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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
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Revised Prompt - Sherlock/John, Alpha/Omega Verse

Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective, is cold, ruthless, arrogant, and has no time or patience for sentiment. He is also an unbonded Omega who is careful to take his heat suppressants, as, unlike the average Omega (and Sherlock, as he will gladly tell you, is anything but average), he has no desire to become the human equivalent of a broodmare to some hormone-driven Alpha male, popping out one baby after another year after year. Such purported “domestic bliss” might be satisfactory, even desired by other Omegas, but not him. He had better things to do. Like solving crimes and proving time and time again how utterly useless the local police force often was when it came to the same.

Then one day he is called into a case that proves extremely difficult and time-consuming to solve. As days stretch into weeks with no resolution, Sherlock becomes so focused on finding the solution he neglects to take his suppressants. One day he decides to revisit the crime scene, hoping to unearth some new clue that will put all the pieces together. Unbeknownst to him, Anderson has had the same idea. Also unbeknownst to him, he's beginning to go into heat, something Anderson, an unbonded Alpha, instantly realizes when the two bump into each other at the crime scene. Hardly able to believe his good fortune, Anderson wastes no time forcing himself on his hated rival, knowing that a successful mating will bind Sherlock to his side and leave him with little choice but to heed his body’s instinctive demands to submit to his Alpha. Of course that's the last thing Sherlock wants, but his vast intellect stands no chance against thousands of years of biology and he soon finds himself tied to a man he utterly despises. However, he is absolutely determined that his new status will have as little impact on his life as possible and does his best to limit his exposure to Anderson, including refusing to leave his flat at Baker Street or allow Anderson to move in. Undeterred, Anderson takes full advantage of the power he now holds over Sherlock, knowing the detective has no choice but to submit to his advances. He takes to "scenting" Sherlock at every available opportunity, rubbing his body all over the detective and practically smothering him with pheromones. He also makes regular visits to Baker Street, bedding Sherlock and knotting him frequently in a concerted effort to impregnate the detective, as the birth of a child would cement their bond to the point where it would become unbreakable. But already having made the disastrous mistake of forgetting to take his suppressants, Sherlock is not about to do the same when it comes to his birth control. Thus the situation remains at an impasse, with both parties stubbornly refusing to yield.

Then one day an ex-army doctor going by the name of John Hamish Watson, who happens to be an unbonded Alpha, steps into a lab at Bart's in the hope of acquiring a new flatmate.

Bonus points for making the first mating between Sherlock and Anderson as messy as possible, with copious amounts of lubricating fluid and sperm.

More bonus points for the scenario where John, while he is aware Sherlock is an Omega, has no idea the detective is bonded until they go to their first crime scene together. Anderson is already there and immediately pounces on Sherlock, "scenting" him furiously. While Sherlock is forced to endure Anderson's unwanted attention, John is left shocked and confused. It is unheard of for bonded pairs to live apart, so if Sherlock and Anderson are together, which is blatantly apparent, why is John sharing a flat with Sherlock rather than Anderson? It is also blatantly apparent from Sherlock’s reaction as Anderson leans over to sink his teeth into the soft, pale skin of his neck, that for the detective, this bonding is not a happy one. That thought does not sit well with John.

No, it does not sit well at all.

Warning for mega angst Sherlock / Molly

Sherlock and Molly lose the baby they were expecting.


Tattoo!lock pretty pretty pretty please?! Maybe Sherlock has tattoos that he hides underneath his shirt or he gets one or he's a tattoo artist? Both John and Sherlock have tattoos? Just tattoos! Maybe with some slash!

But also please no like "Sherlock gets John's name tattooed on him" because that kinda squicks me out...

Re: Tattoo!lock

Brilliant prompt - second this!!
i'm not the OP but can we have the Yard find out ??

Re: Tattoo!lock (Anonymous) Expand


I absolutely love Sherstrade and there is way way too little of it. I would be happy with anything really, but I would like a story where John finds out about Sherlock and Greg being a couple. I would appreciate something a bit longer (I'm not expecting 10k, just something a bit more than a minifill would be great).

Want some surprise, shock and disbelief from John, but winds up being amused (and slightly touched, but he would never admit that.)

Smut is always a nice bonus, but I just really need some more Sherstrade.

Re: Sherstrade

I also love the Sherstrade!

Sherlock Panty-Sniffer Holmes

Sherlock made the mistake of sniffing a pair of knickers ONE TIME while on a case (perhaps to check for unusual odors which would indicate a toxin that had been partially excreted through urination/sweat), and now the Yard won't let him live it down.

Really, I just want lots of good-natured (if a bit crass) fun, and the Yard getting the chance to make Sherlock as agitated as he makes them.

Fill: The Incident With The Knickers (1/?)

If there was one thing Sherlock could say he regretted doing at a crime scene, it had to be testing the victim's knickers for unusual odors which would indicate a toxin that had been partially excreted through urination or sweat. It was the one incident that no one at Scotland Yard would let him live down.
Lestrade had texted him, desperate for Sherlock's help on a case that had everyone confused. The scene of the murder was in the victim, a woman of about 30,'s flat. Sherlock had taken John along with him to the scene and began to observe the body and the flat as per the routine. His results on the body pointed to a possible drug being administered into her system to aid with her death, but he couldn't be sure yet.
Sherlock had moved around the flat, glancing at the body and then at the surrounding areas as his mind raced for another clue. Usually while at a crime scene Sherlock tended to ignore everyone else except for John, and even he slipped his mind on occasion. This time was no different.
Many people from the Yard were there on the case, including Donovan, Anderson, and, of course, Lestrade. Most everyone stood and watched as Sherlock pranced around, going from the body to a furniture item, back to the body, and then to a seemingly random item in the room. No one knew what types of calculations were going on his mind, but then again, they never did.
Everyone in the room seemed to be watching Sherlock at the moment when he went over to the victim's basket of dirty laundry. Quite a few people looked puzzled, while others looked curious. Sherlock seemed to not even realize there were others in the room, not to mention the fact that they were all watching him.
They all watched as Sherlock picked at the discarded clothes. Suddenly, Sherlock picked up a pair of knickers from the pile. As if it wasn't thought provoking enough, Sherlock did something with them that caused a reaction from everyone in the room. He sniffed them.
Everyone was stunned and confused for the first moment. Then, Anderson started snickering, which seemed to set off others in the room. Many of the Yarders laughed, while some looked plain confused and shocked. Lestrade was staring at Sherlock as if he had gown two heads, and John looked torn between amusement and disturbance.
Yes, toxin administered approximately 3 hours before..what the heck? Sherlock looked up, confusing written all over his face. People were staring at him. Okay, not unusual. People were laughing. They were laughing at him? It seemed so. Why? And why was Lestrade staring at him like- oh.
"Have you got a fetish we should know about, freak?" Donovan smirked, laughter issuing once again.
Rather annoyed, Sherlock had explained why he had sniffed them. Everyone saw the reason now, but that didn't stop them from poking fun.

Sherlock/John, John/Irene, sex competition

Sherlock makes a dismissive comment about Irene's profession that leads to an argument on how difficult her work really is. So they get into a competition who's the better lover, with John as their judge.

Re: Sherlock/John, John/Irene, sex competition

yes!! i need thisssssss

Soulmate AU with a twist

I've been binging on soulmate AUs lately. Dealer's choice what the rules are for this particular universe - names on the hands, touch trigger, red twine, whatever. Sherlock and John meet, immediately hit it off, maybe even start a romantic relationship - and then Sherlock figures out that they're soulmates. He feels betrayed, like John is only with Sherlock because he has to be, and orders John to move out. Angst ensues. Again, dealer's choice whether to have an eventual happy ending.

Re: Soulmate AU with a twist

Oh, I like that. Seconded! (I would write it myself, but I can't for the life of me think of a way for soulmates to recognize each other that hasn't been used before!)

Carmen Sandiego AU

Moriarty is Carmen, Mycroft is "The Chief," Sherlock is on the hunt tracking Moriarity/Carmen down. Hijinks ensue.

Bonuses: John is a new recruit. Lestrade and Co. (or Lestrade and John) are Rockapella.

Would be highly amused if it somehow followed the progression of the TV Show format (ie John as a recruit, learning all he needs to know to get through the early training rounds before final confrontation in wild bonus round. With bonus sexy time prizes!)

All the world to whoever can pull this off!

John modles nude for an art class, and then erection

I was reading through a list of art tips. Number 12 was:

If your nude model is male, erections happen. don't giggle or shy away. STARE AND DRAW.

SO. For whatever reason, John models nude for an art class and while doing so he gets an erection.

I always have a preference to Johniarty, but will take Johncrof, Johnstrade, and maybe Johnlock.

sherlock doesnt realize that he is moriarty (mental illness/multiple personality,hallucinations,etc)

what if sherlock really did make up moriarty... except he doesnt realize it? he has some type of mental disorder/schizophrenia/mpd/etc so when it comes out that he's a fraud his whole world falls apart and he rightfully starts to doubt even himself?

"nobody ever gets to me- though you have come the closest" - moriarty/tgg..... Sherlock is the one planning the crimes but as his other personality he really did pay Richard Brooke to be his 'right-hand-man' and do all the legwork as far as interacting w/ other criminals as the 'consulting criminal'..... nobody ever gets to moriarty because moriarty only lives inside sherlock.

maybe as sherlock himself starts to get famous, and after the stunt he made richard play w/ the jewels, richard brooke, actor, sees an in for him to make money and a name for himself and goes to the press with what he knows- (and he knows a LOT more about sherlocks life after Mycroft kidnapped him in order to find out just what Richard Brooke is doing playing around in Sherlocks life)-instead of the press story about him being a fraud, it would be a scandal about his being mentally ill, etc.

Anyway... thats just the basis, you can go wherever with this, use some of it, all of it, but i'm just looking for the general premise, plus what happens afterwards.... maybe the attempted suicide was for real because he realizes the extent of his insanity, etc? (imagine like that fight-club-esque moment at the end where he shoots himself in the head to get rid of the man inside his head)

Re: sherlock doesnt realize that he is moriarty (mental illness/multiple personality,hallucinations,

Love those kind of mind-fuck fics! Somebody fill this?!

Mycroft says: "checktch institutions".... he thinks Sherlock should be checked into a mental institution?

Friends drifting apart -J+S andor J/S

I just ran into the most amazing little comic /tiny ficlet ever.

Could anyone get some inspiration out of that and make a fic? I am not saying you need to copy everything from it. Just something based on it. It could even be what happens after they drift apart or right before when John first starts to notice.

John is incredible loyal and refuses to be left behind. But he also has some self worth and if/when he realizes Sherlock stopped putting in the effort and more often than not he isn't helping or doesn't have John's back anymore because he is too busy with his other friends....John decides he lost his friend and leaves.

If they end up splitting up they become those one pair of friends that every once in awhile reunite again and its amazing and they help each other out (like when Sherlock is in rehab).

They meet up again around canon years and finally manage to stick together. Sherlock realizes that whenever John came back it was when one or both of them were struggling.

Re: Friends drifting apart -J+S andor J/S

...Ill just drop this here than.


I would love a fic involving one of the characters getting piercings (preferably Sherlock or John). No Holmescest please!

Re: Piercings!!!!!!

Super seconded!

Re: Piercings!!!!!! (Anonymous) Expand

Post Reinchenbach; Sherlock decides to have a new start

I have seen a lot of fics where Sherlock came back only to face a lot of anger or even hate from everyone.

Can I have a story where Sherlock just had enough of everyone's rejection? He already died for them. He suffered for three years, running across the world to chase down the biggest crime empire for them. He tried to explain and apologize over and over again for months and still they don't want to listen.

If they don't want him back, then he will give them what they wish for.

With Mycroft's help, Sherlock leaves the country to start a new live somewhere else.

Prefered pairing is Johnlock, though Gen is also fine. Happy ending would be great but it's up to the anon.

Re: Post Reinchenbach; Sherlock decides to have a new start

Your kink is granted, please wait for up till 3 working days (not including weekends and public holidays) for delivery.

I'm going to do a very, VERY short drabble though. Anyone is welcome to fill more.

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Mystery cats

Cats are getting into 221B, lots of them. The boys can't figure out how. Bonus if Sherlock wakes up one morning to an absurd amount of cats sleeping on his bed and is secretively reluctant because it is the best night sleep he's ever had.

Re: Mystery cats

lol. Seconded.

So, Sherlock's shenanigans have finally caught up with him and he is arrested for a crime he didn't commit. He is thrown in prison for multiple murderers with no chance of bail. The other prisoners learn that he helps the police and react... violently.

Meanwhile, John is left trying to find the real murderer and free his flatmate. He isn't a genius, but one learns a thing or two when living with Sherlock Holmes.

So Sherlock is out of prison, the murderer is arrested, but Sherlock is still traumatized by what happened while he was in jail. John tries to provide tlc, which Sherlock rejects until he doesn't.

Or, you know, Sherlock could just overtake the prison by recruiting all the criminals to his side and escaping that way. But whatever.