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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Everyone is a beta until they find their soul mate. Upon bonding they present as an Alpha or Omega.

"There is nothing, absolutely nothing, worse than standing over the body of someone you ... care about."

John says this to Irene, in front of Sherlock, to make clear to her why he cannot and will not forgive her for what she did to Sherlock. But by saying it, he forces Sherlock to confront the similarity between what Irene did to Sherlock and what Sherlock did to John.

John can forgive Sherlock for doing this to him. He can forgive his own hurt, but not Sherlock's.

Genderswap parenting fic

I know, vanilla of vanilla. I've just been craving some female!John/male!Sherlock domesticity (femslash also okay). I'm fine with angst, fluff, case fic, whatever (no magic), as long as we get a little glimpse of Sherlock being protective of a baby.

Re: Genderswap parenting fic


*cough* Uh, yeah... Seconded. >_>

Au pair

John and Sherlock have a child,but since Sherlock needs the work and, for that,to John to be with him,they hire and Au pair.
She´s good with their child and "not as stupid as most people", so it all good.
Except for the fact that she´s good looking and John,being a bisexual man,can´t help to be attracted her.
Wheter the attraction is reciprocated or not,or if he actually cheats,is left to the author.

Spelling fail!

An Au pair,sorry

Temporarily fem!Sherlock

[There may be fics along this theme already, so if so, send me some RTYI links. I've read one in canon universe, but not for BBC Sherlock specifically.]

John has been harboring some less-than-platonic feelings for Sherlock, but suppresses them because the whole 'he's male' thing is too much of hurdle. When Sherlock accidentally turns himself female in an experiment, John is horrified in more ways than one. Sherlock deduces that John wants to bone him (as a her) and assesses that the opportunity to experience sex from a female perspective could be immensely useful to analyzing future cases.

Any ending is okay, could be that it's kind of awkward and when Sherlock is male again they're like "maybe we should just ignore that." Or perhaps it's awesome enough that they decide to have another go when Sherlock is male. Or maybe Sherlock stays female forever and a really-actually-only-into-ladyparts John is like "yes, perfect" and a genderqueer Sherlock is like "this is fine too." Or perhaps some other alternate situation. Whether or not Sherlock is interested in John prior to this whole event doesn't matter.

Death and other things

Harry dies. Despite his own instincts, sentiment and that, Sherlock decides to ask John if he can accompany him. John's conflicted but decides to have Sherlock join.

After the funeral and wake, John and Sherlock are left alone with his parents... And Sherlock learns exactly why John has no contact with them. They idolize Harry and loathe John, finding every opportunity to degrade and abuse him. They even go so far as to asking Sherlock as to why such a brilliant, good man as himself would waste his time on John.

Sherlock is sickened and shocked to see John reduced to being polite and non confrontational, not defending himself, onviously hurt, etc. ( when faced with abusive parents even the most BAMF and best people find themselves unable to defend themselves and affected by what is happeneing).

Sherlock defends John and then tries his best to help John see how wrong his parents are.
No crack.
Please no porn/sex scene.

Re: Death and other things

Interesting! Hope someone fills.

Sherlock has sex in return for lessons.

Mycroft and Sherlock were taught the Science of Deduction as children, in secret, by Gordon the housekeeper. The children were always trying to out-do each other in their battles of wit and intelligence and so on. When Mycroft leaves for university, eleven-year-old Sherlock sees this as an opportunity to get extra lessons from the house keeper, because he 'must be better than Mycroft'.

But as Sherlock grows up Gordon starts asking favours of Sherlock in return for the lessons. It's easy for Sherlock at first. Hugs, and then kisses, and then touches, and other things, dirty things. Mycroft returns over the holidays and taunts Sherlock, which pushes him to go to Gordon for more lessons, wanting to be better.

On a surprise visit home for Sherlock birthday, Mycroft overhears one of Gordon and Sherlock's 'lessons', but doesn't realise it's Goordon. Later, Mycroft teases Sherlock about his sex life, and Sherlock simply tells his brother that he was with Gordon. Sherlock didn't realise that Mycroft hadn't been treated in the same way. Ashamed that he'd failed his brother, Mycroft 'disposes' of Gordon and explains to Sherlock that Sherlock shouldn't have been treated that way.

Sherlock despises Mycroft for not seeing sooner and Mycroft thinks that Sherlock ought to have have told him. Mycroft also has explained the ordeal to Mrs. Hudson, who constantly frets and fears that Sherlock will hate her because of his childhood. Hence, "Not your housekeeper, Sherlock!"

Re: Sherlock has sex in return for lessons.

Very clever prompt! I love the way you think to bring in Mrs Hudson at the end!

Comments on a series...

I play the violin professionally (music for tv advertisements, movies, musicals, etc.) and while I happily suspend my belief for Sherlock; I had a "sherlock yelling at the telly" moment every. Single. Time. Sherlock "played" the violin. Considering how much goes into making the series I was stunned as to how completely obvious that the playing was fake. I've seen it done so much better on lesser shows. It was so glaring that it removed me from the episodes.

Sheock is supposed to be an excellent violinist. So, I'd love a story where he is screaming at the telly about how horribly fake the playing is, and how they couldn't even match the music to the bowings. (!!) Because I know if Sherlock saw Sherlock "playing" he'd have to comment.

Re: Comments on a series...

Ummm this annoys me too. It makes scenes unwatchable- and that is *after* the BBC brought in a consultant during season two ( if it was during Scandal in Belgravia, the consultant was horribly inadequate since her only job was basically to synch up the bowing). I may try this in a few weeks if no one else gets to it first.


Uni AU - Molly and Irene are being silly after a stressful week, drinking and playing truth or dare or "I never". (or whatever the English equivalent might be.) Irene finds out that even though she's had a boyfriend or two, Molly's never had an orgasm. Irene eventually helps her find out just what all the fuss is about.

S/J AU: John hosts a radio show about sex and relationships. Sherlock's a regular caller.

Doctor John "Three Continents" Watson hosts a late night radio talk show about sex and relationships. Sherlock calls him to talk through cases, for example ones involving some very not vanilla sex or complex emotional dynamics which Sherlock has no experience with. John's other listeners ship them like crazy. Mutual fascination and lots of flirting and both of them getting off on each other's voices.

Optional: Sherlock's discreet about needing the information for cases, so John's hesitant to want to pursue Sherlock romantically because he wrongly assumes that Sherlock's calling for himself and is into some very kinky stuff that John's not into and/or (rightly?) assumes that Sherlock is absolute shit at romantic relationships because most of his questions are of the "love gone horribly wrong" variety.

TL;DR John's a talk radio sex and relationship guru. Sherlock calls him all the time to get his opinion about suspects' motivations in cases. John's listeners ship them like crazy. Flirting and voice kink.

Re: S/J AU: John hosts a radio show about sex and relationships. Sherlock's a regular caller.

Seconded! Like the idea, seems like it could be both serious and funny/cracky at the same time. Someone write it!

mycroft says: esoteric loussst
HMMPH, i am not!

Clothing kink - John and Sherlock swap clothing styles for a case and it turns both of them on

Reprompt from part 20: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/12432.html?thread=61892752

No established relationship.

John and Sherlock go undercover for a case, but for whatever reason the roles they have to play require them to each dress completely opposite of how they normally dress. By that I mean John gets decked out in a stylish suit and shirt like Sherlock and Sherlock wears jeans and a casual shirt and jumper just like one of John's. (Not necessarily swapping their own clothes, though they could if you want, but maybe helping each other buy new clothing and that's where the kink begins?)

The process of dressing like the other secretly turns them both on. While getting dressed they are thinking about each other, touching the clothing reverently the way they've always longed to, touching themselves in the clothing and imagining they are touching the other person, putting an item of clothing on and then stripping it back off to pretend they are stripping it off the other person, et cetera. And during the case they just get more worked up, watching each other in the clothing, pretending the other is their lover wearing their borrowed clothes, and also being hyperaware of how the clothes they are wearing themselves feel on them when they move.

And if that could all wind up with some hot sexy times when the case is over then that would be REALLY great.

Re: Clothing kink - John and Sherlock swap clothing styles for a case and it turns both of them on

Ireally like this- I had no idea I would have this link! It's almost like cross dressing... oh man! Someone do this!

There's a name no one says.

Because everytime Moriarty's name is said (but only if people mean him, not any other person with his name) he can feel it (maybe it tickles him/makes his left buttock itch/gives him a sneeze attack, idk) so he made people afraid of saying the name.

BAMF!Joan can hold her own among the elite (fem!John/Mycroft)

Joan and Sherlock must attend a fancy, stuffy do at some country estate for Mycrofty reasons. Joan dazzles everyone in her formalwear, shines on the dance floor, is a formidable dinner-table conversationalist, and effortlessly charms the pants off all the uppercrusty guests. She rounds off a very successful evening by having furtive sex with Mycroft in an upstairs bedroom.

(Genderswap not necessary, but I think it makes things simpler. Can substitute Joanlock but there's really not enough Johncroft IMHO.)

Re: BAMF!Joan can hold her own among the elite (fem!John/Mycroft)


Epic dream time! Cock-riding, voyeurism, and surprising realizations galore~

First-time prompter - please don't hurt me *cowers*

I had a dream last night that would have sent me straight to my bunk if I hadn't been already in it, so I thought I'd share!

Post-hiatus, Sherlock shows up in John's life entirely unexpectedly. Cue John disbelieving, then showing Sherlock his appreciation by punching him two or three times. They end up on the floor together, where John at first has a bit of a breakdown (hey, his friend who he believed was dead just showed back up, even a BAMF is allowed that much), and then starts kissing Sherlock (no romantic relationship beforehand). The situation ends up with Sherlock riding John's cock right there on the floor.

Little do they know that Mycroft is still spying on John (either because John still lives in their Baker Street apartment, or to make sure he does not end up collateral damage in Sherlock's hunt for the remainders of Moriarty's network). Mycroft, who is openly homosexual, couldn't ask for better surprise!porn and takes care of himself while watching. Just when he is finishing up, Anthea comes in, and upon being rather waspishly asked whether she might get him something to clean up if she has to disturb, she decides to use her mouth. Cue Mycroft discovering that he may not be a 6 on the Kinsey scale after all, and taking her on his desk.

tl;dr: Sherlock comes back from hiatus, surprise!sexing S/J with Sherlock riding John, Mycroft watching and bringing himself off, and then discovering that he may just like vagina a tiny little bit.

Yeah, I have a dirty, dirty mind, and if I could write porn at all beyond the "he put his sex in her sex and then they had sex" level, I totally would write this myself, alas... *sigh* Maybe my shamelessly porny thoughts can inspire someone else? (Or, if this has actually happened before, an RTYI would also be appreciated!)

Sherlock Holmes vs The World

Sherlock comes back after Reichenbach knowing he is in love with John and wanting them to be together. However, first he has to fight John's evil exes, ending with Mary Morstan whom John is living with.

Bonus points for Sarah being the badass Knives and a Science of Deduction sword!

Re: Sherlock Holmes vs The World

OMG YES. This would be so EPIC!