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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.
  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.
  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.
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Glass dildo

Sometimes, when he's got him all tied up nice and tight, Dom!John likes to fuck sub!Sherlock with a huge, clear glass dildo. He can spend ages, happily forcing it deeper into Sherlock's hole just to be able to watch the stretched pink tightness of Sherlock's insides squeezing and rippling around the smooth, see-through walls of his favourite toy.

Re: Glass dildo

Seconded to the power of infinity.

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Groudhog Day, Lestrade-centered

Pretty much what's on the tin. I've seen Groundhog prompts for John or Sherlock, figures, but I'd love to see a version where poor Greg has to try and fix everything over and over again, perhaps on the day Sherlock jumped? Or in any other circumstances. Gen or pairing/s of your choice.

Re: Groudhog Day, Lestrade-centered

Seconding this one so hard. Lestrade angst is great angst.

Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Douglas and Lestrade as pub buddies

I can picture them exchanging tales of woe about work, marital troubles over PE teachers and Tai Chi instructors, going cold turkey on smoking/boozing, and, if you want to go the slash way, their mutual crush on an oblivious, married-to-his-work coworker. If not, gen or any pairing is fine.

Bonus if they end up playing a word game - after all, TGG showed us Lestrade loves horrible puns.

Re: Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Douglas and Lestrade as pub buddies



I've seen a few teacher/student prompts and fills for Sherlock/John but I'd like to see teacher!Jim seduce a helplessly infatuated student!John (with no Sherlock around to distract either of them). Slight dub-con is fine but I'd prefer no outright non-con and for John to be of (or above) the age of consent.

Feel free to switch the prompt and have it be student!John who is the seducer (with Professor Moriarty being unable to resist such a delicious and intriguing temptation, even though he tries to fight it at first). If you do go that way, extra love if you make young John cunning and smart and far more interesting than Professor Moriarty initially thought he was.

Re: Teacher!Jim/student!John

Seconding, especially option 2!

Pensive sherlock

This is an old one but it remains unfilled. I'm not OP but I can't seem to let this one go :http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/19351.html?thread=117260439#t117260439

In case there are people to lazy to look it up here's The original prompt:
Sherlock gets called in on what seems to be the murder of a former child prodigy. Sherlock comes to the inevitable conclusion that this wasn't a murder but a very clevery disguised suicide. With the case closed he finds himself incapable of moving on. He sees so many similarities between his life and that of the victim that he simply can't help but wonder why he's not the one on the morgue.

I think you allready know where I'm going with this. By comparing the victims life to his own Sherlock learns that he is far from a lone wolf. I would like a fill in which Sherlock has an "aha erlebnis" about the people in his life. Mycroft, Molly ,Mike , mss hudson , lestrade . Maybe even Anderson and Donovan? Most definately John ofcourse. (And if it were up to me even Sarah. I feel the glare of a million angry shippers upon me now but I liked her. She seemed good for John and I think she might just be able to handle Sherlock)

But Sarah or no Sarah. Gen or slash. It doesn't matter. Just no wobbly Sherlock. I think this is more of an internal process?

Re: Pensive sherlock

I remember seeing this. And wanting it to be filled. I still do because it's a lovely , lovely prompt. But it will take one hell of a writer to fill it.

Homeless ex-soldier John Watson takes up as companion and protector to homeless blind street musician Sherlock Holmes.

Gen, or gen turning to Johnlock.

ETA: Bonus if Sherlock is relieved not to have to sleep in fetal position curled protectively around his violin.

Edited at 2013-02-08 07:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Street people

Man! The amount of potential this prompt has is just... jfarhufnarfhaffrke!


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In spite of claiming to be drug-free and 'married to his work', Sherlock is a total coke whore. Anything goes as long as he gets his fix. What happens when John, who has nobly been keeping his feelings about Sherlock to himself, finds out that Sherlock puts out for coke?

Smuttier the better. Love to see any/all: gangbang, double penetration, object penetration, sounding, CBT, bukkake, watersports, extreme bondage, pain (cutting, scarring, branding, electric shocks, whips, chains, fists.)

Bonus points if Sherlock suffers from limp dick because cocaine is vasoconstrictive. Double bonus points if Mycroft is the one who tells John about Sherlock's shenanigans and provides CCTV/video/audio/photographic proof. Triple bonus points if Mycroft orchestrates everything, from (anonymously) supplying Sherlock cocaine to helping John 'punish' Sherlock.

Re: CokeWhore!Sherlock


Yes please!
with a cherry on top!

Sherlolly Angst

Married Sherlock/Molly

After several years Molly gets tired of Sherlock's behavior (harsh comments, disappearing for several days without giving news...).
She announces him that she wants to divorce (and get custody of the children if they have some).

He doesn't take it well at all...

Sherlock's sex toy collection

John accidentally stumbles upon Sherlock's collection of sex toys (mostly different types of dildos and vibrators) and is, to say the least, rather shocked (and quite turned on).

He can't stop thinking about it and imagining Sherlock using them on himself and eventually Sherlock finds out.

Cue Sherlock putting on a show for John becaue even if he isn't that interested in having sex with another person he has no problems being with watched (or letting John control the remote-controlled vibrator).

No crack, RTYI's are fine!

Re: Sherlock's sex toy collection


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John/Sherlock cab frottage

John rubbing Sherlock to completion in the back of a cab.

There are never enough of these.

Re: John/Sherlock cab frottage

UNF. Yes, please.

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Necktie tying hand porn - Any/Any/The Tie

So I've created a tumbl(e)r and I'm finding my way around, figuring out tags and such. Then I found this:


That knot is the tantric sex of neck ties, people. Please can someone do Sherlock tying that knot, either for himself or someone else?

Could be John as well, actually, he's got Doctor!Hands, and they'd be more than up to the task.

Even Lestrade, maybe learns it to impress someone.

I'm good, really, whatever you come up with.

TL;DR? Necktie hand porn, please.

S/J, very competitive 69

'cause it's that page of the meme.

Neither one of them can get off because they're both too focused on driving the other one mad.

Re: S/J, very competitive 69

Oh dear God, yes. I need this like air.

Sherlock - Zombies (yes, I know) aaaannnngst

Sherlock is the only survivor in the end. The last man on Earth. Lestrade, Donovan, Mycroft, John, Molly, Anderson... all died or were bitten.

How it happens exactly is up to the author, but in the end there's just Sherlock. Does he try to survive until he dies of old age? Or does he kill himself in the end?

Fill : Left behind, 1/2

The door is locked. The heavy barrels piled up to keep it solidly in place are giving off a strong scent ; some things must have come to curl up and die in several of them. Rats, certainly. Rats are everywhere these days. Scavenging on all they can.

The smell gets worse everyday and will probably turn deadly quite soon.

Sherlock sits cross-legged on the floor. He doesn't smell much better than those dead rats in the barrels. But when it's the end of the world, you don't have time for hygiene, do you.


"What about her?"

"She is... Sherlock... look..."

John takes his coat off. There's a short silence.

"Huh. And I thought her bark was worse than her bite."


"Go bandage your arm, John. Don't just stand there dripping blood on the floor. Lestrade will take care of her."


He sits and watches the door. There is a faint scratching against it. It used to be loud, it used to be violent and make the door tremble and the walls resonate, accompanied by incredible shrieks and roars that would have shredded a human throat. It probably did, as the shrieks had stopped so suddenly one day to be replaced by heavy breathing and miserable, raspy moans.

The banging had taken longer to calm down, but everyday it becomes a little less powerful.

Now the thing inside is running its nail on the door and walls. Sherlock wonders how it still has any nails, after all this time. It's tired and weakened. It doesn't sleep, and it's never fed.

Letting it starve had been the plan. Sherlock wanted to let it starve, let it die behind the door, without having to see it not even for one moment. But it's not dying. It doesn't seem to be able to die, not in this way. It just becomes a little more miserable every day. Constantly on the verge of dying. Always in agony. But still alive.

"You'll kill me as soon as it starts, right?"

Sherlock scoffs. "Of course I'll kill you. What else do you want me to do, keep you on a leash?"


Sherlock takes a deep breath. The revolting smell burns his throat and his lungs, and makes his eyes water. He lowers his gaze towards his hands, tightly clasped on his right knee. He can feel the little key in his palm, and he cants his head on the side, thinking.

His stomach rumbles. He ignores it. It's been days since supplies have run out, and he can't go out to get more. It's not even certain he'll manage to find any, the survivors had been raiding the city for months.

Survivors... He wonders if there are any left now. For all he knows, he's the last man alive and whole on Earth.

"I killed Lestrade."

Sherlock can see John's eyes widen at the news. It's not shock, though. Maybe it's grief. "He was already dead," Sherlock clarifies.

John's lips tighten. "I know."


Sherlock hasn't had any news from Mycroft for two months, since the phone lines all died down -the satellites stopped sending signals long before that. But he knows he's either dead or he's turned into one of those things. Otherwise Mycroft would have tried to reach him.

It's an easy guess that his brother has tried to go to 221B as soon as their last mean of communication had broken down, and he has been attacked on his way over. Stupid and predictable. Nobody escapes.

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Not just an injury. TW: rape, torture

Sherlock and John are kidnapped by some evil bastards. Sherlock is tortured and raped but still not broken, snide as ever and extremely uncooperative. When he’s thrown back into their cell, John tries his best to tend to Sherlock’s multiple injuries. When he learns about the rape, he reacts like it’s the worst thing that has happened to Sherlock. Sherlock is perplexed. To him, it’s just another injury, and not the worst one – the chance of getting any STDs is relatively low, for the rapist used a condom, and the tearing is not as bad as it could be. So really, why is John more horrified with it than with a cracked rib or a broken arm? They will take much more time to heal. But Sherlock is in too much pain to think of John’s reaction clearly.

Eventually, they are rescued (or maybe John, being all BAMF, deals with their captors the way they deserve it). Sherlock ends up in a hospital. When he has to give a statement, he’s surprised to see people (Lestrade, other policemen, Mycroft, etc) reacting in a similar way. When he tells he was raped, among other things, they all act strangely, start avoiding his gaze, like they’re feeling uncomfortable, and mumble they are so, so sorry this happened to him.

To Sherlock, rape has been an act of violence equal to other forms of torture, but people behave like something dirty and shameful was done to him – and he should feel unclean, though of course they don’t say anything like that. On the contrary, they are kind and supportive, they want him to overcome this feeling of uncleanness, and generally mean good. But still, Sherlock starts realizing that if he’d only been beaten, no matter how badly, the attitude of these people towards him wouldn’t have changed – and rape somehow makes them look at him in a different way, like he’s permanently damaged and they don’t know how to treat him.

Tortures couldn’t break Sherlock, but this makes him shatter.

It would be good if John finally realized that he was doing something wrong and had a talk with Sherlock. Could be Sherlock/John or gen.

tl;dr: Sherlock is raped but treats it like any other injury. It’s the way well-meaning people treat him that makes him break down.

Re: Not just an injury. TW: rape, torture

I think this is exactly how Sherlock would see it- as another type of injury (with an extra attempt at humiliation through domination). I think what would make a difference is whether or not he felt his body react or betray him, (like a forced orgasm), otherwise I can think of few people who would do clearly see it as an act of violence that should be treated as such than Sherlock. I would love to read this, because I'm not sure if his is a healthy viewpoint, condusive to healing, or not.
Enthusiastically seconded! Many thoughts on this- wish I could get past my squicks to write a rape scene well. Someone please do this!

The problem is, John knows he can't hide it from Sherlock

Sherlock and John have been involved for a while, and John finds that he's developed some kink that he's embarrassed of. But he knows it's only a matter of time because he can't hide *anything* from Sherlock Holmes.

The kink is one of the following:
-being filmed
-being watched by Mycroft

Re: The problem is, John knows he can't hide it from Sherlock