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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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The highly sexual conversation Jim had with Irene about Sherlock. I wants it.

(Maybe they can talk about a threesome??)
(Maybe it can go in into later in the episode and they can swoone over Sherlock together??)

Sherlock fakes being terminally ill for a case

Hi. It's my first time posting here, so I hope I'm doing it right.
I sort of got this idea from an episode of House, Half-Wit, which is my favourite episode ever.

I'm desperately in need of a longish bromance fic where Sherlock fakes (lung) cancer or whatnot in order to catch an angel-of-death kind of killer who takes out patients. It could start out with Sherlock noticing some kind of pattern during his visits to the morgue. As he takes on other cases, it keeps nagging him at the back of his head, he figures out the victim profile and decides to make it a long term project in order not to scare the serial killer while he closes in on him. He teams up with someone inside the hospital and slowly starts faking the symptoms, the tests, the paperwork, etc. As he needs it to be as believable as possible, he keeps everyone in the dark and acts it all out in front of his friends. When John finds out about his condition by picking up the symptoms, there's lots of fussing and angst, people being people and John being absolutely devastated while Sherlock is all cool and studies everyone's reactions. In the end he ends up in the hospital "dying", right where he wants to be, the killer is caught and drama over the fact that Sherlock is a heartless twat follows. More angst. Soppy apologising. MAKE ME CRY.

So yeah, that's my idea. I've always seen it as a long fic, as there are so many possibilities for character study from different perspectives, so feel free to go nuts. Or not. Just throwing it out there. >_> *puppy eyes*

Re: Sherlock fakes being terminally ill for a case

You can read the canon story. It's called "The Dying Detective"

Sherlock is married to his work now

... but he wasn´t always. Actually he was married to Sally once but then "let her down" as the work and the crime scenes were more important. That´s also why Sally believes he will kill one day: he just loves crime scenes too much.

++ if they still care about each other but you have to look really close to see it.

Re: Sherlock is married to his work now

Yes please!

John comes home to Sally/Sherlock

John comes home and finds Sally and Sherlock having rough sex in the living room. What does he do? Does he join in? Does he go to the kitchen, makes tea and popcorn, and watches? Run wild!

Re: John comes home to Sally/Sherlock

Yes please a second time!

S/J Relationship with Angst about (Imagined?) Sherlock/Irene

John is convinced that Sherlock is in love with Irene Adler. Despite this, he offers himself as a substitute for Sherlock in her place after her "death" because he is in love with the detective and prefers to have the physical aspects of the relationship over nothing at all, even if his feelings are unreciprocated.

Aside from sex (in which John is always on his front and Sherlock never looks at or speaks to him), their relationship doesn't actually change much after they become a couple.

Up to the author whether or not Sherlock is actually in love with Irene or does in fact have feelings for John. Also up to the author as to whether or not John finds out that Irene is alive. Could be a happy or sad ending. I just need some serious John-angst in the story.

Re: S/J Relationship with Angst about (Imagined?) Sherlock/Irene

Hi there OP,

I'm working on a fill for this prompt, but it's kind of gotten away from me, and I wanted to ask a few questions before I venture further; I've never done this before, so I'm a little hazy on the line between "hijacking" and "acceptable thematic drift."

1) Is it all right if Irene doesn't show up for awhile?
2) Is it the physical logistics of the sex that matter to you, or the emotional freight it carries? Would you be okay with some sort of different physical arrangement, if it was workmanlike and impersonal and the emotional effect on John was the same?


Sherlock the Wedding Planner

Sherlock is married to The Work - and that work is wedding planning. People come to him from far and wide to plan their weddings because even though he is a rude bastard his weddings are always perfect, tailored to the happy couple's every want and need.

Then, one day Sherlock is employed to arrange the wedding of John Watson and Mary Morstan. What does he do when he starts to get feelings for the groom?

Re: Sherlock the Wedding Planner

Dear God, this would be super-hilarious and also awesome. I don't know whether to hope for a cracky or a non-cracky fill. (perhaps one of each?)

Abandoned Prompt:Young junkie rent boy Sherlock solves cases

2010-12-07 02:02 am (UTC)
Lestrade thought that the man was just another junkie supporting his habit through prostituting himself and threw him in the cell with the others. It wasn't until the man had solved four of the crimes sitting on Lestrade's desk, proved one of the men in jail with him innocent, and told Lestrade that his wife already knew he was still smoking, that he began to realize this one wasn't quite like all the others.

tl;dr Lestrade books Sherlock for prostitution while he's a druggie, Sherlock solves crimes from behind bars.

Oh my fellow devotees of young junkie Sherlock, this was a beautiful thing three chapters in and was abandoned. Can I get something similar
(Mycroft says moreadom LORD. Now that sounds encouraging)

Slutty Bottom Jim

Jim is being a brat and making comments about the size of the other person's penis to whichever character you like. Eventually the other person snaps and fucks him hard, right there, right then.

This is what Jim wanted all along.

Give me some submissive, slutty, bottom Jim, I beg of you!

Re: Slutty Bottom Jim

DEAR GOD, PROMPTER, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Slutty bottom!Jim is my favorite thing. Ever.

scavenger hunt

while he's on his hiatus sherlock leaves notes for john to find.

"Happy Valentine's Day." "You too. Now duck."

John's been in a number of relationships. He enjoys spontaneity and dislikes feeling that on a particular day he's required to demonstrate love for another person in particular ways. If you truly care for another person, he feels, you can show it in many different ways and on any day; you shouldn't be made to feel that you're somehow failing as a romantic partner if you don't express it in these specific ways on this specific calendar date.

Sherlock's utterly baffled by the cultural expectation that romantic affection be demonstrated on a particular arbitrarily chosen date. He's equally baffled by the notion, inculcated and promoted by certain highly lucrative industries, that said affection can only adequately be expressed by an expenditure of money on chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or certain activities which our culture has designated as "romantic". Oh, and that box of chocolates is shaped nothing like a human heart.

They wind up spending an incredibly romantic Valentine's Day alternately crouching in and dashing through damp London alleyways, finally tracking down and apprehending the Valentine's Day Killer (or some such miscreant) before going home and fucking each other's brains out.

Re: "Happy Valentine's Day." "You too. Now duck."

YES YES YES seconded

Sherlock celebrates St. Valentine's - just not in the "traditional" sense


Sherlock doesn't really celebrate "holidays" other than those that are more obscure/bizarre.
Yes, this is mostly a crack prompt, and dark!Sherlock is fine.

Sherstrade Daddy!Kink

I would love a sherstrade with Greg having a daddykink and Sherlock willing to oblige.


Based off this series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunslinger_Girl

There's an MOD program, "Gunslinger", that cybernetically fixes up soldiers who are too physically damaged to live. This gives them enhanced abilities, and they're used as elite assassins. They also have a ticking clock on their lifespan--eventually the mods and drugs will kill them. Once the decline starts, nobody knows how long they've got -- could be days, could be a year or two.

John Watson is one of them; he was nearly killed five years ago, he joined the program, but now he's been in too long his mods can no longer be repaired. His nerves are shot and he can't even walk properly anymore. As a result, he's just been "retired" and has been sent back to England to live out his remaining days in peace. He's both bored and terrified of sitting around just waiting to die.

And one day, he meets Sherlock Holmes, a disgraced investigator who could really, really use some firepower of John's level. He's looking into corruption into the MOD unit that is in charge of the "Gunslinger" project. John is more than happy to join in, for however long he has to live, and Sherlock ... well, he won't give up John's life without a fight.

Sad ending is fine, as long as they get to have One Happy Moment.

Re: GunslingerGirl!John/Sherlock

Sounds lovely. Seconded.

Sherlock "helps" Ella with John after Reichenbach

The idea is basically that Sherlock gives Ella anonymous hints about how to maintain John’s mental health in his absence post-Reichenbach. He has reason to be concerned about John - maybe the limp is returning, maybe Mycroft is sending him alarming missives - and he has no faith in Ella’s ability to help John now that Sherlock is no longer around to provide adrenaline and entertainment. Since Ella is so rarely featured in Sherlock fics, it would be especially awesome if the story included her being developed as a character and deducing that the only person who would be able to provide these clues is Sherlock himself (thus upsetting Sherlock’s low opinion of her intelligence, if not skill as a therapist).

Re: Sherlock "helps" Ella with John after Reichenbach

Oooh, I didn't know I wanted this. Seconded.

Omegaverse prompt. Mystrade

Greg and mycroft got together pre- heat. There's been plenty of "normal" lovemaking. However now there's a heat coming on. Though he's looking forward to it the alpha in the relationship is quite nervous. I would like to read all about the alphas concerns ofcourse. And definately about the very succesfull heat that follows.

Feel free to chose who is alpha and who omega.

Bonus if one of the concerns has to do with a big sextoy his partner has