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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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John is bipolar. He suffers from a break down, and Sherlock does not know what to do. Or he helps him work through the bad days.

Sherlock becomes a doctor

Sherlock accurately diagnoses myasthenia gravia/epilepsy/other medical condition as the cause of death, and John jokes that maybe he should be the doctor. Sherlock calculates how much seeing John every day is worth to him (in his mind, they would work at the same place) and comes up with an answer. Everyone else is very much horrified. Lots and lots of horror.

I'd read any pairing or rating!

Re: Sherlock becomes a doctor

Im not sure I understand this prompt...

Does Sherlock answer his question like 'I once diagnosed X in a persona and it came out wrong and X happened and they died because they believed me ' since he isnt a doctor?


'I would kill all the patients'

After the Return, Sherlock finds himself developing an unexpected (not necessarily platonic) kinship with of all people Anderson. They still don't actually like each other and never will, but Anderson is the only person Sherlock knows who hasn't greeted him by punching him in the face.

(Mycroft says "epithet", so I guess a lot of people swear at him too.)

Triggers for childhood sexual abuse.

Sherlock finds an old Watson family album while snooping through John’s things and is able to deduce through the photographs that John’s father sexually abused him.

Re: Triggers for childhood sexual abuse.

Oh my god... seconded.

"I'll be yours if you be mine"

Don't care who says it to who as long as there is a happy ending

Sherlock was disinherited by his family ages ago, because of his drug abuse. Instead all his money comes from an invention he patented. John finds out and feels guilty for using Sherlock's money.

Sherlock's friend Victor from university gets back in touch with him via social media having found Sherlock's blog.Used to being Sherlock's only pal. John slowly becomes more and more jealous of Sherlock's penpal. John ends up hacking into Sherlock's account and reading their communication.

What he finds surprises him.

I don't mind what John finds as long as Sherlock and Victor are only friends in this.

Turn right AU

So, in s01 e01 Molly asks Sherlock for coffee.

This time, Sherlock says yes because he's stuck on the case and perhaps needs some air. He walks straight past an old soldier and Mike (well, hides from Mike, who keeps bugging him about his flat) and heads into a coffee shop.

Sherlock asks Molly to be his flatmate, who happily agrees. Sherlock takes her to Angelo's, lets her chat with Mrs Hudson, and you know. But no one assumes they're a couple. Cousins, maybe, or close friends, but not a couple. No chemistry.

Molly doesn't come on cases. She doesn't complain about expeiments. Mycroft doesn't talk to her. One day, months later, when Molly thinks Sherlock is out, as she is folding Sherlock's laundry she says,' I'm a much better flatmate than John.'

Open ending.


This is brilliant, seriously brilliant. Question though: Would this be a dark!Molly, or has she done this, (replaced John), with good intentions? Are you thinking of a direct Doctor Who Something-On-Your-Back parallel? Christ, if I knew how this would even happen, I'd write it.

Re: Turn right AU (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Turn right AU (Anonymous) Expand

Badfic Prompts

Prompt the first:

Sherlock: No, John. You ARE the demons.

Prompt the second:

sherlock by john

Sherlock was walking along a London street and one day he found a baby whaped in colth so he went to the baby and then Sherlock said"who left you here little one"and then the baby just cryed and then sherlock pick him up and hold him and then the baby stoped crying and then Sherlock said"your name is going be John"and then Sherlock and the baby went back to 221b baker st where he lived.Sherlock said"mrs Hudson I found this little baby in the street and then Mrs Hudson got up and walked down and said"how can people put baby in the streetsand to die".Then mycroft said"we are going to keep him"and then Sherlock was happy for someriseing.

Demonic possession case!fic

In the film series "The Last Exorcism" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQF-RHJedZ8 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBlbhIRs-W8) It struck me how much the actress looks like Louise Brealey.

So here's the prompt: While on a case about a supposed exorcism he finds among his clients case files a video chronicling one of his successes. It turns out the young girl was Molly.

But what if the demon hadn't left her?

John, Bad Day Fic

John has, like, the worst day (week?) in the history of forever. Tough work schedule. Got a cold. Stubbed his toe. Got a sliver. Almost got run over by a bus. Stuck in long lines at the store. No time for breakfast. Or lunch. Et cetera, etcetera.

Basically, even Sherlock can't deduce the half of it, and when he flippantly remarks on John being grouchy because of x, y, and z, John gives him - in detail - the entire alphabet of reasons for why he is "grouchy."

H/C would be lovely! Gen only, though, please. ;)

Re: John, Bad Day Fic

This would be awesome. I really want to see John explode on Sherlock. Seconded!

TW: Suicide, Implied Character Death

One day, while they're investigating an apparent suicide, John mentions that suicide runs in his family. (Maybe one of his parents, an aunt or uncle, and a grandparent? The odd cousin?) Sherlock thinks the idea is absurd because "suicide is an act, not a heritable illness, John"--his words. John for his part only smiles wanly and tells him, "You don't have to understand, just don't blame yourself if I...if something happens. There's nothing you can do. It's the way us Watsons are put together. Something to keep in mind."

Sherlock keeps it in mind, but it never really helps.

Use any variation of the dialogue above to tell the story. Whether Sherlock files the remark away for later deduction or takes it as a warning sign and acts on it is up to the filler. Whether it actually is a warning sign is up to author!anon as well. A small look into the motivations of his various late family members would be amazing, too. Maybe once was assisted due to illness, one was debt-related, another loneliness, another was an escape from a miserable home, and perhaps the last was a case of too much happiness to bear. I just want to see numbers backed up by individual stories.

TL;DR John confides to Sherlock that suicide runs in his family and tells him not to feel responsible should John meet the same end. Sherlock doesn't ever know how to feel about that.

Re: TW: Suicide, Implied Character Death

I second this.

Family History [1/5] (Anonymous) Expand
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Prostitute!John, John/Sherlock

In all the prostitute!au fics, Sherlock is the prostitute. But what if it was John? How did he end up doing it? How does Sherlock and John meet? Does Sherlock actually want John's services for himself or is it for a case, or something completely different? And after their first meeting, where do they go from there?

Re: Prostitute!John, John/Sherlock

There actually is a fic where John is a prostitute, he does it as a hobby and is how he meets Sherlock, who is on a case. Sherlock unintentionally looses his virginity to John as well. I don't have the link though sorry.

Alternate meeting, John thinks Sherlock is French

Sherlock is in one of his "disguises" when Mike introduces John to him, pretending to be a Frenchman with only rudimentary English skills. John has to work hard to remember enough of his school French not to embarrass himself speaking to Sherlock.

Sherlock and Mycroft grew up bilingual (French mother), and automatically answers in the language he is spoken to in, without giving it thought. It takes months before John learns Sherlock is English.

Re: Alternate meeting, John thinks Sherlock is French

Well... if he has a French mother, then he wouldn't really be English, OP. He'd be bilingual.

Do you mean that John goes several months without knowing that Sherlock actually speaks perfectly fluent English? Because he was pretending to be a non-English-speaking Frenchman? How could this happen, living in England?

... Also, do you speak French well OP? If I were to fill this (no promises), then would you prefer there to be a significant amount of French dialogue in it, complete with John's rudimentariness? I think it'd be kinda fun, but only if you could understand it. Or would it be easier for you to just have the entire thing in English?

Mycroft/Lestrade Orgasm Denial

Greg keeps Mycroft cock nicely locked up in a cage. He only unlocks him now and then, so Mycroft can fuck him just the way Greg likes it, but Mycroft is not allowed to come. If Mycroft was good, Greg loves to tease his nipples and arse till the come dripples out of his soft, caged cock. They first only want to try the cage for a few days, but then both find it so hot that they keep postponing the day Mycroft is freed and it goes on for month.