if John and Mummy initially dislike each other, and then fall in deep, platonic, meddling love.
DBP if they have special tea times together that terrify the (bah! All the alliteration!) Holmes boys.
TBP if John becomes Mummy’s favorite son, and Sherlock and Mycroft get all sulky and jealous about it.

Re: John/Mummy Holmes BAMFSHIP

Seconding, because I first misread this as John/Mrs. Holmes and not simply John and Mummy being freaking awesome together. XD

OP (Anonymous) Expand

"In, Mates" epilogue? Warning for attempted non-con, spoilers in prompt

Just read This (http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/9100.html?thread=41950348#t41950348) amazing fill and i would love to see John & Lestrade getting down to sexy fun times and Lestrade has a flash back to the prison, maybe even when John had been "threatening" him to maintain his cover? Then of course John is all sweet and caring and reassuring. Prefer top!John/bottom!Lestrade please.

Omegaverse mpreg and lots of drama

Omega!john is pregnant. Both he and Sherlock want children and so this is a planned pregnancy. At first things are fine between them. But as the pregnancy evolves Sherlock seems to be less and less commited. Obviously this hurts John to the core (maybe even to The point of moving out?). But later it turns out that Sherlock does still very much want the baby. He just doesn't know how to handle all of it ( his feelings, Johns changing body, hormones,...). In reality he has been secretly hiding in 221c aka babyheadquarters where he has been reading every babybook known to man, testing toys for their chemical compounds, buying baby's first chem set,...

If possible I would love a fill that works out the above in an actual story with a happy ending when The truth comes out.

Bonus for getting mycroft involved

TW TW TW !!!!!! Mention of infant death!
Superbonus if you could incorporate The following: mycroft had given birth to a daughter years ago. After she died (stilbirth, Sids,...?) he threw out all her belongings. Somehow Sherlock managed to save an antique musicbox mycroft had bought for her. Mycroft finds this between all The things Sherlock has collected for his baby.


When it counts 1a/3

Ok so I lied and did it anyway XD. Hope this is want you want nonny. I may or may not have been effected by other omegaverse works I've read >_> I admit to nothing. :D Enjoy. Also this has not been beta'd or Brit pick

John fidgeted nervously on the toilet seat, his eyes shifting between the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter next to him and the whitewashed walls in front of him. He licked his lips and looked at his watch; not at the three minute mark yet.

Sighing, John dropped his head but a small smile was on his face. He knew he was probably being ridiculous but he couldn’t help himself. He could be having a baby! And it was going to be apart of him and Sherlock.

He thought about his alpha, out today at Bart’s to perform some experiment that couldn’t be done at 221B. If someone had told them that John Watson, an Omega, would one day be mated with Sherlock, an Alpha, he would have laughed in their face. For years John hid is Omega stasis, not wanting to be used as a birth machine and to have a career. And what a career he had, getting his doctorate and then going off to war. Somehow getting shot in the shoulder was a blessing in disguise because in the end, it had led him to Sherlock.

At first, John didn’t even know that Sherlock was an Alpha. It wasn’t until much later he found about that and the suppressants Sherlock took to hide his scent. He didn’t want an Omega, just like John didn’t want an Alpha. John always viewed Alpha’s as being domineering with all of their big egos, thinking they were best at everything; Lord knows John met plenty of them in the service.

In a way, Sherlock was like that but when he learned John was an Omega, apparently when they had first met at Bart’s lab, he didn’t change. He continued to act the way he always did and slowly John came to realize that it was just Sherlock’s personality. The intelligence with a superiority complex, masked the hurt, socially awkward man underneath that society didn’t understand- save John and a select few. John fell easily into the role of taking care of Sherlock (rather reluctantly) because the man couldn’t eat or clean up after himself to save his life (and don’t even get John started about the lack of sleep!) Usually an Alpha would take care of the Omega’s needs but John found it pleasant that he could not only take care of himself but another and have the adventures they had. It was an arrangement both of them liked and neither of them were willing to change it. Perhaps it was inevitable that John found himself in love with Sherlock, wishing they could be a regular Alpha and Omega.

Then Sherlock jumped of Bart’s lab.

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Re: Author's note (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft in for Surgery. Greg there for moral support.

Mycroft is going deaf (or blind your choice). He can have surgery to correct it, but is nervous read scared. Lestrade finds out and convinces him to have surgery. He'll be their for him the whole time.

Bonus: Mycroft gets out of bed and doesn't realize his bottom is showing. Greg doesn't know whether to grin like a loon and enjoy the show or tell Mycroft. Mycroft is trying to be brave and keeps telling him he's fine every time that Greg tries to tell him.

Alternate/Additional Bonus (if it's more of a drama): Sherlock show's up because Greg is there and he wants a case,didn't know his brother was there and isn't sure how to handle his brother looking so vulnerable.

Re: Mycroft in for Surgery. Greg there for moral support.

OP-sorry noted 'their' should be 'there' after posted

Anything with Jack Harkness/Mycroft Holmes with Jealous (not officially in a relationship)Lestrade maybe leading onto Jack/Mycroft/Lestrade.

Seconding anything wit flirty Jack. (Or.. just Jack. What's the difference?)

Psychic!John gets found out by Moriarty (reprompt)

So we've had a few psychic!John fics, but they all tend to end Happily Ever After at the pool during TGG.


During his kidnapping by Moriarty in TGG, John outs himself as a psychic at the pool. It’s a little thing that doesn’t seem to matter at the moment and goes unnoticed by Jim for the remainder of TGG.

Despite having better things to do (see the second season), there’s just something about John Watson that Jim just can’t put his finger on; something that’s screaming at him to pay attention, something he overlooked for the bigger picture.

He suddenly realizes that John knows things he shouldn’t. Jim arranges for his own meeting with John and eventually John is forced to admit to Jim that he is clairvoyant. Jim calls bull, and decides to give John a little incentive to tell the truth.

Terrified and panicking, John’s mind lashes out to the first thing it can find, something that no one knows yet except for Moriarty himself. Perhaps someone stole important information from Jim and he intends to enact a secret plan a few days from now to discover who did it and get the information back. However, with John rattling off the necessary information, Jim doesn’t have to go through the trouble of getting his hands dirty.

John suddenly isn’t a boring, little man any more. His ability is amazing, it’s interesting, and it’s dangerous in the wrong hands and vital in the right ones. John cannot be sent back to Sherlock in any fashion. Think of all the damage two Holmes and a psychic can do. Jim has no interest in killing John, he is now an asset to Jim’s business and personal safety. John is special and top secret.

Can Sherlock save John? How do you outsmart a criminal mastermind and a psychic?

Eventual Jim/John, noncon and dubcon preferred. It’s up to you if John’s told Sherlock or not about his ability.

my original prompt: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/19743.html?thread=119318559#t119318559

please let me know if I haven't waited long enough to repost before deleting. I think I'm doing it right but I'm not sure.

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Re: Psychic!John gets found out by Moriarty (reprompt)

Eeeeeeeeeeee! :D Seconding!

Mycroft is a teacher's pet

Warnings: abuse of authority, age difference, corruption of an innocent

While at university awkward virgin!Mycroft is an exceptional student. He excels in every academic pursuit but fails miserably on all levels of social interaction until one of university's most renowned and well-loved elderly lecturers takes him under his wing. He encourages Mycroft to use the skills he already has to advance his career and social standing; he teaches him how to act, how to dress, how to eat, how to charm and manipulate or how to disguise his weaknesses… But he is not doing this without an ulterior motive.

The thing is, whenever they are alone the professor shows his affection for Mycroft in some entirely inappropriate manner. At first it's only a touch, a manly hug or a casual inquiry about his sexual interests but after a while the touches grow bolder, more intimate - and Mycroft allows this because he hero-worships his mentor without reservations. Soon enough he is letting the professor kiss him on the mouth, caress him, hold his hand; when asked he will sit on a man's lap, take his clothes off, kneel at his feet or pose for a photograph, even pleasure himself in front of him. Eventually, they engage in all kind of sexual activities short of penetrative sex (due to professor's advanced age) but instead of trying that as well Mycroft's mentor asks him to have sex with other students and then to tell him all about it. Mycroft goes along with that too, losing his inhibitions one by one as he lets the professor pick his lovers and instruct him how to seduce them, giving in to the man's ever-increasing demands…

OPTIONAL: Mycroft's mentor could be an older member of Moriarty family (Jim's father, grandfather, uncle…?), though he should not be malicious or cruel – merely a selfish old pervert. :P

Re: Mycroft is a teacher's pet

PS: Okay, I know this is a long prompt (yeah, I got a bit carried away), but the story itself doesn't have to be long, honestly. Most of this stuff can be cut out or pushed in the background, so a one-shot or a short fill would do just fine. My main interest is in uni!Mycroft, having a mad affair with a dirty old man - other than that you can take this in any direction you want.


FILL 1/8 The Assignments. (Anonymous) Expand
FILL 2/8 The Assignments. (Anonymous) Expand
FILL 3/8 The Assignments. (Anonymous) Expand
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Reprompt: Mycroft Bleeds (warning for blood, other warnings may apply)


Mycroft suffers from hematidrosis, a condition where a person sweats blood under extreme stress.

Additional note: "this condition makes the skin extremely sensitive, so torture would be doubly awful and touch - depending on the variety can bruise."

Reprompt: Kinky by text (Mycroft/Lestrade, public desperation)


Mycroft and Lestrade texting each other on a long train journey. Mycroft mentions he has to piss, Lestrade decides to have a bit of fun.

Desperation play, on a train - via text message.

Re: Reprompt: Kinky by text (Mycroft/Lestrade, public desperation)

Oh, nice. I really hope this gets filled.

Fill: 1/x (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: 1/x (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: 1/x (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock Sick/Hurt!John

You know what they say, doctors make the worst patients.

Humor and fluff please =D

Re: Johnlock Sick/Hurt!John

I'd really love some more fluff.