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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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hell hath no fury like a protective Sherlock

Even as petty as his and Sherlock's arguments and overall rivalry can get, Mycroft knows never to bring John into them.

The first (and last) time he did, Sherlock punched him square in the face.

Re: hell hath no fury like a protective Sherlock

kehehe - would love to read that :)
+ 10000

Sherlock gets high, and as a result, turns into a needy slut. John finds him, tries to look after him while resisting his advances, but sherlock won't take his hands off him, and theres only so much john can resist...

slutty!high!sherlock please :D

oh God yes!

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Magical Realism AU. It's possible for people to switch hearts(emotions). John and Sherlock accidentally run into each other and switch hearts. Sherlock finds himself to be more emotional during his job and John starts to be more analytical. They're desperate to find each other and switch back.

alpha!Sherlock/omega!John - squirting

Because I don't think I've ever seen this in omegaverse before...

I want alpha!Sherlock getting extremely turned on when he's fucking omega!John outside heat and John suddenly squirts when he comes. A lot.

Cue to an embarrassed John but then Sherlock gets overly enthusiastic and wants to do all sorts of experiment about it: if what his omega is squirting is the same lubrication omegas have during their heats, how much does he squirt, how many times consecutively can he squirt, etc.

Bonus if alphas don't knot with omegas outside heat, so Sherlock loves to pull his cock out and watch John squirt all over it.

Extra Bonus if Sherlock wants to lap it all off.

tl;dr omega!John suddenly squirts when he is being fucked by alpha!Sherlock. Sherlock gets extremely enthusiastic with this.

I know that in omegaverse omegas usually produce a lot of lubrication but I always viewed it as dripping and getting wet like women do (except even wetter) and not at all as squirting. So I hope you guys can get my drift.

Re: alpha!Sherlock/omega!John - squirting

Seconded so hard it hurts!!!

Sub's choice: ice or fire?

Just as they're about to head out of 221b on a case, Dom!John gives Sherlock a choice: which oil does he want under his foreskin and on his hole? Peppermint, or cinnamon?

(Thank GOD for anonymity.)

Re: Sub's choice: ice or fire?

Just imagining that is making me flinch! *goes to hell*

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Sherlock's asthma

John finds out Sherlock has asthma when Sherlock comes running into the flat having an asthma attack rummaging around for his inhaler.

Re: Sherlock's asthma

Yes please.

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Re: Sherlock's asthma (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Sherlock's asthma (Anonymous) Expand

forceful, random, passion kisses - J/S

Sherlock forcefully and randomly kissing John.

That is all.

bonus: their alone in a dark alley somewhere but the police are close by or he does it when Lestrade or whoever turns their back.

bonus: At first John is caught by surprised, flails, and tries to pull away but Sherlock is persistent and once the shock wears off John likes it or he knees Sherlock if he doesn't like it

Dark!Sherlock/John WARNING, TRIGGERS

Ok, So I have read some fanfics about Dark!Sherlock and I got to say I love them. But each one is kind of the same where he kidnaps John and psychologically messes with the poor man's brain. What I want is instead of having Sherlock try and break John is that John tries to save Sherlock.

What I see is that Moriarty and Sherlock met each other before John and Moriarty pulled him into the world of criminals. For a long time Sherlock likes it because he is never bored. Then he sees John and kidnaps him (authors desecration on how long he waits to do so and how). At first John tries to resist then as he learns more about Sherlock he knows he can change Sherlock's ways and instead tries to save him.

If (and I mean that as in I WANT) it to be a Top!Sherlock fic cause that is my weakness. I will (possibly if author wants) one Top!John but that is all. TOP!SHERLOCK FTW!!!!

Bonus for mentions of Moriarty/Sebastian

Bonus if Mycroft is able to rescue John at one point and explain Sherlock's past before Sherlock gets John back.


For Sherlock's past I see it in my head that he was sexually abused as a child by his father and Mummy and Mycroft didn't see it until Sherlock was too messed up in the head aka after Sherlock and Mycroft's father dies. They took him to a therapist but that didn't really do anything just made Sherlock real angry with the world and at his family.

Also add that he was bullied a lot as a child and teenager and hid it from his family. More anger towards the world. Hence these reason's for following Moriarty and why he wants John sexually but won't act upon his urges.

(I regret nothing but I am sorry for being such a messed up individual)

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Re: Dark!Sherlock/John WARNING, TRIGGERS


TW non-con

Dark!lestrade takes Sherlocks virginity. He knows he's a virgin but fucks him HARD. Dark!john fucks Sherlock right after. I don't care if they fuck him once or repeadetly I just want them to take him hard

Bonus for very confused (ace?) Sherlock.
Double bonus for dark!mycroft watching and realy enjoying The show

Re: TW non-con

D: ngh
no, yeah, seconding this - my soul is irredeemable anyway * sigh *

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Re: TW non-con (Anonymous) Expand

Sally/Molly Possible TW: dubcon

So, uh, I was reading a prompt on the first page of this part and just really wanted something involving Sally being suspicious of Molly for some reason, perhaps she's holding some evidence for Sherlock and Sally wants it? Well anyway, I want Sally searching Molly and it being sort of dub- con but not really? I want Molly to sort of be the one who starts it but be shy about it and Sally sort of testing slowly to see if she is reading the situation properly and that sort of thing. Please?

Lestrade has the patience of a saint (and a squishable face)

OOOOOOkay, so I was watching Reichenbach and was thinking about that one bit where Sherlock pokes Lestrade in the forehead when he is talking about killing ideas.
I just noticed that Lestrade didn't blink, didn't move, didn't flinch and certainly didn't look surprised, and I would like something, possibly a 5+1 where Sherlock poked or smooshed at Lestrade's face, or made unexpected bodily contact and Lestrade was okay with it and one time he freaked out? Or whatever you feel like really. Go as light or dark and angsty as you want, and any pairings you please. Thank you kindly :)

Re: Lestrade has the patience of a saint (and a squishable face)

I'll second this. And maybe some S/L?

Re-prompt, part XXX "Raised by Apes"

John = Tarzan
Sherlock = Jane

John was raised by apes and for whatever reason Sherlock finds him in Africa living with them, swinging from vines, being a badass, talking ape-language, and practically naked except for a loin cloth (or nothing at all).

Sherlock is fascinated.


Re: Re-prompt, part XXX "Raised by Apes"

*grunts* WANT!

Reprompt part XXX, TW: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationship, bodyswap

John and Moriarty wake up in each others bodies.
John is trying to figure out as much as he can about Moriartys network (if you'd like, while enduring Moriartys relationship with Sebastian Moran, but not necessary) and collect information for when he gets back to Sherlock.
Moriarty, however, has woken up in Johns body and decided it's the perfect way to play with (or destroy) Sherlock. He realises Sherlock is in love with John but they are not in a relationship, and as a result, he rapes Sherlock and somehow convinces him that for John to love him back, he has to let it continue.
If whoever fills thinks it will fit, can I have fragile/uncertain Sherlock please? Or if not you can take it wherever...
How it ends is up to the author. Thankyou!

Re: Reprompt part XXX, TW: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationship, bodyswap


Lestrade/Sherlock and John/Mycroft

D/s verse, Omegaverse, Sentinel-verse.

I don't even care how you do it, just make it really twisted if you want, I'll even take dark!Lestrade and dark!John.


In my mind John gave birth to their child. The first night home when little Hamish (I'm a sucker for Hamish fics) wakes up crying it's Sherlock that goes to him. Deciding John deserves to get some sleep while he can. But he forgets the babymonitor. So John wakes to the sound of Sherlock talking to The baby. I don't care if it's the ryme about the teddybear or the periodic table all I care about is getting my dose of teethrotting sweet fluff

Re: Parent!lock

I am also very fond of Hamish and I need a dose of fluff as well.

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