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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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The Holmes brothers as children

I'm FASCINATED with Sherlock and Mycroft's childhood, so any story with them as children growing up in that huge house with their (odd?) parents is welcome, specifically between the two brothers.

-Mycroft dealing with a new baby brother
-Sherlock displaying extraordinary abilities as a child, Mycroft trying to top him

Etc etc

Been reading a lot of Wallace Stevens lately. Found this:

Flyer's Fall

This man escaped the dirty fates,
Knowing that he did nobly, as he died.

Darkness, nothingness of human after-death,
Receive and keep him in the deepness of space-

Profundum, physical thunder, dimension in which
We believe without belief, beyond belief.


Not quite sure what I'm looking for: Is this said at the funeral? Personally, I'd love Mycroft to show up, maybe reflecting alone at his house or at Diogenes (because if anyone reads poetry out of this lot its probably him)-I don't know. Obviously, angst is expected but would fluff at the end is more than welcome. :)

The Secret Diary of a male escort/consulting detective, by Sherlock Holmes

Where Sherlock Holmes is a male escort, capable of deducing every kink and desire of his (female/male) clients, and who never refuses to solve crimes in his free time thanks to his regular client Inspector Greg Lestrade.

And one day, he meets John Watson.

(Sherlock/John; Sherlock/Lestrade; Sherlock/clients etc)

Re: The Secret Diary of a male escort/consulting detective, by Sherlock Holmes

i didnt know i wanted this so bad. Seconded!

Bonding AU

In this AU, people have the ability to bond with their partners, but it is done incredibly rarely, even amongst married couples, because of the dangers involved to both partners both during and after it is complete (as well as the still high prevalence of divorce). Forced bonding is considered a violation tantamount to rape.

Five years ago, after having worked with him on a couple of cases, Lestrade comes upon an overdosed Sherlock, on the verge of death. In desperation, and without really thinking through the consequences, he bonds with Sherlock, thereby allowing him to save his life. He's able to get him to a hospital, (and later rehab) but is slightly horrified at himself for what he's done. However, their association continues, and Sherlock doesn't seem at all bothered by it, or even really acknowledges it, besides being slightly more mellow towards him than anyone else. Lestrade is still ashamed and tries to make it up to him by giving him way more leeway than he probably deserves, but overall their relationship remains one of begrudging respect/looking out for the other, and Lestrade assumes Sherlock has forgiven him.

Enter John. And on whatever timeline (either pre or post Reichenbach, doesn't matter) they become incredibly close. And he and Sherlock finally decide that they want to bond - because it turns out, Sherlock actually had no idea he was bound to Lestrade all this time (attributing any changes to him getting clean).

I just want a fic about the aftermath (or more development of this world, if that suits you better). Jealous Lestrade, paternal Lestrade, threesomes, betrayed/horrified Sherlock are all fine. Prefer Sherlock/John ending, with Lestrade somehow okay too, but honestly, anything would be good.

Everyone is born with half a song (well tune) and the desire to complete it by finding their other half. Obviously this is quite difficult as many things can sound good together but very rarely do they sound amazing.

Thankfully some are born musicians, people with the ability to complete songs (matchmake).

Sherlock is a musician.

Johnlock preferred but feel free to run wild!

I like it.

Sherlock/Multi, Crossover Push, Pregnancies, Noncon and all things Angst

This is a silly idea that came into my head at seeing some people rp and it won't go out. If someone could write this, please, the more angst, the better.

Sherlock finds himself kidnapped by Moriarty but he isn't alone. With him there's John Watson, Molly Hooper and Cassie Holmes. He finds himself in one of Moriarty's new dirty games, where he is forced to choose between John and Molly. No matter who he picks, Moriarty finds a way for Sherlock to have sex with Molly, then threatens to rape Cassie but has Sherlock do it for him instead. Moriarty enjoys to see Sherlock having sex and manages for several months to keep the four locked up (despite escape attempts).

Then, when they finally find themselves free, it has become clear that both Molly and Cassie are pregnant with Sherlock's babies.

But Sherlock really just loves John.

- Could be Sherlock was working on the case to find Cassie's mother (who was supposedly taken by the USA Division), and that's why Cassie became involved.
- Could be Cassie is Sherlock's cousin which would cause for incest and MORE angst.
- There could be brilliant escape attempts but Moriarty is just THAT clever
- Love the threat of Moriarty wanting to add Adler to this but somehow Irene outsmarts him (perhaps this leads to a rescue arranged from the outside like Lestrade and Irene)
- For Molly to soothe Cassie and for them to share an understanding
- John being a sweetheart and loving the thought of babies, and acting as the one who keeps everyone together.

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Wanted: a Sherlock/Star Trek cross over. A few ideas for how you could accomplish this...
-Sherlock gets to go to Starfleet academy
-Rewrite S1 and S2 major plot pints using ST locations
-Have the crew of the enterprise go back in time to the 21st century and somehow meet Sherlock and co.

bonus points for lots of lulz and at any point having an amazing argument/meeting between spock and sherlock.

Re: Crossover


Overprotective uncle Mycroft

The child´s parents are the world´s only consulting detective and a army doctor?
Nowhere near as overprotective/scary/intimidating as his/her uncle,the British Goverment.
Pleased make it fluffy

Re: Overprotective uncle Mycroft

Yes, please!

When Sherlock was a child, he read somewhere about the practice of fasting against someone or something you wish ill. This is his one superstitious practice: when he says he doesn't eat on a case because digestion slows him down, he's at best shading the truth. He may by now believe it does slow him down, but at some level of his consciousness he's actually fasting against the person responsible for the crime he's trying to solve.

By "fasting against" do you mean like a hunger strike?

Sherlock: Paintball!AU

Remember the painball episodes in Community?
There is a game at Scotland Yard, last man alive wins a prize. What prize? It's up to you.

The most badass, ridiculous, amazing paintball game. Sherlock thinks he can win, because he's a genius. John thinks it's going to be easy, because he's a soldier. But let's not forget the other players.

Re: Sherlock: Paintball!AU

Seconding to eternity!!

weird anime fusion thing

Okay so has anyone ever seen Revolutionary Girl Utena? (look it up on YouTube if you haven't, its awesome) I was just watching it and, well...

Mycroft kind of IS Akio/Dios/The End Of The World. And that makes Sherlock Anthy. Which actually WORKS in the most bizarre way ever. And John is just as much of a ballbusting badass as Utena.

It's pretty much got something for everyone on this meme, incest, sexual slavery, fairytale symbolism, swordfights, obsession, betrayal, manipulation, cracky humour...

...yeah, I'll shut up now, but if someone could do the Sherlock version of 'The Tale of the Rose' or of the final duel (Utena v. Akio) and everything that happens there I'd love you forever.

Edited at 2013-03-08 02:02 am (UTC)

Incest in a place of worship -any/any

I was thinking Mycroft/Sherlock (mmmm age gap <3) but literally anyone and anyone. If you really want to make me a happy OP Harry/John or Sally/John (yep doesn't need to be canon siblings!) would be great too. Just two siblings going at it in some closet or abandoned corner of a place of worship and not getting caught.

Please no genderbent though , thanks. =3

Bonuses: If het I would love to see the sister taking control of the action and it getting a bit violent.

Regardless of the violence their is not huge power struggle or noncon.

One of them is either gay/a lesbian or asexual. They don't know if their doing this because of any actual attraction or because they started going at each other at a young age and now its more of a 'hard to break habit' that just happens. They don't want to stop though because they feel it brings them closer and its so much fun not getting caught.

They work/volunteer at said place.

TW: POSSIBLE underaged

Ima be honest I pictured one of them being like 18-20 and the other like 16 but its up to you.

+5 If its the sister thats older

As we all know John likes a good cuppa. So I'd like to see a fic where he has a tea kink - whether it's cracky or not, if Sherlock is involved or not... all up to you. But bonus points if it's non-cracky!

Re: Tea

RTYI? Tea Porn ( part of a series but readable on its own- Sherlock though, not John)
Not exactly a fill - but something to bide the time.

Warning : non con/ Rape (Sherlock / Molly)

Molly is working late at the morgue. Sherlock shows up and seems strangely... affectionate. Molly finds it great until she realises he is high (or drunk) and things go really too far for her. She pushes him away but he attemps (or manage) to rape her.

Sherlock deletes the event, and Molly doesn't press charges because of her feelings for him and because she feels somehow guilty.

But John starts noticing that something is wrong, especially in the way Molly acts around Sherlock afterwards. He confronts his friend.


It will last for approximately 48h.

In the meantime, fill as much as you like, but don't post any new prompts.

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